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Republic Fleet, Carrick Station, Combat Training

"So this is where I choose my advanced class huh?" Klein stared at the Twi'lek NPC labeled 'Captain Jefris'.

The purple armored soldier nodded, "That's right soldier. Once you've got your class decided, let me know and I'll help you choose your skill tree. In the 442nd, we're sorta particular about which tree you choose, since they tend to really affect your combat style as well as team fighting." Fukushuu turned and patted the scruffy soldier on the back. "Well, I gotta get back to the squad. Let me know when you've made your decision and I'll send you more advice."

"Thanks man, you've been a real help." Klein extended his hand in gratitude.

"Don't thank me yet soldier," the Colonel shook his hand, "We've still got a long ways to go. Remember, no matter what we face, we go for broke!" With that, the purple armored soldier exited the hall, his hand raised in salute.

Klein grinned, "Well best get started here. Who knows what Kirito and other's have got themselves into now?" With that he walked up to the NPC and smiled.

The captain nodded, "Lieutenant, welcome. Stand at ease." He looked over the soldier with an astonished eye, "Ahem. Your achievements in the service of the Republic and position as commanding officer of Havoc Squad have earned you eligibility for advanced specialization training. This training will continue throughout your career and grant you access to the very latest in combat techniques and advanced equipment. Congratulations.

"You're authorized to enroll in either the Vanguard or Commando advanced specialization training program. Speak with your designated training officer to make your selection."

"Thank you, sir." Klein saluted the soldier as he noticed a new icon mark his minimap. Smiling slightly, he gestured for his fellow soldier companion to follow as the two turned into the side bays of the large station.

Klein had to admit, it was sort of weird to have a guild emblem that wasn't his own hovering over his head, the words "442nd Combat Team" clearly available for everyone to read. But from what he had heard, the guild was quite reputable and would give him an advantage in leveling, 15% if what Colonel 'Vengeance' claimed was correct. "Hmm…I hope I find the rest of the kids soon…who knows what sort of trouble they'll get into on their own…" he muttered thoughtfully.

"You're the freighter captain who stirred things up on Ord Mantell. I hear you've got Rogun the Butcher after you. My condolences. If you want to stay alive and retire wealthy, you need special training. I'll give you that, for a price." Argo listened carefully to the alien man calling himself 'Lefty'. She had heard all about the advanced class system from various forums and been informed that this was probably the most important choice of the entire game.

The man continued, "I could make you a real Gunslinger. Why fire one gun when you could shoot two? Gunslingers find the best cover in a firefight and stay there doing damage." He paused, probably to allow the players to process his explanation, then went on. "Of course, some people prefer to be a Scoundrel. Make a sneak attack with a scatter gun from up close and even learn a bit of medicine training. Once you start the training, you need to stick with it, so pick your specialization carefully."

Argo nodded, noticing a pair of windows appearing before her, one highlighting the Gunslinger subclass and the other, the Scoundrel. She already had a good idea what she wanted, but wanted to be absolutely sure that was what she wanted. She was so focused that she hadn't noticed a small, thin man come beside her.

"Ah, choosing a sub-class are we?" The woman spun around in surprise, her hand reflexively reaching for her blaster. The man raised his hands quickly, "Woah there cowgirl, no need to get hasty here."

The man was small and thin, with a single short mohawk and a ginger goatee. He wore a dark brown shirt with matching pants and boots. Finally, a magnificent armored tan trench coat finished his fashionable outfit. Argo noted a pair of pistols hanging from his belt, marking him as a Gunslinger. "Yeah, I'm trying to figure out my subclass. Got any advice?" she asked, keeping her hand safely on the butt of her gun.

The man grinned. "Sure thing, little lady. You see, what that 'Lefty' won't tell you is that Gunslingers get to deploy their own cover and get a thirty five meter range, the longest range in the game. But the issue is that they have issues with maneuverability. You need to max out your utility tree in order to truly be able to hit and run around safely. In comparison, the Scoundrel is more maneuverable, though they sacrifice range for it. But they have stealth capacities, a large set of stuns and slows, healing capacities, and this is before you choose a skill tree." He looked over the young blonde woman with a calculated eye, "I take it you're more the close up combat type, so I would recommend the Scoundrel for you Miss…"

"Argo," the woman introduced, "Thanks for your info. How much you want for it?"

The Gunslinger raised a brow in confusion. "How much do I want for it? I don't understand. By the way, my name is Glemrith."

Argo chuckled, "Oh silly me. See I work as an info broker in several past games and typically I charge people for information but pay others who give me info. Info broker's honor and everything."

"Hmm…" Glemrith pondered the idea for a moment before shaking his head, "I don't think you're going to be able to afford my prices then, not that it matters. Credits are pretty easy to get here in SWTOR-O, just get a flashpoint and two warzones every time you log in and that's an easy 200K in credits. Out of curiosity, what game did you play before this? I've never heard of info brokers before and this is one of the first VR-MMOs here."

