(A/N: Here it is, as so many people were waiting for, now is the time for Hinata to suffer the wrath of Sol Uzumaki. I took the idea of how to torture her from an episode from Rick and Morty, but the question is can you tell exactly what it is? That show is great and I give credit to them for the idea, but I thought it would be perfect for what I had planned for her)

Sol walked out of his new home feeling refreshed like never before. It had taken him a full week, but he had finally built himself a dream home that was sealed up so that whenever he finally finished repairing Whirlpool to its former glory, he could pack it up easily. He also made sure to soundproof a few of the rooms that him and his lovers liked to get frisky in. His son even had a room all to himself and was perfectly healthy after Sol took the time to make sure everything was all right physically as well as mentally. He introduced his son to his lovers and introduced them all to him as his many mothers, which he accepted without hesitation. He grew up without a family and now not only did he have a father, but eight mothers (Koyuki having joined the growing harem shortly after his return to Kumo, with Mei Terumi joining up shortly afterwards after overhearing what a stud Sol was and wanted to see for herself. And she wasn't disappointed in the least,) to help raise him as well. Sol also made sure he got outside and made friends with everyone in the village his age, especially Inari. Inari was the official uncle to Boruto and he took to the role very well. The two were inseparable at times.

Sol couldn't be any more proud of his son, but his son also had a knack for asking a very awkward question at the worst possible time. Like when he was with Ramlethal and getting something to drink while his Shadow Clones continued to build the house. Sol was taking large gulps of cool refreshing water when his son had come up and asked why did mother always insist on calling him 'master' whenever she referred to him. Sol had immediately began to choke on his water when asked that, since he never expected his son to just walk up and casually ask him that. Ramlethal was no help in the matter since she couldn't respond out of sheer embarrassment and looked away as a massive blush lit up her face. Sol had managed to dodge that question with the help of Inari showing up and Sol giving them money (basically bribing them at this point) to go out and have fun. Over the course of the week, Boruto had come to enjoy life and the scars of his captivity were slowly fading away. But Sol Knew that for him to fully heal, that there was still one final obstacle in the way to his true happiness.

Sol had been putting off dealing with the last of his traitorous group of former friends for this whole week, preferring to build himself a home instead and to screw his lovers every time the mood hit him. Which was a lot, and yet he heard no complaints from his lovers, nothing but sensual moans and garbled words after he brought them so much pleasure that they couldn't even form words to speak. But now was not the time for thinking with his lower head, oh no. Now was the time to cross off the last remaining names on his personal shit list...

(Kumo prison cell)

Sakura was pissed beyond belief right now. Life had not been kind to her for years, and it still wasn't pulling its punches when it came to her. Her plan to have Sasuke's child and milk him for his family fortune like her mother had told her to do for years had failed in every way conceivable. She had lost her apprenticeship to Tsunade to Hinata when it turned out that Hinata was far better at the medical field then her due to her accursed eyes being able to see things that she couldn't. Sakura cursed Hinata with every fiber of her being since the bitch had taken everything from her that she had worked so hard to achieve. She hoped beyond hope that Hinata was dead or dying in the worst possible way possible. If that were the case, then she could easily die happily without a care in the world.

"It seems like something is troubling you," said Sol as he walked out of the shadows in the corner with a chair in hand, which he placed in front of Sakura's chained form on the wall and sat down in front of her, "want to talk about it? Maybe give you a clear conscious before you perish in this cell?"

"Like I would ever open up to a loser like you," said Sakura as she glared at Sol with all the fur she could muster.

"You know," said Sol as he looked her square in the eyes and spoke calmly to her, "I have been called that so much growing up that it doesn't effect me anymore. Same with monster, demon, abomination, trash, or even Baka. If you are trying to hurt my feeling or even get a rise out od me by calling me names, then you have to come up with something different."

"Like I even care to try. You are not worth the brainpower to think of a new name to call you."

"In your mind that may be true," said Sol with a perverted grin slowly appearing on his face, "and yet my lover have come up with quite a few. Stud is one of them. God of sexual pleasure. Fu likes to call me 'daddy' as I fuck her into a coma, and Ram calls me 'master' which wouldn't be so bad if she didn't call me that in public. We have to work on that, but at least she is learning."

"No one wants to hear about you or the whores you have to pay to have sex with you since you are so pathetic," shouted Sakura in disgust.

"First off, they are not whores," said Sol who still remained calm as he talked to Sakura. Usually he would be furious at this point and punching the daylights out of her, but he felt extremely calm. Then again, one doesn't have sex with eight different women constantly over the course of a week and not walk away more relaxed then an all day spa treatment. "And second, why do you say that, are you jealous that I have someone in my life while you are still alone even after putting in so much effort into getting into Sasuke's pants?"

