Remnants 5th Kingdom

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(Start Chapter 8)

It has been a few days since the event in Altissia as the preparations for the Chocobo Moogle Carnival was back in business as luckily Glynda Goodwhich was able to send the Students their lesson as with the other Beacon Teachers. But they were all lucky as they got to use the Atlissia Coliseum for their combat class while in Altissia which is where we find our groups gathered recovered and rested from their excursion in Altissia of all places. The teams were watching Pyrrha take on Team CRDL single handedly as she was able to avoid and dodge there attacks with ease. Noctis watched but he soon took notice to the team from Mistral as some of the other teams were attending the class as something about their leader looked oddly familiar to him when she was around of course.

Many of the students got their lessons via mail to the scroll of live chat as to make it easier for everyone. Plus since the Vytal Festival Tournament was being held at Insomnia so they couldn't and wouldn't fall behind in their classes with their teachers sending them the work they needed to get done on their scrolls. It was soon that Pyrrha's fight with CRDL ended as Prompto cheered having taken some good shots with his camera of all things.

(In the Stage)

"Lucky shot." Cardin said before falling over in pain as Glynda was walking up behind him.

"Well done Ms. Nikos you should have no problem qualifying for the tournament." Glynda said as Jaune was happy for her.

"Thank you professor." Pyrrha acknowledged the praise as she smiled.

"Alright now I know that's a tough act to follow but we have time for one more sparring match." Glynda said as she recorded the score and then looked to the students. "Any Volunteers?" She asked as no one answered. "Ms. Belladonna, you've been oddly docile for the past few classes, why don't you-" Glynda began only to be cut off by someone raising their hand.

"I'll do it." Mercury said as Glynda being the Ex-Wife to Cor Leones and mother to the Current Oracle Stella 'Lyra,' Goodwich Leones she started to get suspicious of Mercury.

"Mercury was it? Very well let's find you an opponent." Glynda said as she began the search.

"Actually I wanna fight... her." He said pointing at Pyrrha.

Now Glynda were very suspicious sense Mercury had just saw her fight and would probably stand no chance against the strongest first year in Beacon. "Me?" Pyrrha asked as she was caught off guard.

"I'm afraid Ms. Nikos has just finished a match I recommend you choose another partner." Glynda said as she knew something was up.

"No its fine." Pyrrha said as she looked to Glynda before looking to Mercury. "I'd be happy to oblige." Pyrrha said as she was happy to accept the challenge from Mercury.


As Mercury took to the spar area, he took his fighting stands, as did Pyrrha who ready herself with her shield and weapon in hand. Soon as the Team leaders of RWBY and NIGP watch the spar match, they would soon see what kind of move the new students had. Mercury made the first move, as he ran up shift his footing and send a kick at Pyrrha who block it with her shield, then use her own footing to sweep under Mercury making him fall back.

Recover quickly as Mercury got up and back flipped away from Pyrrha, as Noctis saw Mercury wasn't being truthful much as he see what happens to Mercury as he did a rather slow move, even would say that Jaune maybe could do… maybe, but that not the point as he did on purpose as he made it slow but keep strong but easy to counter.

Soon as both Pyrrha and Mercury were far apart, Pyrrha made the first move this time as she charge in and slash with her weapon, but Mercury counter it as he block it with the weapon on his ankles, and gave a spin to kick Pyrrha at her side but she block it with her shield.

Soon the Mercury send a fury of kicks at Pyrrha, with her block each one with the side of her weapon, or her shield, she was keep up with mercury well as he gotten more serious.

Pyrrha knock Mercury feet away, and then shove him back with her shield, Mercury slow himself as he put his left foot back with sparks showing.

Shaking off the knock back as he said, "Hm!"

Ruby from above was very excited to see the so called new student holding his own against Pyrrha as she said to Emerald, "Hey, your friend's doing pretty good."

Emerald just put on a smile and did, "Uh-ha" roll her eyes to the side before Ignis entered his Two Gill. "He simply gauging her skill, getting close to feel his opponent movement." Ignis said as Emerald was shocked by this.

Emerald was shock with ruby was wide eye to him as she said, "How do you know?"

"Me, and my compatriots had trained under Cor Leones of the Crownsguard and his second in command Ebony Kage when we had lived in Lucis." Ignis explained as Gladiolus nodded.

"Yeah they both told us how to fight someone as does he when he took it slow but keep strength at first, and then throw fast move but not as strong as before. The best way to size up anyone is use your own against your opponent to tell strength and speed, and then skills is next to see what kind style they use, when you do the last part is strategy to know is when to use those skills against them." Gladiolus said as Emerald started to look worried for a bit.

Mercury was now more battle ready as he went it with an hurricane kick and hit Pyrrha shield as she block it with ease as the two keep fighting.

Pyrrha fell back as she kneel down and held her weapon reverse hand as Ignis also said, "But there are also counter move to this, once and opponent does size you up, a change in tactic would be a good idea as well."

As everyone try to figure out what he meant, and look down at one the most skilled huntress in Beacon Academy, as Mercury came at her, did a bicycle kick to the shield, then as he kick to the side, he follow up with another kick to the other side that came fast but Pyrrha saw it coming as she throw her weapon in a spin, and then block it as she use her Semblance and magnetize Mercury weapons. Surprise by it as Mercury let off and then went back to fury of kicking, as Pyrrha caught her weapon in the middle strike, Mercury did a spin kick and kicked the weapon away into the ground.

"It seem he was able to do the same as well, counter with hers moves, but at this moment it's anyone's point." Ignis said as he observed the fight go on here. The eyes were back to the fight as now those who heard Ignis explanation wanted to see if Mercury will do the impossible and beat Pyrrha Niko the Champion in a one on one fight. Mercury of course did a spin kick at Pyrrha only for her to use her semblance again and repel Mercury's leg way as he was caught off guard as he regained his balance as he kneeled down.

