(A/N: As with all good thing, eventually they must end. This will be the final chapter in my first ever Fanfiction Sol Uzumaki and so far I have to say that I'm surprised that I was able to write something that so many people liked. My inspiration comes from VFSnake who gave me the encouragement to begin writing after I asked him to write this and he refused since he, or she not sure which, didn't know the full story od Guilty Gear. So when I asked him to do it he told me that I should do it myself and so I have and I am pleased to see my ideas in digital paper form. So without further ado, The story of Sol Uzumaki must come to a close...)

Sol stood on the stage that had been assembled in the center of town so that he could deliver a speech to the people of Kumo. He stood there and saw all the people who were alive and well from various villages that had been destroyed by Konoha in this nine yearlong war that had taken the lives of so many. In the front of the crowd were his lovers, his son, and those he made into Gears to help him get to this point. Sol took a deep breath and mentally prepared himself to deliver his speech to the people. He felt a hand on both his shoulders, to his left was his mother with a smile on her face to show that she was so very proud of the man her son had become. To his right was A, who had a smile on his face as well. He was the happiest he had ever been in his life, for his love had been returned to him alongside his brother who he had grieved over for months after his death had been confirmed.

"Nervous," asked A with as much of a calming voice that he could use.

"Not really," said Sol with a chuckle, "just trying to think of the right words to speak to the people. I've never been one to give speeches to people, I'm more of a person who let's my actions do the speaking for me."

"Everything will be ok," said Kushina, "just do your best. That is all anyone can expect out of someone."

"Will do mother," said Sol.

Sol then walked forward to address the massive crowd that stood before him. He spoke loud and clear so that everyone would be able to hear him.

"People of the Elemental Countries, lend me your ears. I will start off this speech by stating for the record that I am not well versed at giving them, so please bear with me on this one." He heard the people chuckle at this since it was funny to hear a man admit to not being good at something when put directly in the spotlight. "For many of you here today, it was not by your own choice, and by that I mean being here in Kumo in the first place. So much has been lost to us, with the ones who took it from us destroying what took years to build. I understand that so many people have lost homes, as well as family and loved ones. I am no exception to this since my entire life had been a lie from the very moment I was conceived by forceful means. And the source of our pain, loss, and hatred? Konoha! Those who hail from that village are rotten to the core, and it has been so since the very founding of the village." Sol then took a deep breath and prepared to tell the people the truth of the past.

"Many people know of the once Great Uzumaki clan that resided in Whirlpool country, but was defeated by the combined might of four villages. Many believed this to be true, myself included due to the bodies that were on the battlefields of Whirlpool sported the headbands of all villages. But this was all a lie! My clan was killed off by Konoha, who knew that they couldn't start their plans of dominance with my clan around. For their supposed greatness with their bloodlines was simply negated by our genes alone as well as the fact that our clan was far more powerful than theirs combined. It wasn't until I was reborn as I am now that I learned the truth of what happened to my family. Now to see the truth for yourselves."

Sol then channeled as much power as he could to form a large sphere ten times his size. He used all his strength to throw it into the air and before it could fall back down, he used his chakra chains to hold it in place. Everyone looked at the large bright sphere suspended in the air, and as they did stings flew out of it and attached themselves into their heads. The only ones who didn't look were those who already knew about him, namely his friends and family. Once attached, the process of memory transfer began. He held nothing back and showed them all his life both in this world as well as the other. They saw the pain he suffered at the hands of those he once loyal to from a first person perspective but without the pain that he suffered. They saw his transformation into the Gear he had become and the fight he took part in that defied the laws of physics as well as reality itself. The memories skipped his most personal of memories since those were his to keep and not share with everyone. They saw the fall of the Uzumaki in all of its graphic detail. They were horrified that people who project themselves as Kami's chosen people would do truly monstrous acts that were inhumane in all sense of the word. The process ended with the fight between him and the Shinigami, ending with his curse. Sol gave the people some time to get over their headaches.

"And now you see what I am capable of doing. With the combined might of myself and my transformed friends, we will deliver upon Konoha their well-deserved retribution! Today is the last day that Konoha will ever see. There will be no one left to tell their tale, nor will there be any records of them ever existing by the time we are done with them. In nothing short of a few generations, Konoha will cease to exist! No more shall we be separated by villages, for united we stand, yet divided we fall. And our enemies will capitalize on that fact alone. Today we will destroy those who threaten our very lives. DEATH TO THE FIRE NATION!"

As he finished his speech, the people began to chant 'SOL, SOL, SOL' again and again. They then began to head toward their assigned areas to get the items they would need to fight Konoha alongside him and his friends. When he had told A about his plan to fight with just the core group, he was against if from the beginning stating that the people wanted blood and had earned it. Sol tried to talk him down since even though the enemy had lost their mechanical soldiers as well as their air support, they still had firearms that could kill them from far away since the surrounding area had been leveled for that very reason. A asked him to make something that could help them counteract their firearms, and Sol set out to do just that. It took some trial and errors, with him getting shot through the chest several times by Elphelt's sniper rifle, but he finally formed a seal that could stop projectiles for a full day. It was easier then he thought since the weapons their enemies used were primitive when compared to the ones he was testing the strength of the seal with. He placed the seal in a tag form that on could place under their clothes so the enemy didn't see it. While he was doing that, his friends helped to create a few airships with improved engines to help them move faster, as well as larger ones to carry entire battalions of soldiers into battle. It was these airships that the people were entering once they were given their anti-projectile seals as well as their own weapons in preparation for the fight ahead.

