It's been a week, Gay's been receiving some care from Gimp so far. I've seen a couple of the guys visiting him occasionally in and out of the drama queen's room. He's—better now. Luckily, nothing vital was hit but he insists he needs constant care, even though I've seen him walk to the kitchen and make himself something when we're all outside entertaining the humans. Still, it's good he isn't traumatized. But, Me? I'm-

Boo boo doo dee. Boo boo doo dee.

Was... Sleeping peacefully. If it wasn't for them.

I groaned impatiently as I rose up from my bed to grab the device causing that noise on my bed side: A purple laptop. (Thanks, Nerd-linger) I squint at the screen and smirk briefly. I know I'm awesome, the manliest bear in this pack, no contest, but it's getting real annoying being woken up by this constantly. It's noon again, and these girls keep messaging me:

LadyFloura2: "Hey, how are you doing?"

Do I bother responding? I'm not feeling it.

Another ping and see Tina's friend user name.

TiniTina31: "We're gonna drop something off today, k?"

I raise my brow curiously and type.

TheBigBlueWonder: "What is it?"

TiniTina31: "Some food for you and your friends."

I lick my lips. Sweet.

TheBigBlueWonder: "What type of food?"

TiniTina31: "It's a surprise :)"

LadyFloura2: "We worked hard on it think of it as thanks for saving Tina from our psychopath friend."

TheBigBlueWonder: "Yep...Psycho"

TiniTina31:"Yea...That girl was cray."

LadyFloura2: "I know! She was sooo, weird. one time we found her playing with these funky coloured liquids in these cool looking bottles in her cage. And me and Tina were like—Oh my gawd—What type of drink is that?!"

Oh god what have I got myself into...

TiniTina31: "Brb. I need to put I'll be near the keyboard don't worry."

Don't Leave me…

LadyFloura2: "Anyways, we really wanted to drink some but she wouldn't let us—Told us: "It's mine and you can't drink this anyways." Tina got frustrated as usual and then took the bottles and dumped them: Remember Tina?" There was a clear pause that lasted a for ten minutes, Yes I counted. No response.

LadyFloura2: "Anyways, Tina said we need to share our things with each it's the right thing to do."

TheBigBlueWonder: "Because you family right?"

LadyFloura2: "No. She's our friend and friends share everything...Right Tina?"

There was another pause. Except this time I could see the messenger saying Tina was typing but

stopping from time to time. Till finally:

TiniTina31: "Yep. I remember…"

TheBigBlueWonder: "Soooo, When are you both coming?"

TiniTina31: "Right now. Just wait."

Oh sweet then.

TheBigBlueWonder: "I'll wait outside the entrance and you can drop it off."

TiniTina31: "Dumbo, meet at the cafe."

LadyFloura2: OMG, Tina! Whatever, we'll see you later.

They both logged off and I close the laptop and exited my room.

Meh, free food, I can't complain.

As I walk through the cavern I noticed a familiar scent. Something smells like it's burning...

I ran down the hall and poked my head out into the living room to see Prozac ironing a long red tie on a board—well, brownish red now. "You want that thing well done?" I ask. I saw Evil was in the kitchen rummaging through the cabinets as I walked past Prozac.

"I swear I set it to low." Prozac replied. He glanced over to Evil, he didn't bother to look back.

I shrugged and went to the entrance to lean on a rock looking up for them.

I heard Evil exclaim in frustration. "Gahhh! There's nothing good here!"

"What happened to your fishing trips?" Prozac asked, I heard a hissing noise from the iron.

"The ponds gone dry." He sounded bitter.

"Shame." I assume he was being genuine but it didn't stop Evil from throwing a hissy fit in the kitchen, I heard banging, shuffling and a clanking noise. A loud yelp came from the cave immediately after. I turned my head and saw him holding his foot with pained look. Prozac had a grin on his face. Heh, priceless. That's what you get for screwing around in the kitchen. I thought.

Prozac unplugged the iron and started to walk towards me.

"What is it?" I ask.