"Nihihi, that's for me to know and for you to find out someday." The woman chuckled, having pressed the Scoundrel class button. "If you ever play ALO, tell them that you met Argo the Rat and they'll explain everything." She opened up her inventory and a wicked looking shotgun appeared on her left shoulder. "Hmm…this makes things interesting, Nihihi!" she cackled before exiting the room.

Glemrith watched the woman leave. "ALO huh? But you can't play ALO here in the US unless…damn, that girl is crazy to play overseas." He stopped before chuckling loudly. "Who knew right?"

"You sure you didn't want to choose the Sentinel?"

Leafa chuckled, shaking her head. "Nah, I mean, sure the idea of using two lightsabers was enticing, but I think I'll leave dual wielding to Onii-chan." She declared, having chosen the Guardian class, a single saber subclass that either served as a Tank or DoT (Damage over Time) Secondary Tank role.

The two girls had finished their subclass choices and now sat in the center cantina to enjoy a little break from all their rushing around. Asuna giggled. "Yeah, that does seem like him. I wonder if he chose the Sentinel?"

The black haired woman sighed, "Well, knowing him, I wouldn't be surprised." She looked around the busy space station. It was filled to the brim with players. According to her sever feed, there was over two hundred players populating Carrick Station's many instances. "Makes me wonder where Onii-chan is, you know? You'd think we'd have run into him by now...or anyone else for that matter."

"Come to think of it," Asuna nodded, opening up her menu, "I haven't been able to message or find him in my friend request. Everytime I type in 'Kirito', I come up with a blank."

The two girls pondered the question for a good while before giggling. "Well, wherever he is, I'm sure he's saving some girl out there." Asuna chuckled.

"Yep, that's my Onii-chan..." The two girls froze... before letting out a sigh. "Yep...he's probably picking up some new girl and completely being clueless about it." Asuna remissed.

"Well, look on the bright side, you do know he'll never actually cheat on you. Onii-chan's too dense to do so." The sister brought up, trying to ease her 'sister in law'. The two sat in awkward silence, before the black haired girl had had enough. "Ok, this is depressing. What do you say we do a dungeon?"

Asuna raised a curious brow. "They have dungeons here?"

"Yeah," Leafa nodded, "I was reading about them on their website. They're called flashpoints and supposedly if we use the Group Finder, we can get lots of bonus XP and Social Points." She explained, flicking her finger left to reveal a window. "Hmm...let's see here. There's only one Flashpoint available right now: The Esseles. Hmm...doesn't sound too bad. What do you say?"

Asuna smiled. "Sure, why not?" She opened up her own menu and joined pressed "join Queue."

Moments after pressing the button, a new window popped open. "Wow, that was quick." Asuna commented, pressing the accept button. A few moments later, the two girls found themselves inside a comfortable looking lounge with pristine walls, a fully stocked bar, and windows peering out into the vast depths of space. Leafa sat down on a stool, feeling the squishiness of the cushions, before plopping herself on it. "Ahh, this is much better than those hard stools over in the cantina."

Asuna stared out of the windows. "Hmm...it would seem that we're aboard some sort of starship...perhaps the Esseles?"

"Nihihi, that would be correct Aa-chan!" Startled, the blue haired Sage spun around to find a familiar blonde haired Scoundrel.

"A-Argo-san!" She managed before regaining her composure. "What are you doing here?"

"Awah Aa-chan! I'm hurt! Can't an info broker check in on her favorite people?" The woman fake pouted, "I mean, minus Ki-bou, you're my favorite person!"

Rolling her eyes, Asuna remembered her boyfriend, "Speaking of Kirito-kun, do you know where he is? I can't seem to reach him."

"Why are you asking Aa-chan?" The info broker smirked nefariously, "Worried that he's in the hands of some other woman? You shouldn't be so worried. You know he loves you."

Asuna's hand clenched slightly, "Have you or have you not seen him?"

Argo opened up a small window, revealing the trading screen. "You know the fee."

"Fine..." The worried young woman typed in several digits, authorizing the credit transaction. Argo double checked the amount before grinning. "Good, now I haven't seen heads or tails of him. I can't seem to make any contact with him, but that doesn't mean he's not here. It could be he's on the Imperial side."

"Imperial Side?" Asuna asked in confusion.

Argo raised a brow in surprise. "Did you read anything about this game before you jumped in?"

"Only what Kirito-kun told me."

The small info broker sighed. "I guess, I'll have to explain that to you another time, since our final party member has arrived." With that, she gestured to a familiar scruffy looking soldier clad in blue and white.

Asuna smiled and waved. "Klein-san, it's good to see you again!"

