Remnants 5th Kingdom

ESKK: Hey new fanfic that I have been meaning to do for a while since everyone else was doing such a fic. Now since all the main ones were already taken by the Authors of two fanfics called "A Prince and a Red Reaper," and "Final Fantasy XV Remnant," I decided to pitch off from The Prince and a Red Reaper since well I wanted to do this fic and someone beat me to the punch. Fuck my Life sometimes since I had waited 10 fucking years for this game. Anyway please enjoy this fic and I will be very happy.

Primary main pairings: Noctis x Ruby, Weiss x Ignis, Prompto x Yang, Gladious X Blake. (Hey it's a working strategy plus come on the pairings for this would be perfect.



"Astral Beings."

(Scene Break)

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(Start Prologue Part 1)

A young boy was sitting on his bed as nearby a girl of a similar age was also there as the two talked. Now the room was very regal fit for a prince as the girl laughed as the two talked about an assortment of things. The girls love for weapons and cookies being one of the subjects as well as her wish to see an actual Chocobo while the boy who was close to a wheelchair talked about stuff he liked to do such as camping fishing and driving in his father's car.

As the two laughed it was evident that these two were great friends. Nearby was another girl with blond hair but she was taking a nap as the boy and the girl laughed together. "So I heard there are also Black Chocobo's out there is that true Noctis?" The girl asked as young Noctis shrugged.

"Personally I'm not sure myself Ruby the only ones I've actually seen are the common yellow ones." Noctis said as the two laughed before Ruby gained a sad look on her face.

"But… today is going to be my last day here in Insomnia before heading back to Vale." Ruby said as Noctis was also sad about that.

"Oh… maybe you can convince your dad to stay here." Noctis said as Ruby was really fun to have around.

"Noctis I want to stay here but if I do I won't be able to become a Huntress like my mom was." Ruby said as Noctis knew that. Sure Lucis had Hunters but their form of the Huntsman and Huntresses were the Kingsglaives and he doubt Ruby wanted to be a Glaive.

"Oh…" Noctis said as Umbra laid on the floor near them.

That was when the door opened which caused Yang to wake up as they looked and saw King Regis with Qrow and Tai as Ruby smiled at her father while Noctis tried to put a happy face up. "Hey Ruby ready to go?" Tai asked as Regis saw the emotional distress his son was in having to see a friend leave.

Tai and Qrow also saw it on Ruby as they knew the two had formed a close nit friendship since Ruby had um… unintentionally snuck into the Citadel here in Lucis capital city of Insomnia. It was when he sensed this that Regis decided to do something about it.

"Ruby would you say Noct is a dear friend to you?" Regis asked as Ruby blushed at that as she shied away a bit.

"Um well yeah of course sir Noctis is an incredible friend." Ruby said with a blush as she tried to deny having a crush on Noctis which was her, childhood naïveté talking.

"And Noctis how close are you to Ms. Rose?" Regis asked as Noctis also gained a blush of his own.

"Um well I don't want her to leave but I know she has to go back because of how she wants to become a Huntress… but…" Noctis trailed off as Regis got what he needed.

Regis then picked up a note book and handed it to Noctis and Ruby as the two looked at it. "Use this notebook to stay in contact with each other." Regis began before signaling Umbra as the dog walked up to them. "Umbra here will transport it between you two and you can always remain in contact with each other." Regis said as Qrow smirked.

"Look out Tai maybe little Ruby might become Lucis's next Queen one day." Qrow teased causing Tai to go wide eyed before said father was in the corner sulking at the image of Ruby and Noctis married as Queen and King of Lucis in his head.

"My rose princess is growing up so fast." Tai whimpered as Yang looked at Qrow.

"Uncle Qrow that was mean." Yang said as luckily the two didn't hear them as they were petting Umbra as Umbra got Ruby's scent so he knows who to locate.

(Scene Break the evening)

Noctis had Umbra for the first night as he was currently writing his first message to Ruby as he was asking her if she had made it to Patch ok and that he couldn't wait to hear from her soon as well as how he missed her already. Noctis smiled as he hoped to hear from Ruby soon as once he finished his message he closed the notebook and gave the book to Umbra who took it in his mouth and headed out to bring it to Ruby. One thing was for sure this was the beginning of a long friendship that would stand against great distances.

(Start Second Prologue Part 2)

Legends, stories scattered through time. Mankind has grown quiet fond of recounting the exploits of heroes and villains. Forgotten so easily that we are Remnant, byproducts, of a forgotten past.

Ah my dear but that was before the fifth Kingdom had appeared and now many things have changed.

You are quiet right my friend but man born in Remnant from the beginning were born from Dust and they were strong, wise, and resourceful.

But at the same time Destructive in a way they themselves don't even realize until it is brought to light. And even then they would deny it.

Of course but man in Remnant was born into an unforgiving world. An inevitable darkness, creatures of darkness. The creatures of Grimm set their sights upon Man and all of his creations and what many may not realize that something else had done so as well.

Yes my dear a scourge from the stars the Daemons of Lucis though the Kingdom had escaped it for a time it would continue to follow them even in this world of Remnants and Bloody Evolutions.

That is true and these forces clashed and soon the Daemons joined the fray though unknown to many and for now were dealt with swiftly and accordingly. As they clashed it seems the darkness was intent of returning man's brief existence to the Void. However even the smallest spark of hope is enough to ignite change.

That holds truth for in Lucis the Grimm are weakened so long as the light of the Crystal shines down upon it and in turn Remnant but the Star Scourge still attacks in the night. For Grimm cannot enter Lucis without their strength being sapped out of them making them vulnerable to even a simple hunting weapon.

And in time, man's passion, resourcefulness and ingenuity led them to the tools that would help even the odds and with the Crystal tip them in their favor.

Ah a possible off shoot of the Crystal a power appropriately named Dust.

Yes Natures wrath in hand, man lit their way through the darkness and in the shadows absence, came strength, civilization, and most importantly life.

And my dear with it as well as the five unified Kingdoms man with the aid of Lucis had stood in the grace of the light and the Crystal forever on their side.

That much is true but my friend you and I together both of our ambitions will become reality. After all you a King who was denied his throne and forced to be seen as the villain vengeance and death is the only thing that will allow you to claim that throne… of course you already knew that long before we met.

Of course my dear but a King does require a Queen and our ambitions align you and I so it is only fair that we both claim that power that was denied from me and you.

Yes and even the most brilliant of lights eventually flicker and die. And when they are gone… darkness will return.

So my friends you may prepare your Crystal, your Guardians, and your Chosen King build your monuments to your supposed free world but know that you send the young prince to his doom for their will be no victory in strength.

But perhaps victory is in the simpler things that you two have long forgotten. Things that require a smaller more honest soul.

And I shall warn you as well he will not fall before you so easily, as for every King there is always a Queen who will stand by him and support him with her strength and power. A Chosen Queen who possess this smaller more honest soul for the Chosen King who possesses the Wayward Soul and vice versa.

(Start Chapter 1 Streets of Vale before Ruby arrived at Dust Till Dawn)

Umbra was walking around the city of Vale as he just arrived here tracing Ruby's scent carrying the notebook in his mouth once more. The book looked slightly aged but nothing that would do much harm. Hell the notebook was actually well taken care of as it looked like it was merely a few weeks old. Umbra sniffed around before he caught her scent and began to follow it once more as her trail was leading him to another street.

Umbra soon found who he was looking for as before him was the desired recipient a girl in a combat uniform with a red riding hood motif and her hood up as he walked over to her and caught her attention. The girl Ruby kneeled down before him and took the notebook as she read Noctis's most recent message to her from said notebook as she was wide eyed and smile at this. She took out the pen she always carried with her to make her reply and wrote down her message to Noctis a she already saved his scroll number onto her own and put him as a favorite contact.

'I'll be on my way to the store called From Dust Till Dawn meet me there if Umbra gets to you send me a text and I'll send you the address. Here is my Scroll Number.' Ruby wrote before she put the number on the notebook and closed it once more before giving it to Umbra. Umbra then took off to find Noctis as luckily he already smelled him in Vale so finding him shouldn't be a problem at all.

(Later with Noctis)

Noctis was in his the hotel room he and his friends were staying in. Noctis has opted to wear his Prince Fatigues as his friends were in their normal gear as Prompto the Fox Faunus laughed as he was playing a round of cards with his friends. Umbra had of course gotten inside as Noctis was reading the message from Ruby as he took out his new Scroll and dialed her before sending her a text she would meet her at Dust till Dawn. "Hah! Take that Gladious!" Prompto called as he beat Gladious hand in their game of cards.

"I wouldn't be so boastful yet Prompto." Ignis said as he pushed up his glasses with a single finger.

"Uh oh." Prompto said as Ignis placed his hand down showing much to Prompto's shock a royal straight flush. "NO WAY THERE IS NO WAY YOU GOT JUST THE RIGHT HAND WITHOUT CHEATING SOMEHOW!" Prompto called as Ignis chuckled.

"Then I apologize my friend but throughout this game I had merely been bidding my time thus I had claimed victory." Ignis said as Gladious and Prompto gave their chips to their friend.

"We got to get you to Vacuo Iggy or even Atlas imagine the gambling money we'd get, forget being a Crownsguard or Huntsmen we'd be set for life!" Prompto called as Noctis grabbed his gear and headed out.

"Where are you leaving to Highness?" Ignis asked as everyone looked to Noctis who made a small smile.

"Just going to see an old friend." Noctis said with a small smile as the three understood instantly.

"Hey Noct remember we promised if any of us got a girlfriend we would have said girlfriend introduce the others to one of their friends." Prompto asked which was responded to Gladious pushing Prompto to the floor at his antics which incited a laugh from everyone Prompto included.

"See you guys later." Noctis said before he left their hotel room. Since the four were enrolled into Beacon they would stay here for a couple of days till the Beacon ships are ready to ship out.

(Later at Dust till Dawn)

Noctis reach the place Ruby had text him the address to, as he walk up to the door and open, with a bell ring, an old man behind the counter look up from the dust crystal he had restock and saw the young prince.

Shock to see the young prince, surprise he within his own store as the old man is speechless right now and didn't know what to say, but he gave a respectful bow to him as Noctis gave a nods before looking around and then said, "Have you seen a girl in here, in a red hood perhaps?"

The old man nods and he pointed in the back as Noctis lean and saw a red cloak as Noctis lean back and said, "Thank you."

The old man nods and with a kind smile as Noctis walk in to the girl in the red hood, as he see her reading a magazine and have headphone in, Noctis poke her with a finger on the shoulder gently and two times, the young huntress in training jump a bit in surprise as she turn off her music and took off her headphones as she turn and see Notice standing behind her, as she smile and said, "Noctis!"

Giving him a hug as he almost fall back from that back but he had good footing and keep up straight as Ruby said while she hug him, "It's been so long now sense we seen each other."

Ruby let off the hug as Noctis fit himself a bit as he smile and said, "It's good to see you too Ruby. You have grown up a lot sense I last saw you."

"Thanks, I drink a lot of milk, you grown up a lot as well," Ruby said too as she compare her height to his as Noctis nods and said, "I have a good diet, but other than that, how it's been with you?"

Ruby smile rock back and forth a bit and said, "Oh a lot of things, as I kind of told you I told you already my uncle crow has teach me a lot of us, but what I didn't say is he help me creature my own weapon, would you like to see it?"