Sol kissed Koyuki, Shion as well as Mei goodbye. They had wanted to come along, but Sol asked them to protect his son while they were gone. He highly doubted that anyone would make it that far to kidnap his son, but it was never a bad idea to cover all his bases instead of regretting it later if he turned out to be wrong. He boarded his own personal airship that was far smaller than the rest, but it was made to only house the core group as the advance force to break through the wall and disarm those with guns on the wall. Once everything was set to go, Sol put two fingers in his mouth and whistled to signal the other pilots to launch. Shortly after the signal was given, they all took off and headed towards Konoha to end this once and for all...


Danzo looked into the clear cylinder that housed his most powerful weapon to date. Kabuto had succeeded in his experiments to recreate the power that Sol had used to attack his army. And now the weapon was finally ready for deployment.

"My lord," said one of his Root shinobi, "our scouts have reported back and they bring terrible news."

"What news did they deliver," said Danzo with a scowl on his face.

"According to our scouts, the enemy is advancing in full towards Konoha and are less than a few hours away."

"But how have they gotten so close this fast," asked Danzo, "my scouts should have been able to spot such a large group of people heading this way easily."

"They are not traveling by foot my lord."

"What did you just say?"

"They are not traveling by foot," said the Root ninja with a worried tone since Danzo had been known to kill off messengers who deliver bad news to him, "they apparently built large airship that are even larger than the ones we once had and are all coming this direction."

Danzo once he heard this, felt a cold chill run down his spine. He needed to have the power that they acquired from Sol now, but it would take some time for it to change him. So now was the time for his men to buy him enough time to do just that.

"Evacuate all civilians into the shelter and prepare all the forces to the walls and prepare for an assault on Konoha."

"As you wish my lord," said the Root ninja with a bow, and waited until he left the room to take a deep breath since he was still alive.

Danzo looked back to the glass cylinder before him and smirked. There was no way that Sol would be able to defeat this weapon. And once Sol lay defeated at his feet, he would have his body dissected for even more power. But for now he ordered one of his Root ninja to find Kabuto to begin the process of transforming him into a god...

(Outside Konoha's walls - few hours later)

Sol stood in front of the advance squad looking through a powerful set of binoculars. He saw the enemy on the wall with their weapons at the read in preparation of their attack. Sol sealed the binoculars away and grinned at his friends.

"So what is the plan here teach," said Sin while he stood there with his hands behind his head.

"While we could just kill everyone ourselves here and end this by ourselves, I have promised A to let the people get their own pound of flesh from them. So here is the plan. Sin, I need you to launch Oath at the wall with a magnetic electrical charge to disarm those who are the wall."

"Can do teach," said Sin as he began to channel his magical power to do as Sol planned. There were a lot of people on the wall since it was big, so he knew he would need a lot of power to disarm them all, "but what if I can't disarm them all?"

"That is where Elphelt comes in," said Sol as he patted Elphelt on the shoulder. She smiled at him and pulled out her sniper rifle in preparation, "since anyone still with a gun she can snipe their weapons out of their hands."

"But what about the traps and trenches that lead up to the front gate," asked I-no, "I know we are immune to them seeing what we are, but if the other people insist on getting involved, we need to pave the way for them."

"That's simple," said Sol with a smirk as he pointed to Gaara who was on the side of him, "Gaara here will use his powers to force the earth to cave in the trenches and then bury the holes with his sand to form a steady foothold so no one slips and falls as they charge the front gates."

"Explain to me once more," said Sin, "why we don't just use the airships to get the people inside the village?"

"Because I'm willing to bet that they still have some missiles to use against us. So to be safe we must disarm them of their weapons. So Zato here will sneak behind enemy lines and destroy the armory so they have no way to restock their ammunition nor their weapons once they are destroyed. So is everybody ready to end this?"

In unison, they all replied 'yes', and then Zato sprouted wings, which Sol had told him the Zato of his old world could do so he guessed that Zato could do the same. He had trained to form them as well as use them efficiently for weeks now and finally mastered it. So he took flight and soared through the air towards the walls of Konoha. As he went that way, they heard the gun shots from the enemy and they all laughed about it. Konoha thought that just because they had more advanced weapons, that victory was automatically assured, but Sol and his friends knew better than that. Once Zato had made it over the wall, he dispersed his wings and headed towards the armory as fast as he could. Once he arrived in the armory, he used his power over shadows to sink them into his pocket dimension, where they dissolved into nothing never to be used again.

While Zato was busy destroying their arsenal, Sin finished charging up his weapon. Once it was fully charged up he threw it with enough force to pierce the thick wall surrounding Konoha. Once it was imbedded in the wall, Oath pulsed with an electrical charge that didn't do as Sol wanted. Instead of being a magnet, it sent out a concussive blast that was accompanied with an ear splitting sound. The blast destroyed their guns, and the sound made them fall to their knees in pain as they held their hands over their ears in an attempt to block the noise. Gaara then used his powers to cover all the trenches leading up to the gate with sand, rendering them useless.