The soldier noticed the woman and waved. "Asuna-san, it's good to see you too! And Leafa-san is here and..." He noticed the little monster next to Asuna. "Why, Argo-san, it's good to see you...especially after you left me to fight WORLD BOSS by MYSELF!"

Asuna turned to info broker in suspicion, only for her to shrug her shoulders. "I don't know what he's talking about. Sure we ran into each other in Ord Mantell, but I was just chest hunting. He was the one trying to attack the World Boss. I just...'helped' him along."

"Right..." She decided before turning back to Klein. "I'm sorry you had to go through that. What class are you Klein?"

"Ahh...get this, I'm a Lieutenant Vanguard with the 442nd Combat Team. See?" He pointed to the words hovering over his head. Argo looked around him. "Hmm...not bad Soldier boy."

"What's the 442nd?" Leafa asked, getting up from her stool.

Argo grinned, "Only one of the best well known guilds in SWTOR. They're an exclusive Trooper guild that runs patrols across multiple PVP zones. While they've definitely not the strongest, they have a reputation for being helpful and friendly to new players. Also a big roleplaying guild I if my sources are correct."

"So they're like the Knights of the Blood Oath then." Asuna mused.

Argo shook her head. "Sort of, I'd put them as a cross between the KoB and the Army. But to be recruited that early, you must have caught the eye of some high level member."

"Heh, heh, yeah, he sorta was impressed by how Jorgan and I took out the World Boss, so he invited me into the guild and helped me get set up here."

"Not bad, not bad at all Klein...see, I helped you get into one of the top guilds in SWTOR-O." Argo declared, nudging the now annoyed Vanguard. Klein let out a huff when a voice interrupted the party.

"Excuse me?" The group turned around to find a twin tailed Twi'lek woman clad in white and grey trying to get their attention. "I don't mean to trouble you..."

Before she could finish, she was taken aback when the scuffy soldier had taken her hand firmly. "Hi, I'm Klein, I'm twenty eight and single. Would you...ack!" The soldier cried out as Leafa smacked the solder in the head with the hilt of her lightsaber. "Alright there Klein, that's enough flirting with NPCs."

The woman watched the black haired woman drag the desperate soldier away. "Is he...okay?"

To her shock, the rest of the women nodded regretfully. "Sadly yes."

"Anyways," the Twi'lek resumed, "I was curious if anyone from the ship's crew has come to speak with you yet."

The gang shook their heads. "No member of the ship's crew has contacted me. Should they have?" Asuna asked.

"I heard a rumor there's an Imperial Warship following us." She began pacing back and forward, "I know, I know—the Treaty of Coruscant. But I can't trust the Empire to keep the peace."

"Hmm..." Leafa pondered the thought, "Maybe, but since we don't know for sure, then let's not worry about that alright?"

"I guess...I just wish I could get someone from the ship's crew to answer my questions. The crew won't tell the passengers anything. It's not very reassuring." The woman demanded.

"If I may," Asuna interrupted, "I think it's important that we keep the passengers calm and avoid unnecessary panic. The captain probably has things under control and if not, he would contact for assistance. He's a leader, that's part of his job."

"I guess...but if we knew, we could prepare in case of an attack..." A sudden clanging of klaxon alarms began ringing throughout the ship.

"Warning! Warning! Incoming fire! All hands, brace for incoming! Repeat all hands-" the intercom was abruptly cut off as a series of explosions rumbled through the cabin, knocking the group off their feet.

The woman pulled herself up and raised her hand to help the group. "Can you hear me? Are you alright?"

Asuna nodded curtly, her eyes narrowing in annoyance. "Well it seems the Imperials have forgotten about the treaty..."

"I knew the treaty would eventually break, but I didn't think I would actually be here to see it. Listen—you have to get to the bridge. The captain will need all of the help he can get now—go, hurry!"

Klein puffed his chest. "Right on it ma'am!" He grinned.

"With your skills, I'm sure you can make a difference."

"Come on Tyrus! You can make it, sir, you can make it!" The desperate first officer shook the captain.

The rounder man behind him bowed his head in despair, "He's gone, sir. You're in charge now—what are our orders?"

"Your orders?" The first officer stood up, raising his hands in despair, "Our weapons are out, shields are out, coms are out! There's nothing we can do!"

"You need to take control of your crew, sir." The officer turned around to find a group of four humans wearing a variety of gear. The orange haired woman surveyed the situation before walking forward. "Your captain is gone, but that doesn't mean you are without hope." She continued.

The officer's cheeks puffed with rage. "Who is this? Who do you think you are? Get out!" He demanded.

"Sir," the rounder navigator protested, "we need all the help we can get. If we don't keep it together here, we're finished."

"Keep what together? The Imperials have us by the throat! We're as good as dead already."

"Panicking isn't going to help." Asuna stepped forward, putting her hand on officer's shoulder. "We need to properly assess the situation and then determine what the next should be."

