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Naruto was exhausted. No he was more than just that, he was dead tired. His body ached, and he felt sore in every part of his body. Even places that he didn't know could be sore were just that.

Naruto had just fought in the greatest battle of his life against the leader of the Akatsuki Pein. He had gone all out, having to resort to using both his newly acquired Sage mode as well as the Kyuubi's chakra to win. The battle had been hard, but Naruto pushed through the pain (No pun intended), used every ounce of power he could muster, as well as the Kyuubi's as well, pushing his body to the limit. But even with their combined might they barely won the battle.

Naruto looked around and saw all the destruction to his village. About a third of the village was destroyed. The people were alive due to Pein's resurrection jutsu, but the damage had been done. He had tried to keep the destruction to a minimum, but he was just one man, and he couldn't be everywhere at once. It would take time to rebuild what was destroyed in the attack, and Naruto would help rebuild the village. Maybe if he was lucky, the civilians as well as the shinobi of the village would come to accept him now. But before he did that, there was a young woman's feelings he had to return.

Naruto set out to find one Hinata Hyuga and tell her how he felt about her. During the fight with Pein, she confessed her love for him as well as took a blade to the heart to save him. Naruto may be a lot of things in life, but he was far from the idiot that people portray him as. He knew about love, for he had craved it from anyone who he could get it from. He got it in small doses from a few people, and those moments he cherished with all his heart, While he looked for her, he was brought up to speed by the conversations he heard from the people of Konoha on what was happening. It seemed like the Hokage Tsunade was in a coma due to one of Pein's jutsus in the previous battle. Jiraiya was alive as well with all his limbs intact, but he was going to be in the hospital for a few months before he was going to be up and about for active duty. While they were both out of commission, the Clan Heads, as well as the Civilian Council were having a mandatory meeting on who would become the temporary Rokudaime Hokage, and Naruto knew it would take those people a while to come to a conclusion to that debate. It had always been that way as far as he could remember.

Naruto searched nearly the whole village until he found Hinata. She was training at one of the training grounds, working hard to get stronger so not to repeat the defeat at the hands of Pein. He walked up to her and they talked for some time about life, and the future. The entire time, Hinata was trying her hardest not to faint from the close proximity to her crush. It was there that Naruto returned her feelings, and it was on this day that they made love for the first time...

The next few months went by quickly, but Naruto couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong. The cold stares of hatred had returned to the faces of everyone around him. He hadn't even seen Hinata for the last few weeks. When he asked about her whereabouts, he was told that she went on a long term mission.

Last month, the new Hokage was named, and to his dismay it was Danzo. Naruto never liked Danzo. He couldn't put his finger on it, but Naruto always trusted his instincts, and they were screaming bad news about this man. Naruto completed D-rank mission after D-rank mission to help collect the money to pay to repair the village. He did this for weeks, but over time it just got tedious.

A few days after he stopped working on constant D-rank missions, Naruto was walking away from the Hokage Tower. During the fight with Pein, the fragments of his parents souls had appeared to him to help him fight off Pein. When they were done fighting, they had taken the time to talk to Naruto before they disappeared. He learned of his heritage as the son of Minato Namikaze. When he learned the truth, he was furious. He had lived poorly his whole life, barely surviving on scraps of food since he was but a child. And now here he was, told that not only was he not the pathetic offspring of a nameless weak shinobi and a whore, but he was also entitled to the entirety of both the Namikaze and Uzumaki fortunes. He had been living in a condemned apartment building, when he had a huge furnished house to go to. He had gone directly to the Councils and demanded that they give him his inheritance, but they gave him a bunch of political bullshit to deny his claims on what was rightfully his. He would keep trying but he could tell that the Council was getting annoyed at his persistence on the matter. And Naruto was persistent. He would claim what was rightfully his one way or another. Every time he tried to go to the Namikaze clan house, he was always stopped by the elite forces of Konoha, the ANBU. It was infuriating him to no end.

It had been 4 months since the Pein incident, and his instincts were still going haywire. He couldn't understand why though. Tsunade was no longer in a coma, but it would be some time before she would be able to leave the hospital.

Naruto had heard that Hinata was back in Konoha and went out in search for her. As he did, he couldn't help but feel happiness enter his heart. For even if the majority of the village's population hated his guts for something that was not his fault, at least he had a loving girlfriend to warm his heart. He searched all over the village and was about to give up looking for her when he found her at his apartment.