Pyrrha then charged at Mercury with her shield raised only for Mercury to jump up and did a duel kick to her shield and fired which propelled him away from Pyrrha. Pyrrha then charged at Mercury as she was ready to win the fight only for Mercury to stand up calmly and turned to Glynda.

"I forfeit." He said as Pyrrha was caught off guard by this as she stopped her attack and looked at Mercury.

"You don't even want to try?" Pyrrha said as Sirius now had a solid suspect for the theft.

"What's the point? You're a world renowned fighter, we're obviously leagues apart." Mercury said as Glynda looked.

"In that case Pyrrha Nikos is the victor of the match, again." Glynda said as Ignis glanced to Emerald and saw her smirk ever so slightly as now he was suspicious of Emerald. "Next time you may want to think a little harder before choosing an opponent." Glynda scolded as Mercury looked relaxed.

"I'll be sure to do that." Mercury said with a wave of his hand.

The bell soon rung as Blake woke up as she had bags under her eyes showing she hasn't been sleeping well. "That is all for today and remember the dance is this weekend, but you all have your first mission on Monday." Glynda called as Blake saw her team getting up and leaving as the same can be said for Noctis and Team NIGP. "I will not accept any excuses." Glynda iterated as Blake tried to catch up to her team.

As Team RWBY passed Emerald outside the classroom Mercury came out as he smiled. "Learning is so much fun." He said as his voice was dripping with Sarcasm.

(Later outside the Coliseum)

"Now then ladies if you will pardon us we must go shopping for attire for the formal Dance on Saturday and possible souvenirs for the Chocobo Moogle Festival for Prompto's sake." Ignis said as everyone bid each other goodbye.

"Ok we'll see you guys later." Ruby said as they left the Altissia Coliseum to shop for formal wear. But as Ruby waved them good bye her hand slowly lowered as she was actually hoping Noctis would have asked her out at that moment but then slumped down when they were gone as Yang smiled. "Come on Ruby guys are dense on this stuff you need to take the initiative." Yang said as Ruby smiled a bit at this.

"What about you and Prompto?" Weiss asked as Yang was about to counter but had nothing to counter with for that comment.

"Damn." Yang said as Weiss got one over her.

"You what!?" Blake cried out in shock as she looked to her team.

"We want you to go to the Carnival and the dance." Ruby said as she looked to Blake wanting her to slow down a bit.

"That's ridiculous." Blake replied with arms crossed clearly not wanting to listen to reason again, leading to Yang making her voice noticed.

"Blake. We're worried about you. This investigation is starting to mess with your head." Yang said as last night she swore Blake slapped her face telling Yang to stop buzzing around her which may point to Blake seeing Yang as a Bumblebee.

Weiss then spoke up counting with her fingers as was talking. "You can't sleep, you hardly eat, and to be honest, your grades have been suffering." Weiss said listening off the reasons Blake should go and relax.

Hearing this caused Blake to snap at Weiss. "You think I care about grades!? People's lives are at stake! Surely Team NIGP would understand it's their home that's in danger!" Blake called as she glared to her team on this.

"We know and we're all still trying to trying to figure out what Torchwick is up to." Yang replied trying to calm Blake before she gets stoke or a heart attack.

"Thanks to you, Prompto, and Sun, we know they're operating somewhere out at Tenebrae." Ruby said as they had a lead of all places.

Weiss was quick to speak up as she raised her hand pointing a finger up to the ceiling. "And the Schnee company record singled out Vale as the primary target for Dust robberies over the last few months before Roman transferred over to Lucis." Weiss added in as that was good news. 'Plus security around the products in general has been lacs as of late like father wants the White Fang to steal it.' Weiss thought to herself as she saw how Security was either lax, comprised of Faunus, or just plain out not eve there.

"Don't forget about their missing military tech too." Yang quickly added to the end of what Weiss said out loud as she can tell Prompto was still trying to figure out how Roman can smuggle a robot suit of all things but Ignis in Weiss's head already knew and had a hunch that her father had basically let them take it to give himself more money by playing the victim and use the fact the White Fang are doing this to help his own agenda in the long run.

"But there's still unanswered questions!" Blake replied to Yang causing Ruby to speak up again.

"Blake, you won't be able to find anything if you can't even keep your eyes open." Ruby said as she was worried about Blake.

"All we're asking is that you take it easy for one day." Yang said as she understood what Blake was going through right now.

"It will be fun! Yang and I will make sure of it." Weiss said suddenly causing Yang add more to what Weiss just said.

"Yeah! We're planning the whole event! Well the Dance at least we already got help from the people working at the place rented out for the dance but we got a few good part of it handled already." Yang said as she smiled to Blake.

Blake just looked at Yang with a face of disbelief at what she just heard her voice matching the reaction on her face. "Excuse me?"

"Team CFVY's away mission lasted longer than expected." Weiss replied to Blake's question, with Yang speaking up the second Weiss went quiet.

"So Weiss and I were asked to pick up where they left off. And now we can make sure you have the perfect night!" Well the last thing Yang said causing Weiss to give Blake a warm smile as she spoke up once more.

"And once it's all over we'll return out search, rested and ready." Weiss said as she could use some rest and relaxation after the other night.

"So what do you think?" Ruby asked right after Weiss finished her line causing silence to fill the room till Blake opened her eyes as she voiced her view on what she just heard.

"I think this is a colossal waste of time." Was all that left her lips as she stood up and walked over to the door and looked over her shoulder saying one last thing before leaving. "I'll be at the library nearby." Blake said as she left no doubt to do more research or contact either Selphie or Dino for more information.

The second after Blake had left Yang let out a defeated sigh followed by her saying only one word.