"Sasuke is one hundred times the man you will ever be!"

"I believe the correct context of that sentence would be 'Sasuke was' since he is no longer among the world of the living. And I also know eight different women who would say otherwise."

"That's impossible! Sasuke was the greatest shinobi to ever exist and would never be defeated by the likes of a freak like you!"

"I'm fairly sure that he is dead since I'm the one who killed him. You seriously need to take a step back and see the whole picture when it comes to Sasuke and not just fantasize about him all the damn time. It's been really annoying all these years having to listen to you go on and on about him."

"I can't take a step back since I'm chained to the wall you Baka!"

"I didn't mean literally," said Sol with a chuckle, "jeez, and you used to call me the Baka of the group."

"You were and still are the Baka of the group,"

"And this is coming from the woman who spent nearly her entire life looking at the world through 'Sasuke' tinted glasses. There is a simple word for people like you, and that word is obsession. It defines you down to the very core of your being."

"I still say you are lying about Sasuke being dead."

"I could show you the proof of his death quite easily, but to be honest I really don't feel like putting in the effort to show you."

"Meaning that you have no evidence in the first place and are lying about it."

"No," said Sol as he slowly shook his head, "it just means that you are not worth the effort. You were the weakest link when we were in a squad together and you are still weak now. Your crowning achievement in life was fighting against Sasori of the Akatsuki and defeating him. And even then you had the help of that old lady puppet master to win that fight. Your entire shinobi career you always had to rely on someone else to do the work for you."

"And you are one to talk about being the weakest link of the group. Sasuke was the strongest out of the three of us hands down."

"is you memory just that terrible," said Sol with a look of confusion on his face, "or do you just purposely remember things wrong. Cause I have always been the one to bring our squad a victory in whatever we did. Even when we did all those D ranked mission, I was the one who did the most work while Sasuke was being taught elsewhere by Kakashi. You were no help at all either and yet you would stand there all day bitching about how we weren't done yet and telling me to work faster when you yourself never did anything. And to think that we were told that it was to help us with our teamwork, and yet there never was any teamwork in our squad really."

"There was teamwork during some of those missions!"

"You know what," said Sol as he took a second to think about it, "I have to give that to you. There was some teamwork, but it was mostly Sasuke trying to one up us and say he was the strongest while taking credit for all the hard work even though I was the one who did it and not him."

"Sasuke did as much work as the res of us and deserved the credit seeing that he is an Uchiha elite."

"Let's back up to what you just said and move on from there," said Sol as he used his hands as visuals to what he was saying, "you call him an elite, and yet he was weak, so very weak. He was weak in the past and he didn't last ten seconds against me now before he was on the ground in front of me face first. Took five minutes to break him and he cried like a little bitch too when he did."

"Those are all lies!"

"I swear it's like talking to a broken record with you. But let's say you are right Sakura. Let's say that Sasuke was the so called elite that he claimed to be. What does that make me, a god of some sort since I'm far stronger than he ever was even in his peak?

"You are nothing when compared to him! You will always be nothing!"

"And yet this 'nothing' as you called it has accomplished far more then Sasuke ever did in his lifetime. In Wave during our first C ranked mission who was the one to break Kakashi free from Zabuza's jutsu. That was me, not Sasuke who was so scared by the killing intent given off by him that he was about two seconds from committing suicide. Also when we were trapped by Haku in a dome of ice mirrors, who broke us out of it and defeated Haku, that was once again me. He was stuck with so many needles that anyone could confuse him with an abnormally huge porcupine. There are many examples just like those I just said, should I go on, or are you finally willing to admit that Sasuke wasn't the shinobi you made him out to be."

"You will always be inferior to him, no matter what skills you have. With his Sharingan, he can take those skills you have and use them better than you ever could."

"Just because he can copy someone's skills or jutsu doesn't mean that he can use it to the fullest extent. Many skills require a certain type of body or affinity that Sasuke doesn't have. But enough about that, we are getting way off track here. I have a question for you and I'm curious as to what the answer is."

"And why would I answer anything that you ask me?"

"You are free not to answer," said Sol as he shrugged his shoulders, "it's no skin off my bones whether you answer it or not."

"What's the question?"

"First off, I would like to point out that out of all the prisoners I have had to deal with, this has been the most calm. Usually I would just say a few things and go right into torturing said prisoner. And yet I'm having a civil conversation with you, the same person who would always put me down no matter what I did in the past. Talk about strange."

"Yes," said Sakura sarcastically as she rolled her eyes, "ha very funny. Now what's the question."

"Like with what you just did, I would have hurt the prisoner to teach them a lesson not to do it again, but with you I don't want to. I wonder why that is?"