"I just wanted to say—I'm sorry I didn't believe you earlier about Diane". He rubbed the back of his head.

"Uh huh. Glad to know my word is so valued around here." I look up at the wall of our exhibit, I wonder where they are right now?

"I'm just glad to see your alright." Prozac smiled at me sincerely.

"Could have been a lot worse." I said as Evil walked past us going outside.

"Where are you going?" Prozac asked as he continued to walk.

"Finding something edible." He stated.

"If you're dead-set on finding food: could you bring us something?"

Evil stopped and looked back at us with smug grin. "Sure, I'll share whatever I find—if it falls from the sky." He chuckled mockingly.

We both look at each other knowingly. We're no stranger to sarcasm, or irony in this case, we both glance back suddenly as we hear a loud thud. Evil was unconscious with a red box on his head. I suddenly realized the reason for the disturbance. "Food, sweet!" I grinned and ran to him to pick up the box. I brought it to the kitchen; just my luck, as I open the box the smell of baked dough filled my nose and unfortunately attracted some unwanted attention.

"Are those donuts?" I hear behind me, it was Cara.

"It smells delicious—Ahhh! My tie!" Gay mourned over his tie on the ironing board. "This was a gift from Marge!" he said.

"This is a reward for my manly heroics." I say as Prozac gave me an incredulous look.

"And for surviving such a horrible experience". I say quickly.

"Right." His tone sounded suspicious as I grabbed a doughnut from the box without looking. I was about to bite into it as he grabbed the doughnut from my hand.

"Now, how about you share that with the rest of us? Unless you want to tell us more about your heroism?" He stated.

I grinned. "Well, since you asked…"

"I wasn't." He gave me a cold stare.

I narrowed my brow at him frustrated before stepping aside reluctantly. "Who wants some donuts and..." I stared at the box, my heart stopped for a moment as I saw a brownie, a single brownie among the donuts. The others reached in and start eating the baked goods.

"What smells so good?" I heard Sara say as she came into the living room. She saw the group eating the donuts then saw the box behind me. She walked around me to peer into the box. I glare at her intently. She reaches for the brownie and I promptly grab her paw.

"You greedy little...Fine. I'll take a doughnut, Bitch." I look back to the others eating their food without a care, except her, but I don't care. I just lost my appetite.


My stomach didn't get the memo—Screw it, I grab the brownie and as I'm about to bite into it something knocks it out of my hand and unto the floor. The culprit: a half eaten doughnut.

"Oops." Sara stated dubiously. I leer at her with furious expression before rolling my eyes. I glared down at the brownie, it's chocolate crumbs were scattered across the floor.

"Did you have to do that?" I heard her sister complaining.

"He started it." She replied.

"What are you nine?" Cara asked. I smile and turn around to give them both a flirtatious glance.

"If she's hungry, I'll gladly give her nine-inches." I grinned. The two glowered at me as smiled.

Gay gave an annoyed look. "Tasteful." he spouted out.

I grin with delight. "I've got something for her to taste-" Prozac glared at me as he pointed to the floor. What, She threw it. I don't- He continued to glare at me. I decided to clean the mess, turns out—She saved me from getting a few holes in my stomach: They were pin needles in the crumbs. "Shit." I say.

"Language!" Prozac frowned at me. I didn't care, it was the appropriate response. He noticed the silver gleam from the crumbs.

"What the?" Prozac pulled out one of the needles. He then gave a suspicious look. "Who was this from?" He said sternly.

"Two girls." I stated.

"The same from the park?" Cara asked, I nodded.

"You...You idiot, why would accept this from them?" Sara said glaring at me knowingly.

I shrugged. "It was a good gesture, I'm hungry."

I peer over to see Gay looking at his food cautiously, I bet he put two and two together. He quickly ran to the bathroom in a hurry with Prozac following him leaving us alone. I grab a doughnut and break it in half to inspect it, huh, nothing. I guess that settles it. I tell them what's on my mind: "We need to go back to the forest."

"You could go by yourself—It's your problem now." Sara folded her arms.