"She can't keep going like this!" Weiss said to everyone in the room as that much was true. Before another word could be said everyone heard three knocks at the door, with Weiss being the one to walk over to the door and open it, leading to everyone hearing the sound of a guitar being played causing everyone in the room to poke their heads out to see Jaune standing there.

"Weeeiiisssss!" Jaune started to sing and winked at Weiss only to have the door slam in front of him right away, leading to another three knocks right away and Jaune's muffled voice being heard.

"Oh come on!" Jaune was heard saying before knocking another three times as Weiss buried her head in her right palm as Jaune spoke again. "Open the door!" Everything went quiet for a few seconds till Jaune's voice was heard once more from behind the door. "I promise not to sign!"

Weiss let out a small sigh, knowing full well she was going to regret it as she opened the door again only for Jaune to start playing the guitar again. "I liiieed!" Jaune sang causing Weiss to face palm, wishing she didn't open the door again as Jaune kept on singing.

"Weiss Schnee, will you accompany me, to the dance on... Sunday!?"

"Are you done?" Weiss asked after a few seconds of silence her arms crossed.

"Yes?" Jaune replied with an unsure voice.

"No." Weiss said replied coldly before closing the door again and turned around to see the looks everyone was giving her. "What?"

"And that's why they call you the Ice Queen." Yang replied as Ruby had somehow fallen over onto the floor.

"All my life boys have only cared about the perks of my last name. Besides, I already have a date in mind." Weiss said as Yang looked to him.

"You could at least have let him down gently we all know you have the hot's for Iggy so the least you can do is let Jaune know you're interested in old Specs over him." Yang said before she gave Weiss a deep glare. "Unless you're planning on stealing Prompto to get Atlas and Lucis on better terms or trying to steal Noctis from Ruby (Ruby: Yang!) For the same reason and because you have a huge crush on him." Yang said giving Weiss the stink eye at those accusation especially the one involving Prompto.

"Date or no date." Ruby started to say as she got up off the floor. "None of this will matter if we can't get Blake to go with Gladio since well we all know she likes him and the same vice versa." Ruby said as a dance without Blake and Gladiolus was really pointless for a lot of them.

(Later with Jaune and Pyrrha)

Jaune and Pyrrha were doing a friendly spar, as Jaune was really improving since he first enrolled and started training with Gladiolus and Pyrrha. Plus the local Kingsglaives offered their own two cents and Crowe was quiet the task master in physical training earning her well-deserved nickname. Jaune was now standing toe to toe with Pyrrha as the two clashed swords training for the upcoming tournament and helping Jaune catch up to Pyrrha after Gladiolus back at Beacon basically dragged Jaune into training.

When Pyrrha was having a little problem, with Jaune went through the hellish training to say with Gladio, he keep up with training using some the method that Gladiolus used for him. When Pyrrha went for a leg sweet Jaune did not see it coming and in turn was knocked off his feet and onto the ground. Pyrrha giggle at Jaune misfortune, as he was not bad of a fighter but that doesn't mean he won't make mistakes still. Still giggling then Pyrrha said to Jaune with words of great praise for him, "Well done." Pyrrha help Jaune to his feet as she continued. "Your sword plays, improved immensely." Pyrrha said helping Jaune to his feet from his fall.

"Couldn't have done it without you and Gladiolus's help." Jaune said as he was dusting himself off.

"So, are you ready to move on to aura?" Pyrrha asked as that's the one thing she knew Jaune needed help with was with Aura.

Jaune put his hand to his head and said, "I'm actually thinking maybe we just skip Aura tonight. Might go on a jog or something."

"Come on, I know you get frustrated but you must keep trying. I'm sure we'll discover your semblance any day now," Pyrrha try to motivate Jaune into training his Aura.

"That's, not it." He began as he looked to Pyrrha. "It's *sigh* it's dumb." Jaune said sadly.

"What is it?" Pyrrha asked as she looked to Jaune before walking to him. "Jaune you know you can tell me." Pyrrha said putting her hand on Jaune's right shoulder.

"It's, Weiss." Jaune said as he remembered being turned down by Weiss.

"Oh, what about her?" Pyrrha asked sadly as she should have known Weiss was involved.

"I asked her to the dance and, she shot me down. Big surprise right?" Jaune said as he sadly chuckled.

"Well, I believe the saying goes, "there's plenty of fish in the sea." Pyrrha quoted as Jaune looked at her.

"That's easy for you to say, you probably got guys clamoring each other just ask you out." Jaune said knowing Pyrrha was trying to cheer him up.

Pyrrha chuckled nervously as sadly as she looked. "You'd be surprised." Pyrrha said as her tone spoke the opposite.

"Oh please, if you don't get a date to the dance I'll wear a dress." Jaune said jokingly as he was walking away cheered up.

Pyrrha looked down sadly as Jaune was very dense.

(Scene Break Cinder, Mercury, and Emeralds Hotel room)

As Emerald and Mercury were on the floor, Cinder was on the bed doing something with a needle and treat as she look to be sticking up something with Mercury reading a comic book, Emerald went over the reports as she said, "And, Pyrrha Nikos."

Cinder stop for a moment before she said, "Ahh, the invincible girl." "She's smart, but I wouldn't say invincible," Mercury said after to what Cinder said.

"Do tell," Cinder said as Emerald went over her own review and said, "Her semblance is polarity, but you never know it just by watching."

Mercury throw the comic book to the side as he left up from the floor and said, "After she made contact with my boots she was able to move them around however she wanted. But she only made slight adjustments."

"Just enough to make it look like she's untouchable. She doesn't broadcast her powers so it puts her opponents at a disadvantage," Emerald spoken after her partner, soon to look at her scroll.