"Now begins the end for Konoha," said Sol as he put two fingers in his mouth and whistled. Once he gave the signal, the rest of the army began their march towards the wall. They were taking their time since the enemy was weakened and had no way to counteract them. To them, victory was assured, but shortly after the army began to move out, there was a flash of light that appeared before them. And to the shock of everyone in the group, what stood before them made many of them quake in fear due to the man's infamous power. For before them was none other than Minato Namikaze in the flesh.

"I wondered when Danzo would play his trump card," said Sol with a scowl on his face as he stepped forward to face his father.

"You knew about this," asked one of the people in the army in shock, "how did you know, and why didn't you do something about it?"

"When I infiltrated the village months ago in disguise, I went to retrieve the body of my mother in an effort to revive her. I used my powers to pull her body out of the grave, yet that was when I noticed that Minato's body wasn't there. If it was I would have sensed it. So I concluded that Danzo was experimenting on it for his own twisted plans."

"All will fall to Lord Danzo," said Minato as he pulled out one of his signature kunai in preparation for his attack.

"Well isn't that ironic," laughed Sol as he heard Minato say this, "the great and mighty Minato Namikaze, the man known to the world as the Yellow Flash enslaved to another. You spent your life enslaving my mother by raping her and yet now you are a slave yourself."

"I the name of Lord Danzo, you must die."

"You think I am afraid of you," said Sol as he got into a combat stance and unsealed his blade, "cause I'll save you the brain cells and tell you that I'm not. While you may have been one of the strongest Shinobi in your time, I am the strongest now."

Sol made a move to attack Minato, but Minato was quicker on the draw and attacked first. Sol believed that his attack would fail, but to his utter shock, which was shown by his eyes bugging out of his head, Minato was able to pierce his flesh with his weapon before he was punched in the face with enough force to skid him backwards.

"Impossible," said Sol with a scowl, "there is no possible way for them to make a Gear without some sort of sample." Sol quickly thought about it and realized that they must have gotten a sample of his DNA from the wound his mother inflicted upon him when she pierced through his chest. Sol inwardly groaned since it seemed like he would never live down being impaled.

"What just happened," said Kushina as she appeared next to him with A, "he shouldn't be alive, nor have the power to hurt you."

"Remember when you impaled me on a pole," asked Sol as he saw his mother wince when he brought it up, "well apparently they got a sample of my DNA from the blood stain from the wound. Somehow they were able to create their own Gear. I suspect Kabuto is to blame for this."

"It seems like Orichimaru picked the perfect apprentice," said A as he cracked his knuckles, "since even though he is dead, his student is still performing inhumane experiments. Stand back Sol, I have a score to settle with this rapist."

"Don't think that you are going to do this alone," said Kushina as she pulled out her sword, "I want to pay him back for all the times he raped me."

"I leave him to you two then," said Sol as he took a step back, " give him hell."

"So it has come to this," said Minato as he pulled out a second kunai, "I just want you to know that when this is over, I am so going to enjoy raping you all over again."

"You will not touch her," growled A as he pulled out a blade to dice this fucker in anger, "you stole her from me once, bur this time you will do no such thing."

"I beat you all those years ago easily A," said Minato with a smirk, "and that was even before I was given this new form of power. So what makes you think that you will succeed now when I am even stronger then the last time we fought?"

"You aren't the only one with a boost in power," said A as his anger began to fuel his power, and electricity that was jet black started to appear on his body, "and this time I know what to expect from you since you don't have Kushina's life in your clutches to threaten me with."

"Enough talking," said Minato as he powered up as well, "by the orders of Lord Danzo, all who oppose him must die!"

He then charged at them, but before they could counter his attack he teleported out of their sight and then reappeared behind Kushina and kicked downwards forming a crater with the power behind it. Minato stood on her neck with his foot with a wicked grin on his face.

"Still think you can beat me," he asked A with a smirk.

A saw the love of his life go down so easily against him and the rage he felt in his heart multiplied exponentially. His entire body turned jet black from his power. Without any form of warning, he quickly disappeared out of sight like Minato had just done and reappeared in front of him to punch him off her neck. Once she was not under the foot of Minato anymore, she stood up and charged her power as well. But unlike A's power, hers was heavenly white instead of black.

"Well son of a bitch," said Sol under his breath, "looks like they complete one another if one goes by the laws of Ying and Yang."

The two powered up lovers then proceeded to use their power to pummel Minato into the ground. While he tried to use his speed to fend them off, it was utterly useless against them since while he had only recently become a Gear, they had been trained by the original one in how to use their powers. Minato tried to slash at their throats with his kunai but both A as well as Kushina each grabbed one of his arms and broke it like a twig. Minato screamed in pain as he dropped the weapons in his hands, and tried to use his powers to retreat. But before he could attempt an escape, his body was held down by Kushina's magically enhanced Chakra chains and was incapable of moving.

"That lasted longer than I expected," said Sol as he walked forward as he slowly clapped in utter sarcasm, "but I have to give it to Konoha, never expected them to make a Gear. It took researchers so long in my world to make them, and yet somehow one was made in a world without the proper equipment to make them."

"Let's end this already," scowled A as he prepared to decapitate Minato with his blade, but was stopped by Sol, "why won't you let me kill him! He deserves to die!"