Noctis wave his hand a bit and said, "Maybe another time, we are in a store. The last thing I want is to knock things over and maybe have to pay for it."

"Aren't you rich?" Ruby said as Noctis look at her and said, "Just because I'm a prince doesn't mean I carry stack of Lien like a rich snot nose person, or spoiled child. I learn my value of a single lien." (If some people don't get that, it the same meaning the value of a dollar)

Ruby thought for a moment and shrugs and said, "I guess that make sense." Noctis nods as he then notice the magazine Ruby had as he said, "What that?"

Ruby turn to where Noctis is looking and then held it up as she said, "Oh, the new issue, I was reading it to pass the time, but there a lot of new things in here it's pretty cool."

"Don't mind if I read it as well?" Noctis said as Ruby nods and said, "Sure, you can read with me if you want."

Soon enough they got looking in the magazine, outside the store coming up the road to the shop itself, a man wearing a black bowler hat, with a cane in his hand as this man is known a Roman one of the most wanted man in vale, as surrounding him are men in suits with weapon in their hands, with all the people around standing out of their way before coming to the dust shop.

As the doors open Roman walk in and up to the counter with the old man behind it as he said, "You know how hard it is to find a dust shop open this late?"

One of the men in a black suit held the old man up at gun point as he the old guy raise his hand as he said, "P-please just me lien and leave."

Roman shush the old man as he said, "Clam down, we don't want your money." Look to his men and said, "Grab the dust."

Soon enough the men in suit walk up to the dispensers with containers and loaded them up with dust, as other walk up to the counter with a case as they held it in front of the old man as one guy said, "Crystal. Burn. Uncut."

The old man nodded and follows what they said, but his only hope is they don't mess with his special guest that's in the back.

With one guy was about to grab dust, he stop and sees the two teens in the back as they read over the magazine, as they seen so into it they didn't pay attention to what's going on.

The guy pull out his weapon and pointed at them and said, "Hands in the air." Noctis ear twitch as he hear the person as he didn't move his head but move his eyes up slightly as he sees in a mirror that looks down at the mini aisle and sees the men in black suit taking dust, and holding weapon, to his guess is, the store is being rob, as he stay calm a bit, with Ruby with her headphone back on listening to her favorite music.

'Ok what would Iggy do right about now?' Noctis wondered as he knew Ignis would have had a strategy right as the robbery started.

"Hey I said hands in the air! You two got a death wish or something?!" The goon called as he walked over to them as Noctis saw it in the reflection as he then elbowed Ruby as she looked as Noctis gestured up as Ruby looked up and saw the man behind her with weapon drawn. The man then pulled the two by the shoulder as Noctis and Ruby as the goon saw Noctis and swore he saw this kid somewhere before... just couldn't remember where exactly.

When he pulled the two the good pointed to his ear as gesturing to Ruby as Ruby then took out her headphones. "Yes?" Ruby asked as she looked to the hired thug.

"I said put your hands in the air both of you." The goon said as Noctis looked to Ruby as she looked back as Noctis simply shrugged.

"Are you... robbing us?" Ruby asked as Noctis saw Ruby was messing with the guy.

"Yes!" Ruby called as Noctis smirked.

"Big mistake." Noctis said as he and Ruby nodded to each other.

(With Roman and his thugs)

The thug who tried to rob Ruby and Noctis came flying as it was shown by two cries of battle as no doubt two people had hit him and hit him hard. Roman looked to another goon as he gestured to him to go after the little would be heroes. The Goon nodded and pulled out a gun before running to the aisle and held the gun. "Freeze!" He called as out Noctis stepped to the side allowed Ruby room to do what she was about to do.


Ruby came through the window as her Scythe Crescent Rose began to unfurl with her standing up before she spun it around and took a battle stance and turning off her headphones. Soon a dagger flew out from behind them as soon Noctis appeared where it was as he thugs looked behind them and saw only a blue after image of Noctis after he threw the Dagger as Noctis then smirked.

"How about we deal with these guys together Ruby?" Noctis asked his childhood friend as Ruby smiled as she looked to Noctis.

*Insert Final Fantasy XV OST: Stand Your Ground

"You bet Noctis together like always." Ruby said as for them thanks to Umbra and the notebook they sent to each other they would always be together.

Noctis then smirked before he raised his right hand to his leg before swiping said arm back to his right as a his go to weapon came forth. The weapon Noctis simply calls the Engine Sword which Ruby kept telling him to give his sword a name instead of a title which didn't always make sense to Noctis but he felt this sword was his and since it a one of a kind type weapon he and Ruby had worked on together with Crescent Rose needless to say the Engine Sword was like Crescent Rose's sword based sibling.

How they developed the sword Noctis sent her a message of his idea of a sword and Ruby made blue prints for it and sent it over with Umbra to which Noctis once he began training to be a Huntsman showed said blue prints to Hammer Head and Cid who then built the sword with Noctis and Ruby's help. "Now let's deal with these buffoon squad." Noctis said as he took a battle stance.

"Right!" Ruby called as she was ready for battle.

Roman looked at the two teens and said, "Okay… get them." The men in suit went at the two teens as they took action right away, as Noctis throw his weapon before he warp to the point to catch his weapon and hit a bad guy with the blunt part, as Ruby use her scythe as a pole as she jump in the air and kick a guy away from her, with this with her scythe pull out of the ground, flew in the air for a moment before landing.

Noctis parry and hurricane kick one away, as ruby held her scythe behind her as she pull the trigger fired a shot to give her a swing motion which hit the guy, kicked by Noctis and send him at the other two guys coming up at ruby herself.

Ruby swing her scythe around and slam it down into a another as a guy had a gun out, Noctis throw his weapon over to that guy and wrap over before slashing the weapon, destroying it and knee the guy in the guts as he bend down before Noctis knock him out with his weapon to the back of the man's head.

After a bit with Ruby and Noctis skills took down all the men in black suits and stood side by side as they looked at Roman, as he came out and look down at his men as he said, "You are worth every cent, truly you were."

Looking at the two teens as he said, "Well red, and blue punk, I think we can all say it's been an eventful evening." He drop his cigar and put it out with his cane.

"And as much as I'd love to stick around..." Roman began to say as he raise his cane up and pointed at the two before he said, "I'm afraid this is where we part ways."

The end part of it pop open as Noctis could guess, his can is also a weapon as he fire Noctis grab hold of Ruby and throw his weapon, as at the last moment, as the shot came, Noctis warp with Ruby in his arms and the area they were in was destroyed.

Noctis stood in place with his weapon in hand and ruby looked a bit daze, as it seem she never experience being warped as Noctis notice as he let off a bit but held her still so she doesn't fall as he said, "Sorry about that, I forget not many people are good with being warped the first time."

"Iiits ookayyy," Ruby said before she stood straight and shake her head and then she said, "Wait where the bowler hat guy?!"

They turn to see Roman escape and up a fire escape as ruby said to old man, "You okay if we go after him?"

The old man nods as Noctis throw his sword up their quickly to get to the guy, with ruby using her semblance and vanish leaving behind rose petals. As Roman climbed the ladder he saw The Engine Sword stab near him as in its place was Noctis as he was hanging from said sword as he smiled at the guy in a cocky way.

"Why you." Roman called as he hit Noctis with his cane but Noctis dodged the attack and jumped to a Fire Escape as he pulled the Engine Sword with him. Roman then pointed his cane upward by the gun part and sent the hook part upward as he then waved at Noctis before going upward. Noctis growled as Ruby was catching up to her childhood friend.

"Come on!" Ruby called as she ran ahead.

"So it's a race now huh?" Noctis said to himself before throwing his Engine Sword upward as he then teleported to it before throwing it again to the ground as Roman got to the roof and Noctis gave chase.

Roman was soon cornered as Ruby caught up as Noctis had his other weapons appear around him as fortunate for him he had one for most problems instead of relying on a transforming weapon. "Persistent." Roman said as soon a Bulwark began to rise from street before Roman as Noctis glared at this.

"Hey!" Noctis called but the winds were strong so throwing a Warp Attack would possibly do more damage than good even if he uses his magic.

Roman then got on the Bulwark as he then pulled out a Red Dust Crystal as Noctis knew what he was planning. "End of the line, Red and Blue Punk!" Roman called out as he then three the red Dust Crystal to the two.

"Shit!" Noctis cursed before he kicked the Dust Crystal away and just in time too as Roman fired to which Noctis switched to his large Claymore Weapon and used it as a shield to cover him and Ruby as he also summoned a large shield as well as he used both to cover them as when the attack hit Noctis could feel some of the force through his two summoned weapons but when he looked he soon saw a Huntress there as she had a large Glyph like energy shield out as once it vanished Ruby was shocked at this.

Roman laughed but when he saw the blond haired no nonsense teacher their needless to say he was ticked quite a bit. The woman then adjusted her glassed before she swiped her riding crop to the side sending violet energy bolts at the Bulwark. While this was going on Noctis saw a similarity with a certain Crownsguard in service of his father in personality... wait... wasn't the Marshal recently divorced a while back? Yeah he felt it was probably better not to ask her because that man's methods of training would put many would be apprentices in the hospital.

Noctis saw an opening as he decided now was the best time to act as he then summoned his Engine Sword once more and threw it at the Bulwark as luckily since it couldn't keep steady it left him an opening. But before Noctis did this Roman had went to the cockpit no doubt to inform the flyer to move. Noctis was of course able to stab the sword their as he was now grabbing onto the side of the Bulwark for dear life as he was intent on catching this guy.

"Noctis!" Ruby called as the woman was shocked.

"Wait that's the prince?" The woman asked as she knew she had to end this fight now before this develops into an international incident with the prince getting injured.

The woman then charged her aura and sent a burst to the sky as once she did clouds gathered before said clouds released a hail storm as luckily Noctis was under a wing so he wouldn't be getting hurt. As Noctis tried to get to the Bulwark he soon saw high heels with an, anklet, enter his visions as he looked up and saw a young woman for but a moment as she had topaz yellow eyes glaring down upon him. The woman then summoned a bow and arrow from Glass and aimed the Arrow at Noctis causing him to go wide eyed as Noctis then acted by letting go and throwing his Engine Sword to the ground next to Ruby where he then appeared next as that was a close one, to close.

The woman then summoned a fire ball before throwing it at the Huntress as said Huntress made a shield and blocked the attack but some of the flames hit the ground below her as it soon formed into a black hole like symbol of sorts before blowing up. The Huntress acted by jumping away as the spot she was in exploded as Noctis got his feet below him. The Huntress then began using her Semblance to form the debris into a spear of sorts as she then sent it at the Bulwark.

The fire using woman then began sending the fire balls at the spear slowing it down for a bit as she glared. Roman in the cockpit then moved the ship so the attack would grace off the back of the Bulwark. The Huntress then manipulated the shards to surround the Bulwark intent on bringing it down. The topaz eyes woman then released her power creating a burst as it turned the debris to cinders. Noctis then summoned a long range weapon and began firing at the woman as Ruby turned Crescent Rose into its sniper form and began firing at the woman.

The mysterious girl blocked the attacks with ease with but her hand though the ones from Noctis bruised a bit but she showed now signal of pain to them. The girl then swung her hand creating a line of explosive symbols as Noctis and the Huntress saw this as the Huntress pushed both Ruby and the Prince out of the way before any casualties could happen. Once they were safe they saw the Bulwark was now escaping as that was not good not by a long shot especially with talks of Lucis joining the Treaty of Vytal.

