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Chapter One

There used to be six of us.

Now, I'm alone.




We were taken in the night, one by one. None of us remembered how we got there. All I know is when we woke up, we were each locked in our own cell. Together, the cells formed a circle, surrounding a black hole about six feet wide. Each of us had an inch-thick mat for a bed and a thin blanket. The only light came from small, square cut-outs in the roof of each cell. There were no doors and no way of telling what the holes' purposes were—that was until two nights later, when the yelling and screaming started.

The darkness arrives, and with it comes the nightmares. And with the nightmares comes the agonizing pain—both mental and physical—and the cries for mercy. I've only had one so far, but I won't be spared tonight. Of their chosen pool, they—whoever "they" are—have no one else here to drain from.

The darkness took over the minds of the others and won their souls.

I don't want to think about what the next nightmare will be. Thinking about it paralyzes me with fear. They feed on fear, you see, giving life to the unseen demon that they are. I don't know how strong I can stay or if I should even try at all. Based on everything I've heard—the screams, the cries, the torture—death is inevitable; I can feel it deep in my bones.

Night fall nears, and I'm exhausted. I haven't showered since I woke up in this hell, and the dirt floor, stale air, and the bathroom situation do nothing to help the stench. One thing still amazes me: my ability to go nose-blind, and no longer able to smell the foulness of this place.

I curl up in the fetal position on my mat and cover myself, getting as comfortable as I can. There's no heat to keep me warm during these early October days and nights. I try to stay awake as long as possible, but soon, I can't keep my eyes open, and I drift off to sleep.


I must be dreaming now, because I'm walking with my ex. It's more like a memory of when we were on good terms. It was a night four years ago, and the temperature was quite like recent nights, only I had him and a coat to keep me warm.

We were walking down the street from the theater when he stopped and turned to me, pulling me in for a kiss. I was surprised for only a moment, and then I relaxed into his embrace … but only slightly. The same embrace that always calmed me and gave me support and protection, felt off for some reason. I was trying to figure it out when I felt a presence behind me.

Just like that, the blissful memory fades, and a terrifying scene unfolds in my mind.

I pulled away and turned my head to look. Before I registered who was standing there, hands slipped around my throat, squeezing and constricting my airway from behind. A figure in a ski-mask stood before me, doing nothing but staring me down, while my ex was unrelenting in his goal to suffocate me. How did he move behind me so fast without my noticing? I scratched and pulled at his hands, but nothing worked. My cold hands started going numb and I could hear my quickening pulse in my ears as I gasped for air. My knees buckled and my vision started to narrow and darken. The stranger's pure black eyes continued to stare down into my soul, seemingly trying to damn it to a specific Circle of Hell.

I wake, coughing and gasping for air. I can still feel the hands on my neck, fingers pressing into my pressure points and wind pipe. I continue coughing and massaging my sore neck.

I don't fall back to sleep again, scared of what I may dream of next. I need to stay busy, stay sane … stay positive. I start drawing flowers, smiley faces, stars … anything easy and mundane.

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