"I am not disagreeing that he needs to die," said Sol with a wicked smile on his face that was very unsettling to Minato, "I am just disagreeing with the way it needs to be done."

"And how do you suggest we kill him," asked A as he sheathed his blade.

"When I get free from this bitches chains, I'm gon..." Said Minato before of Kushina's chains blocked his mouth so he couldn't speak anymore.

"Thank you mother," said Sol, "his voice was very irritating to me. But as I was going to say before I was interrupted, a simple death is too good for him. He died once already and yet was resurrected by inhumane means to fight off our army. If we simply just killed him again, then he would just come back again somehow in the future, and I would rather just nip this in the bus from the start then regret it later."

"You do have a point, so what is the idea? How are we going to dispose of this creature that claims to be human when he is nothing of the sort based on his actions in life."

"A long time ago I fought one of the Valentine sisters in combat, an she managed to knock off the limiter I always wore to control my power. When she did, my power surged through my body and I struck her down with all the power I could muster. It wasn't my full power, but it was a large portion of it. When the smoke cleared, what was left was nothing more than a void that will never be filled no matter how much time has passed."

"So is there a point to this story," asked A impatiently.

"Of course there is. The point is that after doing something so destructive that people would remember it, and yet no one did except for those I showed my memories to. No one even remembers the Valentine sister's name. Not even her own siblings remember her in any way. It was that day that I realized those I killed with a large portion of my power are obliterated in a way that they are truly forgotten by all except for myself for reasons I couldn't even begin to imagine."

Minato heard what Sol said and quickly pieced together what Sol had in store for him if he couldn't manage to get away. Yet the chains held him still no matter how hard he struggled.

"I know why you are afraid Minato," said Sol as he looked him square in the eyes as he talked, never breaking contact, "you were an orphan as a child with no clan to call your own, so you vowed to become far more powerful than Clan members could become. And you succeeded when you managed to make weaker versions of the jutsu that were stolen from Whirlpool. Your entire life has been in pursuit of recognition that would last even after your death. And you succeeded once again in your endeavors. But I'm about to make it all obsolete. I am about to destroy your very existence from this world and only I will remember you while the world will simply forget. To them you will be the nameless shinobi that was strong but died for his village, not as the Yellow Flash. Goodbye Minato, and may your eternity as nonexistent bring you great amounts of suffering. But since I am fair, unlike many people who I know, do you have any last words?"

"How did you defeat me so easily," asked Minato when the chains around his mouth released from him.

"You were made by using my DNA that was stolen from me via a blood sample," said Sol as he charged up his hand, transforming it into the blackened claw that he used against the Shinigami, "You were made a Gear like I was, but you were never trained to be one like I have trained those I have made. I was the first Gear to exist and I have been training my powers for over two hundred years. You have once again used a power you stole, but this time you truly expected to fight the person the power came from and win. You are a fool, and I will not mourn you."

As he finished that, he slash Minato into five slices with his claws, but it didn't end there. The pieces were then engulfed in a dark colored energy and imploded upon themselves, thus disappearing from existence.

"And now that that little nuisance is dealt with," said Sol as his transformed arm returned to normal, "what's say we get this invasion back on track."

Sol then unsealed his blade and slammed it into the ground. Out of the ground came massive waves of flames that once they hit the metal walls melted them down to nothing. The people on the wall who saw the flames had used their brains for once and evacuated the wall before it hit, so they were still alive, at least for now.

"Happy hunting people," said Sol to the cheers of the people as they charged past him, "and remember, no survivors!"

"So what are you going to do," asked A as he had powered down along with Kushina.

"I'm gonna find Danzo," said Sol as they walked towards the village, which they could see was beginning to burn along with there being loud screams of citizens that had yet made it towards the shelter being slaughtered on the streets. "If he was able to not only resurrect Minato as well as turn him into a Gear, then he needs to be stopped before he can do anything else that might be a problem."

"Sounds like a plan," said Kushina, "I'm going to hunt down everyone who raped me in my youth and make them pay dearly for it."

"And I will help you make their suffering far more excruciating," said A as Kushina kissed him on the cheek.

"Before I forget," said Sol as he stopped for a second, "what did you do to Chouza after I left him to you?"

"Oh I just kept hacking off body parts and force feeding it to him until his stomach ruptured then force fed that to him as well."

"A fitting end to those who would eat children."

"Wait," said A in shock, "they do what?

"Long story," said Sol as he prepared to teleport into the Root headquarters underground, "ask my mom since she knows as well," and with that he was gone...

(Root Headquarters – 1 hour later)

The last time Sol had been here, the walls had been white and clean like a hospital, but now they were covered in thick layers of blood and organs. When Sol teleported into the facility, the alarm went off immediately, but it didn't bother him at all since he wasn't on a time limit nor was he having to protect his son this time. So he took his time and slaughtered all that manned the fuck up and attacked him. Their deaths were not quick, for he tore them apart with his bare hands, leaving quite a few of them still alive to bleed out heavily with no chance of saving. He ripped out spine, crushed skulls, ripped out hearts, the works. It wasn't until he made it to the last sealed door leading into the science lab that he stopped. Why you might ask? Because of the three people standing in front of him consisting of Konohamaru and his friends.

"Huh," said Sol in genuine surprise, "I thought you would have died in the poison I released. But then again I forgot you are older than thirteen."

