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The blade of the Shinigami's scythe was meer inches away from ending Naruto's life, to end his suffering once and for all. He closed his eyes, waiting for the pain to kick in, but it never came. He opened his eyes and saw that the blade never killed him, for it was stopped by a glow that stopped the blade mid swing.

"What are you waiting for?" Shouted Naruto, "Fucking kill me already!"

"I can't allow that to happen young Uzumaki" said a voice. What was strange about this voice is that it was devoid of any type of tone to determine whether or not the person was male or female, or even human for that matter. But if Naruto were to guess he would bet that the owner of the voice wasn't human. And with his incredible luck...

"Kami, what are you doing here?" Asked the Shinigami.

"I am here to stop you from killing this young man."

"I am only doing what he has summoned me to do, it is what both he and the Biju inside him both desire. I have looked into the boy's very soul and have seen that this is what the boy truly desires."

"Yeah, I want to die." Said Naruto.

"You only wish for death, cause you see no other option. To you, death is the only option."

"Yeah. Have you not seen the current condition I'm in? And for that matter, where in the hell are you? I hear your voice, but can't see you."

As he said that, an entity materialized out of thin air. The deity known as Kami appeared before Naruto in all its glory. The deity had no distinguishing features. It was a being of pure white, but with a black outline (The Truth from Full Metal Alchemist.) It had no eyes or even hair. The only thing that appeared on it was a mouth, which at this moment had a grin that could freeze even the hottest of substances.

"You are kami? Not really what I was expecting?"

"And what were you expecting?"

"Either the most beautiful women to exist, or the most handsome man. You know, the kind of look that just says 'not humanly possible' that makes people question whether or not you are some kind of god or not."

"I am a being that has existed since time itself began. Before the world was made, there was nothingness, so I made a form out of nothing. I don't see gender or ethnicity, for I am all of them, yet none of them at the same time."

"Ok, now I don't want to be rude, but I don't need a religious lesson. I've never been one for religion. So if we could get back to the issue at hand and have you explain why you stopped me from being killed. Cause you say that I only see death as an option here, but I only think that way cause there are NO OTHER OPTIONS HERE! If there were, I would have taken them by now. But there are none. My chakra is sealed, my body is broken, I'm sealed You knows where, and I have not a single ally in this You forsaken cesspool of a village." Said Naruto with a hint of anger. He was angry because here was a so called god who was fucking with him right now. He wanted to die, but then this thing just had to stop it. Who was this thing to deny him what he desired when it was just within his grasp.

"Why do you keep saying 'You' in your sentences?"

"Because I would say 'Kami knows where' or 'Kami forsaken village', but since you claim to be Kami, I can just say you cause you are standing quite literally in front of me."

"Understood, but I am here to offer you another option. One that I only offer to the most worthy of souls, and you have proven yourself as worthy of this option."

"Ok, you peaked my interest, so what is this option that you are talking about?"

"A new start in another world."

"Another world? Like what, another planet?"

"No, another dimension. New technology, different life views, different history, and lots of new adventures for you take part of."

Naruto looked at the deity hard and saw (or so he truly believed he saw, kind of hard to tell with a god with no facial features other than a mouth) that Kami was telling the truth. But then something nagged the back of his mind. When dealing with godlike deities, there was always a price to pay for an type of deal.

"Before I agree to this, I need to know what is the catch? What do you want from this? Cause from my knowledge, there is always a price to pay for these kinds of deals with gods."

"Smart young man. As you are well aware there is a price. For this gift of a new life, a sacrifice must be made. And the Kyuubi inside you will be that sacrifice. The Shinigami will take him from you and seal it with the rest of him within his stomach."

"What do you mean 'rest of him'?"

"When your father summoned me, he sealed only half of the Kyuubi's energy within you. The rest he sealed within himself to take with him in death. It was done so that the Kyuubi wouldn't overpower your will and attempt to take control at any point of your life." Replied the Shinigami.

"You ok with this Fuzzball?" Said Naruto with genuine concern.

"It's ok kit. I was prepared to die. So if my death will grant you a new life elsewhere away from the suffering of this village, then I will gladly give up my life. At least I will be whole once more."

"Thanks Fuzzball. For what it's worth, you were always ok in my book. You may have been a pain in the ass at times, but you were a friend to me when I truly needed one. Ok then Kami, I accept your offer. So what will happen?"

"You will be reborn in a new world with all your memories of this one wiped from your mind. You will be given a fresh start, with a new name and family."

"Then let's do this. Take it away Shinigami." Said Naruto with a laugh.

"You just had to send me off with a pun, didn't you kit?" Said Kyuubi.

"You know me well enough Fuzzball," said Naruto, "so yes."

"You know, any normal person wouldn't kid or joke around in front of me due to utter fear of being in my presence. But the Uzumaki clan never were considered by many to be any type of the word normal. It was a sad day when they were wiped out." Said the Shinigami.

The deity then thrust his arm into the seal on Naruto's stomach and grabbed hold of the Kyuubi's soul. As he ripped it out, Naruto screamed in pain. The pain was indescribable. It felt like his very essence was being ripped out and it felt so very cold. Like being stuck buried alive in a trench of liquid nitrogen with clothes made of dry ice cold. But just as quickly as the pain started, it ended just as fast. In the deity's hands was a crimson red orb that he then proceeded to swallow whole.

"And now, to send you on your way. Good luck with your new life young Uzumaki." Said Kami.

"Thank you Kami." Said Naruto, as his spirit faded away...