"Damn they got away." Noctis said as that power the girl had... it felt incomplete somehow. It was hard to describe it, almost like the power wasn't hers to begin with but she took it from another anyway by force. Noctis looked at his hand as if he had just aimed better he could have caught them and bring those two down and leave the rest to the authorities.

The blonde woman look to Prince Noctis and wonder what that boy is doing in vale, being no less fighting against an unknown enemy.

"You're a huntress, can I have your autograph?" Ruby asked as the woman look to her with a look in her eyes as Noctis look to his friend and then to the woman and saw the look and thought, 'Oh great.'

(Later: Police department, interrogation room)

Ruby and Noctis sitting in the room with a single light above them, for noctis this was like something he would see in a movie with miss goodwitch as Noctis caught was walking back and forth in front of them as she said to them, "I hope you realize that your actions tonight, will not be taken lightly, you two. You put yourselves and other in great danger."

"They started it!" Ruby started to Noctis look to his child hood friend as he said to her, "Calm down Ruby, she can't really say that. You know our action are in self defends, if anything we are mostly here against our rights."

He maybe a prince but he not stupid, as he study different laws of each kingdom, and each one has the most simple one of all, The right the bear arms, and defend yourself. If that wasn't the case, there was the broken window Ruby cause, but Notice would give money to pay for it, if stayed long enough to do so and he had enough on him as well.

So the question is, why are they in an interrogation in front of a huntress, than a police officer to maybe give their statement of what happen that, almost being ridiculed.

"And you, Don't think I don't know who you are, Prince Noctis, if you were hurt or worst killed, there's no telling what could have happen, causing an international incident or start a war between two kingdoms," Goodwitch said as Noctis looked at her with a questionable look. Both of them knew that Lucis and Vale were close allies but the death of the prince on Vale's soils yeah that would possibly cause a lot of problems for a lot of people involved.

"If I was hurt, it's not the end of the world and the blame will be on me only, and if I was kill… lot of people would not like it, some maybe sad, other angry but war cannot be cause unless someone is wanting too, no one knew who I was there, and a robbery just happen by coincident while I was there, if anything you should figure out who was behind the robbery," Noctis told the lady as she didn't show much reaction to it.

"That maybe so, but your acting are still being called for," Goodwitch said as she walk in front of them as she said, "But if it was up to me I would just send you home with a pat on the back."

Ruby seem to smile at that but with Noctis he had a small warning sense going off like they're supposed to be something else, as good witch went on saying, "And a slap on the wrist."


Smack her riders whip on the table scared Ruby, and somewhat Noctis but keep his cool as the lady didn't hit any of them, but if she did, then there would be a problem.

With Noctis he thought what Goodwitch said to him as then he asked, "If our actions are being question, who's questioning them?"

"That would be me young man," A voice from the doorway is heard as Goodwitch turn to see her boss, as Noctis could see, a man with gray hair and small glasses, with a plate of cookies in one hand, and a cut of coffee in the other and a cane hanging off his arm.

Noctis instantly knew who this man was, from his childhood he remembered how his father and this very man would meet and talk. War between Lucis and Vale was actually very unlikely since Lucis and Vale were close friends as with Lucis and Menagerie. If he had gotten hurt or killed in Atlas yeah he would be worried right there because of Atlas close resemblance to Neflheim and add the fact Shiva had made her home their and even converted some of the people in Atlas to the religion from Eos it made Lucis and Atlas relations very worrying.

But Noctis would never say all the people in Atlas were bad as he knew there were a few good people in a sea of racist punks. Of course it didn't change the fact that the man standing before them with a coffee mug in one hand, a cane under his arm, and a plate of cookies in his hand as with said cookies was a Grease Money's Schnitzel Sandwich and let's just say the sandwich was calling to him as he had stars in his eyes. "Ruby Rose and Noctis Lucis Caelum." He said as he looked to the two friends.

"You... have silver eyes Ms. Rose." Ozpin said as he looked to Ruby making Ruby nervous.

"And you Prince Noctis... you seem to have inherited your father's sense of right and wrong a King in spirit I see." Ozpin said as Noctis nodded.

"You know him?" Ruby asked in a whisper as she already knew who he was.

"Yeah he and my father meet a lot after Lucis arrived here they are practically best friends at this point." Noctis whispered back as Ozpin cleared his throat catching their attention making them straighten up.

"So! Where did you two learn to do this?" Ozpin asked as he gestured to the footage next to him.

"S-Signal Academy." Ruby said nervously as Ozpin looked to her.

"They taught you how to use one of the most dangerous weapon ever designed?" Ozpin asked as Noctis snickered at that since said weapon now had a sibling that was just as dangerous thanks to Ruby and Noctis using Umbra to work on said weapon with Cid's help.

"Well, one teacher in particular." Ruby said as Ozpin then looked to Noctis.

"And what of you Prince Noctis?" Ozpin asked as he looked to Noctis.

"Well my dad showed me how to do most of the stuff but with that leg brace of his and old age catching him he's not exactly as combat ready as he was when I was a kid but he was still a good teacher. He showed me the basics and well I also had a lot of teachers two in particular, one of them is a Crownsguard named Cor Leonus the Marshal." Noctis began as that caused Glynda to scoff at that as clearly she and Cor had a history. "The other one was a Kingsglaive Nyx the Hero." Noctis said as even though he never knew Nyx on a personal level the guy was still a great teacher whenever he was in town. Of course he would also be traveling with this girl every now and again and when the two stopped by Lucis the girl would have heavy guard around her... weird maybe she was a VIP in multiple ways.

"I see so they taught you many forms of combat then to utilize different weapons." Ozpin said as he had a feeling as to why considering that prophesy involving Noctis and its recent revamp.

"Yeah though Cor in my opinion is a task master when it comes to training, I still have nightmares from it and last I heard almost every Academy all over Remnant is trying to have him teach at their school." Noctis said as Ruby did not want to see how Cor the Immortal Shogun trained.

"I see then." Ozpins said before putting the plate of food on the table. Noctis grabbed the sandwich and began to eat as he ate the food while Ruby went for the chocolate chip cookies. "It's just that I've only seen one other Scythe Wielder of that skill before a dusty old crow. Plus I had only seen the design of that Sword Noctis is fond of with two other people the same Dusty old Crow and another who is no longer with us as she had a similarly designed sword." Ozpins said as Ruby nodded.

"Thash muh unkul." Ruby said with her mouth full as that last one surprised Noctis as he looked to Ruby as had helped with the design of his Engine Sword. "Sorry, that's my uncle Qrow not sure on the other person though! Anyway he's a teacher at Signal and he gave me the original design of the weapon since it was incomplete and he never could figure out how to get it to work but me and Noctis had help with it." Ruby said as she then looked to Noctis. "By the way did you name the Engine Sword yet?" Ruby asked as Noctis now had the perfect reason to name his weapon. Ruby then remembered who they were talking to before continuing her story. "Anyway I was complete garbage before he took me under his wing. And now I'm all like-" Ruby trailed off as she then did karate and combat like movements and sounds.

"So I've noticed." Ozpin said as he put his coffee mug down. "And what is an adorable girl such as you doing in a school designed to train warriors and what brings a young Prince such as yourself to Vale Prince Noctis?" Ozpin asked as Ruby spoke first.

"Well... I want to be a huntress." Ruby said as Noctis continued.

"As for me... I want to be a Huntsman at least until it's time for me to succeed the throne." Noctis said as Ozpin was intrigued.

"You two want to slay monsters of Grimm?" Ozpin asked as Noctis nodded.

"Yeah my father always told me I need to stand tall though he never told me why, I figured if I become a Huntsman I could find out how to Stand Tall at least against the Grimm." Noctis said as he saw how the young Prince was trying to find himself much like many young youth his age. Ozpin saw Noctis knew he would one day succeed the throne but there is a big chance that HER and her new ally would enact that Prophesy of the Chosen King and the Star Scourge.

Ozpin knew about the Star Scourge and both he and Regis met both of them, and when Ozpin saw the great regret upon Regis's face upon seeing this enemy that was how he learned of the Prophesy of the Chosen King. But now there was a Dark Queen in play thus the, prophesies enactment may be for not.

"Now what of you Ms. Rose what reason do you wish to be a Huntress?" Ozpin asked as he looked to Ruby as he had a hunch for some time that with HER appearance that the, prophesy of the Chosen King may have changed in some way.

"Oh yeah! I only have two more years of training left at Signal! And then I'm going to apply to Beacon! You see, my sister's starting there this year, and she's trying to become a Huntress, and I'm trying to become a Huntress, cause I wanna help people. My parents always taught us to help others, so I thought, Hey, I might as well make a career out of it! I mean the police are alright, but Huntsmen and Huntresses are just so much more romantic and exciting and cool and really, gosh, you know!" Ruby said as some point of that she went faster and faster until her voice squeaking loudly until the end and smile like crazy as Noctis looked at his friend for that, and wonder if she has a loose nut or bolt.

With Ozpin and Goodwitch looked at her as it they were studding her as Ozpin spoken up asking her, "Do you know who I am?"

"You're Professor Ozpin. You're the headmaster at Beacon, which seem almost weird for Noctis you know you but I guess if you know his dad, then he must know you well too," Ruby said as Ozpin chuckled before clearing his throat and said, "Hello."

"Nice to meet you," Ruby reply to him as Ozpin asked her, "You want to come to my school?"

"More than anything," ruby said as she sounded almost excited, but she has two more years left at Signal but Noctis has a feeling Ozpin would pull some strings, even to he says next as he said, "Well, okay."

With that ruby then asked, "Wait you mean?" "Correct Ruby Rose, you are invited to join beacon, this year at this time if you wish."

Ruby was very happy as she said, "Oh yes-yes-yes, I would like to join beacon this year!"

Ozpin smiled at the innocent girl, a simple soul she is, which is a good thing, with Ruby as she shake Noctis a bit and said, "I can join Beacon this year!"

"I know-I know, stop shaking me ruby!" Noctis said as ruby let go and said, "Oops, sorry Noctis."

Goodwitch sighed at this as how could a royal know a girl like crazy, let alone be friends with, she didn't know but somehow it's as its seem.

Ozpin look to Noctis and asked, "And what is your opinion about this, Prince Noctis?"

Noctis looked at him and said, "If she wants to go, then what's stopping her?" Ruby could not help but to hug her childhood friend of how supportive he is, as Noctis gave a nerves laugh at this, as he does mind the hugging… when it's just them.

Ozpin smile at these two and thought, 'This year might be very interesting.'

(Scene Break the Hotel Room)

Noctis arrived back at the Hotel room to find Prompto facing him with his camera which he took a picture with flash and everything. "BUSTED NOW WE GET TO MEET RUBY!" Prompto called only to find Noctis there.

"What did I tell you, Prompt Noct, here won't be getting to second base anytime soon." Gladious said as Ignis face palmed himself in amusement out of his friend's antics.

"Prompto seriously I'm still 16 while she's 15!" Noctis called as Prompto laughed.

"Well news flash Noct you'll be 17 when you hit your second year of Beacon so right now that puts Prompto here as the youngest since he just turned 16 last week." Gladius said as the 17 year grabbed a couple of darts for the dart board as Prompto smirked.

