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Chapter 34: A Random Moment of Peace Full of Blood

Harry let out a loud groan as he stood up from his bed, stretching his uninjured arm above his head, his bones popping loudly before his arms fell back down to his sides.

In front of him, Esdeath gave him an amused look before giving him a semi-serious look.

"What is the state of your body at?"

Scanning his body for injuries, Harry gave a small nod.

"Mostly healed. I have some bruising left along my back, and my chest is still a little tender from that Teigu blast. They'll both be gone by morning."

He held up his broken arm for a moment, giving it an annoyed look as though it had personally insulted him before looking back up at Esdeath.

"My arm is the only real injury worth noticing. If we had the Teigu Perfector, we could fix it up easily, but for now it could take up to a week to properly heal."

Esdeath nodded in understanding, her smile never leaving her face.

"Your sword style requires being equally skilled with both hands, so we won't be able to train that until your arm heals, so until then, you'll just work on your general stamina and your magic. For now though, that is not important."

She pointed to a pile of clothes sitting on the table beside him.

"Get dressed as quickly as possible then meet me at the air field. Due to the death of Great General Budo, the government wants every available hand out to try slow the Revolutionary army, so I intend to take Fal, Luna and Air on our dragon and wipe out a few rebel camps now that you are mostly healed. It will be good combat experience for them, since the Prime Minister will no doubt want them on the field more often."

Harry nodded, pulling of the loose white shirt he had been provided and reaching over to the bundle of clothes.

"Okay then. I assume I'll be on stationary for now?"

Esdeath gave a small nod.

"Both of us will be. We will step in if any of the three look like they are going to die, or be permanently maimed, but other than that it will be the three girl's mission to complete. They could do with the experience. For now however, we will simple be locating the most optimum camp to attack. And maybe do a little danger beast hunting, since your physical state doesn't affect your ability to use magic."

She turned, walking towards the door as she spoke, Harry pulling on his shirt behind her and grinning slightly at her final comment as she left the room. A 'little' danger beast hunting was not something Esdeath did. Mass genocide was a more appropriate term when she had her way.

Reaching for the next piece of clothing, Harry quickly pulled it onto his body, hampered slightly by his broken arm as he dressed himself as quickly as possible.

Sending a glance over his body as he finished to make sure everything was in place, Harry stepped towards the door, walking out into the corridors with a brisk step and a slight bounce in his step, a small smile on his face. On one hand, he decided, they were going to be plotting out the death of hundreds of Revolutionary Army personal. Which wasn't his greatest hobby. On the other hand, they were going hunting, which made Esdeath happy.

Harry had decided long ago that he should smile for the good things that come with the bad rather than frown for the bad things. He'd be frowning all the time if he did that.

Giving Kurome a wave with his good hand and a grin which she returned as they passed each other in the hallways, Harry exited the Jaeger complex, strolling through the Palace grounds towards the airfield.

The fact that he was honestly unaware that most people, trained or not, would still be recovering in bed for at least a week or two after the damage he had sustained, let alone strolling off on a reconnaissance mission prove how truly messed up his life was.

Nodding to two guards as he walked past them, Harry strolled through the overly large door they were guarding and into the large, barren field that was the Imperial Airfield, homing in on a particularly nasty looking draconic danger beast where a small group was waiting.

Walking closer, Harry noted Ran standing a little away from where Esdeath was talking to Luna, Fal and Air, the older male noticing Harry's approach first and giving him a small smile.

"Good morning, Harry. How are you feeling? Have you recovered enough to be back on the active roster already?"

Harry gave him massive grin and an enthusiastic nod as the four females of the group noted his approach.

"Yup! Mostly anyway."

He shot his broken arm an annoyed look before grinning back up at Ran.

"This will take a little longer to heal though, annoyingly. Though that's probably a good thing to be honest though, since if I could heal broken bones as fast as the rest of my body, then Esdeath would be breaking them every time we did training."

A small grimace flickered across Rans face at the thought even as he gave a polite nod in response to Harry's answer to his question.

Walking over to the two males, Esdeath glanced over Harry's body for a moment, observing that there was nothing out of place and giving a small nod.

"Good, you're all ready. Ran will be coming with us to help file a report about the movements of the Revolutionary Army, as well as provide some more air support since it's likely that we will encounter enemy air units."

