Hey there everyone. As you can see I am writing another story, but this time it isn´t Zootopia. This is for Logan. The movie touched me in ways I never thought it could have. I had never cried in a movie theater, but damn this movie managed to make me do so. So, if you are reading this I have two things to say. First, I will classify this story as M because of the movie´s nature and it´s R rating. Second, if you haven´t seen this movie I highly recommend you to do so. It is beautiful and touching. Oh, also, SUPER SPOILER ALERTS. Since the movie just came out last Friday, so yeah, this can spoil things. So, here it is.

"NO!" Laura saw how Logan was being pulled away by the one who had also killed Charles. Moving quickly she picked up the revolver that had fallen to the ground and emptied its bullets, placing the adamantium one inside it.

Logan felt pain all over his body as his clone´s claws where moving around his shoulder, ravaging the skin and tearing his flesh. He felt weak. During his entire life he had never felt this weak nor this incredible amount of pain. He knew what was coming, but the realization of it was surprising to someone that was supposed to be immortal like him. Then it got even worse.

"Ahhhh!" The long piece of wood impaled him, shattering his insides and making his breathing harder than it ever was. X-24 looked down at the figure and was about to shank his claws right on his face, but a loud bang made his ears buzz and suddenly his vision was inexistent. Logan saw as part of the experiment´s face was blown off and the body fell like a sack of potatoes. Turning his head he saw Laura holding up the revolver and then their gazes collided. Quickly the little girl moved to be by his side and with wide eyes and an erratic breathing she started hitting the back part of the wood where he was stuck. With a couple of strikes from her claws the wood broke and Logan fell on his ass. She kneeled by his side and looked at the wood that was still inside him. A long and wide piece of wood that had pierced his abdomen and was making it hard for him to even talk. Sadness started taking over her as she shook her head and stared at him.


"Take your friends and run." Laura shook her head as tears started coming out of her eyes. "They´ll keep coming and coming. You don´t have to fight anymore." Wolverine moved his left hand and grabbed hers, Laura was now crying freely. "Go…Go. Don´t be what they made you." He stared into her eyes and a small smile crept up his face. "Laura…Laura."

"Daddy…" She felt as his hand started losing the grip on hers and she stared at him, but never expected what happened. She found herself with his left hand on her face and she felt how he was caressing her. She started sobbing strongly and grabbed his wrist with both of her hands.

"My Laura. I…I´m sorry for how…how I treated you." She leaned her face on his hand and watched how life was escaping her father´s body. She made a sudden move and hugged him, resting her head on his chest and crying on him as she felt how his limp arms hugged her back and the strong smell of blood hit her nose. She hugged him harder as he started moving his left hand over her head. "Take care sweetie." He moved his head and placed a kiss on Laura´s head, making a loud sob escape from her as he returned his head to its place. "So…this is…this is what it feels like." Laura felt how his arms became limp and his chest wasn´t rising anymore. She moved her head up to see that he was already dead.

"No…no" Even more tears were now escaping from her face as her chest ached and her eyes were focused on the lifeless body of her father. "No…no…no…daddy." Laura tried shaking his body, but it was pointless. He was dead. Crying even harder she grabbed his wrist and placed her head next to his. "Daddy."

All the other mutant kids had gathered around and where staring at the form of their friend sadly. They had all grown up with the stories of the X-Men and watching the legendary Wolverine die was a sight none of them had even imagined to see. None of them tried to move her away from Logan´s body. Out of all of them Laura had had the toughest life of all. Everyone´s procedure to gain their powers had been mostly biological, which meant that they only had a couple of treatments and the rigorous training that Transigen had made all the kids go through. But Laura had to have adamantium inserted on her skeleton. Everyone heard the screams she gave during the procedure and it took her four months to stop having seizures because of the metal inside her. Above all, she had the toughest training. All because she was created to be just like Wolverine and they even tortured her so she could overcome the pain and use it as rage. Now that everyone saw their strongest friend like this, it made them all sad for her.