"By the way Gladious I found your porn magazines do we need to talk?" Prompto ask just as Gladious threw a dart which threw him off causing said dart to hit the far end.

"PROMPTO!" Gladius roared in anger as Prompto held his hands up in defense.

"I must confess highness I did suspect you may have been sharing the night with young Ms. Rose considering it was getting late but it appears I was mistaken." Ignis said as Noctis was thrown off by that.

"Now you too Iggy." Noctis said as Ignis chuckled discretely at Noctis antics as for a prince it seems Ignis a Crownsguard acts more regal then Noctis.

"Anyway guys since Gladius initiated the time honored game of darts let's talk about Noctis developing love life while we play darts." Prompto said as he held the darts.

"Alright but no camera this time Prompto can't have you using Semblance to cheat." Noctis said as there was no use arguing with the guys when they start making jabs at him with the roasts. Looks like it was Noct's turn to get roasted for now.

"By the way Noct when's the wedding?" Prompto joked as Noctis glared.

"Hey Prompto what does the Fox Faunus say when he sleeps?" Noctis countered as Prompto looked shocked as it was no secret among them that Prompto 'yipped,' in his sleep. Hell one time they actually made a video of it and after editing it was the sleeping Prompto doing the yip thing for that one song "What does the Fox Say." Long story short that video never saw the net or even the light of day... yet so if Prompto gets a bit out of hand or is about to they pull that on him.

"You guys are jerks when are you going to delete that video!" Prompto called as Ignis chuckled.

"When you stop making bad jokes with your actual good ones." Ignis said as he remembered one joke Prompto did after they defeated a being from Lucis that Ignis did a victory fanfare. The boys laughed as they played their game of darts as in two days they all depart for Beacon Academy as they laughed and enjoyed the good times in hopes of more to come.

(Scene Break Lucis Crystal Chamber)

Regis stood before the crystal as he looked at it. The Crystal was commonly placed in the throne room but for now it was moved to this chamber for obvious reasons. He looked upon it and he could feel it a storm was coming and as he stood before the Crystal he could tell it was connecting to the Relics Ozpin once spoke of. If Regis hunch was correct then the Relics will be able to show a, prophesy to their head guardian which in Vale's case was Ozpin. In Regis mind Ozpin needed to see this prophesy above all else as the Crystal before him was more than just an object of worship it was the physical home to Bahamut.

Soon Regis felt the wind move as he looked and saw none other than Raven Branwen walk through as one of the last three members of Team STRQ came to him. "This better be important Regis if you had sent Nyx all the way to find me." Raven said as Regis nodded.

"Yes tell me Raven what is your opinion of prophesy's?" Regis asked as Raven glared from behind her mask with her crimson eyes.

"Get to the point." Raven said as soon the Crystal began to glow as Raven had to shield her eyes from its light.

(Location Change :?)

*Insert Final Fantasy XV OST Light of the Crystal

When Raven uncovered her eyes and to her shock she stood in a world of blue energy as Regis was there as well as a young woman with blond hair as she looked to them sadly. Raven look to the side and saw to her shock Beacon Academy on a smaller scale as it shined as standing before it was Ozpin. Raven glared at Ozpin as she had never truly got along with him and had very rarely ever talked to Regis. But these didn't prepare her for the biggest of shocks.

"Gather here for future storms approach." Came a booming yet regal voice as Raven looked and was wide eyed as standing before her was a large armored Dragon of sorts as it looked down upon them. Raven had never felt so intimidated before no scratch that she had never felt so out of her league like this as she doubt her sword could even scratch it. "The fate of this world falls to the King of Kings and the Chosen Queen who stands by his side." The being said as it looked upon the trio that had gathered. "His providence and her silver light consecrates in the divine light of the Crystal." This begin the Astral God known as Bahamut spoke. "So it is ordained- the revelation of Bahamut." Bahamut said as he looked upon the trio.

"Bahamut the Draconian I ask you to reveal what this Prophesy of yours entails." Regis said as the woman then spoke.

"Allow me my King." The woman said as Regis nodded.

"Very well Lunafreya." Regis said as Luna nodded.

"The one who will join her light with the King of Kings the one who walks as a reaper of Grimm and leaves a trail upon her path made of the last roses of summer. Her fate and the Chosen Kings fate are forever intertwined to battle the Dark King and his Dark Queen." Luna began as she was showing the, prophesy. "This reaper carries a divine light of her own as her Silver sight strikes fear into this darkness and slays those of Grimm Darkness. The two shall travel leading those who choose to follow so the chosen King and the Chosen Queen may arrive here to fulfil their calling." Luna said before Bahamut spoke.

"The Chosen Queen shall be followed by 6 protectors, the White Coldness of Shiva that burns and yearns from the Royal Test, the Black Beast that Descends from Shadows, the Yellow Beauty of Gold who's strength shall equal that of the Astral Titan, the Knight small and weak in body yet strong and large in spirit and cunning as Leviathan, the Viking hammer of Thunders equal to Ramuha but with unending and unyielding strength, and finally the Shinobi who's calmness makes way for clarity and as fleeting as a cherry blossom. These six shall be guided by the Chosen Queen to her shared destiny with her King as the six shall protect her from all harm till her destiny is complete by the light of the Crystal and the power of the Relics of humanity." Bahamut said as Luna nodded.

"Yes this is the prophecy that the Astral beings have foretold Noctis fate is no longer his alone but tied to that of another one who's eyes carry a silver power and who's path is left with the roses of Summer." Luna said as Raven looked worried for a moment for two reasons one is related to her and the other is possible to her late friend and leader.

"Tell me; what is the calling of this Chosen King and Chosen Queen?" Raven asked as Luna then looked down sadly as she was then wide eyed.

"No..." Raven said as she got the message.

"I'm sorry but this is the only world where they have a chance simply because of your Relics. The Astral Gods feel that they can save the two from this fate yet still allow them to complete their calling." Luna said as Raven looked.

"So why did you summon me here Regis." Ravens demanded with her voice being cold.

"I need your help, I need you to hold on to something of great importance to this prophesy and you are the best and only option for this." Regis said as Raven looked as Regis held a ring with a glowing blue stone between his fingers. "This ring is the key to making it all happen, but you must bring it here upon the Vytal Festival in Insomnia." Regis said as Raven looked to the ring in question.

"This ring it will allow Noctis to fulfil his destiny?" Raven asked as she looked upon the ring. "And who's to say I won't use it for myself?" Raven asked as Regis looked at her as she already knew the answer.

Raven saw this and smirked under her mask as she took the ring. "I see give me something to protect that I can't even use and being aware I don't accept power handed to me on a golden platter quiet cunning add the fact I'm a wild card in all this no one would ever suspect I am thing Rings protector." Raven said as she looked upon the ring. "But don't look to deep into this I'm not doing this for any of you once the duty of protecting this Ring is done it's going to either Qrow or Nyx till those Relics can be gained." Raven said as Regis nodded.

"Protect that ring with your life as it is our only hope." Regis said as Raven nodded as Ozpin looked.

"Are you sure of this Regis if the Dark King and Star Scourge Truly did follow Lucis from Eos then I fear that Ifrit had as well." Ozpin said as he knew the darker powers that brought wishes for Lucis destruction here would not stand idle while they begin their plot.

"We will simply have to hold onto fate." Regis said knowing that right now Raven would protect the Lucian Ring till it came time for her to give it to another.

"I pray that you are right old friend." Ozpin said knowing that the battle with Grimm will soon gain higher stakes then before when involving the Star Scourge and the Accursed one of Eos.

(Scene Break Beacon Transports)

On an airship going to beacon as Ruby stood there with a smile on her face… nerves one at that, as a blonde hair girl hugs her as she said, "Oh, I can't believe my baby sister is going to Beacon with me! This is the best day ever!"

"Please stop." Ruby complained as she was being hugged by Yang which made her very nervous to be here.

"But I'm so proud of you!" Yang called as she jumped around a bit.

"Really, sis, it was nothing." Ruby said as she was modest all she did was the right thing. Plus she was sad that Noctis wasn't offered a chance to attend Beacon.

"What do you mean?! It was incredible! Everyone at Beacon is going to think you're the bee's knees." Yang said trying to get her sister to stop moping around.

"I don't want to be the 'bee's knees,' ok?! I don't wanna be any kind of knees! I just want to be a normal girl with normal knees." Ruby said as Yang sighed.

"What's with you aren't you excited?!" Yang asked as her sister was going to Beacon she should be more happy.

"Of course I'm excited I just... I got moved ahead 2 years. And it was because of something both me and Noctis did but only I got the reward which means he still has one more year of combat Training before being able to apply for Beacon." Ruby said sadly as Yang looked wide eyed at something behind Ruby. "What?" Ruby asked as Noctis who had snuck up behind Ruby did a shrug with his arms while turning his head side to side as a bit of a joke as Yang pointed behind Ruby.

"NOCT!" Yang called happily as Ruby looked and was happy to see that Noctis was here.

"Noctis!" Ruby called as she hugged her friend as Yang smiled at him.

"What thought you guys could ditch me so easily?" Noctis asked as he looked at Ruby who let go of him.

"You little stinker!" Yang called as she grabbed Noctis in a head lock.

"Hey cut it out!" Noctis called as he got out of the head lock.

"How and when?!" Ruby asked as Noctis.

"Why did you think I was in Vale to begin with?" Noctis asked as Ruby was now happy.

"No way you, got accepted early also!?" Ruby called as Yang put her hands around the two's shoulders.

"Alright the good old three amigos is back together again." Yang said as Noctis chuckled.

"Actually it's no longer the three Amigos." Noctis said as Ignis was sitting on a bench next to the doors reading a book while Prompto was taking photo shots with Gladious sitting looking out the window with is arms crossed.

"No way, you made friends I have got to meet them." Yang said as she smiled a big toothy grin. "Maybe you can get Ruby to make some more friends also." Yang said as Ruby glared.

"Yang!" Ruby called as the news story soon took precedence with Cyril on the air.

"The Kingdom of Lucis, formed nearly a decade ago, has finally been accepted into the Vytal Treaty as one of the official Kingdoms. From this it means the Vytal Festival will be held in Lucis capital city of Insomnia as part of the new cycle for the Festival this year. The decision to join the Treaty was met with widespread praise throughout Remnant. King Regis had this to say after signing in Lucis to the Vytal Treaty."

Everyone in the bullhead had turned their attention to the screen, wondering what the King would say. The man that appeared in front of a roaring crowd of humans and Faunus had a smile on his face as he began to speak.

"People of Lucis, of Remnant, it is my pleasure to announce that we of Lucis have joined together with the other Kingdoms with the Vytal Treaty. With this we have become a part of Remnant, as a people and a society. Those of you who have lived through our time at Eos remember well the time before we were alone. Of how we became a light in the ever-growing despair that gripped our old home. To this I Say rejoice! We have gained friends, both in our new people with the Faunus and the other humans of Remnant! Though there are still the harsh realities of life we of Lucis will aid our fellows in the fight. May the light of the Crystal ever shine over Lucis and Remnant!" at the end of his short speech the crowd cheered with approval once again as the King lifted his sword.

Noctis looked to his friends as they all had the same idea as once Umbra arrives Noctis is sending his dad a letter for a request. After all it would give his team and whatever team Ruby and Yang are on time to be friends. The news story then switched as on the screen was Roman Torchwicks mug shot as Noctis recognized the guy as he came closes to catching him. "In recent news last night's robbery was led by nefarious criminal Roman Torchwick, who continues to evade authorities. If you have any information on his whereabouts please contact the Vale Police Department. Back to you, Lisa." Cyril said as Lisa soon reappeared on screen.