"Sir, Incoming message—the Imperial ship is hailing us!" The comms officer called out from his desk.

Before the officer could respond, Asuna had beat him to it. "Put them on then."

"Sir?" the comms man asked.

"Go ahead." The first officer nodded.

The group turned towards the large holographic projector in the center of the bridge. As hologram materialized, revealing a life sized replica of a scarred man dressed in an admiral's uniform. "Republic Transport Esseles, this Grand Moff Rycus Kilran. Your defenses are entirely disabled. Attempt no resistance."

Asuna glared at the hologram. "What do you want with us?" she hissed, her eyes meeting the man's.

"Your ship is transporting a known anti-Imperial terrorist and seditionist, the so-called 'Ambassador' Vyn Asara. I've come to collect her." The hologram informed.

"Who?" the officer asked in surprise, "We didn't take on any passengers by that name. I've never even heard of this person!"

Asuna sighed, was this captain blind? He needed every chip and bluff he could at this table…if they were to turn this into a successful negotiation, he couldn't afford to show any weakness. She turned to Argo, raising an eyebrow. Argo nodded. As expected, she had been informed of the flashpoint ahead of time and knew what was going to happen next.

Moff Kilran chuckled slightly. "Interesting," he mused, "Lying or incompetent? No matter. My agents aboard your ship have confirmed the ambassador is there."

"Nihihihihi," Argo chuckled, "Unfortunately for you, you'll have to get through us first."

Klein and Leafa nodded, brandishing their own weapons. Asuna returned her gaze to the hologram. "I'm sorry that you won't be collecting your 'ambassador', she's under high guard and using excessive force to extract her would violate the Treaty of Coruscant. Now I'd suggest you be on your way and maybe we'll choose to forget this ever happened."

The hologram twitched slightly. "You'll have to forgive me if your treaty means little to stop me from completing my assignment. Imperial soldiers are preparing to board your ship through its primary airlock. My agents will ensure that you do not interfere with them. If you attempt to stop my men from arresting Ambassador Asara, I will have every living thing aboard the Esseles killed." With that, the hologram blinked out.

Asuna turned to Argo, "I hope you know what's next."

The woman nodded, "Yep, I did some research on this flashpoint before we started. I'll bring you up to speed later…with a small fee of course."

"Right then," the fierce woman redirected her gaze to the officer. "Where's the primary airlock? My team here will move to stop the soldiers."

The navigations officer couldn't believe them. "Weren't you listening? They'll slaughter us if we resist. We have to cooperate!"

The captain shook his head. "It won't matter. Kilran has us now. He'll kill us all—he's famous for it. The only one he wants alive is the ambassador. If Kilran gets the ambassador while we're sitting in his sights, we're goners. Those soldiers have to be stopped before they can succeed."

"I'm glad we're on the same page here." Asuna agreed, "You're starting to take control of the situation. Well done."

The officer nodded. "Thank you. I'm sorry I lost it earlier. It means a lot to have your help right now. Thank you."

"Well, when you have the Knights of the Blood Oath's vice commander here, you just leave everything to Aa-chan here!" Argo grinned, giving a thumbs up.

"Argo!" Asuna cried out in embarrassment.

Klein released another stream of Full Auto into Imperial Lieutenant Isric before charging towards the boss. Just as he reached it, he slammed the butt of his rifle into the boss's chest, streams of white electricity flowing from the strike. He grinned as he saw his ammunition bar turn white, his defense shield had kicked in. The Vanguard backed up to release several rounds of Ion pulse as he waited for his Ion Charge's cooldown to finish. "Leafa, switch!"

"Right!" The woman dashed past him, blue lightsaber blazing past. She gripped the saber with both hands and launched an Overhead Slash upon Isric, followed up by a heavy thrust in and out and back again, the dubbed "Blade Dance". Satisfied by the two icons of DoTs over the boss's health bar, Leafa backed up, her health just above eighty percent. "Klein, switch!" She called, accessing her inventory to her medpacks.

As the Vanguard charged back into the fray, Imperial Boarders, black clad soldiers armed with vibroblades, attempted to rush the Guardian and Vanguard only to be trapped by a powerful quake. Their target AIs glanced around to see an orange haired woman clad in dark green robes, a green lightsaber held in her hand. The troopers charged the woman, never noticing a stealthed figure come from behind them. Before any of the adds could react, a woman clad in a black vest whipped her blaster's butt into the rear trooper's head, stunning him temporarily. The second trooper turned around to find the barrel of a shatter gun in his face. Argo pulled the trigger of her shotgun, killing the border immediately before hurling a Thermal Detonator at the last trooper. Satisfied with all mobs cleared, Argo fell back to Asuna and chuckled. "Nihihihihi! I think I'm liking this role!"

"Good," the vice commander nodded, "I need you and Leafa to switch out. She's running low on hp and I don't have any revival spells yet."