I gave her a dirty look and crack my knuckles. "Fine, I do can this myself".

"No." Cara said. "He shouldn't be going alone—I'll go."

"It's not like I need help." I said but Cara was adamant. She would of followed me but her sister butted in.

"No." Sara pulled her aside.

"But..." She had worried expression.

"Stay here, where it's safe". She gave her sister a stern look as she turned to me. "Let's just go, if she isn't dead then we are in serious trouble." I nodded in agreement.

We both headed out of the exhibit. We didn't talk the whole trip—Honestly, it was refreshing. We past the white stump again and head deeper into the forest. She lead while I followed closely. My mind started to wander.

"This feels weird." I say.

"What checking on a corpse? Very." She replied cheekily without looking back at me.

"No. I mean...This situation, like, it's off—But I can't place my finger on it." I stare at her back, my gaze lowers to her skirt as we pass more trees. It's a pleasant sight and I'm not talking about the trees.

"Huh, real informative." She scoffed. "When you get an idea of what's wrong I'd love to hear about it."

"Do you have to be such a bitch?" We step over some dead branches the sound of crunching and kicking dust follow us as we walk.

"Do you need your dick to still be considered a man?" She glanced back at me noticing where my eyes were. I smile innocently as she caught me. She rolled her eyes and turned around.

She stops and placed her paw out.

"Stay. Here. I'm getting second thoughts on letting you stick behind me." I complied and waited for a moment as she walked ahead.

"I bet you'd love me keeping your rear!" I couldn't resist.

I chuckled softly before she yelled back: "You wouldn't last a minute!"

I scowled annoyed at her quip. Well, my manhood is in tact.

I hear some rustling above my head, I can assume the forest natives here are in the trees. It's still bugging me—What makes this feel weird to me? I mean we're together, partly—Not now, but the point still stands. It's not we're making out in the woods in a horror—Oh shit.

"Hey, princess?!" I called out. I waited for a response.


"Princess bitch!" I yelled out.

That should get her running to beat my ass...Why don't I hear anything? I quickly ran ahead I felt my heart beating louder than usual. Okay. It's fine, maybe she's just throwing up at the possibility of a dead body...Damn it, she's tougher than that I doubt it. I pass another tree as I get closer to the spot. I wipe some sweat off my brow. This should be it as creepy as this sounds I can smell her. I walked forward and immediately stub my toe on a branch.

"Shit! Nature sucks-" I look down and screamed, mentally. OK, I also did that...But no one will know. I saw her laying at my feet completely motionless with a bump on her head and tied up with rope. I glanced over to the tree...And I felt something hit me hard as I fell to the dirt.

"You didn't have t-" A voice said in annoyed tone.

My head— shit…

Something drops beside me. A metal bat, great, blood loss and two more voices?

"I'm just being ca-"

"Both of you shut up."

"Oh no..." I felt my eyes grow weary as I black out. That voice...was defiantly her.




"Wa- Up-"


"Wake up, Bleu~". My eyes widen in shock as I see her, Diane, wearing a red skirt and a...bandolier? Is that what it's called? It had two beakers attached to it.

I feel tight for some reason. I realized then and there my hands were bound together by chains above my head, there was a lock on my wrists.

I was bound to the same tree from a branch and I could feel something on my mouth, a muzzle. There were two other monkeys: One of them I recognize as Tina's friend, Samantha, she was holding the bat, and a male with a red head band and greased up hair in a spike, his weapon was a knife. Huh, it looks weird...The Metalwas black for some reason, what material was it?

"Good, your awake. Dumbo, over here used to much force to knock you out, lucky we had something to wrap your head." She said while pointing to Tina's friend. She caressed my chest softly with a pensive expression.

"Can we go already? We've done what you wanted: You can leave with him now." The male said.

