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Ord Mantell, Drelliad Village, Story Area

"Ah there's not a feeling in this galaxy like riding a hundred-ton walker right through the middle of a combat zone, heh kid?"

Klein didn't respond, still engrossed with his new outfit. He had entered the game wearing a plain blue jacket, light tan combat pants, and shiny black boots. Finishing up his outfit was a large black sci-fi looking rifle clipped to his left shoulder. This was a weird new game.

"Ehh, I guess so."

The dark-skinned man sitting next to him didn't respond. Unlike Klein, the man wore a black bodysuit with white and yellow plates covering most his body. Klein wondered if he would eventually be wearing that style of gear. Instead, he was focused on the small intercom above them.

Approaching Drelliad Village, sir. Scopes show small arms fire and enemy movement in all quarters. Separatists are definitely moving on the objective.

The intercom reported. The man leaned back, putting his arm around the back of the seat. "Ah, another beautiful day on Ord Mantell. You excited kid? Nervous? You know you're the first new entry to Havoc Squad in some time."

Klein gave the man a small grin. "Nah I should be fine."

"Good to hear kid." The man returned his smile. "I'm Lieutenant Bex Colos. But everyone in Havoc calls me Gearbox. We're a tight unit. You'll like it with us."

Klein nodded. "Yeah, I was part of pretty tight unit myself back in the day." He recalled, thinking back to his buddy in the Fuurinkazan guild.

"That's good to hear." Gearbox chuckled. "Let me tell you why we're here." His voice turned serious. "The Separatists have nabbed a Republic Bomb off a downed transport, a serious bomb, one of those Orbital Strike Numbers. There's no telling where those grimy bush wagers have hidden the thing. They have popular support and hideouts everywhere. Finding this bomb won't be easy."

The brown haired self-proclaimed warrior nodded. This game's story driven campaign certainly lived up to everything he had heard of it so far. The NPCs were pretty interactive, almost as interactive as back in SAO. "We can do this man! I have my honor as a samurai on the line here."

"Samurai? What's that supposed to mean?"

"Ah…" Klein scratched his head sheepishly, guess they didn't have samurai here. What, with the fact he had a gun instead of a sword now. "A soldier. I'm in!"

"That's great. We'll get a full OP brief once we get to Fort Garnik. For now just sit back and…" At the very moment, Klein's world lit up as a loud explosion flung him from his seat.

Klaxons began wailing as the intercom lit up once more. "Code Red, Code Red. We've been hit by an AP missile! Shoulder launcher from somewhere in the village. Everyone hol—" Another explosion cut off the operator.

Klein helped Gearbox up to his feet. "Driver! Driver?" His eyes glared darkly. "Blast it, he's down." He turned to Klein. "Backwater Separatists aren't supposed to have armor-piercing missiles. They'll tear up every convoy that passes through here!"

Damn, only five minutes into his storyline and already there was a butt ton of action. Klein really was starting to enjoy this. "How should we proceed sir?" He hollered.

Gearbox began pacing the interior of the damaged walker. "Fixing things is my specialty, kid. I'm nowhere near the fighter you are. I'll stay here and get this walker moving again. You'll disable the separatist missile launchers. Understood?"

"Understood sir." He grinned.

"Separatists will probably have the missile launchers stashed in a cache somewhere in the village. I bet that cache will be heavily guarded." Gearbox punched the door controls, activating its opening mechanism. "Find the cache, disable the missile launchers, and then double-time it back here. Got it Sergeant?"

Klein stared out into the battle ridden fields of Drelliad Village. "I'm on it."

"Good luck out there, kid." Gearbox turned around and left.

Klein ran down the ramp, pausing to take in the beautiful landscape of the game. This wasn't anything like the fantasy elements that SAO or ALO had dropped him into, but rather it was a beautiful war scape. Small trees doted the landscape around the small town with broken or burned walls, reminiscent of a postmodern sci-fi town. He had to admit, he didn't really know what to think when Kirito had asked him to enter SWTOR-O. Sure he had heard the rumors of an American based game that had been converted over to a Full Dive environment, but he hadn't really been interested in the game prior. He had his guild in ALO and he could enjoy hunting along with Kirito and his friends. But when the dense ladies' man had approached him about joining him and his friends in checking out this new game, Klein had at first been hesitant. Well, that was until he found out he was being reimbursed by the government. That made things a whole lot easier. And he had to admit, this was a pretty awesome game. He had only been playing for ten minutes and already he was right in the midst of a warzone.

The self-proclaimed samurai er…Trooper unslung his rifle from his back and held it high. "Let's do this!" he cheered, running down the hillside towards the scene of action.

Tython, Upper Hallows, Story Area

The Flesh Raider War Master stood motionless. Its spiny skin and beady eyes watching for danger…thought it never saw it coming until too late. Before it could properly react, a young woman shot out from the darkness of the cave, equipped with a glowing orange training saber. The woman cut the guardian cleanly with a single slash. Enraged the guardian drew its own sword and attacked, only to be deflected away by the Slash attack. The woman took advantage of the gap and launched a Riposte skill before following up with two Strikes. The Flesh Raider never stood a chance as the woman leaped into the air and with two hands, executed a large slash across the Raider's chest, the very ground shaking at the impact of her blade. Defeated, the Raider slumped down to the ground, dead. The woman pushed her short black hair aside to wipe the sweat off her face. She then noticed a familiar yellow beam of light shining from the corpse. She knelt and tapped the air next to the corpse, causing a window to appear.