The whiskered info broker raised a brow. "You sure? My stuns and CC won't work on bosses like that and my DoTs aren't nearly as strong as Leafa's."

"I can't afford to let Leafa die." Asuna corrected, "Klein's already being pushed hard and I can't heal two people at the same time. I haven't learned any AoE heals yet. You're up. Just call Leafa back when you're ready."

The info broker nodded. "Right then." She activated her cloaking generator and vanished.

Leafa wiped her brow of imaginary sweat. While she typically enjoyed sword based dps, the Jedi Guardian's Focus requirement could easily be exhausting if not properly regulated. Plus, her rapidly decreasing health was starting to become an issue. It wasn't really Klein's fault that he hadn't unlocked any good taunts to keep the boss's aggro on him all the time. She technically was a secondary tank and was expected to shoulder some of the aggro as well. She just wished she had stocked up on more medpacks before entering the flashpoint. She blocked a series of blaster bolts with her saber before summoning her Saber Ward, decreasing damage taken by thirty percent for a short period of time. Just then, she heard a familiar "switch" be called. Ready for Klein's interception, she backed away from the boss only for her brow raise in surprise as a familiar woman struck from behind the boss. Enraged, the Lieutenant turned around only to receive a powerful Blaster Whip to the face, followed up by a kick to the crotch. Leafa winced as the boss immediately ceased firing to grab his virtual nuts. "Well, I didn't expect that to work." She muttered as she felt a soothing glow pass over her.

"Leafa, just hold on a little longer." Asuna's voice called out from behind her. "I'll get you healed up."

"No problem, thanks." The black haired woman replied graciously, enjoying the soothing feel of Force Healing restore her health bar. "Alright then, I'm ready." She called out.

"Good," Asuna replied, "The boss is pretty low now. Everyone, surround the boss!" She ordered.

The four heroes quickly took positions around the boss. Klein at the front, peppering the boss with blaster bolts, ion pulses, and occasionally using his Stockstrike to trigger his shields. Argo danced behind the boss, kicking, punching, and releasing shattering shots into the boss's back. Leafa took the left, letting loose combo after combo of strikes, DoTs, and stabs. Finally Asuna took the right, telekinetically sending streams of stones, boulders, and pieces of the ship into the boss.

After another minute of intense battle, the Lieutenant finally fell. The four heroes panted as they looked to each other with satisfied grins. They had defeated their first boss. "Well that was satisfying."

The four turned around to see a familiar Twi'lek woman walking up to the defenders. "I think I can answer some of your questions." Ambassador Asara clarified.

A few insignificant mobs later, the four found themselves facing an orange shield blocking their path into the engineering bays.

"Well this certainly complicates things." Klein muttered to Leafa as he watched Asuna and Argo converse with the chief on the other side of the field.

"Shush, I'm trying to listen." Leafa elbowed the scruffy soldier.

"Oww…" he muttered but redirected his attention to the conversation.

"Are you going to be safe in there?" Asuna asked the chief, "Do you need help getting out?"

The chief waved his hand, "Getting the bridge back in our control is much more important. Now, let's see…"

His fellow engineer examined one of the large reactors dotting the bays. "What about a reactor reset? That would disengage the security locks, wouldn't it, sir?"

The chief shook his head in annoyance. "Yeah, but a reactor reset vents the engineering compartment…we'd be blown into space. Besides, the controls are on the other side of the door."

"Let's not go with that idea." Argo decided. "Good ideas only please."

"He was only trying to help." The chief explained, "Besides, he gave me an idea. The secondary conduits. They're spread around a bit, but if you shut them all down, the security will go down, too. Then we'll be in business."

Asuna nodded. "I like that chief! We'll get started right away."

"There's no time to go running all over the ship. If we don't act now, the Imperials will overwhelm us." The gang turned around to see the surprisingly…brutal Ambassador Asara standing behind them. "I'm sorry, Salen. We need to unlock the bridge while we have the chance. We have to reset the reactor. You and your men will be remembered."

The Chief Salen backed away in shock, his hand raised in protest. Thankfully, he had the full aid of the Lightning Flash. Asuna turned towards the ambassador, her hawk like eyes glaring hard at the woman. "We can't send these people to their deaths! Not when there's an alternative! I won't let one person aboard this ship die on my watch. Not when I can save them. A certain person taught me that I should value life and I won't let his dedication go to waste." She declared.

"Fine." Asara spat back, "But you're dooming everyone on this ship. Sometimes, sacrifices have to be made for the greater good."

"You call yourself an ambassador lady?" Klein remarked curtly. "Damn, you're cold."

"I'm practical. Nothing more."

"You crazy witch! Shutting down the secondary conduits will work, I promise!" The chief cried out.