"Daddy, w…wake up. Por favor despierta." She shook the body again as her tears kept flowing freely. "Please." Sniffing she placed her hand on Logan´s cheek and she rubbed her thumb around it. Seeing that her father was not waking up a wave of rage flowed through her. Screaming at full force she turned to look at the dead body of X-24 and growled. Placing herself on top of the corpse she started slicing through it with her claws. All the other kids could only stare or look away, because no one dared to mess with her while being enraged. Laura kept slicing the entire body of Logan´s clone, starting with his face and now she was on his chest. Madness was controlling Laura as the blood from the corpse was splashing her face. She kept ravishing the corpse until she got tired and even then she was giving slow strokes to it. She stood up and saw how the entire insides of the body where torn, how the face of the corpse was no longer recognizable and she felt how her hands ached. Putting her claws back she moved towards her father´s body and laid by its side, resting her head on his shoulder. She felt tired, she felt drained, but, even with all her friends there, she felt alone. She had grew fond of the two old men that had helped her move across the country and now none of them was with her. She grabbed Logan´s hand and started rubbing her thumb around it. "Te prometo que no voy a ser lo que me hicieron. I promise Daddy."

"Rictor, what did she say?" Bobby turned to look at the oldest of them, who had his hand on his shoulder since he had been shot by Pierce.

"She told him she won´t be what they made her." He stared at Laura, who had started crying once more and was hugging Logan´s body again.

Somewhere in the United States

"Didn´t Dr. Rice tell you that he wanted him for his abilities? So we could transfer those to another body?"

"Yes, but Dr. Rice is dead now and doing that could take an entire year. We need this immediately if we want to find her."

"But, are you sure that is going to work?"

"It worked with X-24, why wouldn´t it work with him?"

"Well, X-24 has a healing factor that allows him to recover. This one here, I don´t think he does."

"We lose nothing by trying." The white coated man inserted the syringe and pressed it so that the green solution started pouring inside the burned corpse that was lying on the table. "Let´s wait for a few minutes and we will probably see something." He pulled a nearby chair and sat by the corpse´s side, his partner leaving the area as he did so. Several minutes passed and the man sighed. He stood up from the chair and was about to start walking, until the screams from the body startled him.


"Relax! Calm down! Calm down!" He heard the door getting opened and saw that his partner was already inside the room.

"It worked?"

"It did, but help me with this." His partner nodded and he turned to look at the man who was still screaming. Holding him strongly against the table as his partner came in with a syringe. Once he had injected the man and the screaming seized both took a step back from the now sleeping body.

"I cannot believe it worked. How much did you use?"

"I used one third of the solution. It won´t affect his mental state nor his abilities. Look, even the burned parts of his body have been healed. He is going to help us find her."

"But do you think he wants to help?"

"In the case he doesn´t want to we can force him. When has that been a problem?"

"I´m just saying that he might give us useless information of where she is. Dr. Rice said he was doing that in the previous search."

"We´ll deal with it if we need to. Now we have to inform the commander of what happened and that we managed to do this."

"The commander? But he is really young."

"He has been trained since he was born, so he fills the charge quite good. Plus he is the commander, so we have to inform him."

"I agree. So, what is this mutant´s name?"

"Let me see. Here it says that his name is Caliban."

North Dakota

As the kids left the grave in which Logan´s body was resting Laura stayed for a second. She stared at the bunch of rocks that was covering the body and a couple of tears escaped from her. She started walking, but turned to look at the grave. She picked up the wooden cross they had placed on the grave and turned it, making it look like an X. "Bye daddy." She adjusted her backpack once more and left the grave. While going towards the border she stayed quiet all the way while hearing the other kids speak. She heard how excited they were for finally being free. She heard how much they had expected this day. She heard how they were making jokes and talking happily. But she didn´t have a reason to be happy. In a matter of days she had lost two of the most important persons in her life, if not the most important ones. First Charles, who had spoken to her through his mind and told her that everything would be fine. He had comforted her once Gabriella had passed away. He had helped her find Logan and she found in him someone she could finally trust. And now her father. She didn´t care that he actually treated her badly at the beginning, but she had seen how he was starting to grow fond of her. He had started to finally see her as his daughter. And then this had to happen. But at the end she saw that he cared about her and that he was truly sorry for being an asshole towards her. Although knowing that might have been good, she couldn´t be happy for that, because now that her father was dead she would never have him by her side. She would never know how he felt. She would never know if they could have created a strong bond between each other. She would never know if he loved her, just as she loved him. She knew that she was created with his blood and not from a normal relation between two persons, but she still felt that connection with him. That blood that tied them together was there. And even if he wasn´t really the one that was there during her life. Even when he did arrive to it he didn´t want to be there. Even now that she knew something could have happened she found herself without those who she cared about once more. Even when her life had entered into a spiral of deaths and loses, she knew that she would always have that moment with Logan. Those final seconds when she saw in his face that he had accepted her as what she actually was, his daughter.