Cinder took a moment to think as she knew Ardyn wanted to Oracle Found with the Fall Maiden and the fact Lucis made the announcement on the New Oracle being located it put them at a disadvantage because if anything happened to her all hands would be on deck and none of them wanted that. As Cinder stopped with her needle for a moment she felt her hand shake as she was wide eyed and quickly stopped it as she remembered something from the past something she wanted to forget badly.

Young girls Voice: Why Cinder?

Powerful and Divine voice: You are not worthy of the Oracles Power Murderous acts such as this cannot be cleansed by good or pure intentions!

"CINDER!" Emerald called as Cinder shook her head to clear her thoughts as Emerald looked worthy for Cinder there.

"You ok?" Mercury asked as he never seen Cinder space out like that unless the Oracle was involved somehow.

"Yes don't worry and mind your own business." Cinder said sternly as she was done thinking on Pyrrha. "Now people assume she's fated for victory when she's really taken fate into her own hands… Interesting." Cinder lift up the needle as she said, "Add her to the list." Emerald nodded as she did putting Pyrrha profile into the list.

"You should be able to take her no problem," Mercury announce to his boss as Cinder smile and said "It's not about overpowering the enemy… It's about taking away what power they have, making then fall into despair… And we will in time" Cinder gave a dark smile as she lift the needle up thinking what kind of plan she could do to Pyrrha.

"Anyway so far no one in the entire visiting teams group match up to what the Oracle should be as the list on that one is well zero. So it's sounding like they were telling the truth which means we can't do what we did to that Amber girl a second time." Emerald said as if the Oracle had an entire Guard Detail for her as she travels and the ones involved are being handpicked by Nyx it made their plans for the Oracle a lot more complicated since their resources are being stretched to locating the Ring of the Lucci.

(Scene Break that Night RWBY Hotel Room)

*Insert Final Fantasy XV OST In the Light of the Crystal

Ruby Rose had normal dreams for a teenage huntress. At least that was what she would say when Yang had asked her what she had dreamed about the night before. While those instances had petered off to about once a week, her sister still teased her about dreams of cookies and certain raven haired princes. This was not one of those dreams.

She was floating in an aurora of blue and white with twinkles like that of a crystal would blink every now and then. It was a strange, sort of ethereal beauty that Ruby was sure was a rare thing to see. What was grabbing her attention, however, was the woman floating in front of her. She wore a dress of pure white, with a kind face framed by golden hair that would make Yang jealous. Unknowingly Ruby had floated closer to get a good look, which caused the woman to open her eyes to a curios Ruby.

When Ruby looked at her eyes she believed the saying that eyes were windows into the soul. From the look in the woman's eyes she was full of caring, of a kindness that many would never be able to achieve. 'Peaceful and kind' was the thought that Ruby had 'Just like mom.' Before she knew it, tears were streaming down her face, when gentle and loving hands caressed her. For the next few minutes the sob of a Red Reaper was heard, before she popped back and sheepishly looked towards the woman in white.

"Greetings child of the silver eyes. It is nice to finally meet you."

"You know who I am?" Ruby asked in possible the most cliché way. She was eternally grateful that Yang was not here.

The woman chuckled naturally a she anticipated Ruby's response but not in this cliché way. "Of course I do. You have been Noctis's saving grace after all." At the confused look from Ruby she continued "Before Lucis came here I was known as the Oracle, Lunafreya Nox Flueret. It was through me that Lucis came to Remnant." Luna explained as she looked to Ruby with a small smile upon her face.

"Oh! So how did you know Noct?" Ruby asked as she never seen this beautiful girl before as she was jealous thinking Noctis may have been dating her.

The woman smiled at Ruby's question before responding with her answer. "Before my mother and I sacrificed ourselves to rescue Lucis I was a dear friend to Noctis. One that he unfortunately had to forget due to the magic that brought him here." Luna explained as she looked to young Ruby who stood before her.

"Forget?" asked Ruby with a confused look. Luna sighed as she started to explain.

"It was one of the unfortunate side effects of the magic that was used to rescue Noctis and Lucis. If I could have I would have prevented it, but in the end I think it was for the best." Luna said as she looked to Ruby didn't like her explanation and sounded like she was trying to justify herself.

Ruby shot up in anger at the words from the Oracle. "But you said you were his friend?! How can forgetting about you be good for him?!" Ruby snapped at what Luna had done in her eyes wasn't right but she hated herself also because she had basically stole Noctis away from Luna no doubt breaking Luna's heart in her mind.

"Because he has you now." Luna said as she smiled at Ruby.

Ruby's anger quickly dissipated with Luna's reply. She sheepishly looked away, with hints of a blush appearing on her cheeks. "When you first met Noctis he was in grief, yet he could not recognize what that grief was directed to. He became withdrawn, sullen and nothing could bring him back. Then you came into his life." Luna began her explanation as she looked to Ruby as she saw the anger vanish as this was a justification that was in fact one that caused no ill intent to others save for a short term one thanks to Ruby.

*End OST

*Insert Final Fantasy OST Prayer de Luna

Luna gave the Huntress-in-training a kind smile as she continued. "In his time of grief a young girl came into his life, full of happiness and wonder. In that one moment, you changed him, giving him a new light in his life. Your bond has only continued to grow, more than I could have ever hoped." Luna said as it sounded like Luna was basically stepping aside to give Ruby a chance with Noctis one she herself can never claim from where she was.

"Wha-what do you mean?" Ruby asked as she was confused by this.

The kind smile continued to grace Luna's face "He found someone that would love him unconditionally. Someone who could brighten his day just by being in her presence, though he does not show it as much." Luna said as she looked to Ruby as Ruby blushed a bit at how nice Luna was being to the girl who basically took her place in Noctis' heart

The blush that had been on Ruby's face went a few more degrees of red before a small smile grew on her face. In truth Ruby knew exactly what Luna was saying. For the last year she saw Noctis as more than just a friend, though she was hesitant to say anything about it in front of Yang and her father. The journal that Umbra transported between the two (she still did not know how the dog transported himself but that was a moot point.) had become more intimate within the last years, causing her to hide away from Yang even more so than before whenever the journal carrying dog would spring up.