Wait, is she going to kidnap me? No-No-No! I squirmed erratically trying to break the branch, it moved slightly but no luck. I growled out but the sound was muffled. I look over to her cohorts. They're both scared and they aren't hiding it. The male is putting up a front, dude is sweating and breathing like he's in a marathon. But his face is calm, focused on Diane. Tina's friend can't hide it at all she's shaking from head to toe, I don't blame her, well I do blame her for putting me in this mess.

"Not quite. Someone else might come looking for him. No, I know for a fact they're going to look for him." She said. Turing her back to me. I look down and noticed she had a brown satchel wrapped around her waist, it was small.

I heard the male sigh as he waved over Samantha to follow him out. However, Diane left an ultimatum:

"Don't try to run: You wont know what hit you". They nod and continued to walk. And yet, again, we are alone. I watch her walk away from me and sit on the ground with her legs crossed, she reached into her satchel and started pulling out things one after another I knew what one of them was: The frigging taser. I just noticed there was a power bar on it. It was green.

She seems focused on laying the other items out: A regular cloth, gloves, a blow dart tube, three darts, a pair of tinted glasses, the key to my chains and a map...Escape is my only option...I look around me for anything that can help me just dirt, rocks and a couple of bushes around here. "I won't…what's mine". I barely heard her mumbling to her self as she put on the gloves. She pulled off stuff from her bandolier and mixed it onto the cloth and used her paws to spread it out. Then, folded it up and placed it in her satchel.

"Please you have to help us." The voice that spoke was female, Samantha. I hear a bit movement as well. The sounds of snapping twigs in the distance, she glanced at the direction the noise was coming from and packed up her gear in a hurry. I see her turn her head to me and smile. No peaking.

I don't know what she did but I heard a flickering noise behind her back and blinding light that made me quickly shut my eyes. And she was gone, leaving a beaker behind right beside me. The voices had gotten louder, they closer now.

"She kidnapped him and ran into the forest."

"Where did she go?" I knew that voice: Damn it, Cara! Now we're all gonna die, why didn't you bring anyone else?!

"We followed her here—We don't know where she could of gone?"

"What about-" She was interrupted by another voice.

"He should be here, right?" She brought Fighter?

"We're going to find him, just don't cry". The male monkey stated. He was oddly calm, but there was a hasty sound to his voice, he was nervous.

"Don't tell me that!" Cara snapped at him, she sounded angry.

They were getting closer.

"Just...breathe. We're armed and we have each other, relax." Fighter stated.

"Shes kn-" The female monkey stopped speaking.

"She could be anywhere!" The male said quickly. "We're gonna need more help...' he stated.

I could see them now the group stopped. Fighter narrowed his brow and touch his snout, she nodded and smirked briefly.

Wait, huh? I watched Cara run back to where they came from. The three of them walked together toward me; Fighter lead them as they past the bush a hand paw reached out to the male and he dropped his knife in her paw nonchalantly. I tried to warn him but he wasn't looking at me. He was fiddling with his arm wrap on his right paw.

"Hey." They both looked at the bear suspiciously.

"Could you watch the left and right."

They remained silent.

"Don't want her sneaking up on us." It was a clear request. He looked up at me with a cold look, but I could see anxiety in his eyes.

They both nodded as the stepped back and at the same time, I could see her with a knife creeping behind him.

"Before we start: do any of you want to leave?" They both glared at the bear dubiously as darker furred monkey held the knife above his head and drove it down—Shnnk.

He caught the blade with...a metal fork? The hell is that thing? He spoke again in a low tone. "Hello, Diane." He held her paw and twisted it, she gritted her teeth as she loosened her grip on the blade before he threw it at the tree, I pulled up in time to avoid it below my crotch. Sweat formed from my brow. I glanced back to see him dodge an abrupt swing from Diane. He ducked under it and returned the blow with a swift upper cut to her chin, knocking her back a bit.

He noticed both monkeys coming at him from both sides as he dropped his fork. The female armed with a bat was winding up for a swing. She swung the bat to suddenly to his right, he barely had time to dodge the attack as he slipped under it to his right and received a solid punch to his face from the male.