"Laura?" She turned to look at Rictor, who was walking alongside her. "Are you okay?"

"Yes." She turned her head and grabbed her backpack´s strips.

"You haven´t talked during this whole time. Are you sure-"


"You can talk to me Laura."

"¡No quiero hablar con nadie! ¡Mi papá acaba de morir y antes de eso murió Charles! Nadie de ustedes sabe por lo que he pasado. Lo que he tenido que hacer para poder llegar aquí y todo lo que tuve que sacrificar. No quiero hablar con nadie." She hustled her pace and left Rictor staring at her with a worried face.

"What happened Rictor?" Delilah started walking by Rictor´s side and stared at him.

"She is in shock."

"But what did she just say?"

"That she doesn´t want to talk with anyone. That we can´t imagine what she is going through and what she had to do to even reach us. That she sacrificed everything and for all of that her father and someone named Charles died. She is angry."

"Wait, did you say Charles?"

"Yes, why?"

"I think she meant Professor Xavier."

"What? Charles Xavier? But he died at the Winchester incident."

"I don´t think so. His body wasn´t found. And Laura suddenly bumped into her father? I think she is talking about that Charles. He must have guided her to Logan." The kids stopped talking as the sound of an airplane reached their ears. Rictor signaled them to follow him. Ten minutes later they were at an open plain and everyone was staring at the sky, which looked grim by the grayish clouds that where on it. Rictor stared at Laura again and saw that her face had dry water paths that came from her eyes. He sighed and returned his gaze towards the sky, where a small airplane had appeared and made the landing near them all. They smiled seeing the figure that came out of the plane and Rictor got close to him.

"Hi Hank."

Somewhere in the United States.

"So you are telling me that, without anyone´s permission and evading a superior's direct order, you injected this Caliban with the solution that helps X-24´s healing?"

"Yes sir."

"And it worked?"

"Yes sir."

"Well I am impressed! Is he stable?"

"We had to sedate him so that he would stop screaming."

"So that was him."

"Affirmative. His condition is stable, we just have to see if he doesn´t suffer some kind of side effect from the serum regarding either his powers or his mental stability."

"How much did you use?"

"I used one third of the serum."

"Very well."

"Uhm, sir?" The young boy changed his gaze so he could look at the scientist´s partner, who had a nervous expression over his face. "Do you think he might help us finding the girl?"

"But Dr. Rice and Pierce said they had the situation under control. They even took X-24 so they could handle it easier."

"Correct. But one hour ago all of their heart monitors stopped. We are positive that they are dead."

"What? Even Pierce?"




"So, the experiment got away."

"She surely did. We wanted to use this Caliban so he could help us track Laura."

"Excuse me?"

"That we want to-"

"I understood that part. But, did you just call her Laura?"

"Well, yes. That is her name."

"No. She doesn´t have a name." The boy stood from his chair and walked towards the scientist, who got even more nervous. "She is an experiment. A failure. She doesn´t deserve a name. She deserves a tag. And she already has one. It is X-23. One of twenty three failed experiments. One of twenty three grotesque copies of my kind."

"I…I´m sorry sir. I didn´t know-"

"I don´t care. You think she deserves a name. That´s why you even tried to correct me. And do you know what happens to those that try to stand against me?" The scientist looked at the boy´s hands and saw the emerging claws that were coming from them as a gasp escaped from his mouth and he took a step back. "What happens to those who stand against me is what happens to a tree that stands against a saw. They fall."

"Commander, no!" Was all the scientist could say as he saw how the kid started destroying his partner´s body with his claws. Blood spilled everywhere and the small office was filled with wretched screams, until silence took over it and the boy turned to look at the other scientist.

"This won´t happen with you if you follow my orders and don´t give any of those filthy experiments a name, are we clear?"


"Come again?"

"Yes commander Dakan."

North Dakota: One week later

The wind was roaring through the woods. A peaceful sound that would have eased every mind that would receive it. As the trees´ leaves gently collided with one another a new sound made itself present. It was a crackling sound, made by stones between trees and a lake. Then, after the stones stopped hitting one another and the wind stopped its roar another sound came into the atmosphere.


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