"You will go further monster," said Udon as he prepared himself for a fight, "we will stop you until Lord Danzo is finished enhancing himself and then you and all that came with you will be killed."

"You will die here where you stand," said Moegi as she glared at him with all her hate.

"Are the dead bodies that are scattered all behind me in pieces not a clear indication on how this is going to play out," Sol said as he laughed at them. At one point in life he thought that they had bright futures ahead of them, but now he was going to have to snuff it out by hand.

"You won't hurt us," said Konohamaru with a smirk, "not after all the good times we had when we were younger. You were our boss and we never hurt you in the least. So why hurt those who never betrayed you?"

"Well as your 'boss'," said Sol as he grabbed him by the throat and lifted him into the air with just one hand, "I feel it is my duty to provide you with one last lesson in life."

"And what is that," said Konohamaru while he was gasping for air.

"Time changes even the greatest of men," said Sol before he squeezed his neck snapping it and killing him instantly.

"You killed him," screamed Udon in shock that Sol actually would kill them. They had truly believed that Sol wouldn't since they never showed him any form of hatred like everyone else had. They hated him as well, but they never expressed it like everyone else had.

"Of course I did," said Sol as he prepared his clawed hand to finish them off, "For my plans for the world to recover to take place, all remnants of Konoha must be destroyed in its entirety. That includes the citizens as well as its Shinobi."

Udon wasn't able to get a word in after he said that since Sol then used his clawed hand that he had used to kill so many Root nin already to slice him diagonally from the top of his head to the base of his feet. His blood and guts splattered all over Moegi who was behind him, and she fell to her knees in utter horror after seeing her two best friends die, one quite graphically.

"And then there was only one," said Sol as he prepared his claws to kill her as well, but before he could deliver death unto her, he received a call from one of his friends.

"Can this wait," said Sol as he put two fingers to his ear to connect the call, "cause I'm in the middle of something here."

"I just wanted to let you know that all citizens have been terminated," said Karen who was the one on the other side of this call.

"Already," said Sol in shock that they had all been killed already, "that was quick."

"What do you mean quick," said Karen, "you have been down there for an entire hour. It took time to find those who were hiding in their own special bunkers and killing them."

"Did you get the ones that were in the main shelter?"

"Fu took care of them. She poked a small hole through the only door leading into it and spit out a toxic poisonous mist that killed everyone inside by slowly melting the flesh off their bodies."

"Sweet merciful Kami, that's like Auschwitz times a thousand."

"What is Auschwitz?"

"During a war in the past of my old world, one side of the wat known as Nazis made camps where they rounded up members of another race known as Jews to kill them off. And not by simply shooting them, they tortured them, experimented on them, and then when their body was utterly useless from lack of sleep as well as food, they would kill them in inhumane ways. The most infamous way was death by gas chamber that was disguised as a shower. There were many of these camps, but the most well-known one was called Auschwitz."

"That sounds horrible," said Karin.

"It was for those forced to live through it. Six million Jews were killed in the four years that the war took place. But enough about the past of a world I no longer inhabit, please tell me Tsunade is still alive."

"She is. Her house is still intact as you requested. Your mother wanted to kill her, but I let her know that you wanted to kill her personally so she is taking her time maiming and torturing the fathers of your former friends right now alongside A. Everyone else has left after everything of value was taken and all sources of information pertaining to Konoha were destroyed."

"Good to know," said Sol with a grin as he quickly formed his hands into claws and cut Moegi in half since she had attempted to run while he was on the phone. But unlike with Udon, he cut across her waist so she was still alive and screaming in pain as she was bleeding out on the floor.

"What was that," asked Karen.

"Just me cutting some loose ends," said Sol as he used his foot to crush her skull to silence her screams.

"Well hurry up and finish this already. I want to go home already."

"Well the head back with everyone else. I can teleport if you remember."

"Fine, but be careful down there." Said Karin before she cut of the line.

"Be careful she says," laughed Sol, "is she serious when she says that or is she just being sarcastic. Questions for later."

Sol then walked up to the sealed door and punched it open right of the hinges. He saw them fly forward, and he heard the sound of someone being squashed by the door hitting the wall. Sol used his sensor powers to see who it was and saw that his actions had just killed Kabuto. While this was unexpected, it was not unpleasant.

"Ha," laughed Sol, "regenerate from that asshole."

Sol then walked toward the back of the lab and saw Danzo in a giant cylinder that made him think about how he had been in the same position so long ago, except now he was standing in the spot Asuka stood while he had been the one changing into a Gear. Sol saw Danzo slowly reverting back into his prime younger form, but Sol wasn't going to give him the chance to fully change if he could help it. So he took a kunai and added an explosive tag to it and threw it at the container. The tag exploded and destroyed the container, causing Danzo to fall out of it and hit the ground hard.

"Do you fully understand what you have done," growled out Danzo as he twitched in pain.

"I stopped you from using my DNA that you stole to transform yourself into a Gear like me," said Sol, "I fully understand what I did."

"I will destroy you if it's the last thing I do," said Danzo as the blood spliced arm he had begun to expand over his body, encompassing his entire body, "with this power, I won't even need to open the Uzumaki Vault to conquer all. I will be the God of the new world I will make."