While the godlike entities were talking to Naruto within his mindscape, every nearby sensor ninja felt a strange power coming from Naruto's cell. It took a small amount of time for the sensors to report it to Danzo, who then ordered his Root ninja to investigate immediately. As they arrived in front of the sealed cell door, there was an explosion of power that completely destroyed the cell, as well as two thirds of the Root sent to investigate. Those who survived did so at a cost, for not one of them was unscathed. Some were missing limbs while others were badly burned. They were alive, but they would need immediate medical attention. Those that could make it (mainly those with just burns instead of missing limbs) went immediately to Hokage tower to report the bad news. When they did, Danzo was furious.

"So let me see if I understand the situation perfectly. I sent you to investigate the strange energy originating from the demon's cell. Yet you are telling me that the demon, who I remind you has been broken in all sense of the word as well as having all his chakra sealed away months ago, somehow just exploded. And you expect me to just believe that? Cause I don't. You have no idea what this means now do you? My plans for the Kyuubi now have to be postponed due your negligence! Now we must wait for the demon to return in 9 years." Said Danzo. With every sentence he said only increasing his fury.

"We are sorry Lord Hokage, but we had no idea the demon would explode like he did."

"You're sorry? You don't know the meaning of being sorry. But you will in time. I am ordering you to be sent to Ibiki for a week, and after he is done with you, I'm ordering your execution for failure in your mission to contain the demon."

As he said those words, the Root who had failed knew that their fate was sealed, for to Danzo, failure to accomplish any mission successfully meant death. And before they could say anything or even attempt to plead their cases or beg for mercy, they were detained by other Root ninja and dragged away.

"This complicates our future plans. Now we have to wait before we can even begin with step 1" said Danzo.

In the office alongside him were Jiraiya as well as Tsunade. Both were just as infuriated as Danzo, for both of them wanted Naruto to suffer for a lot longer than he already has, and to see the look of pain on his face when they ripped the demon from him in the near future. It was what they had been looking forward to for months, but now with his mysterious explosive death, they wouldn't be able to do that now. They both silently cursed the boy's name, for even now he was defiant to the end in not dying in the way that they had set him up for.

"But you know there are other Biju out there, not just the 9 tails." Said Jiraiya.

"I know that, but since in the recent months we have learned that the Akatsuki are still active and collecting Biju, we will have to be careful and play our cards just right. Otherwise this will self destruct in our faces just like the 9 tails just did recently." Said Danzo.

"I have an idea about that particular organization," said Jiraiya.

"Jiraiya having an idea not related to writing his smut of a book or even peeping on women, this I've got to hear," said Tsunade with a smirk on her face.

"Ok, hurtful comment form the big tittied medic nin aside," started Jiraiya, but was quickly punched through the wall by one of Tsunade's world famous super strength punches.

"Tsunade, curb your anger until after he has given his thoughts. Then feel free to continue this song and dance that you have repeated since you were young." Said Danzo, who was getting sick and tired of their childish behavior. He would have tried to forcibly changed them like his Root ninja, but they were both too strong willed and old to attempt to try to convert them.

"Thank you Danzo," said Jiraiya, who limped back into the room. "As I was saying, before I was abruptly interrupted, my idea is to use my spy network to find the Akatsuki base of operations, then wait until they find and capture the rest of the Bijuu for us. Then we spring a trap and take them for ourselves. This way, we don't risk the lives of any of our shinobi until absolutely necessary and let them deal with the problems with each of the villages."

Danzo thought about what Jiraiya just said, and he had to give it to the man. His plan was a stroke of genius.

"That idea sounds just perfect for this situation. This way, when the 9 tails returns in 9 years, we will have 8 different weapons to easily capture it and seal it away."

Before Jiraiya could bask in the glow of the rare praise he got from Danzo, there was a small poof of smoke that appeared on Danzo's desk. Out of the smoke came one of Jiraiya's toad summons, who handed him a scroll and then disappeared in another poof of smoke.

"What is it Jiraiya?" Said Tsunade, curious about the contents of the scroll.

"It would seem that I was right about Naruto being the Child of Prophecy. Since his death, apparently the original prophecy has been altered."

"And what is it now?"

"Well the prophecy now goes like this:

He is man, reborn thrice,

He is neither fully a man nor fully a demon but something far more powerful in between,

From the past the truth he was denied shall be known,

A clan member from a long thought dead clan shall seek vengeance against those who destroyed his family,

He was born of royalty, conceived through despicable means,

Within him, the soul of a dragon will emerge, but threatens to consume him,

A family torn apart from hatred and greed shall become whole once more,

He shall cleanse the tainted fire of the wicked and greedy with his own flames of pure hatred, for which there is no defense

He will seek to reclaim all that is his by birthright, taken from him by those he trusted,

Beware the swordsman clad in red with the mark of a 'free' man,

Nothing will be able to stop the man with no name, but many shall try and all shall fail,

For while his name will be lost to time, the people will know him simply as a bad guy."

"Reborn Thrice?" Said Danzo, "How in the world can you be reborn three times, even once for that matter?"

"I'm not sure, but I'll try to see what I can make of this new prophecy and try to get back to you on that one."

"Don't put too much effort into it, I want you to focus on your plan and find the Akatsuki base as soon as possible."

"Will do," said Jiraiya as he jumped out the window to prepare for the tasks ahead of him.

"I'll head back to the demon's cell and see what I can find out about how it exploded," said Tsunade as she left as well.

Danzo looked down at his desk and looked at his plans for Konoha in the future. He would conquer all the Elemental Countries and rule over it as a god. But he was patient, and he could wait to take what was his in the future. The future looked bright for him and his plans. As he thought about all that he would accomplish he started to laugh maniacally...

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