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"That proves you are unusual," returned the Scarecrow; "and I am convinced that the only people worthy of consideration in this world are the unusual ones. For the common folks are like the leaves of a tree, and live and die unnoticed." ― L. Frank Baum

Chapter 10: A not so normal life

When Imogen had been younger she used to believe in anything relating to the supernatural. Fairy tales especially. Her father used to be the one to tell them to her. Which was understandable considering that between Imogen's parents her father was the one who held the most imagination. Her mother was more of a realist and didn't like such immature nonsense (that's what she called it). Her father, however, was the complete opposite. He was always more on the jovial and whimsical side of things. A familial trait Imogen now knew he had inherited from his mother Agatha. The older woman no doubted was the one who told him the same tales he had told his daughter. Whether or not this was true, Imogen still felt the most closest to him than with her mother.

Her father used to speak in such a energized way when he told these taleshence why she always liked listening to whatever he had to say. The stories (tales) he told were very interesting. Whether it was about a princess and a prince, or one about some mythological creature. Imogen liked all of them. And no matter how stupid they may have sounded to others (her mother especially thought so), Imogen at that young age had a strange fascination and believed in them.

Sadly Imogen's belief for the supernatural changed as she got older.

Her mother's constant lecturing on how her father's stories were asinine finally got to her. The raven haired girl realized that her father's tales were in fact just tales. They were fiction, meaning she shouldn't take them seriously. No matter how much Imogen wanted to believe fairies, mermaids (mermaids were her favorite), dragons, and etc were real she just couldn't. Imogen needed to live in the real world...like her mother had told her. She figured overall that listening to her mother would be the best thing to do...so she did. Imogen though continued to like anything supernatural based...movies, books, TV shows but she no longer believed in them. She grew out of that childlike wonder.

Now what Imogen didn't know was that there was a bigger reason as to why her mother wanted her father to stop telling her those tales of his. She wanted her daughter to be raised normally, with her have nothing to do with the supernatural. The less intrigue and curiosity Imogen had for supernatural the better it was for her. She did not want the dreaded O'Dwyer giftor curse is more like itthat was probably thrown upon Imogen to be known by her daughter. A curse that she hoped would never rightfully appear in Imogen's life just like it hadn't appeared in her husband's. Imogen's father was lucky to be spared from such burden...and she hoped Imogen would be too.

Unfortunately, Imogen hadn't been as lucky as her father. At the end of the day Imogen's mother worst nightmare ended up coming true. That car accident they had been in was the trigger for everything that was now occurring within Imogen. And that misfortune of having such a curse be put on her was something Imogen was going to figure out soon.

It's been a few days now since that eventful day during lunch. When Peter opened up a new world to her. Well, technically not a new world since it was a world Imogen had closed the door on years ago. The supernatural world. Despite everything appearing normal on the outside it wasn't really. It didn't show on the outside of things but everything was surely different now. At least for Imogen it was. Her skepticism from before was now going away bit by bit.

It still shocked her greatly by what she had found out about Peter. Her friend Peter. The boy who had been kind enough to befriend and trust her with a serious secret. A secret that was about how he was apparently a werewolf. She still had yet to see any visible proof about him being that creature, but even without actual proof she found herself without a doubt believing him. In fact, Imogen found herself believing him the same way she had believed her dad when she heard him share those tales of his with her. She just had a gut feeling that Peter wasn't lying.

Aside from finding out that her one and only friend was a werewolf, there was also the fact that she was something else. As Peter had said to her, she wasn't entirely human. As if that hadn't freaked her out there was also the knowledge that she had no idea what she was. Within those days that have passed, Imogen found herself on more than one occasion actually contemplating talking to her grandmother about this. Maybe she would be able to help in some way. However, her shyness and paranoia got the better of her. A little voice inside her kept saying her grandmother would never believe her and think she was a nutcase...and maybe she was...but she didn't want to be called such a thing by her grandmother. Imogen already had enough taunts from her classmates and the rest of the town folk. No...she decided she needed to figure what she was on her own.