He grimaced in pain but kept his eyes open to catch the next shot aimed at his face. He stepped on the male's toe, hard, as he screamed in pain and hopped up holding his foot. I noticed the female ready to swing again: A faint smile appeared on the Fighter's face. She wound up for a big swing with his back turned to her—He crouched down and let the bat hit her partner—Luckily, he saw this and used both his arms to block, but he lurched violently to the side and went down.

"Oh crap! I'm-" She didn't a chance to apologize.

Fighter took this opportunity to leap up and drop-kick her chest, she lurched backward and rolled into the tree I was bound to and knocked the knife on the ground, she's out. I feel the tree shake briefly as I hear the sounds of an animal's cry before seeing a squirrel tumble out the tree, it got up and looked at them curiously before crawling over to them.

"Do you mind explaining how this one knew?" Diane stated as she readied her weapon. The male started to get up still winded from the blow and he shrugged confused. I see Fighter pointing to the tree and the unconscious Samantha. Diane realized immediately. I personally think it went like this: I left the beaker there or I shouldn't told her anything to the blabber mouth… But whatever was her mind was lost to me as she glared at her maliciously, then sighed and tried to maintain her composure.

The male monkey growled as he got up staring at her in anger, then I saw him look to the ground and charge toward Fighter. I briefly see a pale light from Diane's hand as she waited pensively.

He swung carelessly from left to right and each to time the bear avoided each blow, he stopped for a moment and Fighter retaliated with two jabs connected with his body as he went for left hook. The monkey rolled under it, just barely avoiding it before trying to go for the weapon, he was just at arms reach: But he fell short as Fighter grabbed him by tail and pulled him back toward Diane.

He grimaced in pain as he fell back onto the taser, she looked disappointed at his meddling.

"WHa-wha, watch it!" He said shaken.

"Don't act you weren't going to knock me out with-" I see her smile as she puts the taser back and whispered something in his ear. He gives a bitter glare before charging in again at Fighter. He was panting heavily as he grabbed the bat from the ground.

She pulled out her blow dart and loaded it and shot at the bear. He tucked his head to the side missing him completely and hitting the squirrel in it's head. It wobbled for a moment and then started to wander of into the forest.

Fighter got up with the bat in hand. The male lunged forward with a punched aimed at his face: Clank! And he made him pay for it by blocking it with the bat, he held his hand in pain as Fighter wrapped the bat around his neck to restrain him. "Just calm down we can- Gaaah!"

Diane shocked him in his side stunning him and the monkey unfortunately attached to him as the current spread to both of them; She wasn't letting go either, the light on the side of device turned yellow. I struggled against the chain against the branch it moved further down but I still couldn't break free.


I heard grunting from below me, the female monkey shifted around a bit before I saw her hold her head then gasp as she saw her friend being electrocuted in front of her. She reached to my feet and grabbed the knife below. Diane locked eyes with her pensively. I saw her flick a switch on the taser as the victims screamed louder in pain. Samantha grunted, took aim, and threw the blade. It soared through the air and directly toward her face: She caught the blade with both paws as the taser feel to the ground.

Both victims separated from each other, the male monkey caught himself before he fell. He looked sickly as he coughed and held his chest while Fighter used the bat for leverage his breathes looked shallow.

Diane walked toward the male monkey with knife in hand—What are you—My question was immediately answered as she jabbed the knife into the monkeys chest...Geez, beaten, electrified and stabbed... He dropped to the ground as I hear the girl scream in horror as the blade was pulled out of him.

"That's two today...Can only afford two more..." She wiped the blood off with her red skirt. I looked down and grimaced...I could hear her below me, her breathe was shallow as I could hear she was close to tears from her gasps it sounded like she was choking then it stopped:


I winched at the guttural roar as she lunged at her like a maniac landing a solid blow to her jaw. Diane swiped back with the knife but the female monkey stopped the attack by grabbing her paw and twisted her wrist. Diane drooped the knife as she twisted her wrist and she kicked the knife away from her. Diane headbutted her the attack made her let go; then diane swept her leg and let her fall to the ground.