"Hinata, where have you been? I've been worried about you for a while now."

"I've just been at my Clan's Compound for a while, but I have great news." Said Hinata.

"What news?"

"I'm pregnant!"

This left Naruto in a completely shocked state. He truly didn't know what to say. He was overjoyed at the wonderful news. He was to be a father of all things. He never truly believed he would become a father.

"We must celebrate this wonderful news. Let's go eat some ramen!"

"Ah Naruto, never change."

So they set out for the Ichiraku ramen stand. To Naruto, this was like a second home to him. This place was the only place that would sell him food when he was younger. Sometimes they would even give him free food when he couldn't afford to pay for his meal. The owner Teuchi and his daughter Ayame were like family to him. When they arrived and told them the good news, they were happy. Then they started making tons of ramen, since they knew about Naruto's large appetite.

In all of the celebration and bliss of the news of becoming a father, he failed to notice Hinata nod towards Ayame. While Naruto wasn't looking, she pulled out a small vial from her sleeve and added a few drops to the next bowl of ramen.

Naruto kept eating his ramen with relish, but that's when he noticed that his senses were getting dull. It seemed like the more he ate the sleepier he got. But by the time he noticed what was happening, it was too late. His eyes closed and sleep caught up to him.

When he woke up, he had a massive headache. He tried to move, but found out that his arms and legs were bound to the floor. He tried to use his chakra, but he couldn't. It was probably sealed away with seals, but it was too dark to see if he was.

"How the mighty have fallen"

"Who's there?" Shouted Naruto.

All of a sudden the lights turned on. Naruto winced from the sudden brightness. When his eyes adjusted to the light, what he saw was the sneering form of Danzo.

"Know your place brat. You will show me the respect I deserve"

"And exactly what type of respect do you deserve you shriveled up old fossil?"

After he said that, Danzo backhanded him across the face.

"Was that supposed to hurt? Word of advice, become a masseuse. Your soft ass hands could help a lot of people relax. Maybe give them a happy ending."

Once again he was slapped across the face.

"Thank you sir, may I have another?"

This time Danzo hit him hard with his cane.

"Third times the charm?"

"Enough! I don't have all day to deal with you. That's why I have the I & T for." Answered Danzo with a sneer.

"Yeah, but when my friends realize that I'm gone, they will find me."

As he said that, Danzo broke out into laughter. Naruto looked at the elderly man in confusion.

"What's so funny?"

"What you have just said you brat. That is by far the funniest thing I have heard in a long time. A demon with friends. Why the very notion is absurd."

"But I do have friends. The rest of the Rookie 12 are my friends."

"Is that what you believe? If you do, then by Kami they are greater actors then I have given them credit for."

"What?" Asked Naruto, who was shocked at this revelation.

"They were never your friends you idiot. They only pretended to like you under orders from their parents. All the pain you suffered was orchestrated by us to install an unwavering sense of loyalty into your tiny brain. From the moment you were born, we had your life planned out for you. Then when all seemed hopeless, these so called friends would befriend you to keep you controllable. We know you too well, from your strengths to your weaknesses. Since you would go far out of the way to keep your friends, we used that knowledge to control you. But current events have changed the situation. We no longer need you, so we are cutting our losses and sealing you away like the plague upon humanity that you are."

"Danzo, when I get out of here..."

"But you will not, for we are going to break you. In every sense of the word. We are going to break every part of you, let the demon heal you, then repeat the process again and again. In the end, you will be broken boy. My shinobi will see to that."

After he said that, he left the room. And that was when the torture began...

First came Anko with her many sick twisted tortures, who laughed the entire time she was carving into his skin. Stating how by hurting him, that she was finally being accepted in the village. When Naruto tried to open his mouth in protest, she grabbed his tongue and chopped it off. Then she took red hot rusty nails and jammed them through his lips. Effectively sealing his mouth shut, Every wince of pain made her laugh. Every cut made her feel alive. It felt like an eternity of pure agonizing pain for Naruto. During the course of his agony, the nails had ripped out of his mouth due to him having to scream. But finally she was finished with him. But the torture was far from over...