Harry nodded in acceptance, not bothering to point out that, really, they didn't need additional air support as well. He saw no reason to argue with Ran travelling with them.

He grinned at Ran

"Okay then. Are we leaving now?"

Esdeath nodded.

"Correct. We were simply waiting for you at this point."

Behind her, Fal and Air were both already on the large danger beast, Luna a moment behind her as Harry gave a final nod of agreement.

Esdeath turned around, leaping up onto the danger beast a moment ahead of him, Ran a moment behind.

Moments later the great beast took to the sky, its great wing beats shattering the air as it did.


"We are leaving Imperial airspace now, so make sure you stay alert. It's likely that the Revolutionary Army has at least a few airborne danger beasts out as scouts. Kill on sight."

Standing behind were Esdeath was standing on the large, draconic danger beasts back, the three girls plus Ran all nodded, speaking in unison.


Sitting on the danger beast's back, his own back leaning against Esdeaths leg as he looked down at the land below with a grin on his face, Harry didn't bother to respond, already aware that Esdeath knew he had heard her.

An oddly comfortable silence feel over the group as they flew, broken only by the powerful thumping of the danger beasts wings and the wind whistling around them. Ran simple observed the land below, looking for anything that he may be able to put in his report. Behind him, the three girls simple watched the land go by, occasionally glancing at the passing clouds.

Sitting with his back against Esdeath, Harry simple grinned as he soaked in the feeling of flying, Esdeath standing above him, a thoughtful expression on her face.

It was an oddly peaceful moment.

Ran broke the silence first.

"Incoming hostiles at eight o'clock. Air Mantas."

A wall of ice spears materializing out of the air, pointed towards the approaching danger beast before shooting forwards, an unnaturally powerful wind sending them surging in the direction Ran had pointed out at high speed.

Moments later the Air Mantas plummeted towards the ground, multiple holes punched straight through it and its riders.

Neither Harry, nor Esdeath, so much as bothered to look at the target.

Ran's gaze followed the corpse as it plummeted, making sure it wasn't somehow still alive before speaking up again.

"Confirmed kill. I was kind of expecting more."

Behind him, Fal snorted, a grin on her face.

"Confirmed overkill more like! Did you see how many holes that thing had in it?!"

Harry glanced over his shoulder at her.

"No. Was it really that bad?"

Fal nodded.

"They tried to swerve away, but they ended up exposing their underside to Esdeaths ice spears."

Beside her, Luna spoke up.

"Three hostiles inbound at five and six o'clock below us and rising fast. It looks like the other one was part of a team. I wonder why they are sending so many out at once?"

Harry glanced over in the direction of the approaching danger beasts, Esdeath glancing over her shoulder towards them at the same time.

"They know that we can't send out to many at a time to scout the large amount of land around the Capital, so having three or four to a team pretty much guarantees that they will be able to take out our troops."

As she spoke another hail of two metre long ice spears materialized in the air before raining down in the approaching danger beasts, a tug at Harry's core sending another blast of air to increase their speed.

Two of the danger beasts died instantly, the final one struggling to stay in the air of shredded wings before plummeting down after them.

Esdeath sighed.

"How dull. I do hope that the rest of the Revolutionary Army isn't as easy to kill as they all were."

Harry glanced up at her for a moment before looking back down at the land below as they flew onwards.

"Of course you do. You're a battle fanatic."

Esdeath just smirked in response, directing the draconic danger beast onwards as she cast her gaze across the land far below.

Behind them, Ran shot an amused look at their backs before looking down once more as the danger beast they were on thundered onwards across the sky.

After a moment of silence, Harry pointed towards the ground, breaking the silence, as he did.

"Revolutionary Army camp at three o'clock."

The group glanced towards where he was pointing, noting the small, from their position far above, walled in camp among the hills below them.

Ran nodded, jotting something down on a notepad that he pulled from his pocket before peering down again, grimacing slightly as he spoke up.

"Hmm, looks rather small, but it is definitely a Revolutionary Army camp. I can see the colour scheme from here."

Esdeath gave a thoughtful look from her position near the danger beasts head.

