"Fuck off." Daken lashed towards the nurse that was trying to assist him, so he could start walking since the procedure. It had been one week since the blade had been merged with the mutant´s claws, making the recovery slower than anyone would have expected. "I don´t need your fucking help. I can walk by myself." The mutant kept moving slowly, his legs hurting him with every step he gave. The white coated man was still observing the development as he made notes. The he was met with the fiery gaze of the young mutant. "Why do my legs hurt? The Muramasa blade was merged in my hands, not my legs."

"Consider that the blade now does go in and out of your body, meaning it has direct contact with your blood stream, so the blood is probably adapting to the blade´s chemical constitution."

"You said that I would be fine in a week."

"I said that was the best case scenario. The Muramasa blade seems to be affecting your state. It will take more time."

"We don´t have time. We have to reach those assholes. We have to kill X-23 and Wolverine. I need them DEAD!"

"Sir…I don´t think we´ll be able to enter that Canadian mutant facility again."

"I don´t care. Once I´m fine we´ll go there and we will kill everyone if we need to!"

"But sir, that-"

"Do not fucking question me. I will kill everyone I need to kill to reach those two. I swear that they will not live long. I will end them both." The mutant started to feel the rage wailing up inside him as he imagined the two clawed mutants interacting with each other as a family, thing that made him mad. The white coated man sighed and left the room where Daken was recovering, thinking what he could do to avoid so many useless deaths by the hand of the teen. With confidence he marched towards his office, where he dialed a number and prayed for an answer, which came later on.


"Bobby, it´s me."


Logan woke up, pain coming from his chest as he stood up from the bed. "Fuck." Groaning he walked through the room, searching for the pills that the veterinarian had given him. He took a pair, hoping that the part of his body that became numb would be his chest. A rotten smell entered his nostrils before he could even leave the room. As soon as he realized the smell was coming from him Logan went towards the bathroom, grabbing clean clothes and a towel on his way there. As he felt the water pass through his body, the pill started to work, only to numb his left shoulder. "Great." Logan passed his hand through his back, feeling the immense number of scars that were now there, as well as his chest, which looked like it had been torn apart and reassembled several times. Sighing the mutant continue showering, hoping that the warm water could bring him some comfort or at least ease the pain a little bit. Suddenly his chest ached even more than before, making him grunt and sit down, water still falling on him as he passed his hand over his chest. "Jesus, this fucking sucks. I can´t even take proper shower." He tried to stand up, but failed immediately as he fell to the wet floor. Sighing he just decided that he was going to stay there until the pain was bearable enough to get up and walk. Logan took this time to think about all the things that had happened to him, at least the ones he remembered of. And every single time the X-Men were present, he saw that it made him a better person. He learned too much from every single one of them, he couldn´t even believe it. Charles taught him to live, think and feel. Jean showed him that loyalty is an aspect of life that involves confidence and support. Scott showed him that being strong implies helping those who are not. From Rouge he learned honesty and friendship. From Storm…he learned how to love and care for someone even more than you care for yourself. The X-Men were his family, and he missed every single one of the. But now, he realized that everything they showed him was with him, in the form of an eleven year old girl. Laura brought out the best in him, and he realized it. He had never been as caring with anyone, not even Storm, as he has been with Laura. He sees in here everything that this world needs. Innocence, hope, kindness, strength, boldness and bravery. She is indeed the best thing that has happened to the damaged mutant, who finally found the strength to stand up. He turned the water of and dried himself up. He was just finishing changing clothes when he heard a knock on the door. He moved slowly towards the noise, which surprisingly didn´t wake Laura up, who was sleeping on the couch that was just outside Logan´s room. Slowly he opened the door a bit so he could see who was out there, only to find a delivery man with a box in his hands.

"Hi! Good morning."


"Is this James Howlett´s house?"

"…who´s asking?"

"I have a package for you."

"A package?"

"Yeah. It seems to be some medications."

"Who ordered them?"

"I´m not allowed to say that. If you´ll be kind enough I only nned you to sign this form and the package will be officially yours."

"…fine." Hesitantly Logan opened the door and signed the form that was given to him by the young man. Closing the door Logan went to the nearest table and opened the box, which indeed contained medicines, a note above the vast amount of containers.

Use them wisely Logan. –Caliban

"Caliban. Even now you are helping me. How the duck do you know where I am?" As he questioned himself Logan missed the sound of Laura standing up from the couch and walking to be by his side. It was until she spoke that he noticed her presence beside him.

"¿Qué es so?"

"This?" Logan pointed to the box, to which Laura nodded. "Medicines."

"Medicines? Who sent it?"


"Caliban? How does he know where we are?"

"Beats me. There´s also instructions on how to take them and how many."

"Will they make you feel better?"

"…I hopes o Laura. I really hope so." Logan grabbed the box firmly as something was bothering his mind. Something dark.

They will find us. They will find us soon.


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