"I-I guess you're right." Replied Ruby in a confident whisper. Luna merely smiled at Ruby's reaction as she brought her hands together. Ruby looked at the older woman quizzically before her hands dropped down and showed a pendant. It was in the same style of the Lucis Royal sigil, but with the addition of a rose for the eye. Ruby looked between the pendant and Luna before the Oracle motioned for her to take it. As she took the combined pendant Luna continued to talk, even as Ruby felt she was being drawn away from the dreamscape.

"Go with my blessing Ruby Rose. For though there may be hard times for both you and Prince Noctis, know that the both of you are each other's pillars. Cast away the doubt you feel and may the light of the crystal forever guide your way….." Luna said as she was in fact stepping aside so Ruby can take the reins of keeping Noctis' heart shining bright like the Crystal. "And one last thing Ruby... if you truly wish it go to Noctis don't hesitate and don't second guess yourself on this follow where the wind blows rose pedals of your heart and it shall never lead you astray." Luna said as she smiled kindly to Ruby as Ruby returned it as it kind of felt awkward for her to be talking to what was basically Noctis dead Ex-girlfriend or fiancé in this case.

*End OST

(Scene Break Morning before the Carnival and the Dance RWBY Hotel Room)

Ruby awoke with a start, though it was more of a small gasp than anything. Looking around she noticed that everyone was still asleep, with the exception of Blake but Ruby saw she had to do something as it was time to act as a leader here but mainly a leader for the hearts as she had an idea that may just work. Ruby sat up and felt something bump against her chest. Looking down she saw the pendant that Luna had given her in the dream, which confused her until she remembered the words the Oracle had spoken to her at the end of the dream. Lifting the pendant to eye level it seemed to be a cross of her personal emblem with that of the Lucis royal emblem, just as it had been in the dream.

After examining the pendant for a good five minutes she sighed knowing Luna has basically given Ruby to Ok to pursue Noctis but the way she talked though… Ruby saw for a moment there was regret in her voice as if she had knowingly yet at the same time unknowingly placed a heavy burden upon Ruby though Ruby herself didn't know why.

"Guys wake up!" Ruby called as she had a plan to carry out this day as she began to shake everyone awake as Weiss didn't seem pleased nor did Yang. "It's about the dance and Carnival and getting all of us dates for them both!" Ruby called as she looked to the two as that got them up.

"Well I'm all ears then." Weiss said as she looked to Ruby as Yang also looked.

(With Team NIGP)

Noctis was sitting on his desk with the trashcan filled to the brim with ideas on how to ask out Ruby as the trio of guys all saw this as Prompto gushed a bit. "Ahhh he was up all night trying to figure out a way to ask out Ruby." Prompto said as he got into position and took a quick picture of this.

"It seems I must be the one to devise a plan for him." Ignis said as this had gone on long enough and Noctis needs a nudge to the right direction here.

Ruby had her head laying on the table as Yang and Weiss set up for the dance with Yang doing the heavy lifting and Weiss coordinating everything. That was when Weiss slammed two table cloth samples before Ruby as they looked exactly the same. "I need you to pick a tablecloth." Weiss said as she pushed them forward but to Ruby they looked exactly alike.

Ruby looked as she was now confused. "Aren't they both the same?" She asked as she looked at them before Weiss sighed in frustration.

"I don't even know why I asked." Weiss said before going back to her work.

Yang then came walking in as Weiss walked away as Yang was carrying a huge amp as she put it down with a grunt as it slammed due to its weight. Yang dusted her hands as she walked to Ruby. "So have you picked out a dress you, after all the fair Rose Princess and future fair and just Queen to be has to look presentable to her Prince Charming." Yang asked and teased at the same time.

To Yang's shock Ruby didn't respond to the teasing. "What's the point? Who cares about the dance if, Blake isn't going and my plan fails." Ruby said depressingly as she was worried for her friend.

"Oh don't worry, she's going after all I'll talk to her and we'll get you the date with Noctis." Yang said as she knew she had to reveal her greatest screw up to Blake but soon noticed what Weiss was doing. "Weiss I thought we agreed no doilies!" Yang called as Weiss stormed torts Yang.

"If I don't get doilies you don't get fog machines!" Weiss said as she pointed at Yang. That was when the door opened as NIGP walked in.

"We're having fog machines it's like last year all over again!" Prompto cheered as Ignis looked. "If memory serves last year you caused a huge commotion at a club that you nearly burned down the town. I swear it was like Ifrit had risen from his infernal throne for the end of days." Ignis said as everyone did want to know what Prompto had done that the guys didn't want a repeat of.

"We were thinking about it." Weiss said as Noctis smiled a bit.

"That's pretty cool but keep Prompto away from them." Noctis warned as the Prince smiled.

"Please do I'd prefer we avoid burning down the town." Ignis said as Gladiolus agreed there.

"Hey Prompto over here!" Yang called as she looked to Prompto after setting down a speaker where it needed to go with the fog machine. "Meet up with me at the fountain nearby, I wanna talk to you." Yang said as she looked to Prompto who nodded.

"Got it!" Prompto said as he headed out no doubt still remembering Yang beating him with a Scorpion beast's corpse.

"So you young ladies all prepared for the formal dance and Carnival?" Ignis asked as he made a small smile.

"Pfft yeah right." Ruby said as Yang looked as she was behind Ignis making a stop or plan ruined gesture as Ruby remembered. "Actually I was hoping I can talk to Noctis for a bit... alone." Ruby said as Gladiolus smiled.

"Well good luck there lover boy." Gladiolus said as he smiled a bit. "You and Prompto are going to need it." Gladiolus said as Noctis smiled.