"Thank you, Cyril. In other news, this Saturday's Faunus Civil Rights Protest turned dark when members of the White Fang disrupted the ceremony." Lisa said as the image of the protest appeared before being changed with the White Fangs Symbol. "The once Peaceful Organization has lost much support from the Faunus in recent years when Lucis was founded and had openly welcomed Faunus into their boarders and were treated as equals and which further cemented when White Fang had attacked and assassinated know Faunus leader within Lucis's Kingsglaive and Crownsguards as well as several Faunus Political Leaders. This once Peaceful Organization has now-" The new story was cut short before the Huntress from before appeared.

"Hello and Welcome to Beacon!" The Huntress greeted as Prompto and Yang looked at her from different parts of the cabin.

"Who's that?" both Yang and Prompto asked as on Prompto's ends Ignis simply turned his head as he found Prompto's antics amusing at times.

Gladious patted his friend on the back hard as he looked to Prompto. "Prompto you need to lay off the cartoons and actually watch the news, or read a newspaper, Hell even pick up book." Gladius said as Prompto gasped is shock.

"NO NEVER!" Prompto called as those normally bored him to tears.

"My name is Glynda Goodwitch."

"Oh." Yang said as Prompto looked.

"So that's her name, see Gladious you don't need the news or books to learn everything." Prompto said as Gladious simply pushed his friend a bit as Prompto was a lost cause to reading unless it's on a menu, comic book, or if you tie him up to do assigned reading... which they may have to do a lot here.

"You are among the privileged few who have received the honor of being selected to attend this Prestigious Academy! Our world is experiencing an incredible time of peace and with the newest Kingdom of Lucis with their Glaives, our world is now much brighter than it was before and now as future Huntsman and Huntresses, it is your duty to uphold it. You have demonstrated the courage needed for such a task, and now it is our turn to provide you with the knowledge and the training to protect our world." Glynda said before her hologram vanished.

Everyone ran to the windows as they were amazed at what they saw as those who trained in Signal could see their old Academy from here as Prompto saw this from his end. Prompto took out his camera and went to Noctis and Ruby as the two stood next to each other. "Say cheese you two!" He called as Ruby and Noctis looked to which Noctis smiled as Ruby also did this since this guy was probably making memories of Beacon.

"Ruby meet my friend Prompto." Noctis said as Prompto smiled.

"Yeap me and Noct here go way back so any friends of Noctis are good buds of mine." Prompto said with a smile. "Anyway me, and the guys will meet up with you at the opening ceremony we're going to do some exploring once we land or if you're lucky we'll bump into each other during our exploration." Prompto said with a smile as he ran back to his friends as Yang smiled.

"Well that's like up to three new friends right there Ruby." Yang said as Ruby looked outside the window.

"Yeah but you can see Signal from up here." Ruby said as she saw it and smiled sadly a bit saying goodbye to her stomping grounds. "I guess home isn't too far after all." Ruby said as Noctis put his hand on Ruby's shoulder.

"Don't worry Beacon will be our home." Noctis said as he smiled to Ruby.

(With Ignis)

Ignis saw how the young Knight like Initiate was getting air sickness as he sighed and pulled out a potion and walked over to him and stopped him from running. "Here my friend drink this, it should subside the nausea till we land and depart at our destination." Ignis said as the blond hair youth nodded.

"T-thanks." He said trying to keep his stomach down. The young man opened the bottle and drank its contents already feelings it effects working.

(Scene Break upon landing)

The blonde knight got out first as he rush out before stopping a few feet from the air ship and take a breather, as the potion he took did settle his nausea, he could settle his uneasiness.

Other students walk out and taken in the sites as Yang and Ruby look up at Beacon which is like a giant castle as Ruby can only say, "Wow."

"The view from Vale's got nothing on this!" Yang said out loud as Noctis came up saying, "Yea, but I think Insomnia still tops anything for sites."

Before Yang could say anything someone walked by with their weapon, as soon enough Ruby get so excited and turn into a floating chibi as she said, "Oh my gosh, sis! That kid's got a collapsible staff, and she's got a fire sword!"

As ruby floated away and follows the person with the fire sword, Yang pulls her sister by the hood back bringing her back to normal as Ruby said "Ow! Ooww!"

"Easy there, little sister. They're just weapons!" Yang said to her sister as Ruby seem almost shock like it was blasphemy to what Yang said as she said, "Just weapons? They're an extension of ourselves! They're a part of us! Oh, they're so cool!"

Noctis wonder if ruby does have a loss nut or bolt somewhere, as he knew ruby obsession but didn't know it goes that far, as Yang spoken up to her sister saying, "Well, why can't you swoon over your own weapon? Aren't you happy with it?"

Noctis step away as ruby transforming her weapon into its scythe mode and started hugging it as she said, "Of course I'm happy with Crescent Rose! I just really like seeing new ones. It's like meeting new people, but better..."

Noctis didn't know how to take that, an insult as she considers a weapon to be better than people or maybe friend in general, or just another ruby weird thing.

Yang playfully pulls her Ruby's hood down over her face as she said "Ruby, come on, why don't you go try and make some friends of your own?"

Ruby pull off her hood as she said, "But... why would I need other friends if I have you and Noctis?"

Noctis laugh in his throat as it seem Ruby just forgot Prompto when they meet on the airship, with Yang as she started to say, "Well..."

In a Quick moment, a group of other students surround Yang and they all dash down the road with Yang as said while rushing away with them as Ruby got caught in it their way and spin, "Actually, my friends are here. Gotta go catch up. 'Kay, see ya, bye!"

Yang vanish but then reappear for a moment and said, "Don't you two love bird do anything without protection." Noctis was about to help Ruby but when he hear that he turn back and said, "We not going to- she's gone."

Ruby got dizzy-eyes as she said, "Wait, where are you going?! Are we supposed to go to our dorms? Where are our dorms? Do we have dorms? I don't know what I'm doing, and what does she mean by protection?"

Ruby fell over backwards as Noctis was still distracted by Yang comment as he hears a sudden crash of stuff and someone yelling, "What are you doing?!"

Ruby got up and was shocked she knocked over a crabby looking girl in white's luggage. "Uh, sorry." Ruby apologized as she looked at her screw up.

"Sorry? Do you have any idea the damage you could've caused?" The Fire asked as Noctis stepped in.

"Knock it off she said she was sorry." Noctis said as the rich looking girl was getting on his nerves. "But that's out this doesn't concern you." Weiss said glancing to one piece of luggage, a trunk, in particular that wasn't closed at all save for its lid as Noctis noticed the air holes in it.

Ruby tried to help as she gave a box to the white wearing rich girl. "Give me that! This is dust mined and purified from a Schnee Quarry." The girl said as now Noctis knew where she came from.

Last he heard the Schnee's weren't very welcomed in Lucis due to their mistreatment of the Faunus and certain Schnee products weren't allowed in Lucis especially products that uses solely Faunus Labor. And a lot of Schnee's weren't very welcomed in Lucis save for about two of them. Winter was tolerated there and they show her kindness she returns the favor. The other one from what his father told him was a girl who he met once that was starved of parental attention. If she ever so chooses Regis would have had her welcomed in Lucis with open arms the only thing Noctis really knew about her was that she had a white dog of a similar breed to Umbra.

"Uhhhh." Ruby trailed off trying to keep up as Noctis noticed they were causing a scene as Ignis was in the small crowd.

"What are you brain dead? Fire, water, lightning, energy!" The girl called pulling out a vile of dust from the case shaking it before Ignis finally stepped in and stopped her from shaking the vile.

"Madam I strongly recommend you stop this scene and the shaking of that Dust Vile, otherwise we might experience a small detonation due to the improperly sealed vile." Ignis said as the tone he used regal and nobility Weiss ended up blushing before noticing the small cloud of dust seeing he was correct. "Ms. Rose please take five paces back until the dust cloud clears if it moves torts your direction take two paces either left or right." Ignis said as he looked to Ruby who nodded.

"Thanks Ignis right in the nick of time." Noctis said as Ignis adjusted his glasses.

"It was my pleasure highness." Ignis said as the girl heard that as her raised finger at being ignored lowered as she realized something.

'Highness as in your highness as in royalty, which points to... Lucis.' Weiss thought as she looked to the 16 year old as she realized it. "You're Prince Noctis from Lucis!" The Schnee girl called out pointing to Noctis.

"Yeah don't go screaming it out rather avoid that till after initiation." Noctis said as he looked to the two.

"But aren't you two a little young to be attending Beacon? I mean this isn't your ordinary combat school. It's not just sparring and practice you know. We're here to fight monsters so I don't see how one of your royal lineage would want to attend." Weiss asked as Noctis looked.

"Wanted to see the rest of Remnant and Stand tall so here I am." Noctis said as he looked to the girl as she heard that. The girl soon saw her trunk move for a bit as she quickly ran over to it and put pressure on it to keep what's inside it in.

"Though I don't see why it concerns you." Noctis said as that run to her trunk seemed suspicious to him as she was now doing that guilty leaning like she's trying to hide something there.

That surprised the girl as she looked at Noctis in shock. "Do you not have any idea who I am?!" The girl demanded as Ruby glared.

"Madam please calm yourself we have never actually met you or heard of you or much Schnee related things outside of tails from the Faunus in the Kingsglaive." Ignis said as his tone showed he didn't hold the Schnee's in very good light.

"Yeah what's your problem Princess?" Ruby called as she rejoined the group after the Dust cleared from the air.

"It's heiress, actually." The two boys and girls turn to the person who said that as they saw a girl wearing a mostly black outfit with white patch around, weapon on her back, and a bow on her head.

"Weiss Schnee, heiress to the Schnee Dust Company, one of the largest producers of energy propellant in the world, as its currently being rivaled by Lucis with its Elemancy and alternative and cheaper fuel source that puts worker safety as top priority" the girl said as she knew her stuff since it was a well-known fact that the miners in Lucis and those who use Elemancy would rather cut off their own arms and legs then ask others to do a dangerous task they themselves aren't willing to do, as she lay her eyes on the group but also curious when she hear the name Noctis and prince in the same lines, as she lay her eyes on Noctis himself and wonder what he was like in public.

Weiss smile as she said, "Finally! Some recognition!" with Weiss now know there are people who knows about her as she smile with pride to that, but it would soon be gone as that same girl said, "The same company infamous for its controversial labor forces and questionable business partners."

Weiss was shock as she took a step away from the trunk as she said, "Wha- How dare you- The nerve of... Ugh!"

Weiss gather her things and storm off angry as Ignis push up his glasses as he eyes the girl with the bow as he saw it twitch, and the way she said to Weiss, he knew what she was but keep quite

Ruby felt kind of bad about all this as she said to Weiss, "I promise I'll make this up to you!"

A hand patted her shoulder as she turn to see Noctis as he said, "Its fine ruby, not everyone going to have their best moment." "I guess, but it's I'm not the only one having a rough first day... So, what's...?" Ruby started to say but saw the girl walking off.

Ignis came up to ruby and said, "Don't take it the wrong way Miss Rose, everyone has their own agenda."

Ruby just falls as things does always be going her way of things as she said, "Welcome to Beacon..."