"Ambassador, you're familiar with the layout, perhaps you should go along to help get the tractor beam shut down." The first officer offered the ambassador. Asuna frowned, where was this officer going with this? He should know better than to practically hand the ambassador to Kilran. What was his game here?

"Hmm..." Asara pondered the thought, "We need every advantage we can get."

"Sure, why not?" Klein offered, "I'll protect ya!"

"Klein!" Asuna growled back.

"It's alright." The ambassador interjected, "I'll do my best to help in any way I can."

The salmon skinned commander offered a solution. "Ambassador, before you go—take a spare uniform. We don't want any Imperials recognizing you."

"Good thinking, Commander—thank you. Now let's get moving."

The Twi'lek woman followed the commander out of the bridge, leaving the four heroes alone with the First Officer. He nodded. "Best of luck to you all."

Asuna nodded, "Let's move." She gestured to the group.

But just as they reached the turbolift, a voice interrupted them. Sure enough, it was the becoming annoying First Officer. "Hey! Hold up a miunte. I need to talk to you before you go."

"What is it now?" Argo muttered turning around.

"I just talked to Salen from engineering. He told me what Asara tried to make you do down there." He bowed respectfully, "Thank you for stopping her."

Leafa nodded. "Just doing our duty. We couldn't sacrifice people like that."

Klein gave Asuna a light jab. "What was that again about sacrificing NPCs?" He joked.

The orange haired girl's brow twitched as she jabbed back. "Shut up."

"Listen," the officer began, "I've been thinking. I really think this plan is going to work."

"And here's the catch..." Argo muttered.

"But there's only one way to guarantee that we all make it home safe. And that's to make sure the Imperials have no reason to keep chasing us."

"You want me to hand the ambassador over to the Imperials, don't you?" Asuna concluded, realizing just how desperate the officer had become.

The man nodded. "Yes. For the sake of us all. I want you to leave Asara behind on the Grand Moff's ship. With the tractor beam down, we'll be able to escape. But Kilran will just chase us down again—unless he's already captured his target. As long as Asara is on this ship, everyone aboard is in danger. I don't know about you, but I'm tired of risking our lives for that woman."

"Is this really what's best for the ship? Or are you just looking for a bit of payback?" Asuna frowned, "I don't abandon people like that."

"Maybe. Doesn't change the fact that leaving her behind will save the rest of us. Just think about it. I'd even make it worth your while if things go the way I'm suggesting."

Asuna nodded before tapping the turbolift panel. Argo watched the woman with a thoughtful look. "What'd ya think Aa-chan?" She enquired, "Honestly, I just like the sound of more money."

"We're not abandoning anybody. Kirito taught us there's always a way to do things without needless sacrifice." Asuna stated firmly.

"Hmm...so are you really refusing to abandon them, or are you just trying to be nice with Ki-bou?"

"Ehh?" The girl asked in surprise, quickly shaking her hands in denial. "No, of course not. I'd never do anything like that! I'm genuinely nice! You know that!"

Leafa blocked the glowing red blade with her own blue blade, then twisted off in an attempt to Riposte. The dark robed man growled back, shoving the woman back. Leafa fell back, quickly opening up her menu to dunk a medpack. This was the final boss of the flashpoint, Sith Apprentice Vokk.

She glanced around the hanger in dismay. Vokk really was giving them a beat down. Klein constantly found himself the victim of Force Choke attacks while Asuna and Argo constantly had to keep moving to avoid being hit by the targeted Force Lightning barrages. Thus Asuna couldn't stay still long enough to proc the longer healing abilities necessary to keep both Klein and herself alive.

The good news was that Vokk was down to half of his HP, meaning that they were halfway done. Unlike ALO bosses, SWTOR bosses only had one health bar, but to her, it just made gauging his health more difficult. She grunted as Vokk hurled his twin lightsabers at her, striking her multiple times. Sure, Vokk was no Kirito when it came to Dual Blades, but Kirito couldn't throw his swords around like that...right?

"Klein switch!" She called out, beginning the motions for a Force Leap. The soldier danced back just as she leaped forward, saber raised high. Vokk blocks the first strike, but grunts as Argo lands back to back sucker punches on the man. Leafa takes advantage of his distraction and begins executing a stream of three hit combos, her blue blade dancing brilliantly. "Argh!" She shouted out as she drove her blade into the Vokk's chest, causing the remaining bars of health to reach zero.

The Sith crumpled before them, a brilliant beam purple light shining out of his corpse. Leafa tapped the beam and collected her loot. Noticing a new Lightsaber, she grinned as she opened her menu and equipped said saber.

"Nice loot." She muttered as she turned to her teammates. "Well I'm glad that's over."

Klein lay back on the hanger floor letting out a breath. "Wow, so that's how those guys felt when they were Force choked."

Asuna glanced over everyone's vitals. "Everyone doing alright? I think we all leveled up." She exclaimed, eyeing the number fourteen next to her portrait.