"Then that just goes to show you how much of an idiot you are," laughed Sol, "since Gods are neutral and only intervene in the matters of man when people like you who would destroy everything to get your way rise to power. You are no God, but a tyrannical demon in human skin."

"I am a God," screamed Danzo, "and once I have dealt with those who oppose me, then I will slay those false Gods, thus beginning my reign as the Supreme being that will rule this world with an iron fist!"

"Then you are far more insane then I gave you credit for," said Sol as he unsealed his blade, "and you can take that insanity with you into the belly of the Shinigami as you suffer for all eternity."

Danzo then screamed out in pain as out of his body launched out thousands of strands of darkened wood. Sol tried to dodge them all, but there were too many to dodge, and the strands that grabbed him formed a clawed hand that held him tightly. The other strands broke the ceiling all the way to the surface. Sol saw the strands of wood morph and form together as a dragon of enormous size. Sol was thrown towards the ground and the force of the throw left a large crater with him in the center of it.

"This power is amazing," said Danzo as he roared, "I will become the God of the new world! And even you cannot stop me as I am now! I have seen your full power and mine is far greater than yours will ever be!"

"Is that what you truly believe Danzo," said Sol as he got to his feet and prepared to fight, "then you don't know what my full power is. Let me give you a crash course in what it is like to fight the Prototype Gear! Dragon Install!" Sol then transformed into his more powerful draconic form and sprouted wings to fly up to Danzo's eye level.

"You will never defeat me," said Danzo as he let out a roar and opened his mouth to launch his attack. Out of his mouth came thousands of sharpened spikes of wood flying at Sol. Sol used his wings to shield him from the attack and flew at Danzo's head. Danzo swiped at Sol with his massive clawed hand in an attempt to swat him down, but Sol used his blade to block the attack. Sol then overpowered his and used it to cut Danzo's hand off. But shortly after he did so, it grew back rapidly. Before Sol could slice his head off though, Danzo's eyes transformed into the Rinnegan.

"Shinra Tensai!" Shouted Danzo, and the force of the attack launched Sol towards the ground. It didn't hurt him, but it was still an annoyance to feel so much gravity holding him down. "Give it up, with the power of the Rinnegan, you will never win!"

"Is that what you think," said Sol as he laughed at what Danzo had just said, "Let me tell you something before I end this once and for all. The bloodline abilities of the Senju as well as the Uchiha came from Kuubi after he attacked their founding members. His attack blinded the Uchiha thus giving him the Sharingan, while the Senju was impaled by a branch that merged with him thus giving him the Mokuton. When they were still healing from the damage done to them and their bodies adjusted to their new abilities, the founder of the Uzumaki made a way to counteract their abilities or destroy them completely whenever came the day such as this where their power became a problem. The knowledge od said countermeasure was placed in the Uzumaki Vault alongside so many other jutsu made by my clan. So now it is time to end this! Uzumaki secret Art: Purge of the Unholy Bloodlines Jutsu!"

As he said this, Danzo felt his entire body begin to burn since it was made up of the wood used in the Mokuten bloodline. Not only that, but his eyes exploded out of his head. Danzo screamed out in pain as his body was tearing itself apart down to the molecular level.

"And now to complete my contract with the Shinigami," said Sol as he cut off Danzo's head and before it could even hit the ground, he unsealed the dagger given to him by the deity itself and threw it at his head. It sunk in all the way to the hilt itself and Sol saw the body as well as the head get sucked into a vortex that left not a trace of Danzo's body. Once his body was fully gone, Sol returned to his normal form and headed out towards the Senju clan house to deal with Tsunade. As he had promised years ago, he would kill her only after every man women and child from Konoha perished, and now that they were dead, it was her time to meet her end.

He arrived at the clan home and easily broke through the locked front gate, and the wooden door wasn't any harder to bust through. Once inside he used his sensory abilities to find Tsunade, and he saw that she was in her room, but what got him was that her body language was erratic like a crazy person. Once he entered the room he saw her there on her bed crying her eyes out, her body looking highly malnourished and she smelled like she hadn't been bathing at all. Sol thought about it and guessed that Shizune was the one to help her with whatever the hell was wrong with her by taking care of her, and since Sol killed Shizune then this was the result. Sol couldn't just kill her like this since he wanted her sane when he did the deed. So he took out a piece of Seal paper and drew up a Mind Seal and placed it on her head to see what he could do to fix her shattered mind.

(Tsunade's Mindscape)

When Sol had entered Ino's mind, it had been tidy and well kept. Tsunade's was not that in any sense of the word. What he saw was the memories of the Uzumaki that had been slaughtered by Konoha shinobi, but instead of members of the Uzumaki clan, it was her in every one of their places. She was having to experience all of their pain from their point of view.

"Damn," said Sol, "and here I wanted to heal her shattered mind, but now I don't want to anymore. But how did this happen. That's the million dollar question now isn't it?"

"I can answer that question for you," said a voice behind him that Sol easily recognized.

"Boruto Uzumaki," said Sol without even looking at the spirit, "how are you here, I thought the Shinigami took your soul as payment for my mother's."

"He did, but he let me do one last thing so that I would have no regrets in life."

"But that still doesn't fully explain how you got here in the first place."

