. . .

Perseus Jackson is waiting for you in the silence.

"Jason," he says, and his voice reverberates through the room, echoing.

"Percy," you reply, unsettled. He's loud. "I hope you know what I'm here for."

"I do." Perseus looks at peace.

You throw the air into his face, feeling it rip at him, feeling his screams. He shrieks, "Jason, I will get you for this!"

"No longer," you say quietly. You make the gales stronger. Stronger. And stronger.

"What are you doing, Jason? You're —" he cuts himself off with a strong fit of coughing your air in.

"You're — you're crazy," screeches Percy with pain. "Crazy, Jason. You're absolutely mad."

The idea is an odd thing. You find yourself unnerved yet again.

"Quiet, Jackson," you reply instead. "Or shall I make you shut up?"

You do.

a/n: yeah, this is really short compared to the other parts of this story, but i wanted to write something for this so here you go. i don't really have the capacity to write more for this story, so expect fluctuating chapter sizes when i do update.