Well...it wasn't like she was completely alone. Imogen had Peter she could talk to. He made it perfectly clear that she could rely on him. Except there really wasn't much the brown shaggy haired boy could say in order to sooth her worry about what she was since he completely clueless as well. He, however, knew for certain that they could rule out her being a witch. He did explain to her that his cousin Destiny was a witch, and that Imogen didn't exhibit any signs or even auras of being one. So that was a start.

Although in a way Imogen wished she was a witch instead of not knowing what she. Despite the endless bullying she received over it since arriving to Hemlock Grove, not knowing what she was cause her even more emotional pain. The raven haired girl now had a obsessed need to find answers...and she was going to find them alright.

Which is why she was doing research at the moment. It was lunch time but Imogen's usual hunger during this time was not present. The seventeen year old had meant to do this sooner but she hadn't gotten the nerve to even type out a single letter on the school's keyboard. That was before her obsessed need took over and now she could no longer stay back and not seek the truth.

There was still a sinking feeling in her stomach when she sat down but that did nothing to lessen her determination. Once making her self comfortable the first thing Imogen typed out on the school computer using the keyboard was: What does it mean when you dream about someone dying?

That right away got her lots of results.

The fist few were websites that showed up didn't catch her interest or didn't help at all. It wasn't until she scrolled down that her attention was caught. Narrowing her dark eyes she clicked on the link and it right away sent her to a website about psychic abilities. The title almost made her scoff. Psychic abilities? Yeah right... but she stopped herself from doing so. No matter how silly it sounded she couldn't rule out any possibilities. Any bemusement she felt all went away as soon as she read what was posted on the front page of that website.

There are those that believe dreaming about someone's death is a bad omen. Usually meaning that the person whom you've dreamed of dying is going to die in real life sometime soon. However this is just a theory and not based on logic and should not be entertained. It is important to remember that dreams are usually based on something that people have experienced recently, whether that experience is good or bad.

Imogen stared at the computer screen blinking every so often, taking everything she had just read. That last sentence got to her more than the first three. Whether that experience is good or bad? Imogen didn't experience anything good with the nightmares she has had. However what she saw in her nightmare with Brooke felt real...like she had been there. Why did it feel like that? That real life like feeling of Brooke dying in her nightmare is why she woke up a screaming frantic mess. With that in mind Imogen found herself typing out the next thing she wanted to know.

Which was: What does it mean when you scream during a nightmare?

After Imogen finished typing and pressing the search button, she without even putting much thought just clicked on the first result she saw. With studious eyes she then began to read what was now displayed on screen.

To scream while having a nightmare could mean lots of things. The first being that your screaming symbolizes anger and fear. You are expressing some powerful emotion which you have kept pent up inside. It could also mean you are suffering from night terrors. Though night terrors can be alarming for those who witness them, they're not usually cause for concern or a sign of a deeper medical issue.

Imogen let out a sigh. Great...so she could be having night terrors. That still didn't explain this knowing feeling she would get at times. She figured that definitely had something to do with what she supposedly was. With goosebumps now appearing on her sweater covered arms she hurriedly typed out: What are some supernatural creatures that see death before it happens?

The very first thing that popped up at the top of the search results was some strange looking word.


Imogen frowned getting a unknown feeling sink into her stomach as she read that word inside her head over and over again. She didn't really know what to fully expect when typing out this specific question but this last result certainly had her going through multiple muddled loops. The seventeen year old had never heard of that word before...so why did it sound so familiar to her? She was about to click on the link for further reading when a distinct male voice entered her ears.

"Doing some light research, I see."

Hearing that familiar voice made Imogen jump in her seat. She quickly exited out the web browser she was on, completely forgetting about her research momentarily. She made sure to compose her surprised state and plastered on glare when she turned around in her seat. She normally wouldn't put on such an annoyed expression given her shy nature, but she knew exactly who was behind her...and it wasn't someone she was particularly fond of.

