"I gotta go, take the chips and the Pinto and hit the road

They say what happens here, stays here, all of this will disappear"

- Carrie Underwood (Last Name)

Chapter 1

April 17th Morning

Shaina groaned and forced her eyes to open by act of sheer willpower. Only one eye seemed to be willing to move as the other eye was stuck shut, completely protesting due to the bright light coming in from the window. It was hard to keep the one eye that seemed to obey her open, because she had had too much to drink last night. There was no way that her body would want to move. She tried once more to open that eye that insisted on staying shut. It was a slow and painful move but she finally was able to do so. The horrid light coming in from the window was glinting in her eyes. Shaina brought her hands up to her eyes and rubbed them. Her vision was fuzzy, as well as her head.

'How much did I drink?'

Shaina passed her hands through her hair and rubbed her head. As she brought her hands back to her eyes she ended up pulling her hair. Her hair had ended up getting caught in the ring she was wearing. Her eyes refocused only to end up focusing on a very large, square-cut diamond ring on her left hand.

'When and where did I buy this?' She thought to herself.

Something on the side of the bed soon caught her attention. She noticed that her bra was hanging from the lamp shade on the side of the bed as well as what looked like a pair of male underwear. She tried to make sense of the ring on her hand, her bra and the underwear hanging from the lamp. Her head was still fuzzy from all the alcohol that she had consumed. A light moan came from behind her, from the other side of the bed. She felt how the mattress moved and the person that was lying beside her pulled her closer towards him. Shaina's eyes opened a bit wider as she felt her bed companion's morning erection on her back side.

Shaina slowly opened the covers and looked down only to clutch them tightly over her naked breast. She was completely naked underneath the covers. It wouldn't have taken her much to make such obvious deduction if it wasn't for the fact that her head wasn't catching up with what was going on, as quickly as it normally does.

'What the bloody hell did I do now?'

She tried not to move as much, so that her bed companion wouldn't wake up. She had to admit to herself that it felt nice having someone to cuddle in bed with. She also had to admit that the man sleeping next to her was well endowed. As she focused on the room she was in, from the position she was in, it was obvious now, that the suite she was in was not hers.

A deep and extreme need arose in her. She needed coffee. Hot and aromatic. Right now. For a minute she wondered if room service might just this once read her mind so she wouldn't have to move any more of her body until a nice big cup of hot coffee was within reach.

Her attention came back to the man on her bed. He moved his arm that had been on her waist. She soon felt the warmness that his body provided leave her back. Shaina's curiosity began to grow in her fuzzy head. All that thinking was extremely painful, and her need for coffee increased tenfold. She groaned. Shaina sat up partway and flopped her head forward, and lifted her head slowly. She noticed that her underwear was hanging on the side of the TV. A man's shirt was lying on a chair while his pants were on the floor. Her mind couldn't recognize those garments.

"Morning." her bed companion said in a groggy tone.

Shaina moved her head painfully, quickly, to her right. She'd recognize that voice anywhere, even in her fuzzy state. She sucked in a quick, searing breath and let out an involuntary, audible curse, clutching the sheets against her naked breasts and scrabbling herself to the far edge of the bed. Beside her in the king-size bed was one of the few men she couldn't stand being around with. He was buck-naked, propped up on his elbows, as his eyes were trying to adjust to the morning light.

"What the fuck?!" Shaina croaked. Her voice was still asleep. She wished she were too.

The man's blue eyes focused on her and soon all color drained from his face. Shaina knew that they shared the same mutual feeling towards one another. She looked at the big ring on her left hand and noticed that he had followed as well. Both wide eyed expressions met one another as it soon dawned on them.

"No! No! No!" Shaina kept repeating.

"What happened last night?" He asked as he held his head, obviously hung over.

The man brought his left hand into view. There was a gold band on his ring finger. He looked up at her only to see that she was also looking at his gold wedding band. Shaina wrapped the sheet around her naked body and got out of the bed. She was a bit unsteady at first but kept herself from falling. She looked at her diamond ring and then at him.

"What the fuck did we do?" She yelled at him. "What the bloody fucking hell did we do last night?"

Shaina looked around the room and assessed their situation. Her eyes went back to the man that was still in bed. A slight blush soon adorned her cheeks as she noticed that he was still naked with half of an erection on. He noticed her blushing and soon followed where she had been looking. He grabbed the nearest pillow and covered himself. There was a knock on the door which broke the awkward silence. Shaina pulled the sheet tightly around herself as she heard the door open.

A young man in a hotel uniform entered the suite pushing a dining cart in with him. He announced himself as he walked into the small living room. Shaina grabbed the underwear that was hanging on the lampshade and tossed it to Shaka. Shaka caught the garment and proceeded to put it on. Shaina made her way towards the living area to see what they had brought in. She really didn't care much that she was only wearing a flat sheet around her body. As long as it covered everything that needed to be covered, she was fine.

"Good morning." The hotel employee greeted as he saw a woman come out of the bedroom. He had just finished setting up the small table that was in the room.

"Good morning." Shaina replied as she noticed the small blush appearing in the young man's face upon seeing her. "I think you've made a mistake. We didn't call for any room service."

"Uhm…" the employee fumbled with the paper that was on the cart. "The order was placed last night under Mr. and Mrs. Shaka Mahajan."