Next to get her pound of flesh was Kurenai. She didn't stay long. All she did was cut his genitals off with a rusty knife. She sneered at him for every agonizing second he felt the blade cut through his flesh. When it was nearly cut off, she ripped it off with enough force to detach it. She laughed as she showed it to him before she threw it on the ground and burned it with a fire jutsu. She punched him in the face and told him to burn in hell for defiling her student Hinata...

After her came Iruka and Kakashi. They didn't inflict any physical pain, but left him even more emotionally scared with their words. They told him that his parents would be ashamed that he went against the villages plan for him. That the very notion that he thought for a moment that he was entitled happiness was treasonous. They called him a failure as both a shinobi, as well as a human being...

Next came Jiraiya. He spent hours on end literally beating him within an inch of his life. He had his name removed form the toad contract and laughed at him. He kept telling him that all he had to do in life was follow the plan set out for him, but since he rebelled and ruined it in many ways over the years, that they had to resort to such extreme measures. The last thing he did was charge up a Rasengan and jammed it into Naruto's chest. He left while Naruto healed the damage caused by the attack, coughing out blood all over the floor...

It was a few days until the next group of people came in. And before him stood 10 of the Rookies. They all laughed at him. Called him a demon and a baka. But at this point it fell on deaf ears, for he had heard worse. They then proceeded to torture him in their own various ways. It lasted for hours, but compared to what Anko did to hi, it felt fairly tame in comparison. As he saw them leaving the room, he saw Hinata and just asked her one word.


"Why? For my own reasons that you will never know." She responded with a sneer that would make her father very proud.

"I thought you loved me."

"Oh Naruto," she said, getting real close to his face, "no one has ever loved you, nor will they ever love you. You are going to die alone and I'm going to enjoy life. Goodbye forever you worthless demon." She said, kicking him square in his newly regrown and freshly healed balls. Since it had only just healed fully, the nerves were especially sensitive, amplifying the pain tenfold.

When she left, what little remained of Naruto's heart shattered into nothingness...

It was a week later that Naruto would receive his final visitor. Tsunade Senju, the former hokage, Naruto had learned while in prison that Danzo had taken control and become the permanent hokage while Tsunade was still recovering from the coma she came out of.

"Why are you here old hag?"

"I see that the daily torture sessions have done nothing about respecting your betters." She said with a scowl.

"My betters? Who would that be? You? Cause you are no better than the rest of the filth that have the honor to call this cesspool of a village home."

Tsunade punched him hard across the face, knocking out 3 of his teeth. It took a minute for the vision to return to his eye after the blow to the head, but now all he heard was ringing in his ears.

"You are just like your mother and the rest of the Uzumaki."

"And what the fuck do you mean by that granny?"

"I would tell you Naruto, really I would, but I would much rather prefer you spend the rest of your miserable life sealed away wondering what I could have meant."

"So once again you are gambling, and we all know your luck with gambling you old bitch." Said Naruto with pure rage emanating off his person. It was so thick, you could nearly visibly see it.

"And in what way am I gambling?"

"You are gambling with your life on the line. I will escape from this prison that this village put me in. And when I do, I will train day in and day out, until I acquire the power needed to come back here and burn this village to the ground with its so called Will of Fire. I will slaughter you all, leaving no survivors to what I will unleash. And when every man, woman, and child is dead, when the last screams of the people have been silenced permanently, I will kill you! And your death will not be quick, it will be slow, agonizing and painful, for I will rip that jewel right of your old wrinkly body and force feed to you. And while my fist is down your throat, I will burn you ALIVE!" Screamed Naruto, mustering every ounce of rage he could yell at her.

At first Tsunade looked at him in fear, but then it turned back to a sneer.

"Empty threats from a sealed demon are hollow."

"I will break free you senile old bitch."

"I don't see how you possibly could get out of this situation."

"I'm an Uzumaki, like my mother before me. We accomplish the impossible all the time, why should this be any different?"

"Because there are more fail safes to keep you locked up forever then you could possibly imagine."

As she said that, she stabbed Naruto in the back with numerous needles attached to tubes of various colors coming out the wall.

"These tubes will provide your body all the nutrients it will need to survive. We can't have you starving to death now can we? No, we have plans for you. But until then, enjoy the darkness for the rest of your life."

After that, she left...

Since that day, there had been no new visitors...

Nothing but darkness with no light, not even a glimmer...