"What do you want?" Imogen asked when she saw Roman Godfrey standing behind her. Despite how firm she was projecting her voice, inside she was panicking a bit. She hoped that he hadn't really seen what exactly she had been researching. It would have been embarrassing if she had to come up with some rational reason as to why she was looking this sort of stuff up. Although even if he did see it she really had no obligation to talk to him about it. The last thing Imogen wanted to do right now was to engage in a full conversation with Roman of all people about her sudden need to know her supernatural self. He would have thought she losing her damn mind.

Roman's intense staring on her didn't waver. Neither did the small impish grin he had on. Clearly his unexpected interruption had caused the raven haired girl great annoyance. Which didn't bother him in the slightest. He hadn't thoroughly seen what she had been looking up on the computer but whatever it had been greatly interested her because she had been so focused that she hadn't heard him come her way. And there was a reason why he had been trying to find the mousy looking girl. Not that finding her was a troublesome task. There wasn't that many places Imogen could be during school time. If she hadn't been hiding in one of her scheduled classrooms or out in the back that meant she was in the library.

"You've been avoiding me." Roman finally said to her. The way he spoke sounded cool and nonchalant. However, deep down Roman was curious to hear her response. For him it did feel like the O'Dwyer girl had been avoiding him these days few days, and he felt that Peter had something to do with it. Roman had been noticing how Imogen and the Rumancek boy had been growing closer with each other based on the amount of time he had seen the teens together during their school breaks. At first it didn't really bother Roman...but now he wasn't so sure. It just felt like he was being left out from something...dare he say important. Plus there was also the truth that Roman wanted the alone time Peter was getting with Imogen for himself.

What he said made Imogen's glare fall apart. "No, I haven't." She answered now frowning a little. In her mind she hadn't been avoiding the Godfrey boy. It was kind of hard to do so when she shared classes with him. Sure she kept their conversations in class short but she hadn't been avoiding him as he had told her.

Roman narrowed his green eyes at her response. This time his grin did falter as he spoke. "Yes, you have."

Imogen let out a exasperated sigh. It appeared that he wasn't about to let this go and she was getting tired of sitting and having to crane her neck up to look at him. She got up from her seat and grabbed her backpack. Even now as she stood to her full height she still had to look up to meet his gaze. Damn him and his height. At least it wasn't uncomfortable as when she had been sitting down. "What are you talking about?" She found herself asking him. "I've been going to class." And she had been doing so. Imogen hadn't skipped class again like she had done been recently. She couldn't afford to keep missing class. Not if she wanted to keep her grades up and maintain a good grade point average. The seventeen year old needed to have good grades in order to get a scholarship and go to a good university.

"But you haven't kept in touch with me." Roman dryly elaborated. Despite bringing the point up he did his best to sound nonchalant about the whole ordeal. Hence why he used a bored tone of voice.

"Well, sorry I haven't been dedicating every single second of my life to you." Imogen replied rolling her eyes. It amazed and bewildered her how when talking to Roman her more acerbic side came out. A side she didn't even knew existed until rightfully meeting the Godfrey boy. If it had been anyone else she probably would have been her usual shy and quiet self. Except when speaking to her grandmother or Peter. With them she wasn't shy...but she also wasn't as caustic as she was with Roman. "I apologize for that. I really do." She sarcastically said to him.

The way she spoke in that hard tone of voice got Roman to grin again. The O'Dwyer girl really was easy to mess with. He just loved that. "God." Roman suddenly chortled. "I really did miss these nice conversations between us, Immy." After saying that he waited for the reaction he knew he was going to get for calling her by that nickname. He was mildly disappointed though when she didn't roll her eyes at him or even formed her facial features into a glare.

