It all started when a peg legged bat named Fidget and a young girl mouse, Olivia Flaversham were out for a peaceful walk in the streets of Zootopia.

"Oh, Fidget, isn't it just lovely out?" Olivia asked.

"Definitely because I picked out the right day for a walk," replied Fidget.

"Hey, Fidget!" Olivia gasped in excitement, "Read this sign!"

The bat followed close behind the curious girl, who found an interesting sign.

"It says: 'In Zootopia, anyone can be anything!'," she read. Shifting her gaze at her friend, she added, "Including you, Fidget."

"Including me, Olivia," Fidget agreed with a nod.

"You can be a flyer now that your wing is fixed and healed," Olivia suggested.

"Yeah, I'll take you flying sometime," Fidget declared in amazement.

"Can you wait here while I get a drink?" Olivia asked.

"Sure," Fidget said and sat on a bench.

The girl mouse was enjoying her drink of cool water at the fountain until her best friend spooked her with his wings. "Boo!" he shouted.

Olivia screamed and panted for air. "Fidget, I could've choked to death!" Olivia admonished.

"Sorry," Fidget apologized as he lifted up his wings in surrender, "I'll let you enjoy your drink."

With great pleasure, Olivia finished drinking her water until a dark figure grabbed her when Fidget turned away for just a second. Within the next second, he turned to see the criminal holding his companion hostage and found evidence on the ground. It was sheep's wool and the criminal had an orange jail suit. Desperate, he called Olivia's name. Where could she be now? Fidget wondered, Livy's gone and it's all my fault!

He stopped himself and put on his thinking cap. "I'll get someone who will help me get Olivia back!" he said to himself determinedly and he ran off to get help.

Fidget tried to talk to Basil, but Basil was far too busy, so Fidget came to a police department and boy was he surrounded by predators and prey! He wasn't capable of being squished up in the crowd, so he said to them as he shoved them politely, "Excuse me! Coming through!"

With that taken care of, he stepped up to a secretary of the ZPD. To Fidget's alarm, the figure was a giant, chubby cheetah. The bat was so utterly frightened that his mouth opened widely and he was scared enough to literally wet his pants in front of everyone in the ZPD. "O…M…Goodness! Can I help you?" the cheetah asked in a friendly voice.

"H-hi," Fidget stuttered, wringing his cap his hands timidly, "Is th-this the police department?"

"Yes, you look lost, little guy," the cheetah said.

"I-it's because I am lost," Fidget said sadly and tears of grief filled his eyes. Sniffling, he added, "Someone took my friend, Olivia away while we were out for a walk by an alley!"

"Well, my friend, you came to the right place." The cheetah sat up, adding, "Who's Olivia?"

"A mouse," said Fidget, "And she's short and she has a blue long-sleeved shirt with a black bow-tie, dark blue skirt with black lines, and a red hair bow."

As he said it, the cheetah jotted down the notes on all the details the bat had given him.

"My name's Officer Clawhauser."

"My name is Fidget."

"Okay, I'll just give Chief Bogo a call to let him know you're here," Clawhauser returned and called the water buffalo, who was sitting in his office.

"Hello," Chief Bogo said as he picked up his phone.

"Yeah, hi," Clawhauser began, "This bat here is lost and discovered that his mouse friend is captured by someone."

"It can't be by Bellwether by any chance, could it?"

"Well, we won't know until we find out. Could you do me a favor and get a hold of Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde?"

"Yes, they're in the police room and I'll have them take him to their apartment."

"Can do," Clawhauser said, "Bye."

"Goodbye," Chief Bogo said as he hung up.

Once Clawhauser hung up, as well, he found a picture of Olivia Flaversham and printed it for Fidget before heading upstairs.

Judy was the first one out while Clawhauser escorted Fidget upstairs. "Here you go, Judy."

"What's the matter?" Judy asked Fidget.

"Some criminal took his buddy away while they were out for a walk," Clawhauser answered for him.

"That's terrible!" the cop rabbit gasped in shock, "I'll get Nick and we'll see what we can do for you."

At that moment, Nick Wilde, the fox peered out of the room and he was the one to gasp. "Judy Hopps!" he shouted in a scolding manner as if yelling at a child for causing mischief.

"Nick Wilde!" Judy countered back.

"Don't you see? He may look innocent, but he may have rabies!"

"Does this look like a face that would lie to you?" Fidget asked the fox with a sincerely dismal look.

"And this mouse is short and wears a light blue long-sleeved with a black bow-tie, dark blue plaid skirt, and a red hair bow," Clawhauser described.

"We'll take him home, Clawhauser," Judy said to the cheetah, "And he'll tell us all about what happened."

"Great idea," Clawhauser said, "Take care now and good luck, Fidget on finding your friend!" He waved at the trio who were walking down stairs and they waved back at him.

As promised, Judy and Nick drove Fidget to their apartment to discuss what happened to Fidget's dear friend, Olivia.