Flesh Raider War Master

20 Credits

Supply Pack

Flesh Raider Gate Key

Take All

Leafa tapped the 'take all' button. Immediately, her quest marker on her HUD pinged and a panel on the gate lit up blue. Replacing her sword on her back, which felt weird by the way, Leafa still didn't understand how her brother preferred his sword that way; the young woman tapped the control panel. Immediately, the door opened, revealing a small chamber filled with junk. Leafa made her way to the back, where large container lit up blue. She tapped it once, bringing up yet another window.

Tech Cache

[This cache contains weapons and techonology the Flesh Raiders use to raid and hunt the Twi'leks.]

Take it the villagers (L)

Sabotage it to kill enemies (D)

Leave it alone

Leafa shook her head, "Of course I'd give it the villagers. What else would I do?" she joked as she turned around only to hear a faint chirping sound interrupt her thoughts.

To her surprise, she found the…cutest looking thing in the world. A little grey three wheeled droid with a disk shaped head and a lone receptor on top. The metal was grey with small patches of color decorating it. As it whistled, beeped and chirped, Leafa could see small subtitles

"T7 = glad to see Jedi! / T7 = captured by Flesh Raiders + needs rescuing"

Leafa's eyes lit up as she knelt down to the droid. "Don't worry you cute little buddy! I'll get your cute self out of here!" she proclaimed, hugging the lunk of metal fiercely.

The droid seemed a little taken aback by her affection. "Jedi = awkward / Jedi = also T7's hero." The droid chirped out before introducing itself, "T7 = Jedi reconnaissance droid / Mission parameters = scout wilderness + identify hazards / T7's restraining bolt = faulty + malfunctioning / T7's sensors = unable to detect Flesh Raider Ambush"

Leafa was beside herself. "Aww, poor little thing! T7, I'll get you out of here. I promise!"

The young woman led the little droid out of the cave system. "Ahh that's better." Leafa turned to her little companion. "How are feeling T7?"

"T7 + Jedi = awesome team! / T7 = grateful to Jedi" The droid chirped.

"Aww, thanks T7!" the woman wrapped her arms around the droid's bulky figure. "You're the cutest thing aren't, aren't you?" she cooed.

"Jedi = extremely weird + awkward / extensively touching T7 = not appreciated"

"Ehh?" Leafa stood up, taken aback. "I'm sorry T7, I didn't mean to make you feel uncomfortable."

"Anyways, we should get going. Master Orgus will want to meet you!" Leafa smiled, hoping to resolve the tension with the adorable droid.

"T7 = grateful" The droid chirped before suddenly stopping and began wailing. "WARNING! T7 = sense danger + request permission to protect awkward Jedi"

"Ehh?" Leafa titled her head in confusion but a low growl alerted her senses to the several Flesh Raider mobs surrounding the pair. She drew her sword. "T7, permission granted. Let's beat these babies!"

With the distance generator too close to start, she knew she couldn't begin the fight with her leap, meaning she had to build up her Focus the hard way. She scrunched her brow in concentration as she struck the first mob with a Strike skill, following up with two more until Strikes until she had built enough Focus to land two Slash skills. Her practice saber dancing through the air, the woman danced between the mobs, trying to get as much damage in without taking damage.

She stuck, slashed, and even got a few Sweeps and Ripostes in, but as predicted, she began to tire with the constant strain using generating Focus put on her mind. Finally she struck down the last Raider with a Sweep. She panted, sweat dripping from her face. "Wow, that was tough."

A sudden beep interrupted her break as one straggler pulled itself off the ground. Leafa raised her sword one last time, ready to finish him off when a boulder crashed into the mob, promptly finish him off. The woman turned around to see another young woman wearing similar robes to her own albeit wearing a full-length skirt versus her own pants. The woman had chestnut orange hair that fell to her waistline and held an identical training saber. "You alright?" the woman asked.

Leafa stared at the woman for a moment, her voice sounding very familiar before it hit her. "Asuna?"

Asuna raised her brow in surprise. "Leafa?"

"Hey, so I'm not alone here!" Leafa cheered, then turned to her companion. "You're a friend here too T7, don't worry."

"Aww, who's this?" Asuna looked over the droid. "You already got a companion?"

"Yep!" Leafa acknowledged. "Asuna, meet T7, the cutest and most adorable little guy in the world!"

"T7 = gives greeting! / T7 = worried Jedi Asuna weird like Jedi Leafa"

"Weird?" she raised a brow.

Leafa chuckled nervously. Damned droid. "Eh heh, I might have been a little over affectionate with him."

"Enough for him to call you weird?" Asuna giggled. "Oh well, it makes sense that you'd bond with the weird ones."

"Hey, Onii-sama liked Tonky too!" she interjected, "We're siblings so that should make sense."

Ausna chuckled at her defiance. "Oh well, have you seen Kirito?"

Leafa shook her head. "Nope, you're the first person I've seen so far. You'd think that we would have run into him sooner or later."

"Ah well…" Asuna chuckled before giving her 'sister-in-law' a grin. "Ya wanna team up?"

"Sure!" Leafa nodded, opening her menu. She swiped a few bars until she had officially sent the invitation.

"Great, now we can work together to find Kirito-kun!" Asuna smiled.

Watching the two women giggled madly, the small astrodroid wondered what it had gotten itself into. "Jedi Leafa + Jedi Asuna = worrisome + possibly crazy / T7 = worried for sanity"

Some Republic funnies. So our group so far

Sith Warrior: Kirito

Sith Inquisitor:

Bounty Hunter:

Imperial Agent:

Jedi Knight: Leafa

Jedi Consular: Asuna

Republic Trooper: Klein


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