"It must be an advance guard. There should be a larger force a few hours march back from here. We'll leave it, since it's too small to provide any kind of challenge to any of us."

Harry glanced up at her.

"What if they have a Teigu with them?"

She grinned down at where he was sitting.

"The Revolutionary Army has only so many Teigu. They will be trying to keep them and their users back for now, so the chances of such a small camp so close to our territory is slim at best."

Harry nodded, glancing over at Ran as the older male spoke up again.

"I'll just add it to my report when we get back so the Military can wipe them out."

Silence feel over the group once more as they flew high above the land, Harry leaning backwards and using Esdeaths leg as a backrest, much to her fond amusement as he gazed at the sky, noting a line of dark clouds off in the distance.

"Looks like there's a storm coming this way. It'll be here by dawn tomorrow."

Above him, Esdeath nodded.

"Indeed. That will slow the Revolutionary Army quite a bit."

She gave a disappointed sigh.

"Which means that they will not make it to the Capital until later than expected. I was hoping to have some more fun soon."

Harry just shook his head with a sigh, sweeping his eyes across the land below once more before gazing up a the blue sky above them observing the wisps of cloud that floated high above them.

Sometimes he wished that Esdeath was quite as much of a homicidal battle maniac.

"That's interesting."

He turned his gaze to Esdeath, noting her looking at something far below even as she forced the danger beast they were on lower. Following her gaze, Harry looked at the object of her fascination.

Behind him, Ran spoke up, observing the same thing.

"Well, I suppose we found that larger camp you said would be around here."

Beside him Air nodded.

"Or what's left of it anyway."

Esdeath nodded with an almost cruel smirk, still observing the scene below them.

"Indeed. It's not often that an event like this happens."

Harry just gazed at the camp below, curiosity blazing in his eyes as he examined the scene.

Hidden, or as hidden as a large army camp can be, in the hills below them was the remains of what was rather obviously a Revolutionary Army camp, the wooden walls around it smashed in several places, a gaping hole where the gate had been hurled off its hinges with excessive force. All throughout the camp tents lay, torn and collapsed, the ground soaking red with the blood of the several hundred corpses that littered the area.

And then there was the perpetrators of what had quite obviously been a one sided massacre.

Massive, hulking things ranging between ten and twenty metres high, each covered by a thick, dark brown carapace with hunched backs and insect-like mandibles designed for ripping and tearing, a task that said mandibles were doing rather well as the twenty odd danger beasts feasted almost leisurely on the corpses littering the campsite.

"Deep Earth Dragons."

Esdeath nodded, her grin never leaving her face as the descended towards the ruined camp, Luna speaking up behind Harry.

"Deep Earth Dragons? Other than being a darker brown, they don't look that different than normal Earth Dragons. Maybe a little smaller even."

Harry glanced over his shoulder at her.

"They look like normal Earth Dragons because they are a subspecies of them, like Snow Dragons you can find in the North. Snow Dragons have adapted for snow and ice, as well as chilly weather, while Deep Earth Dragons are a subspecies that lives far further below the surface than ordinary Earth Dragons."

He turned his gaze back to the camp as Esdeath began to circle them lower.

"Since they live so much deeper below the ground, they live in the zone of several Ultra Class danger beasts such as Giant Land Squids and Mountain Eaters, so they live in packs instead of living as solo hunters like normal Earth Dragons. They tend to have pretty bad eyesight, with some of the older ones being completely blind since they only rarely come up to the surface."

Standing beside him, Esdeath glanced over at the group behind her before her eyes flickered to Harry a moment before returning to the approaching former army camp as she spoke, her sadistic smile never leaving her face.

"Indeed. It's odd to see they above group, but this is a rather large pack, so it's possible they came is search of sufficient food to feed them all."

Watching as the Deep Earth Dragons feasted on the corpses around them, the group behind her was inclined to agree with her statement.

The danger beast they were on circled lower, several of the Deep Earth Dragons glancing up at them hungrily as the descended towards the group.

Harry wondered if they would be quite so enthusiastic about trying to eat them if they could see the twisted parody of a smile on Esdeaths face.

"I was planning to do a little hunting after this was all finished anyway. They might not be much more than overly large ants, but they should prove entertaining."