"Maybe you are feeling that what you are doing is wrong and should let me go."

"Yeah," laughed Sol as he heard her say that, "I highly doubt that that is the reason for this feeling. But nice try though. I got to give you props for trying at least. But the question I'm wanting to ask is what happened to you. And what I mean is why are you not with Sasuke, since you devoted so much of your life to him, I thought you would have been together after putting in so much effort."

"The reason that I am not with Sasuke is a personal one."

"I figured as much," said Sol as he sat in his chair and laid one of his legs across the other to get more comfortable, "but please continue."

"Sasuke wanted nothing to do with me when he learned that I was unable to conceive a child. I haven't been able to for years and the doctors have no idea how it happened or why. There are you happy now that you know the answer? Why do you even care in the first place!?"

"I care because," started Sol before he thought of how to put it, "now I know why I'm being calm like this. It's because I have a few things to get off my chest and I wanted to see your reaction to what I say."

"Like I would care what you would say to me."

"Oh, but I think you might want to hear this," said Sol with a wicked grin on his face, "you see Sakura, while I have been naïve when it comes to picking friends, which stems from being lonely for so long and becoming desperate for companionship. I was far from being stupid like everyone had assumed was. I was told the truth of what I was at the age of twelve and once I knew that important piece of information, I began to converse with the Biju sealed within me."

"And what does this story have to do with me in anyway?"

"Patience Sakura," said Sol as he held up a hand to tell her to remain silent, "all will be revealed when my story reaches its conclusion. Now as I was saying, I began to talk to the Kyuubi, and to my shock he wasn't the mindless beast that people made him out to be. And it was on that day that he trained me in secret. Sure the training was slow going due to prying eyes, but it still paid off in the end. It was never a random coincidence when I tapped into my Biju's power, it was just made to look that way to fool people. My goal was to become stronger so that I could become Hokage in the future, but now I know that that would have never been achievable."

"I'm still not seeing what this has to do with me in the slightest."

"All in good time Sakura. You see, my training with Kyuubi didn't really pick up much until I went to train with Jiraiya for three years. Since he was always going to peep on women and frequently visited brothels to have sex with whores, I was able to train in secret far more then I thought I would. I know this is a long way of saying this, but what this story has to do with you is the simple matter that I am the one who made you unable to have children."

"What," said Sakura in utter shock to what had just been said to her," but how."

"Remember that mission we went on with Yamamoto to meet up with Kabuto, you know the one that went array once Orichimaru showed up and I went into my tailed form."

"Yeah," said Sakura who felt dread creeping up her body as she was listening to this and wasn't liking where this story was going.

"You see, I only acted like I had gone out of control. The truth of the matter was that I was in complete control of my actions the whole entire time."

"So when you attacked me..." Started Sakura.

"That was because I hated you," said Sol as he began to glare at her, "all my life I have been nice to you and for what? You spurned my advances, beat me up for some of the stupidest things and put me down whenever you just felt like it. So when I attacked you I infused a little of my demonic chakra inside you and guided it to your ovaries. The chakra fried them from the inside so there would never be an egg coming out ever again."

"Why would you do that to me," said Sakura as tears began to lightly fall from her eyes.

"Because you are a bitch, plain and simple. And the world didn't need anymore to be born, especially from you. And it is because of you being such a bitch that I have thought of a perfect form of punishment for you."

Sol then used his chakra chains to take Sakura off the wall and towards a board on the floor. It was a wooden board that was splintery and was about two feet off the ground via legs on each end. Sol placed her face down on the board and used his chains to get the shackles off the floor and put them on her arms and feet. Once fastened tight, Sol walked over to the crank in the wall connected to the chains on the shackles and began to turn it. By the time he was done, she was spread eagle on the board, but facedown and unable to even budge her shackles a bit.

"What the hell are you doing," screeched Sakura in fear of what would happen to her, "what is this?"

"This is something I made to put you in the perfect position for your punishment Sakura," said Sol as he put two fingers in his mouth and whistled. As he did, his faithful canine companion Zato came out of the shadows mere seconds later. Sol had assigned Zato to be Boruto's bodyguard until the time to make him a Gear was at hand. He wanted his son to enjoy life and live as a child for a while before he was forced to become a warrior. When Boruto asked to become one and be trained by him, Sol looked him in the eyes and told him he would make him a Gear on his eighteenth birthday. Boruto looked sad at first, but knew that his father had his own reasons for delaying it so he smiled and told him that he would hold him to that promise.

"What the hell is that thing," said Sakura as Sol walked over and quickly ripped off her clothes and underwear, leaving her completely nude on the contraption, he then placed a healing seal on her body, but only one that would last twenty four hours as well as a seal to keep her mind sharp instead of breaking from what was going to happen to her. "And why did you rip off my clothes?"