As this was happening I saw Fighter waddling slowly to me and as he reaches to me he takes the muzzle off my mouth.


We both grimaced as we heard a shrill shriek with deadly hum of her other weapon dropping Diane's attacker. I turned my head at the sight as she continued to light her up as she was on the ground. The light was still yellow. Her pained shrieks stopped after the light turned red. Diane kicked away the body to the side.

Fighter turned around to face her again still holding the bat.

"That's three". She furrowed her brow calmly. "How about you leave now?" She asked while putting the taser in her satchel.

He grinned defiantly. "I'll stay here."

"Great..." She said sourly. "You know it's not fair." She pointed to his bat. "Throw it, away make things even". I watched him peer over to her—He scoffed and threw it away with all his might over her head, granted I would kept the thing but I guess he didn't want to get shocked again. I can relate.

He took a deep breath before getting into his boxing stance and bolted towards her. I saw him gesture a left jab, she dodged the feint and he landed a straight from his right to the side of her face. She winced but remained calm; drawing her leg out and throwing a kick aimed to his side. He spun under the blow and hit her knee, then followed with an another uppercut to her gut. She coughed in pain and stumbled back pulling out her taser again.

He advanced forward with a straight punch, she primed the taser and brought it down to his arm, he twirled to her right and gave her a haphazard spinning punch hitting in with the back of his fist. She threw another kick aimed at his shin it connected with a loud thawk, but he didn't flinch as he landed another blow to her gut. She kept trying to shock him with the taser aiming for his chest, I watched her try this twice, it didn't go well, each time he landed two blows into her chest before dodging another attack. Stepping in and out of range quickly.

He slid back to his previous spot a few meters in front of me. I could see his shoulders move up and down as he was breathing heavily.

Diane watched him as she cracked her neck. "Your getting tired—Stop wasting your energy". She said as she placed the taser back in again.

"Not happening—I'm too stubborn". He said proudly.

"Cute…" She dashed toward and threw a roundhouse kick to his face he held up his paws to guard and took the hit lurching to the side briefly. His breathes grew more ragged. She followed up by grabbing him and kneeing him in his gut three times then threw him to the ground.

He rolled over and got up again staring her down. He held his head as a small bit of blood dripped down, he looked as his paw and sighed. "Come on! You can do better than that!" I say to pump him up. I could see the burned portion of his side and wince.

I heard her scoff before going after him, she leapt forward with a lunging knee aimed at his head. I see him narrow his brow pensively. He slipped under the knee and as she landed she spun around around to give him a backhanded punch, he caught it and hit her in the gut again. "Gaah—What is with you and hitting me there?" She hastily threw another punch and he slipped under it to gave her two hooks from left-to-right. He started to bob and weave his head from side to side moving his body back and forth.

She kneed him in his side and pushed him back with a front kick. He slid backward gasping and then she took her moment to strike, she stepped forward and swung her leg at his face...And in that last moment: He leapt back with a quick hop, the kick was aimed at his temple and he quickly ducked his head—the kick skimmed the strands of his hair—He hopped back in and she was still recovering from her kick, and for the first time I saw fear in her eyes. She was vulnerable.

He reared his fist and aimed an overhead punch, the force of the blow made her lose her footing on her leading leg and she hit the ground face first. I winced at the impact. But—Damn that was awesome...I could do better.

She laid there on the ground motionless.

"Huh...ah...ah". Fighter looked over her body briefly before looking at the two other monkey and shook his head. He stepped over Diane's body and I went wide eyed as I saw something behind him: "WATCH IT!" I shout as I see her get back up and place a cloth around his snout and his pupils dilate.

"Ack..." He pulled off the cloth and started to cough violently falling backward.

"Huh, that actually worked? All I needed to do was play dead." She stated as she stared at him holding his chest.

"What the hell, Diane?!" I shout in anger she looked at me with a sad expression.

She looked down at the bear coughing with a dead look and held her nose with her good paw.

"What the hell is that?" I couldn't smell it from here.