The rest opened their menus, bringing up their character profiles nodding as well. "Nihihihi, not bad Aa-chan!" Argo exclaimed, "But I think it's time we got back to the Ambassador."

The quartet turned back towards the entrance to the unconscious woman lying before them. "Ambassador, are you alright?" Leafa asked the blue Twi'lek.

The woman nodded as she pulled herself off the ground. "Yes, thank you. You actually defeated the Sith. Nicely done." She remarked as she made her way towards the shuttle. "Well, what are we waiting for? We need to get back to the ship before Kilran decides to blow us out of the sky."

Asuna met her teammates' eyes and nodded. "Ambassador, before we go, we need to talk."

"What is it?" Asara asked, her lekku twitching in an annoyed manner. "We don't have all day."

"First Officer Haken believes that Kilran won't stop chasing us as long as you're with us." Asuna explained, "He asked us to leave you here in exchange for our safe departure."

"What? You're joking right?" Asara cried out in disbelief.

"To be honest, you didn't give him the best first impression." Klein pointed out.

"Oh so this is what it's all about is it? How I acted? Well boo hoo!" She screamed in exasperation, "I was willing to sacrifice people to save the ship. Is that enough reason to kick me off it too?"

"Naturally we aren't actually going to leave you here." Argo corrected the sobbing woman.

The woman looked up. "Ehh? You're not kicking me off?"

"Nope, we just thought it'd be funnier if we told you and then brought you back anyways!" Argo smirked deviously. Asara stared at the scoundrel in shock until the realization hit her. Her exasperated look quickly turned into a similar smirk. "Well then, shall we be off?"

"Hai!" the group nodded before entering the shuttle.

First Officer Haken shook in his boots nervously at the sight of a very pissed Twi'lek. "Umm…Ambassador, welcome back. I'm glad you survived." He greeted, a fake smile plastering his face. What in the world were those travelers thinking, bringing her back?

The woman raised her brow in surprise. "Is that so? And here I had the impression you didn't like me."

The officer froze. B-but, how did she know? "I-I don't know what you're talking about Ambassador. You are a very important person and a vital member of the Republic." His gaze fell upon the orange haired woman and her allies who were attempting to hold back smug grins. Th-they didn't…they wouldn't…

Klein shrugged, "I don't know what you're talking about Captain. We just did our job and got us out of here. Now we're home free and safe from Kilran."

"Yup, I think we'll leave the two of you alone. I feel like you guys need some real nice bonding time! Let's go Aa-chan!" Argo chuckled as she moved towards the command console. Tapping it, she brought up the menu.

Continue to Corusccant?

Y: Travel to Coruscant

N: Return to Republic Fleet

Tapping the Y button, she grinned as she let the stars turn to streaks off the viewport.

Imperial Spaceport, Dromund Kaas, Fleet Departures

"I'm telling you, I thought it was a great idea to choose two guns over one."

"And now you find out that your subclass didn't have a tanking option? Are you sure that was a wise idea. You stuck me as more a close combat specialist than a utility DPS focus, Hunter."

"Shut up! As I said, I thought it was a good idea at the time. Besides, we did manage to get ArmsTech and that was all that mattered." A pink haired Mercenary stomped off the shuttle, three other young women close behind her. "Don't worry, once I can get some good mats, I can get weapon making and give us some proper equipment."

"Sure Liz, whatever you say." The blue haired Sniper muttered, sighing softly. The white skinned woman shrugged. "I honestly don't see how you can stand those women, agent. Honestly I find them better as target practice than allies."

"I know. Your point will be taken into consideration, but for now, they are our allies." Sinon chided her Ratataki companion.

"Mou, you don't have act like we're not here!" Liz muttered in annoyance. Mako nodded, "Right with you Hunter!"

The quartet had left the palace a few hours before, both with assignments leading them to the Imperial Capital itself, Dromund Kaas. After spending a few hours choosing advance classes and skills, the four had quickly found themselves in the Dromund Kaas spaceport, Lizbeth, a dual pistol wielding Mercenary, and Sinon, a Sniper.

"Regardless, I got you to heal me, so we can just focus on the damage, kay?" Liz tried to shake off their pestering.

A soft pattering of feet averted their attention to the oddest sight the quartet had ever seen, well at least to the two companions. A small Sith Assassin had just exited the shuttle, followed by a grey skinned behemoth and a small blue dragon. "So, this is the capital of the Sith Empire, nyahahahaha!" She cackled, her...err...small chest thrust out and her chin held high. "The Empire treats us well. But of course, for I am Sith. Nyahahahaha!"

Liz's brow twitched slightly. "Silica?" She asked, desperately praying that this roleplaying loli was not one of her best friends.