Noctis sighed as he lean down and offer Ruby a hand and said, "Come on ruby, it's just the first day, things will get better."

Ruby looked up at her childhood friend as she could only nod a bit and said, "I hope so." Ruby took his hand and stood back up, as soon enough someone walked up to them as Ignis turn to see it was the same blonde knight who was sick on the air ship as he said, "Good afternoon, may we help you?"

Everyone turn to the guy and said, "Ah… sort of, maybe, but I would like to say, thank you what you gave me, I help me a lot."

"It was my pleasure," Ignis said as he did like to help things, and for him and everyone else on that airship, no one wanted to smell vomit.

"I'm Jaune by the way," Jaune said as he held up a hand to him as the Kingsglaive took it and said, "Ignis."

Noctis and Ruby walk up to him and they introduce themselves as they said, "Noctis." "Ruby," Ruby introduce herself last as she soon shake Jaune hand and got a look at him as she said, "Are you the guy that almost throw up?"

(Time skip)

"All I'm saying is that motion sickness is a much more common problem than people let on!" Jaune said as he walk with the group, with Noctis and Ignis let the guy tag along with them as it seem the guy didn't know a thing about them, which is kind of odd but that seem to be alright.

"Out apologies when we had first witness your motion sickness many of felt the nickname *Cough* Vomit boy *Cough* was well earned." Ignis said as Noctis chuckled.

"Hey don't worry Prompto had the same problem once before the difference is he eventually got over it when we had him do the one thing he loved doing so much, Chocobo riding and racing." Noctis said as Jaune looked.

"You got to ride Chocobo's man you guys are so lucky." Jaune said as Noctis simply shrugged to that.

"Yeah sorry it's just Vomit-boy was the first thing that came to mind when you were running around." Ruby said as Jaune looked while Noctis then growled as he looked at his boot and saw he stepped on something before going to a place to sit.

"Oh yeah well what if I called you Rosy Red Cheeks because of how you blush with Noctis around?" Jaune asked as Ruby was wide eyed as she pushed him to a bush hard. "Ok I deserved that one." Jaune admitted as Ignis helped him up.

"You were just fortunate that Noctis was otherwise preoccupied." Ignis said as Jaune looked to see Noctis was grumbling as he was scarping gum off his boot.

"Wow talk about lucky." Jaune said as Ruby had similar silent thoughts. "Well the name is Jaune Arc short, sweet, rolls off the tongue, and the ladies love it." Jaune said as Noctis caught up with everyone after getting the Gum off.

"Yeah sounds like your mom wanted another daughter." Noctis said as Jaune sounded very close to Joan which was a ladies name mind you.

"Oh be quiet!" Jaune called as Ignis chuckled.

"I must confess even I would assume that perhaps you could help sneak into a club by crossdressing." Ignis joked as unaware to him something happened.

(Meanwhile on Gaia with Cloud Strife)

Cloud was working on his motorcycle before he sneezed as he wiped his nose when Tifa saw this. "You ok Cloud?" Tifa asked as she looked to Cloud.

"Yeah I just have the strangest feeling that... someone out there might end up in a situation I was in so long ago." Cloud said as he remembered having to deal what was not his most proud moment ever. He won't go into detail but if he ever had to deal with Don Corneo as infiltration and not a delivery boy mission and pay be damned that fat asshole is dead and they'll never find the body either.

(Back on Remnant with the Group)

Jaune sneezed as he wiped his own nose as he Noctis looked. "You ok?" Noctis asked as he looked to Jaune.

"Yeah I just had the oddest feeling... someone just predicted my future with near 100% accuracy somehow." Jaune said as Ignis was even confused on that.

"So... I got this thing." Ruby said as she pulled out Crescent Rose allowing it to transform to its scythe form as she smiled at Jaune's reaction of surprise.

"Is that a scythe?" Jaune asked as he pointed to the weapon.

"It's also a customizable high impact velocity sniper Rifle." Ruby boasted as Jaune was confused.

"A what?" He asked as Noctis spoke.

"It's also a gun." Noctis said causing Ruby to smile and cock the barrel as Jaune now understood.

"So what are you guys packing?" Jaune asked as Noctis and Ignis smirked.

Soon Ignis summoned his daggers as he held them in a reverse grip as they were clearly designed in Lucis while an assortment of weapons appeared around Noctis but instead he opted to his go to signature weapon. "Meet the Engine Blade itself now known as Versus XIII (A nod my friends a nod)." Noctis said as Ruby squealed.

"You finally named your sword!" She called out happy Noctis finally gave his weapon a name besides the Engine Blade.

"Yeap Ruby here was able to make blue prints for its completed self while Cid was able to incorporate Dust into its design, long story short this here bad boy is one of the first few weapons from Lucis made compatible with Dust. See this glowing spot right here?" Noctis asked pointed to the spot behind the handle to which Jaune nodded. "This can be interchanged with different types of Dust as well as a few things here and there right now it's just Energy Dust for now, versatile and usually my go to Dust type." Noctis said as Jaune looked to him.

"But you guys can summon your weapons out of nowhere?!" Jaune called as Ignis chuckled.

"It's a power gifted to the Royal Family in Lucis so of course a prince could also utilize it." Ignis said as surprising Jaune.

"Wait you're a prince?" Jaune asked looking to Noctis as that was surprising. "You don't exactly um look the part." Jaune said trying not to be rude to the guy who is literally going to lead an entire Kingdom one day.

"What you expected me to intimidate you in under five minutes or be a total brat like Ms. White before." Noctis asked as a certain Schnee Heiress sneezed as she was moving her luggage in with the others.

"So what do you got?" Ruby asked as Noctis and Ignis called of their weapons.

"Oh uh I got this sword." Jaune said drawing his sword Crocia Mors from its sheath as Ruby was impressed at the classic look of this weapon. "Yeah, I've got this shield too." Jaune said as he took out the sheath allowing it to enter its shield form.

"So what do they do?" Ruby asked as Jaune being the klutz he is began trying to keep his shield in hand as it hopped around and began turning from its sheath and shield form repeatedly just as it fell which Jaune then picked it up.

"Well... the shield gets smaller... So... when I get tired of carrying it... I can just put it away." Jaune said as Noctis saw this.

"But wouldn't it weigh the same, just saying kind of murder on the hip." Noctis said as it would probably do better on the back.

"Yeah it does." Jaune said as Noctis laughed a bit

"Then perhaps you should meet Gladious he could assist you with getting your physical strength better so you can carry more ideal weapons." Ignis said as he knew those weapons must be heirlooms.

"Well, I'm kind of a dork when it comes to weapons. I guess I did go overboard with designing my and Noctis weapons." Ruby said as Noctis laughed at that.

"You're telling me you kept contacting me about Versus XIII's designs and workings." Noctis said remembering how tired Umbra looked during the whole construction of the Engine Blade now known as Versus XIII and how grateful he was that the ordeal was over. He had never seen the dog drink so much water in one delivery before building Noctis' weapon.

"Wait? You made those?" Jaune asked as Ruby nodded.

"All Students at Signal forge their own weapons. Didn't you make yours?" Ruby asked as Ignis then spoke.

"His sword must be a Family Heirloom I suppose it has seen many battles am I correct?" Ignis asked as Jaune nodded.

"Yeah my great-great grandfather used it to fight in the war." Jaune said as Ignis nodded.

"Then your family must have put a lot of faith in you to entrust you with such a historical yet important weapon to your family." Ignis said as that cheered Jaune up.

"Yeah not many people have an appreciation for the classics these days." Ruby said as Jaune nodded.

"Yeah. The classics." Jaune said as Ruby had to ask.

"So why did you help me out back there in the courtyard?" Ruby asked as Jaune looked.

"Eh why not. My mom always says, 'strangers are just friends you haven't met yet." Jaune said as Ignis then spoke up.

"That is wise words but at the same time risky due to the fact that not everyone wants to be friends and would sooner use take advantage of others for their own goals." Ignis said as that deflated Jaune a bit. "Well then if we are finished exploring the campus shall we make our way to the Amphitheater?" Ignis asked as Jaune and Ruby were surprised.

"Wait I thought you knew where we were going." Ruby said as Jaune looked shocked.

"I was just following you." Jaune called as he looked to Ruby.

"Follow me then luckily for you I had studied the map of Beacon and the Academy's history on the way here." Ignis said as Noctis nodded.

"Alright then lead the way GPS Navigator Iggy." Noctis joked as the trio began following him.

(With Weiss with the luggage)

Weiss waited till she was alone with the rest of the luggage as she looked and saw no one was around before she reached for another bag. She then took out a can opener and a can of dog food most hunting and tracker dogs would eat before going to the Trunk with air holes in it and opened it a little before a white K9's face came out of the crack as she saw her companion was ok.

"Sorry about this Pryna you know I couldn't leave you alone with father or Whitely and Winter was too busy to take care of you." Weiss said as she opened the lid allowing Pryna to jump out for a bit and stretch out no doubt to get blood flowing again as the dog then sat down and panted. She looked closely related to Umbra as she looked to Weiss with a happy look on her face. Pryna then jumped onto Weiss and opted to lay on her for a bit as Weiss laughed at her pet.

"Come on now I still need to get your food ready." Weiss said as she looked to her pet who heard food and got off.

Weiss then grabbed the can opener and opened the food as luckily she only allowed the best for Pryna and also done most of her training herself with some help here and there. Once the food was ready Weiss grabbed an empty bowl from her bag and filled it with Water as she then placed both sets of food into the trunk as Pryna then jumped back in to eat. Luckily there was enough room for her to stand and maneuver in like a kennel but Weiss knew that Beacon probably has a now pet rule here most likely so she had to sneak her dog into the School. "Now wait here till after the opening Ceremony and I'll be back to let you out once more." Weiss said as Pryna barked happily before returning to her food. "Good girl." Weiss said before she closed the Kennel once more as she took out her scroll and opened the "Doggie Cam App," which showed Pryna eating her food with a light on her as Weiss was smart enough to fill the trunk with some self-sustaining lights so she could watch her furry friend.

(With Prompto)

Prompto had taken a picture of the view of Beacon Academy as he saw the place was huge. Not as good as Lucis but still pretty damn good. The fox Faunus from Lucis took each picture as he smiled and was amazed at the sights Beacon had to offer. He soon saw Yang pass by as Prompto saw the perfect photo opportunity as he smiled and took the picture at just the right moment. Of course Yang saw this and looked to Prompto after he took the picture as she looked to him.

"Hey what you doing?" Yang asked just making sure Prompto wasn't some pervert or a stalker.

"Oh just taking some pictures though personally I think this one was my best one yet." Prompto said as he showed the picture that he took of Yang as she was impressed. Clearly Prompto was no amateur as the way Yang had walked in the photo with her hair blowing ever so slightly giving it the appearance of fire it made her look like some sort of Dragon Monk of Summer.

"Wow that's impressive man." Yang said as Prompto shrugged.

"Nah I think the lighting could have been better and it was more of those perfect timed photos." Prompto said as Yang put her arm around Prompto's shoulders.

"Well Foxy Photographer better get better with this might be willing to do some photo shoots later." Yang said as she and Prompto laughed at this.

"Yeah just need a photo moment to get ready." Prompto joked as he and Yang laughed at that one.

"Well I can tell you those Photos will go off with a Yang." She joked as the two laughed as it was apparent these two had officially hit it off swimmingly.