Imogen had to stop herself from snapping at him for using that ridiculous nickname he had insisted on calling her. That's how he had been addressing her for the last few days. She doubted he was going to stop anytime soon. Even with the obvious dislike she made towards the nickname...he didn't stop. Imogen had a feeling he was waiting for her typical upset reaction right about now. Well if that was the case he was about to be disappointed because that wasn't going to happen right now. Instead she breathed in and out before calming down. "What are you really doing here?" She placidly asked, turning the conversation around. Imogen raised her eyebrows slightly. "Was is just to tell me all that?" She doubted that was the real reason he was in the library. In the amount of time Imogen's been at the high school she's never once seen Roman in the library. Why now of all times?

Roman still felt disappointed that he wasn't able to get an ardent reaction out of her. He wasn't down the dumps for long because he knew another way he could get Imogen to react. Although this way guaranteed a flustered reaction instead of an annoyed one, but he had no problems with that whatsoever. Roman always liked it whenever she got red in the face anyways. Stepping closer towards her, Roman carelessly eyed her up and down. Even with the baggy clothing she had on and her slightly unkempt hair he couldn't help but be lured in by her. There was just something about Imogen O'Dwyer that made Roman Godfrey want to have her more than any of the other girls he had come across with. Looking down into her dark eyes with his green eyes he spoke...ever so lowly. "What if it was?" He asked her.

Imogen gulped feeling the heat rising to her cheeks. His closeness made her take a step back. This action caused her bottom to touch the computer desk. Her stance faltered for a few seconds before she was able to look at Roman's way again. "Well, congratulations you told me. Mission accomplished." After saying this she inwardly reprimanded herself for being easily affected by closeness. Although to be honest her sudden shyness really had to do more with Roman's intense staring and that voice of his. Imogen had been momentarily mesmerized by it. She however knew better. She really needed to get it together. She had to keep telling herself this was Roman Godfrey. He wasn't someone she should be longing over for. Not that she longed over anyone these days...or ever really.

Roman wanted to continue to his flirtatious actions to make her blush even more but he decided to spare her. Mainly because they were in a public setting and he noticed that the librarian had been keeping a close eye on them now. He leaned slightly back to give her more personal space. He watched in amusement as Imogen scurried towards where the free space was at. "You should look for my cousin." Roman finally spoke, telling her the other reason as to why he had been trying to find her. "She's been trying to find you."

Once Imogen found her comfort zone (away from Roman), she processed what he just said. "Letha?" She questioned furrowing her eyebrows. "Why?" Despite Letha being nice to her during her period episode, Imogen didn't think the pretty blonde would want to openly talk to her again.

Roman didn't say anything. He just looked at her as he shrugged his shoulders. The secretive expression he had on did nothing to sooth Imogen from her bemusement.

Great. Imogen sighed. It appeared that she needed to figure out another mystery. This one being as to why Letha was looking for her. "Alright...well, thanks for informing me." Imogen hurriedly said to Roman before she passed him. She felt goosebumps cover her arms again when one of her hands grazed his own momentarily when she walked by.

A smirk appeared onto Roman's face when she felt her hand touch his. He knew it was an accident from her part, but he was still glad the action happened. The raven haired girl didn't glance towards him, she just kept walking. Before she was too far away from him, Roman spoke again wanting to get the last say in their conversation. His voice took a sarcastic tone that matched hers from before.

"Bye, Immy."

Imogen paused in her steps when she heard him call her that. She didn't need to turn around to know he had a smirk on that handsome face of his. Shaking her head, Imogen decided to take the high ground again. Getting a hold of herself, she took out her iPod as she continued to walk away. The raven haired girl was in desperate need to listen to some David Bowie right about now. His music always made things better...and Imogen at the moment needed that equanimity. Especially after talking to Roman.

It surprisingly didn't take long for Imogen to find Letha. The peppy blonde had been waiting by her locker. Which surprised Imogen since she didn't know that Letha was aware of where her locker was located at. Guess she must have asked the office. Or maybe Roman told her. Imogen had a feeling the second option was the right answer to that.

As Imogen approached her locker she took out her earbuds right in the middle of David Bowie's song of Space Oddity. She needed to remind herself to listen to the full song again later on in the day.