"I don't have to explain what comes next-"

I watched him bang his chest, he sounded like was gurgling something as he curled up on the ground.

"Good..." She smiled calmly at the bear then looked across the ground for her knife.

"Payback bitch!" A familiar female voice said.

Diane turned around suddenly and I only can assume she her eyes were widened as the bat connected with her face. The force of the hit knocked her toward the knife across from me and see two teeth on the ground next to her. I noticed the blow dart and ammunition dropped near Fighter. I look up to the assailant.

"A little late?" I said to Sara as she held the bat.

"Shut up". Was all she could say as she walked towards me her sister went over to Fighter. I barely heard what he said to Cara as he coughed.

"How...did..." He continued to cough.

"A squirrel ran past us with a dart it head and dropped right in front of us". She told him as he nodded and coughed again.

Huh. Lucky us.

"...I won't let...what's rightfully mine be taken away from again". A low hoarse sounding voice said. We both turn to see Diane barely standing wearing her tinted glasses. She had both her taser and knife in each hand.

Sara rolled her eyes and moved away from me resting the bat on her shoulder. "Lady, I don't care how crazy you are..But let me level with you. I have bat: you have...". She pointed to the objects with the bat, then to the glanced at ground. "And two missing front teeth, so, if you want lose more. Come, i'll even you out." She waved her paws with a smug grin.

Spunky. That's hot. I thought as looked a Sara and grinned.

"Heh, funny. You think I would have a plan?!" She said in a calm manner as she brought the knife toward the taser and I instinctively turned my head as a blinding white light filled the area.

The group screamed in pain at sudden burst of light. I heard a clattering sound and as I turned my head I saw Sara grimacing as she dropped the bat and held her face in pain. She wandered around aimlessly toward me and she bumped against my chest.

"Watch it". I say

"I can't see, you dick!" She shouted as a saw Diane walking slowly toward us knife in hand. The others were blinded from the trick as well. She jabbed the knife forward, I quickly pushed Sara out the way with both my feet as she stopped almost stabbing my thigh. She looked up at me and looked, genuinely scared, then it quickly turned to anger as she furrowed her brow and turned to the crawling bear trying to get her bat. She walked toward her…And got a dart shot into her side. She glared at the Cara holding up Fighter with one arm around his shoulder and a blow dart in the other..

"Back off—No one touches my sister." She growled.

She pulled out the dart looked at her with a scorn-filled gaze and ran with everything she had, knife still in hand. She wasn't slowed down at all but I could here her started to waddle. This sudden charged surprised but Cara knocked the knife out of her paw. It fell to the ground. It didn't stop her from another attack as she lazily round up a kick aimed for Cara's face...


Fighter jumped in from of the blow and held Diane's leg is his jaw as his paws hung down to the ground. He gave low guttural growl starring her down menacingly. Sara picked up the bat threw the bat her head—Thawk!

She finally laid their unconscious. I watched her this time and she wasn't making any sudden moves. Sara climbed the tree and cut the branch the chain was on. I fell to the ground and landed on my feet; I quickly grabbed the key to my binds from the satchel. The chains dropped to the floor. Finally—I feel free as I move my paws around.

I heard Fighter spiting out in disgust as the blood trailed his lips. I look at Diane's leg to see the bite marks and then:

"Gack!" He fell backward and stared to cough violently again. We all crowded him around as wheezed and groaned.

"Help him!" Sara said as she pointed to me.

"The hell I am gonna do?" I don't know what she gave him.

Cara glanced at us both. "One of you help him before he-"

He stopped coughing and shut his eyes. We all went silent as we stared at him, his chest wasn't moving. Cara went teary eyed as she looked at bear. I froze as I looked at him, oh...

"Damn it!" Sara pushed me aside and started to pump his chest. She looked at me and growled. "Make yourself useful and gave him mouth-to-mouth!"

"What!" I say.

I don't want to that near my mouth!

"He needs air dumb ass!" Sara shouted at me.