"To answer your second question first," said Sol with a grin on his face as he used his magic to burn the clothes in his hands, "it would be near impossible to rape you with all those clothes on."

"Rape me," screamed Sakura in fear, "you would actually stoop that low you demonic abomination?"

"Yes rape you," said Sol with a chuckle, "and don't flatter yourself. You are not my type in anyway. I might have had a crush on you back when we were in school, but it should have been obvious that I don't anymore based on the simple fact that I fried your ovaries so you couldn't have children. Plus the women I'm with now are far more sexy, and I don't have to rape them. They love the passion I give them so much that all I have to do is gently lead the way to a room and then we go at it. No complaints what so ever."

"So then who will," said Sakura with fear in her voice knowing she wouldn't like the answer to her question in anyway.

"Why my handsome friend here," said Sol at he pointed towards Zato who barked in happiness for a new toy to play with, this one being a living person instead of the usual dog toys he had, or even the few specially made ones Sol made to help him train with his powers better. "You see, my good friend Zato here is a dog with extraordinary powers unlike anything you can possibly imagine in that close minded head of yours, but the problem with his strength is that he can't find a mate to nut with. Since his powers make him incredibly strong, any partner he couples with will most likely die due to his sheer thrusting strength. While I myself suffered from the same problem, I have had over two hundred years to cope with it and to make sure that didn't happen whenever I finally found that special woman. Or women in this case. Zato hasn't had that long to master it yet, and he needs an outlet to let out all his pent up sexual frustration. So seeing that you are the biggest bitch I have ever met in my life, with the only other woman who came close being my lover I-no, but I'm screwing her so she isn't bitchy anymore, I thought to myself that you would be perfect for him.

"Please Naruto," cried Sakura in a pleading voice, "you don't have to do this. I'm sorry that I was a bitch to you all those years. Can't we just start over and be new friends?"

"Sure, why the hell not," said Sol as he shrugged his shoulders, "I'll start with the introductions. My name is Sol Uzumaki, and judging by your appearance as well as your bright pink hair you must be Sakura. I heard a lot about you from a man named Naruto, and he told me that you were a huge bitch to him and that his dying wish was to see you utterly humiliated before you die by being raped by a dog like the bitch you are! And me, being the good friend that I am, decided to make his wish a reality."

"What do you want from me," cried out Sakura as the tears began to fall heavily from her eyes.

"What I want is to is for you to suffer both physically and mentally beyond repair. And then I want you to die, simple as that."

"Please don't do this," she said while looking at him with pleading eyes," I promise I won't go against you ever again! I'll do anything you ask!"

"Humph," said Sol with a calculating look in his eyes, "So you swear you'll do anything I command you to do?"

"Yes," shouted out Sakura with a slight bit of hope rising up in her chest in belief that she wouldn't suffer such a horrible fate, "I swear!"

"In that case," said Sol as he began to leave the room, but not before he put up extra strength sound suppression seals since he knew first hand how loud Sakura could get while screaming, "I command that you stay here and let yourself be raped by my dog for the rest of your short life."

And with that Sol left the room as Zato got behind Sakura, and then entered her as she screamed loudly from the extreme amounts of pain...

(Kumo's cell dubbed 'Sex Slave' Room)

Sol walked into the cell that Kurenai was inside, and man he wasn't disappointed by what he saw. He looked at her and saw that she had lost all hope of ever being free from this fate, and the look of endless pain was forever engraved on her person and no amount of therapy would help her forget it.

"Good news Kurenai," said Sol with a creepily cheerful tone, "you are being released today from this cell on account for good behavior."

Kurenai just looked at him with eyes that were devoid of all emotions, and to be honest it was really hard to tell what she was thinking at this moment. He couldn't really get a read on her.

"It would seem like after people raping you for the last few months nonstop, you are now nothing more then a useless bag of flesh that even the most sexually depraved man doesn't want to use. How does it feel to know that you have reached a bottom like no other person has ever reached in their lifetimes? I bet it hurts, but I can't tell with those lifeless eyes of yours. But I'm not here to gloat, I simply here to tell you that you get to go home. No one will follow you, this isn't a trick of any sort, I just don't care about your suffering anymore to keep you here. I would just kill you, but I would rather you live with the memories of what has happened here for the rest of your life and let it rot you from the inside, until the insanity takes hold and you finally do the world a service and kill yourself. So that's what is happening. But I also want you to deliver a message to those who still think that Konoha still has a chance to win this war. I just want you to tell them that I'm coming for them all. And that is all they will need to know."

