Introduction: If...

We all know the story of Link, the young Hyrulian that drew the legendary Master Sword and became the Hero of Time. The boy that defeated Ganondorf. It could have gone very differently though, as all great stories can. If Link had joined Ganondorf that night, when the princess Zelda fled her kingdom, how might it have played out?

Some people say there are infinate alternate universes where events that are historical fact for us, never happened. If that is true, there must be a universe where Link joined Ganondorf. This is the story of that universe.

Chapter 1: The Dark Prince

The sound of steel colliding with steel echoed through the ceilingless stone room, as two figures fought in the falling rain. One figure was larger than the other, not only in girth but also in height. He wore the leather and iron armor of the Gerudo and carried a large, broad sword. The other figure was about a foot shorter, though still just over average height for his age. He was clad in a black tunic and cap over an off-white body suit with minimal armor, including a pair of silver gauntlets. To make up for this, he carried a shield bearing the crest of the Kingdom of Hyrule (a golden six-point star in the eye of a black eagle with spread wings on a silver field) in addition to a finely crafted sword. The larger figure was pushing back the smaller figure back. The smaller continued to dodge and parry, and watched for an opening, which came when the larger figure brought his sword around in a horizon sweep from left to right in a decapitating arc. The smaller figure threw himself down and hit the stones with his right shoulder and went into a roll. As soon as he was past the larger figure he leapt up and stabbed at the larger figure's back, but the larger figure was expecting it and parried the blow to the side with a second, smaller sword. This caught the smaller figure off guard and a second later he was staring down the blade of a large sword into the grinning face of Ganondorf.

The two stood there, stock still in the falling rain. Finally, Ganondorf sheathed his swords and began to walk away. The other figure sheathed his own blade and followed Ganondorf across the slick stones of the chamber, and into the next room where they removed their armor and weapons, though Ganondorf kept the smaller sword with him, and toweled off, then left the room.

"Come with me." said Ganondorf to the other person, who followed him into the Throne Room. The Throne of the King of Hyrule stood on a raised section of floor so you had to climb a short flight of stairs to reach it. It was a large throne, made of cast iron and padded with leather the color of dried blood. It was adorned with dark rubies and silver studs, and the armrests ended in iron skulls. Another cast iron skull sat atop the Throne, spiked and fanged, like no creature in the land of Hyrule possessed. It's eyes were rubies, but these were bright and lit as if they had an inner fire. If you stared into those eyes long enough, it was said, they'd drive you mad. Indeed, a mere glance would give men of weak mettle headaches that would last for hours. The whole thing was meant to intimidate, and it did it well. Just to the right and slightly behind the Throne of the King rested the Throne of the Queen. It was just as horrific as the King's Throne, only smaller.

The Throne Room itself was more of a long hall. A carpet the color of dried blood reached from the large mahogany doors to the Thrones, and a large, ornate, gold ring was painted on the floor just before the steps to the Thrones. This was where those summoned before the King knelt to await his words. The whole hall was lit by torches set in iron holders imbedded high in the walls, and the only windows were made of black and dark red stained glass. As with the Thrones, the whole effect was intimidation, and as with the Thrones, it was done well. Ganondorf seated himself in his Throne and the other figure knelt in the circle.

"Rise." said Ganondorf, and the figure did as he was bid. "You have been my most loyal and useful subject for the past seven years. In that time, you have led my army to destroy Kakariko Village, subjugate the Gorons and Zora, slain the last of the Sheikahs, and of course, claimed the Master Sword for me." He indicated the sword he had carried out of the other room. He continued. "In return, I have taught you politics, economics, mathematics, reading and writing, and fighting. I have had you schooled in riding, husbandry, archery, and explosives. I have taken you under my wing and made you my son. Do you have any regrets?"

The figure in the circle shook his head.

"No father, no regrets. You taught me that."

"Good. I have come to a decision. Go get your sister, this is of the utmost importance to the both of you."

"Yes father." Ganondorf's son turned and strode silently from the room, and headed for the east wing of Ganondorf's Castle. He walked up to a door with carvings of the Royal Crest on the forehead of a Gerudo woman on it and knocked.

"What?" came the reply in the harsh voice of a young woman.

"Father wants us." replied the young man. After several moments the door opened to a girl about the same height as the young man wearing the traditional garb of a royal Gerudo warrior and a look that shot pure venom at her brother. His face remained impassive as he turned and headed back the way he had come. She hesitated a moment, then shut her door and followed.

"What does he want?" she asked vehemently as they walked.

"I don't know Ketume, but I think he's decided on his heir." came his quiet reply. The two continued on in silence for a while, until Ketume broke it.

"I don't see why it's taken him so long to announce it. We both know it will be me. After all, I'm of his own flesh and blood. You're just some punk he picked up seven years ago." She said arrogantly.

"That may be true, sister, but we both know he favors me. I'm the one that he trusts to quells the uprisings, and who ads to his empire."

"Perhaps he sends you to do those menial tasks because he doesn't care whether or not you come back. I mean, you can't even do magic." said Ketume, lighting a tapestry on fire with a simple touch as they passed it, to demonstrate. "Brother." she added, mockingly.

"I can use Din's Fire."

"Anyone can cast Din's Fire with that little rock of yours. I can cast spells without objects." She spat the last word.

"But you can't fight without your magic."

"Yes I can."

"Not as well as me." he replied with an arrogant little smirk, as they approached the mahogany doors.

"I'll die before you become king." hissed Ketume in a final insult as her brother opened the doors. The two enter the circle and knelt.

"Rise." They stood. "I'm sure you've guessed why I've summoned you here. I have come to a decision. Ketume,"

Ketume shot her brother a look of superiority.

"You lose. My son shall ascend to the Throne upon my death." Both of Ganondorf's children remained silent and impassive.

"You are dismissed."

Neither said anything until they were outside the doors of the Throne Room, when the two stopped and looked at each other. A cruel grin spread across the son's face.

"I'll send flowers." said Link, then he turned and walked away.