The girl pulled down her hood and stared at the Mercenary before her. "Liz, Sinon, it's great to see you!" She raised her hand in greeting. "For it is I, Silica, Assassin of the Sith, the acolyte of Darth Zash herself, wielder of the Dark Side, and tamer of beasts. Fear me now. Nyahahahaha!" She cackled, spasms of blue lightning cackling in her hands.

Sinon remained calm...on the outside at least. "This is...certainly a new development." She managed, still unsure how to best approach this new side to their friend.

"Phrii!" The girls noticed the familiar blue dragon roosting on the giant's head. Liz sighed in relief. Looks like some things still remained the same. "Hey there Pina. Good to see you're still there."


She then noticed the loincloth clad giant following her and slightly averted her eyes. "Umm...who's this Silica?"

The girl's face lit up. "Ah, I'm glad you asked. This is Khemmy, my faithful retainer and warrior. I found him in the tombs of Naga Sadow and tamed him from there."

The warrior let out a series of unfamiliar grunts and growls which somehow created subtitles in front of their HUDs. "Khem Val is no slave of little Sith. Khem Val serves only Tulak Hord. Little Sith only temporary master. Little Sith wimpy and obnoxious but strong."

The 'Little Sith' seemed completely oblivious to his words and nodded. "See, I can't understand a thing he says, but he's now my faithful retainer. Isn't this fate that my powers of the Dark Side have attracted such a powerful retainer to my side?"

"...Sure Silica. Whatever you say!" Liz managed. She was still trying to figure out what exactly caused their normally cute companion to become... well...this chibi roleplaying Sith wannabe.

"As I was saying, it is good to see you are all fine. I assume you too have acquired loyal followers yourselves?"

"Not quite..." Sinon rebutted, "But this is Kayilo, my partner."

"This is Mako." Liz introduced. The small women stared at the girl before them before waving awkwardly. "Hello there." Mako plastered a smile over her face. "Hunter, who is this girl? She's giving me all the wrong vibes."

"Agent, you have the most interesting tastes in friends." The Rattaki woman agreed.

"It is well to meet the subordinates of my dearest companions!" Silica proclaimed, "Now, onwards! The capital awaits us!"

"Hey, Master, there she is! That's the weird kid Sith I was telling you about!" The trio spun around to see a young blue skinned woman with head tails pointing towards the small Sith. What interested the girls more was the young man standing next to her, clad in a black bodysuit and boots. He had a feminine face, but the two lightsabers hanging off his belt showed he was dangerous. "Oh, you're right Vette. That's Silica over there. Hey everyone!"

"Kirito!" The girls cried out in surprise, even Silica seemed to have broken her facade and blushed slightly.

The black swords...er...Sith smirked. "Hey Sinon, Liz, it's good to see you as well. I take it you guys made it here safely."

"Well, well, it's about time you made it." Liz grinned. "You're the last of us here."

"Well yeah, I was just doing some exploring."

"Oh really?" Liz asked suspiciously, "What were you doing? Picking up more girls?"

"Ehh? What are you talking about?" The teen stared at Liz in confusion.

"Don't worry Lizbeth, Daddy wasn't going around cheating on mommy!" A familiar young voice assured them. The group looked down to see a white and black little astromech droid wheeling behind the black clad Marauder.

"Yui?" Sinon raised a brow in surprise. "Is that you there?"

"Yep, hello everyone!" The droid chirped out, "Daddy, Auntie Vette, and I have been having lots of adventures."

"Adventures huh?" Liz gave the teen a sly look. "And pray tell, what were those adventures like? Were they aggressive and harsh or more soft and gentle?"

"Ehh...Liz...you can't do that! My Sith ways..." The smaller Sith muttered, her mind overflowing with impure thoughts, "I can do this. You are the acolyte of Zash, Silica, You are Sith. Peace is a lie, through passion I gain strength. Through strength I gain power. Through power I gain victory. Through victory my chains are broken. The Force shall set me free." She muttered over and over. Pina purred softly as it shook its head in disdain.

"That was harsh Liz." Sinon muttered, her own face tinted red. "By the way, what level is everyone? I got to Level 13."

"Same here!" Liz nodded.

"Nyahahahaha! My connection the Dark Side has granted me power beyond belief. I am Level 14."


"Kirito, what level are you?" Liz glared at the black haired young man. Kirito snapped out of his daze. "Oh sorry. I'm...Level 17."



"…The Dark Side shall sustain me..." Silica muttered as she tried to reassure hereself.

"How is the world did you get so strong?" Liz demanded.

The boy scratched his head sheepishly. "Well...I did all the quests on the fleet and then we solo'd the Black Talon flashpoint. So two warzones plus the flashpoint got us five levels from when we left Korriban. Is there something wrong?" He asked the dumbfounded group.

Well this has been fun. Everyone's now together. I have inserted one of the OCs by SulliMike. Next up: some chapter 1 goodies plus first united encounter.

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