"Ugh…." I looked at him and sigh. Placing my mouth over his and breathe into it and pinch his nose. I cough and pull away, whatever she put in his mouth made me feel sick. Cara looked at me disparately at me before I groan and pinch his nose. We do this continuously before stopping and looking him over. He gave one violent cough before finally sounding like he was breathing normally.

"Thank god, he's okay." Cara said.

"Lucky he didn't die from asphyxiation...The hell was that?" She asked.

Cara gave a concerned look. "Are you gonna be ok?" She asked worried. I watched him taking deep breathes more liberally and he silently nodded.

"She left me...breathless, let's say that." He said sourly. He shook his head.

"What are we gonna do about them?" Cara asked concerned about the two bodies.

We really didn't need to do much, as cold as that sounds.

"I say we dump the cray one in a river." Sara suggested.

"No. We could bury them." Cara asked.

Sara put her paws up dismissively.. "I'm not touching a dead body."

"We can't just leave them here?! They have fam-" Cara exclaimed.

"I...Have an idea". Fighter said he narrowed his brow pensively.

"Enlighten us then." Sara stated.

"I'm going to have to ask for a favor." He got and grabbed his fork off the ground.

We all gave him dubious looks. Who the heck does he...No. Really? he wouldn't ask…

"Lech, carry her, please." He asked.

Crap, he is.

"You know she was joking, right?" I say.

"Don't care...We need her gone and we need to...bury them." He sounded melancholy. The girls look at us dumbfounded wondering just who we're referring to. It didn't matter.

"Hopefully, she make this one disappear. I'd rather not get my paws dirty with her." He glared at Diane.

I walked over and picked up Diane, reluctantly. "Didn't think you were neat freak."

"I'm not." He stated calmly as he held his side and grunted.

I looked at him unsure. "Are sure you can-" I point to his taser wound.

"Don't. I'll walk with you."

"No…" Cara looked at the burned portion of his side. "Let him go. You're going back to get some burn medicine."

He glared at solemnly, she gave him a reassuring smile before he sighed in defeat. "Right, I'd be dead weight."

Cara snickered for a moment before flicking his nose. I assume for his insensitivity.

Sara rolled her eyes and started walking ahead. "I can't take this wounded warrior crap," She stated.

"Go ahead, You can trust me." Cara patted him on is back before he reluctantly started to walk ahead.

I followed suit I wonder if she was serious? I'm about to find out. I carry her over my shoulder and start to walk to the bar.


I sat on my bed looking up at a pinup poster.

Knock Knock.


"Oi, It's me." A loud voice exclaimed from my door.

"Come in, if you can open the door from down there." To my surprise, the door knob turned and Mike and Fighter entered my room, the bear in question had a bandage on his the side of his stomach. The mouse was resting on the bear's shoulder calmly.

"So, how yea feeling?" Mike asked.

I gave him expression. "Been better." I glanced at Fighter and paused. "We owe her now." I said as I rolled my eyes.

"Who?" He asked.

"Don't worry about it. If anything we'll probably have to clean toilets or something..." Fighter stated. From his tone, I sincerely doubt he believes that.

"So what brings you two here?" I asked.

"I wanted to talk to you about this...Experience." I watched him fiddling with his whiskers.

"What about?" I continued to look up at the poster. This whole day was a wreck, kidnapped, gagged, nearly stabbed and I had to watch two animals for all in one day. I'm still wondering where the hell she ended up now.

"I wanted to share something with you and what I learned from it."

I gave him a hard look. "So what? You had a crazy ex girlfriend?"

He nodded and gestured Fighter to let him unto my desk. He walked to it and let him hop off. He looked at the bear and he nodded before telling me he needed to grab something to drink and left the room.

"So what? Are you gonna tell me the dangers of an unhealthy relationship, advice on what I should do next time? Because if your here lecture me then-"

"I'm here tell you about the day when my blind love nearly killed me. Is that enough for you?" His tone was oddly calm, and quiet.

I narrowed my brow curiously and started to listen.

Mike's tale will be told…Later, for now.