Sol then quickly took off her silencing seal as well as all the others except for the healing one. If he were to remove that, she would die from months of lethal damage done to her by some sick fucks who do truly sick things to get off. But before she could say anything in protest or even insult him in any way, he places a specially made transportation seal on her and saw her quickly vanish from site. What made it special you may ask, what made it special was that he added a little surprise with it that would activate once a certain phrase was said in its vicinity...


Danzo was far more upset then he had ever been in his life. All of his plans for ruling the world as a god were falling apart faster then he could try to make plans to counter the destructive elements to his plans. His plans had been simple up to this point. He eliminate each of the major villages as well as their ruling government so that his rule would be unopposed. He had succeeded in his plans and his end goal was in site with Kumo being the last bastion of resistance between him and total domination. Everything should have gone as planned, but then the brat showed up and ruined everything for him.

The brat had always been a thorn in his side, and he had wished to turn Naruto into a weapon, but Hiruzen wouldn't let him. Needless to say, Danzo still tried to do so by attempting to kidnap Naruto while making it look like other villages did it so Hiruzen would devote his time fighting an enemy that didn't have him while Danzo made the boy into a perfect weapon he could use to eliminate Hiruzen while his back was turned. He would have then waited until the boy was thirteen and have him open the Uzumaki Vault and take all the knowledge inside for himself and use it to begin his global conquest sooner. But his plans never came to fruition since Naruto always got away from the Root shinobi he sent to capture the brat.

And now the brat was even more of a pain then ever before. Nine years he had worked on making this army to take over the world. Nine grueling years to form it, and the brat destroys everything that took so long to build in less than a day! Danzo wanted that power for himself, for he was the only man capable of wielding such power to the fullest extent. And with Kabuto's experiments with Sol's blood coming along nicely, he would soon have the power he truly deserved. But his thought on the matter were disrupted as a shinobi entered the throne room.

"My lord," said the messenger, "the shinobi Kurenai has returned to the village and is at the front gate."

"Really," said Danzo with a rare tone of surprise since he had all but assumed that she had died after being captured, "and what is her condition?"

"She is in need of immediate medical attention my lord. She arrived naked and bruised up at the front gate not too long ago. She has been given a blanket to cover her decency, but has collapsed to the ground from something we are unsure of. We are afraid to move her since it might be a trap of some sort."

"Send in Shizune to heal here, and have the others stand back as she does in case your hunch is correct."

"It will be done my lord."

Danzo was surprised about this random information, but was already forming a plan in his head with it. If he could get useful information from her, then he might be able to turn this war around back into his favor, but he would have to be careful. He would have liked to send Tsunade to heal her since her medical skills far surpassed Shizune's, but Tsunade had had a mental breakdown a few months ago, and was put under house arrest until she could overcome it. He had sent in a few of the Yamamoto's inside to help her clear her head, but each one came out brain dead for reasons neither he or the rest of the clans could understand. So he just cut his losses and placed her in her own home in hopes that she would get over it herself, and yet so far she was still suffering from it.

While Danzo was thinking about these things, Shizune was found at the hospital and briefed on what was needed to be done. Shizune left with the shinobi that came to fetch her immediately. She walked up to Kurenai's passed out form and began to heal her body from whatever damage she could find. It wasn't long until she woke up and looked at Shizune.

"Kurenai," said Shizune with a calm soothing voice to help her relax, "you are going to be ok. But how did you escape?"

"I didn't escape," Kurenai explained with a hoarse voice. She hadn't been able to use it for months due to the seal on her and it hurt to say anything, "he sent me back to deliver a message."

"And what message did the Naruto send you with?"

"He said to tell you that he is coming for you all."

And after she said that sentence, her body exploded in a shower of blood and organs. Her bones became shrapnel and pierced the major organs of many of the surrounding shinobi, while most were just wounded and would need medical attention. But poor Shizune suffered the worst out of all of them. Since she was at ground zero and directly in the explosion, half her body was riddled with Kurenai's shattered bone fragment's. She died instantly from the impact, and thus ended the story of Tsunade's submissive little bitch Shizune, who the world will not miss in the slightest...

(Kumo prison cell)

Sol stood outside the prison cell of the person who he hated above all else in all the worlds, Hinata. This woman had single handedly crushed him on an emotional level that had somehow still affected him in the other world. After he lost Aria, he became emotionally distant to everyone, and it was only due to Sin tagging along with him on an adventure that he was able to recover over time. So Sol took a deep breath and headed inside the cell to deal with this last bit of his personal past that had to be dealt with...

Inside of the cell was the symbol of all of his hate hanging from the wall with a look of defiance on her face. Sol saw this and couldn't help but wonder if her father would be proud of her for having this look on her face.