"Long ago when Tsunade was young, the higher ups in Konoha believed that since she was of Uzumaki blood that she would be able to open the door to the Vault so they could take everything within it for themselves. But what they never knew, nor did anyone outside of our clan for that matter, that my soul was sealed into the door so as to protect it from people like them from getting all we had spent our lives making for their own evil purposes. When she tried to open the door, she was shocked alongside the rest that the door didn't open for her even though it was of her own volition. And the moment she touched the seals on the door, a connection was made in the back of her mind. Once my soul was unsealed from the door I was offered a chance to punish the traitor to our blood and have done so by forcing her to experience all of our pain. She didn't have the stomach for it and has mentally snapped because of my actions. There were a few of the Yamanaka clan who used their signature jutsu to try and heal her, but I put a stop to that easily and broke their minds for sticking their noses once again where they don't belong."

"Well it would seem you did my work for me old man. I was going to torture her myself before I killed her, but it seems like I don't have to anymore. Also I used the countermeasure you had for the Senju and the Uchiha that you left instructions for in the Vault."

"Then how is this woman still alive then if you did that?"

"Tsunade was never able to used her Senju bloodline so the countermeasure didn't affect her."

"Then my work here is done," said Boruto as his spirit began to fade away, "I leave the future of our clan in your capable hands young one."

"Young one he says," laughed Sol as Boruto's spirit faded fully away, "I am well over two hundred years old, so I'm not young in any way."

Sol then took one last look around and exited Tsunade's mindscape. Once he was back in his own body, he unsealed his blade and quickly decapitated her. While he had wished to do what he had promised her years ago by force feeding her the jewel on her head before setting her on fire from the inside, what had befallen her was far worse than what he had planned for her. Once he was done with that, he made his way to the center of town. He extended his blade to reveal the bullet chamber and loaded up one of his specially made bullets to enhance the power behind his attack. With his blade still charging up, Sol slammed it into the ground up to the hilt and waited for the magic to happen. And he wasn't disappointed in the least, for walls od blackened fire, magical fire enhanced with his power to control the Void and erase the existence of things, consumed everything in site until not a single pebble was left and nothing more than a newly grown forest remained. With his work done and Konoha now forever gone from the minds of the people, he teleported home for some well-deserved victory sex...

(Sol's bedroom)

Sol was currently sitting on the bed in his room still with his eyes closed and contemplating his next actions for the world when a knock rung through the room.

"Come in" Sol said calmly wondering who out of the eight lovers he had would walk through that door. Using his powers always made him want to pounce on one of his lovers and whoever came through that door, he would screw her into a coma that lasted days. And to his pleasure in walked Ramlethal and Ephelt in all their natural glory.

Walking towards him with a sway in their steps, they were completely void of all clothing except for a collar around there neck connected to a chain that they offered up to him, since somehow Elphelt got Ramlethal to play along with a submissive fetish she had from time to time. It also showed that they weren't putting up any resistance to this whatsoever. Letting go of the chain after handing it to him, the two women crawled towards their master, they stopped between his crotch and inhaled his scent with a wide smile.

"Pleasure me" Sol commanded indicating to his stiff member, if it wasn't for the durable clothes gifted to him by the gods themselves to handle his power on him, the piece of meat would've gotten free by now from how hard it was at this moment.

"Yes master" both sisters duo chorused lustfully before they started to tug on his pants eagerly. Finally succeeding they brought his pants down to his ankles. Underneath his pants, Sol was wearing boxers which looked ready to rip apart from the apparent strain under it. Growing impatient Sol took the fabric off himself with one swift motion of his hands finally releasing his 14 inch member to slap Ramlethal across the face making them coo in excitement and lust. Bringing up their massive globs of flesh they mashed there breast together between Sol's massive dick making him groan in pleasure as they then proceeded to lick from top to bottom with their tongues making it look like they were licking a lollipop. They then proceeded to suck on his shaft making them moan in bliss as they exchanged his dick between each other multiple times, one sucking for five minutes then the other doing the same. This proceeded for a half an hour before Sol finally moaned out releasing thick ropes of cum all over their faces, tits and hair for a good five minutes.

Not giving them the chance to recover he grabbed Ramlethal by the shoulders and lifted her to his lap. He then penetrated her tight pussy with his dick easily shoving 10 inches into her making her howl in pleasure causing her to stick her tongue out in bliss and roll her eyes in the back of her head out of sheer pleasure, Sol pounded into her repeatedly moving so fast that they were almost a blur, shoving two more inches in he finally reached the end of her womb. Pulling out, making her whimper, he slammed back into her with vigor making her cum from the power behind it.

"Ah yes! F-Fuck me harder master! Bless me with your children!" Ramlethal screamed erotically as Sol continued to pound her again while nibbling on her neck and ear causing her to cum multiple times in the span of five minutes causing her to gain a fuck stupid look on her face from the fucking, Elphelt, who was on the side, was moaning loudly while rubbing one hand over her pussy and the other one was groping her large tit as she watched her master fuck her sister like there was no tomorrow.