"Like you and Blake do?" Noctis countered as Ignis chuckled.

"It seems the young Prince has you cornered Gladio." Ignis said as they seem to all enjoy taking jabs at each other.

"Laugh all you want I'll be turning heads tomorrow night." Yang said before Weiss turned to the four boys of Team NIGP.

"What are you four wearing?" Weiss asked as Ignis chuckled.

"That my dear Weiss is a surprise till the time of the dance." Ignis said as Weiss chuckled a bit at that comment from Ignis.

"So, uh... what does Blake think of all this?" Sun said popping up out of nowhere surprising everyone with a yelp with questions of where he came from followed close behind. "She still being all, ya know...Blake-y?" Sun asked as Weiss fold her arms at her chest and said, "Obviously." Then turn away

"I hate to be the bearer of bad news Sun but... I'm afraid Blake already wishes to accompany another to the Dance." Ignis said as he saw how Sun then looked dejected before he quickly cheered up.

"Heh No problem I guess as long as she's happy." Sun said as he began to take his leave.

"I think you broke him Iggy." Noctis said as Ignis did feel kind of bad about that. But it was better to love and to lose then never to love at all.

"I'm hoping Yang can Change her mind though." Ruby said as Yang was their last hope here for Blake's sake.

"Guys." Yang began getting everyone's attention on her as everyone turn to her as she was in the middle of everyone and said, "Trust me. Blake will be at that dance." Yang had a great plan that could not fail her.

(Later outside at the Fountain)

"Ok Prompto glad to see you waited." Yang said as she smiled at Prompto.

"Wouldn't miss it even if a big Yang went off!" Prompto joked as he smiled at Yang.

"Well that's good for you Prompto because tomorrow we're kicking the carnival and dance off with a Yang." Yang said offering her own pun.

"Oh so we're going full Choco Mog Dance party?" Prompto made a pun of the festivities tomorrow as the final set up were almost done around them.

"Hell yeah so you in like a Moogle or you going to Chocobo out." Yang said as there was only one Translation for this: Yang/Prompto let's go to the dance and carnival as a date.

"The fun won't start till we make a big Yang of an entrance!" Prompto called as anyone who saw this didn't know if they should cringe at the bad puns uses left and right or find this sweet that they have their own way of doing this.

"Awesome I still need to do a few things but be ready to hit the carnival!" Yang called as she looked to her date before heading out to deal with Blake.

(Scene break Library nearby)

At the library as Blake was trying to look up any news of the White Fang but all was silent at the moment for it as she was just frustrated, but soon something caught her attention as a red dote show on her screen.

It started to move around, with Blake following it. Up down, up down, and up down and Blake was getting annoyed fast, as the red dote went to her hand, as she lifts it up, the red dote went off her hand and onto the floor, as she track it down to the person with a laser pointer, but lost it, and fail to see the person doing it.

Going at the news again, the red dote appeared again on her hand and as before she followed it, to her cat like curiosity try to grab it but it vanish once again.

A second later the red dote was on the computer screen going side to side, side to side, side to side as Blake follow it with her eyes, soon it moved around clock wise, counter clock wise.

Blake was getting really annoyed by it as she closed her eyes for a moment and opens it with an angry look on her face. Having enough as she slam down on the desk and got up to see who was using a laser pointer to mess with her.

Looking down on the ground to see the red dot, like it was toying with her, and soon it was moving away with Blake following it, thanks to her damn cat Curiosity thinking.

When the red dote turn the corner, as Blake follow it around, and then stop as she saw yang in front of her as she said in a singing tone, "Hellooooo!"

"What are you-" Yang grab her before she could finish and said, "We need to talk." Before Blake could say another word, Yang drag her to an empty spot in the Library, since people were still setting up from the Carnival and Dance, it would be a good place to talk.

(Team JNPR's Hotel Room)

Ren walked in from the shower as he sighed in joy as they were all in the lap of luxury here as he smiled and walked in before Jaune appeared and grabbed Ren's arm. "We need to talk." Jaune said before dragging Ren away as the bottle of shampoo fell to the ground forgotten.

"Ren I'm just gonna come out and say it." Jaune said as they were sitting on the bed as it was looking like Jaune needed advice after Nora had gotten her pancakes from Ignis at long last after their arrival to Lucis and the guys and gals road trip start. "You are one of my best friends. These past few months I feel like we really bonded. Even though you don't say much. I mean, you're really quiet. To be perfectly honest, I don't know that much about you personally. But Dammit I consider you to be the brother I never had!" Jaune said as he was sugar coating the advice he needs as Ren was in his towel basically naked after his shower when Jaune pulled him aside for his advice.

"And I you..." Ren said as he felt real awkward about this as he was basically naked here getting asked advice.

"Which is why I wanted to get your advice on... girls." Jaune said as Ren saw his clothing within arm's reach but heard what Jaune had said there.

"Girls?" Ren asked as he was confused by that statement there.

"I just... don't know... how to...girls." Jaune began as Ren was reaching for his clothing so he can get dressed. "Um, I guess what I'm asking is... Well... How did you and Nora...?" Jaune asked as Ren almost had his hands on his clothing from the hanger. "You know..." Jaune asked as Ren was thrown off as he caught what Jaune was implying as he was now stuttering like an idiot which then was met with Nora clearing her throat and letting out an embarrassed laugh.

""We're not actually together, together." Nora said as Nora had a reason to wear headphones.

"NORA I SAID HEADPHONES ON!" Jaune yelled causing Nora to put her headphones back on as Jaune did this for two reasons, one this was man talk as he heard the big burly black guy said at a bar called Heaven something and two... this is Nora we're talking about expect the unexpected when she hears something she finds interesting.

"Jaune what is this all about?" Ren asked as he looked to Jaune.