"it's been a long time Hinata," said Sol calmly while he was erupting into a fit of rage on the inside, "how has life been treating you?"

"My life was going as I planned it," said Hinata defiantly, "but you had to show up again and ruin everything. Why didn't you just stay dead!"

"If you are trying to be hurtful towards me," said Sol who was still calm even though on the inside his rage had taken a life of its own and was trying to break free, "then I will have to disappoint you and say that there is nothing you can say or do that will get a rise out of me. I have been preparing for this eventual confrontation for quick awhile and now that we are here face to face, I am ready to do what needs to be done."

"What needs to be done is for you to die and suffer for what you have done."

"And what exactly have I done Hinata? Please enlighten me on what you believe I should be punished by death for."

"You killed my daughter," Hinata shouted at him in a motherly rage.

"And what makes you think that I was the one who killed her," asked with a questioning look on his face, "are you just accusing me because of your hatred towards me, or do you have any type of proof that pinpoints me as the culprit?"

"I know it was you since nothing like this has ever happened before you showed up again. That was when all of our plans started to fail. You are the source of all of our pain right now!"

"That is some sound reasoning, and I see no need to lie in this situation. So I will admit that I was the one who unleashed the poisonous gas that killed all of the children of Konoha in a single night."

"Why would you do that," shouted Hinata, "the children were innocent in al this! My daughter was innocent in all this as well!"

"I did this so that the cycle of hatred would be snuffed out once and for all."

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"Let me explain this in a manner that you could understand," said Sol as he pulled up a chair and got comfortable, "don't confuse me with the rest of Konoha. I take no joy in the killing of children."

"Neither does Konoha," rebutted Hinata, "we don't take pleasure in the slaughtering of children either."

"Past events both recent and ancient have proven otherwise."

"And what is that supposed to mean?"

"It means that you have no idea what in the hell you are talking about, since all you as well as the rest of the children knew was what Konoha told us! History is defined by the victors Hinata, while the losers are put in a bad light to make that the victors were better and more righteous than they really are."

"That is the way it has always been," said HInata with malice, "the strong rule over the weak as it always will be."

"No wonder you and Sasuke hooked up," said Sol as he put his head on his hands as he looked at her, "you are essentially a female form of him. Always spouting about how your clans are the greatest and that your strength makes you the best and to control the weak. The Hyuga and the Uchiha are essentially the same."

"How dare you belittle my clan," scowled Hinata who was pissed after she heard Sol say that, "my clan is nothing like those greedy weak Uchiha."

"And yet you think yours is any better," said Sol, "you both seek power that isn't your own, the key difference being that while the Uchiha are, or rather were since they are all dead now and the clan is officially extinct, after physical strength. Your clan was just after political power instead. Neither of your clans cared how you obtained it, and would use any method to obtain it. So how are you not alike?"

"We were always stronger then those weak Uchiha."

"While I hate to say this, you are right about that. While your clan actually trained your bodies to be strong, the Uchiha were content with just stealing the skills of others."

"Well it would seem like you have some form of intelligence after all," said Hinata sarcastically, "you finally acknowledge the truth."

"I am far more intelligent then you truly could understand," said Sol as he began to power up his memory strand in his hand, "and it's because of that that I can finally understand why you do what you do."

"And what would you know Naruto," said Hinata with a sneer on her face, "you couldn't even tell when I was faking loving you as well as faking my orgasm when we coupled."

"That doesn't bother me when you say that," said Sol, "since you are nothing more then a manipulative gold digging bitch who doesn't deserve love of any sort."

"Still," said Hinata with a wicked grin, "to not be able to please a woman shows how little of a man you really are."

"I know eight different women who can say otherwise, but I'm not here to talk about that at all. What I want to say is that I know the reason you were with both me and Sasuke and that reason is to take the fortunes of both the Uchiha as well as the Namikaze as your own. So don't get preachy with me missy. Did you actually care about your daughter, or did you use her like you did my son?"

"I loved my daughter," said Hinata, "and you killed her you bastard!"

"This coming from the woman who spent nine years torturing her own son like some form of psychopath. I want to kill you so much right now, but I just can't.

"Why is that," said Hinata who was using that information to try and manipulate him somehow to get out of this situation. "Is it because you still love me in some way Naruto?"

"I don't love you," said Sol as he got up and threw the chair into the shadowy corner, "but maybe you are right and there is just that tiny bit of me that always will and it is because of that that I don't have the heart to end you. But luckily I know someone who has no love for you after all you have done. Boruto, will you come in here please."

As Sol called him, his son Boruto walked into the room with a look of utter hatred on his face.