Sol then grabbed Ramlethal's ass which his hands sunk into, before lifting her into the air before bringing her back down with such great force, causing a loud almost howl like sound to escape her lips as all 14 inches of his dick finally went inside her pussy, Sol, who was smirking, started to pound her even faster making her feel as if she was on cloud 9,

"Don't stop! Don't stop! Fuck me, oh god I'm all yours forever and ever! Just fuck me master! I'm your toy, your slave, anything you fucking want" Ramlethal moaned out and continued like that for another thirty minutes before Sol couldn't handle any more, before slamming his dick all the way in her pussy before letting loose. He came deeply in her womb, filling her up like a balloon. He shot his load for a good five minutes before finally pulling out of her and spraying the rest of his load all over her face, tits, and pelvis. After Sol finished cumming in Ramlethal she looked like she was nine-months pregnant as her belly was over bloated with his sticky cum as the woman laid there with a fucked stupid smile on her face.

Grabbing her hair he made her suck him clean to get all the excessive cum off his dick. Chuckling Sol still had lots of stamina to spare. Ramlethal barely softened him up yet, so turning to the other Valentine Sister who was on all fours shaking her ass at him erotically. He grinned before walking behind her. He positioned his dick before slamming his full length into her without any sort of hesitation, making her actually howl in pleasure as Sol started to ram his dick into her pussy making her body twitch and convulse in pleasure at his penetration almost making her fall face first to the ground from the overload of pleasure.

"You're definitely far more tighter than your sister, that's for sure," Sol chuckled as he continued to hammer into her pussy with as much vigor as her sister. As Sol was pounding into Elphelt, his mind wandered off elsewhere, His enemies were dead, Konoha was forgotten by the populace by his actions, his friends were alive and well, his family was growing, and his son was alive and well. Life was good for Sol at this moment of time, and he was going to enjoy every second of it to the fullest.

Focusing back on the fucking he was giving to Elphelt, he noticed she was half conscious as she was cumming uncontrollably with reckless abandon. He couldn't blame her since he's been fucking her for almost an hour now. So with one last grunt he buried his dick deep in her womb and shot his load in her just as he did for Ramlethal, and just like her sister, Elphelt was sporting an over bloated belly just as big or bigger than Ramlethal with cum leaking of her as drool was coming out of her mouth with her hair laid out all over the floor

"S-s-Sol, I-I love you." And with that one of the two Valentine sisters passed out from sexual overload. Chuckling he pulled up his pants after wiping his dick clean with her hair before seeing Ramlethal was also passed out. He picked both of them up and brought them to a nearby room to finally get some rest. He then walked out heading towards the Raikages tower to give his report to his future stepfather...


One thousand years...

That was the answer to one of Sol' greatest questions. How long does a Gear have to live before they die of old age, and the answer to that is one thousand years. Sol stood over the grave of his final friend to still be alive, Sin. While others had been made into Gears as well, they had all died long ago and Sol was still saddened by their deaths.

For six hundred years after what became known as the Great War was over, peace had returned to the Elemental countries, but with time comes more problems, and these problems came in the form of another purge of sorts. Instead of those with bloodlines, they were after those with Gear cells in them, since their leaders wanted to rule like Danzo had long ago, and they knew that Gears would easily stop them, so they began a campaign of propaganda to turn the people against them. Once the hatred for them was so great, they retreated to the newly reformed Whirlpool where they were happy to live their own lives as long as the people left them to their own devices. But the people didn't stop with their hatred and began to attack their home. Sol and his friends didn't want to fight, but to have peace and start families of their own, but the people wouldn't listen to them. They finally succeeded in their attacks when they captured Gaara and his wife Karen, along with their newborn child. They tortured her for days, breaking his mind until the last shred of control was lost to him, and to solidify that fact, they murdered their child in front of him. With his mind shattered, a new bloodline user invaded his mind and took control of his body as well as his powers.

Gaara was the brother to Sol that he had always wanted, so he never suspected him when his own wives and children started to disappear, no one did. It wasn't until Gaara had killed all but Sin and himself, who were both busy fighting against intruders to their home, that Gaara finally attacked Sol in an attempt to kill him. But unfortunately for the one possessing him, he had no way to know that Sol was immortal since it had happened six hundred years ago. Sol killed Gaara while calling him a traitor to their kind in a way that was like how Sasuke had killed him so long ago with a strike to the heart. But once his attack struck true, the control over Gaara's mind shattered and he cried as he apologized and quickly explained what had happened. Gaara took his last breath and passed away in Sol brotherly embrace, for Sol had forgiven him. Sol and Sin then started a one sided slaughter of the entirety of the Elemental Continent, and no one was spared their wrath...

Years had passed since that time, and Sol as well as Sin did what they did best, and that was traveled the world. After destroying everyone in their home continent as well as Sol sinking it to the depths of the ocean, but only after collecting Elphelt's weapons alongside I-no's guitar. They had many adventures as they had done in the past, and their names became legend to those they helped, but after a while Sol noticed Sin getting weaker, and after some tests he saw that Sin was dying and his Gears cells were weakening. Soon after Sol was beside Sin on his death bed and the last thing he told him was that he had always been proud of him, for he had stayed true to himself and never strayed from the path. Sin died shortly afterwards with a smile on his face. Sol then made sure to bury his last friend. He finally understood how Ramlethal felt after all these years. Without friends and family, he truly had no purpose in life. So he set out to find a new purpose, and as he walked away from his friends grave, he whipped out his guitar and sang a song from the other world to express his feelings...

"I walk this lonely road, the only one that I have ever known. Don't know where it goes, but it's only me and I walk alone..."