Letha's face brighten up when she caught sight of the raven haired girl. "Imogen! Hi!" She happily exclaimed. Her blue eyes shined as she spoke.

Imogen couldn't help but return the smile back. The blonde's bubbly energy was slowly making its way onto her now. "Hey, Letha. So, Roman said you wanted to talk to me?" She asked deciding to get the point.

Letha's smile fell a little and a worried look started to settle. She looked her over before asking the question that had been running around her mind. "How have you been?"

Imogen shrugged her shoulders trying to appear strong and unaffected. "I've been okay." That was a huge lie. Except it wasn't like she could tell Letha the truth. The blonde would have probably told her that she needed professional help...or something along the lines of that. Not that Imogen would blame her if she were to tell her any of that. Sometimes she did feel like she could use some professional help. But doesn't everyone think so at some point in their life? Especially during the adolescent age.

Letha's bright smile returned. "I'm glad to hear that." Her voice then turned softer but excitement was still there. "So, listen. We should hang out."

Imogen's face twisted into disbelief. "I'm sorry...what?" Were her ears playing trick on her or did Letha Godfrey really just say that?

Letha laughed at seeing the raven haired girl's surprised reaction. "I said we should hang out. The two of us."

Imogen blinked. "Uh...why?"

"Because I think we'd get along pretty well. Don't you?" Letha asked her. She saw how Imogen's features were taking all sorts of expressions. The main one being puzzlement.

"We haven't really had that many interactions together." Imogen bluntly pointed out.

That did nothing to lessen Letha's want to form a friendship with her. "Okay, well with the ones we've had wouldn't you say we get along fairly well?"

Imogen stammered this time. It looked like Letha was being completely serious about them hanging out together. "I mean, sure, I-I guess."

Letha tilted her head a bit. "What is it?" She asked when she saw the fierce thinking face Imogen had on now.

"It's just that we're total opposites of each other." Imogen bashfully said. Not to mention Letha was a total beauty and she in return was not. Imogen, however, decided not to mention that part out-loud.

Letha saw no faults with what she said. "So, we don't have to be alike in order to be friends."

She had a point there. People didn't necessarily have to be the same in order for a friendship to form. Wait a minute...she said friends. Imogen's face morphed into a vulnerable expression now. "You want to be friends with me?" She thankfully had Peter as a friend and that was great, but to actually have a friend of the same gender as her...well, that would be even better. For Imogen at least. She was never one to have friends who were girls. Not even when she lived back in San Francisco.

Letha nodded her head. "Of course I want to be friends with you." She looked Imogen before another smile made its way onto her face again. "So what do you say? Do you accept my request to be friends?"

Imogen stared at the blonde in awe before she was able to give her a single nod.

"Great!" Letha exclaimed gaining attention from a few of the students that were lingering the halls. The blonde, however, paid no attention to them. All of her focus was onto Imogen. "As a proper introduction to our new friendship I know exactly what we should do first. Go shopping for the Homecoming Dance."

"But that's weeks away from now." Imogen protested lightly. For some reason Homecoming this year was going to be on Halloween. Imogen's all time favorite holiday...the second being Christmas.

Letha shrugged her shoulders. "It's never too early for shopping. Besides since it's on Halloween it's themed this year. We get to wear costumes!"

Imogen bit the inside of her right cheek softly. A tick of hers she has been doing since she was a young girl. She wanted to hang out with Letha now that she told her she wanted to be her friend. But to go to a dance at school? It wasn't like she hated dances. Imogen would go to them every now and then back when she lived in San Francisco. In fact the last one Imogen had gone to was an eighties themed dance...and it was fun. Imogen however doubted that she would have fun at the dance here at Hemlock Grove. Not when she knew the majority of the students at the school hated her. "I don't know." She said lowering her eyes.

"Do you already have plans?" Letha asked, curious. When Imogen kept quiet she softly added, "What are you doing to do then? Watch horror movies all night."