"Hello mother," said Boruto before he spit into her face, "good to see you after all these years you bitch." He then walked up to her and slapped her across the face. "You left me to rot in that cell why you had a family elsewhere. I suffered day and night for years and also from the seal you put on my head. But now you get to know how I felt for all these years. Dad, the scrolls please."

Sol handed his son three scrolls to use, the anti mind breaking scroll, the advanced healing scroll as well as a new one he made just for Hinata. While he hated the Cage Bird Seal with a passion, it was poetic justice to see someone being tortured by it when they themselves frequently use them. So he made one for Hinata for whenever he got his hands on her. His son placed the seals like Sol had taught him, and Sol powered them up with his magical power.

"And before I forget to do this," said Sol as he threw a strand of memory into her head. Like he had done to a few people, he made sure it was extremely painful for her, and her screams were music for not only him, but his son as well.

"Father," asked Boruto, "what is that that you are doing to her."

"This is a power that was bestowed to me by the god Kami himself. It allows me to transfer my memories into people I want to show them to since most of the things I have done, are unbelievable unless seen firsthand."

"It must be really painful to those you show them to."

"Oh this," said Sol as he looked in Hinata's direction, "no usually the process just leaves you with a mild headache, but I'm purposely making it painful as well as making the process longer to prolong her suffering."

"Wow, that's amazing! Cn you show me your memories as well?"

"Why sure I can," said Sol as he took his other hand and placed it on his son's head, "now like I said, you will have a bit of a headache afterwards."

"It's ok dad," said Boruto, "like you said, no pain no gain."

"That's my son," said Sol happily as he channeled his memories into his son's head. It took a bit, but he was done channeling his memories into both Boruto as well as Hinata. He made sure to show her his sex life just to rub it in her face that he was a greater man then she claimed he was.

"Wow dad," said Boruto in amazement from what he had seen his father done, especially what he had to do to bring him back to life in the first place. Sol had made sure that the memories he showed his son were filtered when it came to his sex life. So sense in traumatizing his son after he had gone to great lengths to bring him back. "I had no idea that you did so much in your lifetime! Can you show me how to do that?"

"When you are older my son," said Sol, "but only after I turn you into a Gear, since you will need the boost in power to accomplish what I did."

"What are you," asked Hinata as she quaked in fear after she was forced to see Naruto's transformation into the powerful warrior he had become that was before her now.

"What was that," said Sol with a grin on his face, "no more smart ass comments about me being a shitty lover. Why such the sudden change of heart? Was it because I showed you how I great I am as a lover and am able to please eight women at once until they pass out in an sexually induced coma? Did that have something to do with it, cause I think it did."

"Father, what is a sexually induced coma?"

"Sorry," said Sol as he rubbed the back of his head sheepishly, "got caught up in the moment and forgot you were here. Forget I said that."

"No," said Boruto with his arms crossed in front of his chest.

"My son," Sol said as he patted his son on the shoulder, "you are going to be a great man in the future. But for now, it is time for you to teach your mother a very painful lesson in what happens to those who mess with our clan. And since your mother is such a slow learner, she will need the more hands on approach to this lesson."

"Ok father," said Boruto before he formed a hand sign that Hinata knew all too well. It was the hand sign used to activate the Cage Bird Seal on one of the Branch Member's heads whenever they either got out of line or the Main family members wanted to send a message to the rest of them. She then felt a pain like no other pierce through her head, and screamed loudly in pain. She screamed out as she begged for them to stop the pain, that she was sorry and that she would do anything for the pain to stop. Yet Boruto never stopped the pain. He had nine years of pure unfiltered rage to vent, and torturing the very woman who sentenced him to inhumane torture was very therapeutic for him. But like all good things, it had to end soon, and Sol eventually told Boruto to stop using the hand sign. As he did it, Hinata was still twitching from the pain.

"Boruto my son," said Sol as he unsealed a blade from his scroll. It wasn't fancy in any way, but it was a finely crafted sharp knife. "It is time for you to take the first steps into becoming a strong warrior."

"I understand father," said Boruto as he took the knife from Sol's hand.

"What are you going to do with that," asked Hinata with a shaky voice that was borderline stuttering.

"A wise man once told me that the hardest kill to make is the first one," said Sol as watched as his son slowly made his way to his mother, "but if you can find that someone you hate with every fiber of your being, then that first kill will become easier to accomplish. And once you pass that bridge, there is no going back."

But before Hinata could say anything else, she felt the knife her son held pierce through her heart. She felt so cold as her blood ran down her chest from the wound. Boruto took a step back and she could see that he had a look of satisfaction in his eyes. Her vision became darker as she felt her life slip from her...

"Boruto," said Sol as he begun to slightly push him towards the door, "it's time for your mother and father to have a little chat. What is about to happen would haunt you if you saw it with your own eyes, so I must ask you to leave."