Jaune of coursed sighed before he answered out of self-sorrow. "It's Weiss. I'm completely head over heels for her and she won't even give me a chance. The whole time she spent with her team and Noctis' team during their road trip I couldn't stop thinking about her." Jaune said as he felt defeated in the cruel game known love. "She's cold. But... she's also incredible. She's smart, and graceful, and talented. I mean, have you heard her sing?!" Jaune said as clearly he can't see what's right in front of him and didn't see that Weiss has the hot's for Ignis. "I just wish she's take me seriously, y'know?" Jaune said as he just wanted Weiss to acknowledge his feelings. "I wish I could tell her how I feel without messing it all up." Jaune said as a bro in love was like a painful and beautiful music you want to kill yourself and rip your ears off at first but then just want to cry after the deed forever unable to hear such beautiful music again.

"Then do it." Pyrrha was heard as Jaune looked and saw Pyrrha at the door.

"Uh.. Wha?" He asked in shock of this.

"Tell her exactly what you've just said. No Ridicules schemes... No Pick-up lines like Prompto. Just... be honest." Pyrrha said giving her good advice on how to woo a girl while walking torts Jaune.

"But wh-" Jaune began but Pyrrha cut him off.

"Jaune. You can't get it wrong if it's the truth." Pyrrha said as this made Jaune smile to her.

"You're right. Thanks Pyrrha." Jaune said as he stood up. "Good talk Ren." Jaune said as he began to walk away to take Pyrrha's advice.

Of course Pyrrha looked dejected as she saw Jaune run to a girl who didn't even like him as she saw how Weiss and Ignis sent discreet glances to each other as she saw Ignis going out of his way to help Weiss when needed even with personal matters. She just wished Jaune would do that for her instead of pinning for Weiss. Nora then let out a sad sigh as she saw Pyrrha walk to her desk. "Practice what you preach, Pyrrha." Nora said as she looked to the champion Amazon.

(With Yang and Blake at the Hotel Empty Meeting Hall)

"Yang, if you're going to tell me to stop, you may as well save your breath." Blake said as she was pasting with Yang sitting cross legged on the table

"I don't want you to stop. I want you to slow down." Yang said as Blake stopped.

"We don't have the luxury to slow down." Blake said as her voice dripping with Venom.

"It's not a Luxury it's a necessity." Yang said as she tried to convince Blake.

"The necessity is stopping Torchwick." Blake snapped as she didn't like how calm Yang was.

"And we're going to. But first you have to sit down and listen to what I have to say." Yang said patting the desk to use as a seat.

Blake looked before she sat down. "Fine." She said as she was seated.

"Ruby and I grew up in Patch. An Island just off the coast of Vale. Our parents were Huntsmen. Our dad taught as Single and our mom would take on missions around the Kingdom. Her name was Summer Rose. And she was like Super Mom. Baker of cookies and slayer of monsters." Yang said as she smiled. But then she gained a sad look. "And then, one day she left for a mission and never came back." Yang said sadly knowing how bad it affected Ruby.

"It was tough. Ruby was really torn up, but I think she was still too young to get what was really going on, ya know?" Yang said as Blake listened. "And my dad just kinda... shut down. It wasn't long before I learned why. Summer wasn't the first love he'd lost. She was the second." Yang said looking down. "The First... was my mom." Yang said as Blake looked shocked. "He wouldn't tell me everything. But I learned that the two of them had been on a team together with Summer and Qrow. And that she left me with him just after I was born." Yang said as she looked sad remembering the memory this tied with.

"No one has seen her since." She finally said as Blake looked and felt guild and some pity for Yang.

"Why did she leave you?" Blake asked looking to Yang.

Yang sighed before looking to Blake. "That question... Why?" Yang began as she sat at the edge of the table looking away. "I didn't know the answer, but I was determined to find out. It was all I thought about. I would ask anybody I could what they knew about her." Yang said as she began drawing on the chalkboard. "And then one day sometime after Ruby and I first met Noctis I found something." Yang said as she remembered that day.


The scene showed Yang looking at a broken picture frame as she looked at the picture. "What I thought was a clue that could lead me to answers. Or maybe even my mother." Yang said as her younger self looked at the picture.

The scene then changed to Yang pulling a small red wagon that had a young Ruby in it. "I waited for dad to leave the house, put Ruby in a wagon, and headed out." Yang said as the sound of tree's groaning and the wagon squeaking as Yang pulled the Wagon. "I must've walked for hours. I had cuts and bruises, was totally exhausted. But I wasn't going to let anything stop me. When we finally got there, I could barely stand. But I didn't care. I had made it." Yang said as the screen then showed a small run down hut of sorts as it was dark and ominous.

"And then I saw them. Those burning red eyes." Yang said as red eyes appeared in the darkness of the hut with snarling being heard. "There we were, a toddler asleep in the back of a wagon and a stupid girl too exhausted to even cry for help." Yang said as the screen showed her scared face. "We might as well been served on a silver platter. But there was more." Yang said as she remembered it like it was yesterday. "I didn't know exactly what happened but those Daemons we faced at the Docks it wasn't the first time I saw them I was the second." Yang admitted as that was very shocking to learn as the image showed Daemons such as Iron Giants, Goblins, and even a few Witches as they with the Beowolfs all pounced.

"The way the Daemons attacked us... it was like they were scared not of me mostly but of Ruby... It was just a feeling but it felt like they were scared of Ruby afraid of what she could do and what she could become." Yang said as she didn't know why or how she knew she just knew deep down. "Ruby ended up waking up and at that moment I thought we were both going to die and Ruby would be awake to see her own death." Yang said as soon the dark beings were cut in two as they were wiped out. "But as luck would have it our uncle with his friends from the Kingsglaive and Crownsguard when Noctis and his dad were visiting showed up just in time." Yang said as Qrow appeared with Cor, Nyx, and Ebony and cut down the Grimm with his sword as it came out of a Scythe of sorts. "But there was too many of them we won't and no one was hurt... well no one save for Ruby." Yang said as she remembered that day. "Ruby didn't remember it but she was in a coma for a while the Daemons and Grimm I learned in school that they deliberately targeted her since Grimm would attack anything weak or strong but they went after Ruby the weakest there." Yang said as her story wasn't done just yet.