(Meanwhile with the Cat Faunus)

The Faunus founded the way to the Amphitheater, taking a way through the school to avoid many students as she could, as she didn't like crowded area, as she pass a pillar where a camera was set at on one side.

As she was pass the view of the camera, she was suddenly pull in quickly and against the wall, as the Faunus girl groin a bit as she hit the wall a bit hard as the person who pull her said, "Sorry about, forgot my own strength, Blake."

The girl eyes widen as she look up at the person and sees Gladious in front of her with his arms cross as she said, "Gladious?"

"Been a while hasn't it Blake," Gladious said as Blake looked to him and said, "How did you know I was here? Why are you here?"

"Easy, answer both at the same time, I am one of prince Noctis's bodyguard/ traveling companion, when you walk up close to him, I spotted you right away," Gladious said as Blake let out a breath and put her hand at head her while she shake it and said, "I should have known."

"Maybe, but let talk about you," Gladious said as Blake jerk a bit as she remember the last time she saw her friend, just before she join the white fang as she seem ashamed by that until Gladious said, "You here at beacon and by yourself, and this is the way to the Amphitheater, with no one up the halls and no one else is follow down… you left it didn't you?"

Blake was a bit hesitated until she gave a nod, as Gladious smile and said, "I'm glad, at least I know you're not working for them."

Blake is surprise by this as she said, "Y-you're not mad?" Gladious had a look on his face as he said, "I wasn't the happiest person, but I know why you join them, even spin most of your life trying to make the Faunus be at peace and equals to Humans willing to fight for it… but I do know deep down you're not a killer, and when the white fang change leaders and now seeing how it does its operations, I figure it was a matter of time you left it."

Blake sighed as it was no secret with the change in leaders the white fang turn dark and many crime started to happen and when they try to attack Lucis kingdom to ruin the peace between humans and Faunus there, but it ended in disaster for them, and it went all downhill for the white fang even getting new recruits were now harder after the attack.

Add the fact some of those attacks were on known Lucis Faunus leaders the White Fang was practically in danger of being nothing but a memory. Blake even heard some of the members as she decided to leave talk about how the Adam had tried to pass those Faunus' deaths off as 'Noble sacrifices to their cause,' as it was at that moment Blake had enough. So when they were hijacking the train Blake left decoupled the carts and left. Sure Adam got a lot of weapons from said cart but it wasn't like he had many followers to use it anymore outside of the loyalists.

"Blake... it's good to have you back." Gladious said as Blake smiled.

"Yeah it's... good to be back." Black said as for her Gladious was one of the first human friends she ever made in Menagerie. Gladious was and his younger sister were on a trip their and Regis so happened to be there. Gladious and Blake hit it off especially how Regis treated the Faunus as equals. Needless to say Menagerie became major supporters to Lucis and its King and Blake had joined the White Fang when it was still peaceful to help spread that proof of coexistence and equality being possible.

"Well then best be heading to the Amphitheater before they start." Gladious said as Blake nodded.

"Got it Gladious." Blake said as the two began to head to the Amphitheater.

"So you're not still into that smut are you?" Gladious asked as Blake glared.

"IT'S ART!" She defended as she had a perfect comeback. "Besides what about you and those Magazines?" Blake asked causing Gladious to be shocked.

"Hey they are a good read for some of its advertisements before I go to sleep!" Gladious countered as he had been known to fall asleep on a sofa or couch with such magazine on his face.

AS the two were walking they then began laughing as they both found this funny as these were two friends from childhood reuniting and catching up after so many years apart. It was too bad they didn't have Umbra to courier messages between them. They hadn't laughed like that in a while as the two made jabs at each other's reading material and laughed about it right after as this was two friends who perhaps one day may develop into something more.

(Later at the Amphitheater)

Noctis, Ruby, Ignis, and Jaune walked into the Amphitheater as they were impressed with so many promising huntsman and huntresses here. That was when the two Lucis and one reaper saw a familiar heads of blond and one with Fox ears who also saw them. "Noctis Ruby over here!" Yang called as she looked to them.

"We saved you guys a seat you too Iggy!" Prompto called as Noctis smirked.

"Well looks like Prompto has met Yang officially." Noctis said as he smiled at this.

"Appears so. Pardon us Mr. Arc we must meet up with our friends." Ignis said before Ruby smiled.

"See you after the Ceremony." Ruby said as Jaune tried to stop her.

"Hey wait." He called but the three were already gone.

Jaune then sighed as he was now stuck. He could already tell Noctis and Iggy are probably going to be like Beacons prince's or something and judging by Prompto that just might be the case. Rule 1 of first day try and get into a sort of popular Crowd a day if that doesn't work just any reliable crowd that will have you. (My brother figures advice to me when he was a senior in high school... it didn't work)

"Great. Where am I supposed to find another group of cool guys and a nice quirky girl to talk to?" Jaune asked to no one in particular as he walked away to reveal a familiar champion.

"Yo Noct Iggy how was your first days?" Prompto asked as he clearly had a better day.

"Well Prompto just a few minor inconveniences, helping a possible classmate and Ms. Rose here locate the Amphitheater, and a demonstration of our weapons." Ignis said as Prompto smiled.

"Sweet though Photo Booth here is the only main weapon I'll need." Prompto said taking out his camera which then converted into a revolver with the lens becoming a scope as it looked to be a Lucian type of custom made gun.

"Ooooh." Ruby said as she saw Prompto's weapon called Photo Booth.

"So how's your first day going, little sister?" Yang asked as Prompto looked around for Gladious.

"You mean since you ditched me and I nearly exploded? Thank goodness Ignis help me with that" Ruby said as Yang look to her little sister as she said, "Yikes she almost had a meltdown I guess?"

"Not really, a poor seal dust vile, with dust in the air and it could be set off by a sneeze," Noctis told Yang as Ignis push up his glasses and said, "Indeed which wouldn't help with the situation."

Yang looked at them as she said, "What happen with you guy then?"

Ruby started fidgeting and saying, "Well after you ditch me, I tripped over some crabby girl's luggage, and then she yelled at me, and then Ignis keep me from blowing up, and then she yelled at me again, and I felt really, really bad, and I just wanted her to stop yelling at me!"

Weiss stood behind her as she said loudly, "You!"

Ruby jump into Noctis arms as she said, "Oh, God, it's happening again!" Noctis grunt a bit as Ruby just suddenly jumps into his arms without warning, and blush as he smells Ruby's scent which smell like roses… and chocolate chip cookies for some reason.

"You were lucky that boy noticed the improperly sealed Dust otherwise you might have blown us off the cliff!" Weiss said as Yang look to her sister and said, "Oh, my God, you really did nearly explode.

"Well at least we didn't and we're safe and sound?" Ruby said as Weiss handed her pamphlet titled "DUST for dummies" as ruby asked, "What's this?"

"The Schnee Dust Company is not responsible for any injuries or damages sustained while operating a Schnee Dust Company product. Although not mandatory, the Schnee Family highly encourages their customers to read and familiarize themselves with this easy to follow guide to Dust applications and practices in the field," Weiss said as she went faster and faster as if someone hit fast forward on her until she stopped.

No one understand what she said in the middle of that let alone the end as almost everyone said, "Uuhhh."

"You really wanna start making things up to me?" Weiss asked Ruby as she nods and said, "Absolutely?"

Weiss shove the pamphlet to Ruby as she said, "Read this, and don't ever speak to me again."

Noctis let her down as Ruby relies she was in Noctis arms and would not say it out loud but it felt nice for her for that moment as she gives a light blush.

Yang walk up to her sister and said, "Look, uh, it sounds like you two just got off on the wrong foot. Why don't you start over and try to be friends, okay?"

Ruby puts the pamphlet away and said to her, "Yeah! Great idea, sis!"

Ruby looked to where Weiss walked to and follow for a bit as Noctis look to his friend as he said, "let go and make sure things doesn't explode, like nearly last time."

"Of course your highness," Ignis said as he follow Noctis over with Yang following as well making sure things are keep in hand.

Ruby walked up to Weiss as she holding out her hand as she clears her throat as she says, "Hello, Weiss! I'm Ruby! Wanna hang out? We can go shopping for school supplies!"

Weiss look to her and then she started to say seemingly enthusiastic way as she said, "Yeah! And we can paint our nails and try on clothes and talk about cute boys, like tall, elegant, dark, and handsome wearing glasses."

Noctis and Prompto heard this as did Yang as the three were ready to start laughing as the way Weiss said it had the scent of her liking Ignis as she may have a crush on him. Ignis made it a point to let her know he was still here as he cleared his throat catching her attention.

Weiss was now blushing beat red as her eyes were wide as Prompto and Noctis looked to Ignis. "Well Ignis looks like you have an admirer." Noctis said as Weiss ended up running off to the far end of the lime to hide as her face was now all red like roses.

"Man I knew Iggy was a lady killer." Prompto called as Ignis simply and calmly adjusted his glasses as his eyes were currently closed no doubt trying to process what just happened.

"What just happened?" Gladious voice was heard surprising the group as they yelped and saw Gladious next to them

"When did you get here? Better question where were, you?" Prompto asked as Gladious looked.

"Just catching up with an old friend." Gladious said as he looked to Prompto.

"Oh." Prompto said as Noctis smirked.

"Looks like you didn't get lost then." Noctis joked as Gladious glared.

"One time and you still never let me hear the end of it!" Gladious said as Ignis looked.

"I believe we should quiet down now so the Ceremony may begin." Ignis said as he looked to his friends both old and new who all agreed.

A microphone was just turn on, taped, and someone clear their throats as everyone turn their attention to the stage are where Professor Ozpin and Goodwitch stood, with Ozpin at the mic as he was about to do a speech as he started to say, "I'll... keep this brief."

Soon enough as everyone face the stage, as the two sister and four guys looked and listen as Ozpin said to everyone, "You have traveled here today in search of knowledge, to hone your craft and acquire new skills, and when you have finished, you plan to dedicate your life to the protection of the people, and for the few others to find themselves of where they stand. But I look amongst you, and all I see is wasted energy, in need of purpose, direction, and others discipline."

Students started whisper among themselves as they wonder what Ozpin is meaning as it seem to be almost in riddles as he went on saying, "You assume knowledge will free you of this, but your time at this school will prove that knowledge can only carry you so far or keep you standing for so long. It is up to you to take the first step, and that first step begins with you."

Ozpin look to Noctis group as it seems somewhat of what he said is meant for him. Ozpin left the mic and Glynda took over as she announce, "You will gather in the ballroom tonight; tomorrow, your initiation begins. Be ready. You are dismissed."

Yang looked to the group and share a thought as she said, "He seemed kind of... off."

"It's almost like he wasn't even there," Ruby said as well as did the other guys thought the same thing, but for Noctis his thought were of Ozpin to what he said, and at that one moment looking at him giving a hint or something like that to him, but what it was he had no idea.

"Quiet peculiar." Ignis said before Jaune appeared

"Ignis please set me up with a cute girl." Jaune asked as Ignis sighed at this.

"Perhaps another time." Ignis said as he flew Jaune need a major backbone.

(Later that Night Ball Room)

Noctis walked over to Gladious and Ignis as they watched Prompto working on something in the rafters. "So anyone knows what shenanigan Prompto has cooked up?" Noctis said as Gladius looked to their Faunus friend

"Nope." Gladious said popping the p as the two watched Prompto grab some fruit and pillows.