"I will father," said Boruto as he headed towards the door but stopped as he got to it, "make her suffer dad, for the both of us."

"I will son, believe me when I say that I will."

Sol then pulled the blade from Hinata's chest and lessoned the power in the seal so it would take a bit for the damage to heal and her heart to start pumping once more so she could wake up. So Sol made a few Shadow Clones and began to set up the room for when she awoke...

(Twenty minutes later)

Hinata woke up and quickly observed her surroundings. She was in a large beaker like room, surrounded by glass walls. She was bound by her hands with chakra suppression cuffs. So she could move, but she couldn't use any form of jutsu to get away. She tried to break through the glass, but it was too thick to even crack.

"I bet you are wondering what is going to happen to you," said Sol as a video image of him appeared on the glass before her like a large television screen.

"What are you going to do to me," she asked in fear.

"Personally," said Sol with a shrug of his shoulders, "nothing. But if you turn your attention upwards you will see something that you never would have expected."

Hinata did as he said and looked upwards, and what she saw made her eyes bulge out of her head. Above her in a small cage that was out of her reach and yet still in the glass beaker room she was trapped in as well, was her daughter Himawari alive and well, but she was crying.

"Himawari," shouted Hinata, "don't cry. Mommy is here and I will get you down from there.

"Why did you do it mommy," cried Himawari, "why did you hurt my brother. I thought you loved me."

But before Hinata could say anything else, Himawari began to melt into a pink goo like substance as she cried out that Hinata had hated her. The goo hit the floor and filled up a small portion of the bottom of the beaker she was in. Hinata was completely horrified at this, for never in her life did she expect her daughter to liquify in front of her very eyes. She crawled over to the pink goo and tried to pick some up, but then cried in pain as it began to melt the flesh off her bones. But the seal on her healed her back up good as new.

"I wouldn't touch that if I was you," said Sol with a smirk, "that goo is highly corrosive and will melt the skin off your bones."

"Why," she asked with the tears flowing from her eyes.

"Long ago I asked you that exact same question," said Sol with a scowl on his face, "and just like you told me, it's for my own personal reasons that you will never know. But enough about that. You see, I made more then one of these clones of your daughter. The keys to your cuffs is in one of them, made with a metal that won't melt due to the corrosive goo. The question is, which one. How many times will you kill your daughter to save your own ass and escape, or will you finally learn humility and submit to your death. The choice is yours. Starting now."

Sol pushed a button and a sword made of green metal fell into the room. Hinata guessed that this was made of metal that wouldn't melt in the goo, so she tested it and dipped it into the goo. Once she saw that the sword didn't melt, she immediately ran towards the nearest wall and tried to use the sword to break free. But the sword broke halfway and became short like a dagger.

"Did you honestly think that I would give you anything even remotely capable of breaking that glass. Come on I thought you would be smarter than that."

Hinata, then looked behind her and saw a few dozen clones of her daughter coming out of the ground and begin to walk towards her. They were all speaking in unison about how their mother didn't love them. Hinata picked up the broken dagger like blade and slowly walked towards her daughters' clones while crying heavily. She then proceeded to cut them down one by one. Each kill only made her cry even heavier and broke what little of her heart was left bit by bit. And with every kill, the body would turn into goo and fill up the floor around her. Soon after she started, the entire floor was flooded with the goo and there was no safe places to stand. She felt all her skin start to melt, but the seal on her kept healing her so that her suffering would continue. She did this for hours, and yet there was no key, and she slowly lost her mind and screamed out in pure insanity. Once the room was full of the goo, she began to drown in it as well as melt away, and once again, her vision began to fade...

(Kumo prison cell)

Hinata woke up with a start from her nightmare with her face completely soaked from her tears.

"Yeah," said Sol with a laugh, "I just broke your mind, and now it is time to end it once and for all."

Sol then used a seal to use the more advanced version of the Edo Tensai. While this one was weaker then the one used by the Senju, but it didn't require a human sacrifice like their did. Sol used it to summon forth Hinata's daughter from the grave which he had Karin bring to him, and as soon as she came to, she saw her mother and ran to her and hugged her mother, which she returned in full. But just like in the dream that Sol used his Mind invasion seal to alter to his will, she turned into a corrosive goo that melted Hinata down to the bone, and this time, the seal didn't activate, so she didn't heal from it. Hinata didn't scream in pain this time, for her mind was already broken, and she had submitted to her death. Sol watched until there was nothing left but melted flesh on the floor. Sol used a miniature black hole to clean it up and left the room.

As he walked away, he cracked a smile since all those he had a personal vendetta against were dead and gone. And now only Konoha remained, and their days were very limited...