Ruby spent nearly a month in bed and Noctis wouldn't leave her side till he had to be dragged away." Yang explained as Noctis put a small statuette of a Carbuncle next to Ruby's bed hoping it would guide her in her realm of dreams.

(Flashback End)

"My stubbornness should have gotten us killed that night and it almost got Ruby killed that night also." Yang said as she remembered the story like the back of her hand. They told her the Daemons were probably just some Grimm but Yang knew they weren't Grimm deep down she knew they weren't Grimm at all. Needless to say Blake was shocked to hear all this as she didn't think Yang was in a similar position as her one time.

"Yang... I'm sorry that happened to you and Ruby... and I understand what you're trying to tell me, but this is different." Blake said as she looked away and was followed by her looking straight at her teammate as Yang had her eyes closed her anger getting to her. "I'm not a child, and this isn't just a search for answers, I can't just-!" Blake began to raise her voice as Yang's anger was reaching a point.

"I TOLD you, I'm not telling you to stop. I haven't. To this day I still want to know what happened to my mother, and why she left me. But I will never let that search control me. We're going to find the answers we're for, Blake. But if we destroy ourselves in the process then what good are we?" Yang said as Blake looked before getting angry.

"You don't understand I'm the only one who can do this!" Blake yelled only for Yang to counter.

"No you don't understand!" Yang yelled as she glared at Blake with burning red eyes as her semblance was seeping out. "If Roman Torchwick walked through that door, what would you do?!" Yang yelled as she was angry now.

"I'd fight him!" Blake yelled only for Yang to continue.

"You'd lose!" She said as she pushed down Blake.

"I can stop him!" Blake yelled as she pushed back but it didn't even effect Yang.

"You can't even stop me!" Yang yelled as she pushed Blake to the table. As Blake got up Yang made her way torts Blake only to hug her no doubt cooling down. "I'm not asking you to stop." Yang began quietly. "Just please..." She continued as she opened her eyes to show they were back to their normal violet. "Get some rest." She said before separating the hug. "Not just for you. But for the people you care about." Yang said as she then began to walk away. "And if you feel like coming out tomorrow, I'm sure you'd make an old friend of yours day." Yang said before she walked way.

Blake then sighed before she began to walk away as on the chalk board was Qrow's symbol.

(Meanwhile with Jaune that night)

Jaune was walking around holding a flower as he had a smile on his face. "Iggy!" Weiss called off screen as Jaune quickly hid just as Weiss walked over to Ignis as Jaune saw this as Weiss looked very happy for some reason.

"Good evening Weiss I was actually hoping to find you this evening." Ignis then did a gesture for ladies first.

"I know this is a little unorthodox, but I wanted to ask you something." Weiss began as Jaune was shocked. "Would you... like to accompany me to the dance tomorrow?" Weiss asked as Ignis then took her hand and smiled.

"I would be honored." Ignis said as he was truly hoping to attend the dance and Carnival with Weiss as Jaune saw the whole thing. Jaune gained a sad look as he dropped the flower and began walking away seeing with is eyes that Weiss was into Ignis.

(With Ruby and Noctis)

"Hey Noctis!" Ruby called as she saw Noctis at the café waiting for her.

"Oh hey Ruby." Noctis said as he hid some papers he was writing on as Ruby sat across from him.

"Ok um Noctis I wanted to ask you something but it's kind of emberassing." Ruby said blushing as red as her outfit as Noctis was also a bit nervous.

"Yeah same here." Noctis said as they both decided to take a leap of faith unware their teammates were nearby after learning their plans aligned here.

"Would you go to the carnival and dance with me?!" They both asked at the same time as the two looked to each other with shock in their eyes as they both began blushing beat red at this turn of events.

"YES!" Ruby called as she jumped to Noctis using her semblance as Noctis was then knocked off his chair as the two began laughing.

(With WY and IP)

"Well mission 1 accomplish." Weiss said as she smiled.

"And we didn't even have to do anything." Yang said with a smile as Prompto smiled.

"Oh right teams RWBY and NIGP are on a huge date." Prompto cheered as he had no doubt in his mind that Yang was successful with her attempt.

"Yes but let's try and enjoy the carnival separately before the big dance." Ignis said as that was all agreeable not wanting to enter the other group's dates.

(With Blake and Gladiolus)

Blake was walking around as she was going to get some sleep and be up bright eyed and ready for tomorrow. At least that was her plan when she then saw Gladiolus reading a book as Blake saw this and walking over to the Crownsguard. "Hey Gladio." Blake greeted as Gladio looked.

"Oh hey Blake." Gladio said as he looked to Blake with a small smile on his face.

"What are you reading?" Blake asked as Gladio looked.

"Oh a new book that just came out. I got a two for one and it's from a new author telling the story of him and his soon to be wife as they cross the oceans between Lucis and Menagerie to see each other. OF course he changed a lot of things and omitted others but it's a pretty good read." Gladio said as Blake saw the second copy with a black ribbon on it and it was a signed copy to.

"Hey um Gladiolus I was hoping." Blake began but Gladiolus then spoke up.

"Would you like to go to the carnival and the dance with me?" Gladiolus asked as he held the book to her as Blake ended up blushing as she saw this as she smiled at this and took the book. "That a yes?" He asked as he looked to Blake.

"It's a yes." Blake said as she smiled to Gladiolus as the two then shared a deep hug.


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