"Do we know he's up to something stupid and funny that might become this huge thing and spiral out of control?" Noctis asked as Ignis looked.

"Most likely." Ignis said not taking his eyes off of Prompto as he adjusted his glasses.

"Should we be ready for this shenanigan?" Noctis asked as he looked to Noctis.

"Yes." Both Gladious and Ignis said as Noctis look just as Prompto was done and three an apple again a random student as said apple shattered upon impact. The student looked around only for Prompto to hide as his friend sighed just as Prompto threw a pillow which hit another student.

"Well this is going to be big." Noctis said as he then headed over to Ruby and Yang to wait for the chaos the start.

(With Ruby and Yang)

Ruby was writing her letters to her friends back at Signal as soon Yang was heard. "It's like a big Slumber party!" Yang called jumping down next to Ruby.

"I don't think dad would approve of all the boys, though." Ruby said as Noctis walked in.

"Yeah I still have nightmares from when we fell asleep in my room as kids." Noctis said as long story short he learned what a father who has a daddy's little girl and two daughters would be like when said daughter is with a boy.

"I know I do." Yang said as she purred at the strong boys walking around before Jaune walked by in onesies as Noctis was surprised.

"He does know those are kid cloths right?" Noctis asked as soon a banana peel landed in front of Jaune causing him to slip as he was then hit by a pillow courtesy of Prompto and hit the floor.

Yang had cringed at first but laughed at Prompto's good aim. "What's that?" Yang asked her younger half-sister.

"A letter to the gang back at Signal. I promised to tell them all about Beacon and how things are going," Ruby said as she does got friends with her at beacon, but leaving a lot of them behind at Signal and didn't want to leave out of touch with them.

Yang smile as she said, "That so cuuuute!" Then suddenly she got hit by a pillow thrown from Ruby as she said to her sister, "Shut up! I didn't get to take my friends with me to school! It's weird not knowing anyone here other than Noctis!"

"Don't know if I should be insulted or glad to be included," Noctis said as he move his head a bit to dodge a pillow throw at him as it hit someone behind him as they said, "Hey, who throw that!"

"What about Jaune? He's... nice! Then there Ignis, and Gladious, as well…" Yang said as she draw out the name of the one buy who took the photo of her, as someone else got hit by a by some underwear sling shot at them as they yelled and ran around like a chicken with its head cut off before a pillow was throw at the back of their heads.

Yang snaps her finger as she said, "Prompto! As well who could forgot prince charming? There you go! Plus 4 friend a boyfriend! That's a give four hundred percent increase pulse one love of your life!"

Ruby and Noctis blush at that as they both yelled, "Don't joke about stuff like that!"

Yang just laugh at them as she always love to tease Ruby, but with Noctis here all the more fun for her, plus Noctis' own friend are somewhat of a blast themselves, even Prompto.

Noctis turn away and he rub his own head, trying to straighten himself out, and then he notice a glow of a light as he look what making he as he sees Blake with a candle near her and a book in her hands as he said, "Hey is that one girl from before."

Ruby and Yang looked over and saw Blake took as Yang look to the two as she asked them, "Do you two know her?"

"Nope," Noctis answer her with ruby speaking up after saying, "Not really. She saw what happened this morning, but left before I could say anything."

Yang had a thought and it could be a good way to get Ruby another friend, at least a friend who's a girl as it was just mostly boys, and that one girl who ruby enemy… in a way, but anyways Yang gran her arms and said, "Well, now's your chance. Let's go Noctis."

"Wait what are, you doing?!" Ruby asked as she and Noctis were dragged torts the cat girl.

But barely two steps in Noctis saw a pillow flying at them before he reacted. "Duck!" He called as he pushed Ruby and Yang down as the pillow sailed over them and hit a large student was enjoying his tunes with a small snack as he got up and glared at the person over the trio as the guy looked confused before said large person grabbed his own pillow and "returned fire."

The guy was also hit as Noctis looked surprised. "It's started." Noctis said as Yang got up and was hit with oddly enough a pillowed filled with grapes as she gained a glare in her eyes as Prompto hid in his little birds nest.

"That's it!" Yang called as she grabbed to pillows and used them as boxing gloves which she launched like they were Ember Celica as the first person she thought had fired at her.

"This cannot end well." Ignis said as Gladious looked.

"Any suggestions?" Gladious asked as the chaos soon started as everyone was throwing pillows at each other as Prompto had the perfect spot to throw his without getting hit save a for a very good throw which hit Prompto as the Fox Faunus nearly lost balance.

"I suggest, we..." Ignis began before he and Gladious ducked just in time as Jaune flew by and hit the window. Ignis sighed as this was like the Chocobo Moogle Carnival incident all over again. "When in Rome do as the Romans do." Ignis said as he grabbed a set of pillows of his own.

"That I can get in on." Gladious said as he grabbed a large amount of it.

"Very well we will need a form of protection from this onslaught so I suggest we start building a fort now." Ignis said as Gladious nodded.

"Got it." Gladious called as he began gathering pillows to construct said fort.

Ruby rolled out of the way as she grabbed a pillow and pointed at the threats. "JUSTICE WILL BE SWIFT, JUSTICE WILL BE PAINFUL; IT WILL BE FEATHERY LIKE CHOCOBO!" Ruby called out as Noctis and Yang cheered as Noctis was holding a struggle bat which was like a pillow sword from his youth. (Think the one in Kingdom Hearts 2) Yang had two pillows on her arms like boxing gloves once more as she was ready for the battle of Beacon Ball Room.

Blake meanwhile was just reading her book as she wasn't getting hit by any pillows as Prompto called from above. "PILLOW FIGHT!" Prompto called as he threw his pillows with perfect aim and accuracy as right now it was everyman for himself or Sengoku style battles.

Gladious and Ignis from behind their fort Lucis (Name still pending) had set up a sort of catapult system as they placed large amounts of pillows on one side as Ignis looked over the walls. "Fire." Ignis ordered as Gladious with his sword slammed down on the catapult launching the pillows as many of them hit a few students while some of them missed as Ruby and Noctis jumped away from one white Yang rolled away.

"Yang cover!" Ruby called as Yang got it.

"You got it Ruby!" Yang called before providing them cover as Ruby turned to Noctis. "Notice Warp Throw!" Ruby called as Noctis smirked.

"Wait ahead of you." Noctis called before throwing his childhood weapon to the upper wall as he then warped there as he then threw a Pillow at

Prompto. Unfortunately it mist as Prompto laughed.

"You missed Noct let me try!" Prompto called as he threw his own pillow as he shot the pillow at Noctis before he was forced to return to the ground.

Jaune meanwhile was getting up from his hurl to the Window as he held his head in pain as he saw the chaos happening before him with feathers flying everywhere. "Wow this is intense." Jaune said thinking it would probably be better to hide somewhere till it all blows over but that was before he took a pillow to the face knocking his head into the wall as the force from both knocked him out cold. Soon a misfired pillow hit the head of another like Blake trying to avoid the chaos as he near him a orang haired girl with cat theme PJ's saw this as she was now angry.

"NO ONE HITS MY REN WITH A PILLOW BUT ME!" She roared as that was when the climax of this Pillow fight had begun.

She looked to Noctis as he saw this and smiled nervously. "Uh... hello." He said before she grabbed her cat pillow and hit Noctis over the head with it sending him flying as he hit the window up top and fell to his sleeping bag in some pain but knocked out. She then saw Yang and Ruby before she went after Yang as Ruby had semblance herself away as this girl had another pillow and with it uppercut Yang to the roof and through the ceiling creating a hole as she laughed.

She then set her sights on the last bastion of those trying to win as she had already dealt with a large number of the foes before going after it. She busted down the pillow wall and saw Gladious before dealing him the same fate as Yang as Gladious yelled out while flying into the air. Ignis simply sighed and took off his glasses to prevent any harm to them before spreading his arms. "I know when I'm defeated just go ahead and do it." Ignis said as the girl smirked and hit Ignis sending him flying to the wall as he hit it and fell to blissful sleep but as he flew a Glyph appeared and stopped him as Weiss had caught Ignis just in time as she had partook in this pillow fight as Ruby then sent a pillow at the orange haired girl using a speed momentum. But the girl missed as the conqueror of Fort Lucis Pillow saw this and threw a large pile of pillows at Ruby knocking her out as well as she had landed next to Noctis as she was currently on top.

Weiss on the other hand was hit with the pillow instead as she fell down next to Ignis as the scene they were in was photo worthy. The orange haired girl laughed as she had won this day forgetting about one more fighter in particular. "THIS CASTLE IS NOW MINE! I'M QUEEN OF THE CASTLE! I'M QUEEN OF THE CASTLE!" She called out laughing at her victory before a well-aimed shot from Prompto abruptly ended her reign as she was hit in just the right spot knocking her out.

"You may be the queen but I'm the real king here!" Prompto called out with a grin before he heard yelling and the ceiling soon broke as Yang returned to Remnant hitting Prompto along the way as Prompto was disoriented but still awake. "I'm ok." He called as it seems Karma wasn't done with Prompto since he had called himself a King when the prince was here. Soon the ceiling broke again accompanied by Gladious screaming as he hit Prompto over the head with an 'Accidental," hit for causing this mess as Prompto was soon out cold as he fell knocked out on his hammock.

It wasn't till later that Glynda walked it to make sure the students were asleep that she growled in frustration before she used her own Semblance to reverse the affects and clean up the mess. "How did my ex handle situations like this I'll never know?" Glynda growled as she stormed off as her ex-husband was probably off somewhere in Lucis or another Kingdom as part of the Crownsguard after their falling out and resulting Divorce.

Blake lowered her book as she looked around to the chaos that was caused a she took off to ear buds that was playing "From Shadows," very loud as she looked around. "Did I miss something?" Blake asked as she looked at the chaos as it was repaired with the only evidence of this Pillow fight was the groan of pain from Jaune. Blake then shrugged before she grabbed her candles and blew them out as the area went dark no doubt time for sleep.

(Meanwhile in an undisclosed location)

A young woman was pasting back and forth as the news story she had watched had basically set her plans backwards by quite a bit. She looked to the news story as it replayed detailing Lucis joining the Treaty of Vytal and would now be hosting the Vytal Festival and its Tournament this year. This woman's plans to claim the Maiden power was designed with the Tournament being held in VALE since the other half of the Maiden Power was here. She had intended to also use the White Fang with its still crippled numbers but if the Festival was in Lucis mainly Insomnia this would push her plans back and would require her to have to rework them. If she wanted to divide the Kingdoms, get the Maiden Power, and most of all get the Relic then she would need to have all three of those in Lucis instead. The best this woman could get was at most two out of the three as she growled.

Though her main problem was trying to end Ozpin's life. How could she do that if he was all the way in Vale while she herself would be in Lucis? It was a problem she had to figure out soon before students from Haven start arriving in Insomnia for the Vytal Tournament. This would get very frustrating as she needed to rework her entire plan to try and be in two places at once.

"I need to contact them hopefully Salem and Ardyn are together." The woman said as she knew Salem was much more merciful to failure at this level when Ardyn was nearby. It's pretty ironic though, Lucis appears and becomes a major game changer but with Lucis appearance they receive a new ally themselves. She needed that power but now Ardyn and Salem had agreed on a common goal, the Crystal and the Throne of Lucis after all a King will need a Queen.