That got Imogen to lift up her gaze. "Well...yeah. I do that basically every year now." Which was true. Usually Imogen stayed in for Halloween. She hadn't gone trick-or-treating since she was thirteen and still lived in San Francisco. And ironically enough the last time Imogen dressed up she had gone as a witch. The tradition for her now was to watch the horror movie marathon that ran on the AMC channel. Imogen would watch whatever movie was playing or even The Walking Dead marathon. Which she had to admit she liked very much. A night in on Halloween watching scary movies sounded heavenly to her. Except given the recent tragic events that have happened, Imogen wasn't really in the mood to watch horror movies. Not anytime soon, anyways. So maybe doing something else would be better. Imogen just wasn't sure going to the dance would be a good replacement.

"Come on..." Letha spoke again, brightly. "Don't you want to get all dolled up and dance? Maybe dance with someone special." She said gently bumping her elbow with Imogen's. When the raven haired girl didn't react to that, Letha sighed. "I'm sure there's somebody in this school you find good looking enough to dance with."

Imogen pursed her lips, thoughtful. "Aesthetically overall I do think people are good looking, but for the most part of my seventeen years of living I haven't become attached to someone romantically or even physically." She simply informed Letha, not at all embarrassed about her lack of romantic or sexual experience. "So no...there's no one in specific I would want to dance with." She added the last sentence rather rapidly when she saw the bewildered look Letha now had.

Letha found her wording to be quite bemusing. She hardly ever heard someone speak the way Imogen did. Well, actually she did. In a way Imogen reminded Letha of the character Spencer Reid from the show Criminal Minds. They both just always had something interesting to say. It was strangely refreshing to actually know someone like that in real life. Sure the raven haired girl was different, but it was the good type of different. "Well, there's a first time for everything, right?" Letha replied once recovering from her bemusement.

Imogen shrugged her shoulders. "I suppose." Though she really doubted she was ever going to find someone who'd she actually want to engage in romantic and intimate activities. Especially not since she was very self-conscious of her scars. Imogen assumed the day she had sex with someone was the day the earth was going to explode.

"Is that a yes then?" Letha asked hoping Imogen would agree to go already.

Imogen sighed. "I wouldn't even know what to wear..." She tried to excuse herself but even to her it sounded pretty lame.

"Well, like I said it's Halloween themed." Letha explained again. "So buy a costume. Simple as that. There this pretty cool costume shop in town. I'm sure we can both find something that we'll like there."

No...not so simple as that. Not when one has scars all over their arms, shoulders, and backside. That was the challenge when it came to dressing up. Not that Imogen ever dressed up now a days. It was this reason that made Imogen refuse Letha's offer to go. Her response got stuck in her throat when she saw the way Letha was now looking at her.

Letha was giving her a pleading expression. "Please." Her blue eyes were wide and filled with soft emotions. Her bottom lip was trembling just slightly.

Damn...she was really good at that. A few more seconds passed before Imogen finally caved. She huffed. "I mean, if you'll help me pick something out...then sure, I'll go." She figured there must be a costume of some sorts at the shop that would hide her scars.

"Great! We can go shopping sometime this week. I'll let you know when. " Letha smiled overjoyed. "I'll go to tell Roman the good news." She announced with a spring in her steps.

That made alarm bells go off in Imogen's head. "Roman?" She asked. Her voice wavering not only from sudden surprise but from annoyance that was now starting to consume her.

Letha was not at all aware of either of those emotions Imogen was feeling. She just smiled, pleased. "Yeah, he's our ride." She informed her and then started to walk down the school hallway.

Imogen felt her stomach turn as she watched Letha's retreating form. Roman was going to drive them? The O'Dwyer girl's fear of being in a car was momentarily forgotten. No, all Imogen could think about was how she was about to spend more time with Roman. Granted Letha was going to be there with them but that still wasn't something Imogen was looking forward to.

She let out a huff running a hand through her tangled locks. Great...just when she had been doing well in blocking Roman out of her life this happens to her.

Imogen concluded that the universe really liked messing with her.