Without another word, Esdeath leapt off the back of the danger beast they were on, grabbing Harry on instinct as she went. A moment later she landed on the ground in a plume of dust and earth, cratering the blood soaked ground as she did, Harry landing beside her lightly.

"I still have a broken arm you know. I'm pretty sure leaping off a danger beast mid-flight into the middle of a pack of Deep Earth Dragons isn't going to help that."

Esdeath shot a fondly amused look at him.

"Your magic reserves should be fine, so even if you had both arms broken it would be unlikely that these danger beasts would be able to kill you."

Harry just pouted up at her as the Deep Earth Dragons around them began to roar, approaching the two just as their own danger beast flew back overhead, Fal, Air and Luna landing behind the two.

Above them, Ran took control of the draconic danger beast, turning it around once more.

On the ground below, five of the nearest danger beasts charged forwards, howling as they went.

The first died instantly, dead before it hit the ground as blood exploding from multiple deep gashes, Esdeath grinning as she hacked through the danger beasts armour with frightening ease.

Behind her Luna vanished, her attacker's claw passing through the air she had inhabited mere moments ago moments before Fal leapt forwards, slamming a steel gauntleted fist into the danger beast's unprotected face, sending it reeling backwards moments before an arrow of pure energy punched through its brain, courtesy of Air.

In front of Harry, two more of the large danger beasts were suddenly forced to their knees, slammed into the ground as Harry tested out a new application of his magic, crushing them into the ground as he used his magic to increase the gravity around them.

Sighing softly as he realised that he couldn't generate enough gravity to properly crush them, Harry instead summoned up two spires of ice, piercing up through the pinned Deep Earth Dragons heads and killing them instantly.

Behind him Esdeath hacked off the last of the attackers heads, still grinning as the danger beast fell lifelessly to the ground in a fountain of blood.

Her grin widened as she looked over at the two danger beasts Harry had killed.

"Did you think of something new for your magic, Harry?"

He nodded with a grin, noting that the remaining eleven Deep Earth Dragons were quickly approaching their location.

"Yup! I was reading a book on physics from my home world and figured I would try gravity manipulation. It's a bit inefficient energy wise, but rather amusing to watch."

A moment later the remaining Deep Earth Dragons thundered towards them, enraged at the deaths of their comrades.

Luna pulled out her pistols, sending a barrage of bullets towards the nearest danger beast charging towards her, sending the massive thing flinching backwards as she struck its tender mandibles long enough for Fal to slam a powerful fist into its head that sent it stumbling backwards, a second punch shattering it's skull and killing it.

Beside it, a second of the danger beasts stumbled backwards, and energy arrow from Air lodged between some of the chitin covering its chest.

A moments later the arrow exploded, obliterating its heart.

Behind the three girls, Harry stretched out with his magic once more, sending the nearest two danger beasts flying upwards as he reversed gravities effects on them before slamming them down into another two in a sudden burst of super gravity, shattering several pieces of armour and sending the four Deep Earth Dragons into a tangled pile of limbs and pained screeching.

The screeching was abruptly ended as Harry fired off a powerful concussive bomb that blasted the danger beasts apart.

Of to the side Esdeath hacked another two of the danger beasts to pieces, large spears of ice killing another two.

A moment later their own danger beast, flown by Ran, landed on the last of the Deep Earth Dragons, crushing its skull as it did.

Ran gave the battlefields, if it could be called a battle, a vaguely amused look.

"That was quick."

Esdeath leapt up onto the danger beast, Harry and the three girls moments before as she shot an amused, and rather cruel, smirk at Ran.

"Of course it was. They were merely a quick piece of entertainment. Nothing more."

Ran just gave a small smile as they took to the sky once more, glancing at Harry as he sat down beside Esdeath and leaned against her shoulder.

The younger male didn't look even the slightest bit perturbed by the massacre below, both of the people at the hands of the danger beasts and the of the danger beasts at their hands.

Sometimes, Ran thought, it was difficult to remember that no matter how kind Harry could seem, he was very much the boy that Esdeath had partially raised and, dare he say it, conditioned into what he was now.

It was easy to forget that the boy called Harry was also a boy who had the blood of well over a thousand people on his hands.

A moment later his thoughts where cut off as something exploded from the ground below them a massive shape rising up towards them.


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