Shaina walked towards the young man and took the paper from his hand. She looked it over several times. There was a time stamp on when the order was placed. She read it several times as if to try and see if it could explain more in detail what happened the previous night. The young man looked at her and then at the man that was coming out from the bedroom.

"Good morning sir." The young man greeted once more. He tried to avoid looking at the woman in front of him seeing as the man that approached was the woman's husband.

"Good morning." Shaka greeted and quickly averted his eyes to the woman that he had woken up next to. "Did you order room service?"

"One of us did." Shaina looked away from the paper in her hands and in turn looked at Shaka. "The order was placed last night under Mr. and Mrs. Mahajan."

Shaka noticed the sarcastic tone that he had heard her use so many times directed at him. He took the paper from her hand and read it. He too kept on reading it as if it would answer all his questions. The order had been taken at eleven twenty-two but no other name was given other than Mr. and Mrs. The list of food that was to be brought was reasonable. Something that he usually ate on any given day. He noticed that the list of beverages consisted of tea, coffee, water and mimosas.

"Is there something wrong with the order?" the young man asked.

"No, there is nothing wrong with it." Shaina chimed in before Shaka answered. "Well, there is. If you would be so kind as to remove the mimosa from our bill and take it with you."

"Of course, Mrs. Mahajan." The young man soon took the carafe filled with orange juice and the bottle of Champagne. He never noticed how Shaina cringed at how he had directed himself towards her. "Is there anything else?"

"No, that will be all. Thank you very much." Shaina said as she tipped the young man.

"Thank you." The young man placed the carafe and champagne on the cart, took the bill and placed it in his pants pocket. He looked once more at that table to make sure everything was in order and exited the room there after.

As soon as the door closed Shaina went straight for the table and poured herself a cup of coffee. She noticed that they had provided the creamer and sugar she liked so much. She didn't know whether it was fact that they had ordered this last night or it was pure coincidence. The moment that the prepared hot liquid hit her taste buds all was well for the time being. Shaina sat down in one of the chairs near the table. She didn't pay much attention to the fact that Shaka had approached the table. Shaka began preparing himself a cup of tea. He noticed that they had provided three types of teas, all to which were his preferred ones for breakfast. It was obvious that they had ordered room service the previous night.

The couple sat in silence while each drank from their own hot beverages. Neither one made the first move in talking. Silence at the moment was their best choice. Shaina got up from her chair and directed herself to the coffee table. The latest newspaper was there, as well some other reading material. She decided to take her phone with her as well. There could be someone that might be trying to get a hold of her or even have some answers to the previous night. Shaina sat back down in her chair, she set the papers on the table and began going through her phone. There were no missed calls so far, yet there were several text messages that were not read. Shaina went through all the messages; one by one she read them all. There was some from work, which she quickly answered back. The last three text messages on her phone were from Junet. The first one was Junet telling her that she had ordered her a drink. The second one was received two minutes after the first one, telling her to hurry up. To this Shaina just rolled her eyes and continued looking at her texts. The third and last that June had sent her, was asking for her and the rest to keep her brother busy. Shaina looked at the text and lifted her eyes to take a quick look at the man that was sitting across from her.

'Oh by the looks of it, I did keep him busy alright. We both kept each other busy.' she thought to herself.

Shaka looked at the papers that Shaina had placed on the table. He moved the newspaper to the other side of the table and looked at the other reading material that had been underneath. There was a couple of brochures, a magazine and a velvet blue booklet with gold letters reading, Graceland Wedding Chapel. He took the booklet in his hands and opened it. Inside the booklet was what looked to be a copy of Elvis and Priscilla Presley's marriage certificate, their marriage certificate, a DVD and wedding pictures. He took out their marriage certificate and read through it. He looked at his signature; there was no way that it was forged. Placing the certificate on the table, he proceeded to look at the wedding pictures. There in full color was the evidence of their wedding. There were pictures of the entire ceremony, from beginning to end. He looked at the ones where both of them were looking at each other and where they were kissing. They both looked like any couple that was in love and willing to share their lives together. Truth be told it was the complete opposite to what it seemed in those pictures. They didn't like each other that much. They tolerated each other's presence for the sake of his sister and her friend.

Shaka looked at the woman in front of him once more. Shaina had submerged herself in checking her cell phone. He looked at how she ate a piece of fruit and for a second it seemed like the most interesting thing he had ever seen before. He couldn't help but notice how she licked the tip of one of her fingers clean from the leftover juice. The simple gesture made a vague image appear in his mind. The image involved him sitting up in bed while Shaina was riding him. Her head was slightly back while she licked her lips as she enjoyed riding him. Shaka had to shake the image from his mind. He had never had any physical attraction to the woman in front of him; he wasn't going to start now. His body on the other hand had reacted to the image in his head. Shaka had to sit himself up a bit more just to hide his growing arousal. At that moment he decided to bring up the subject that they were both avoiding. It was the perfect thing in order to make his arousal subside.

"It's official, you and I are married, Mrs. Mahajan." Shaka said getting the attention of the woman across from him. For a moment he enjoyed catching her off guard. He saw the look she gave him as she looked up from her phone.

"Look, all I want to do is to finish my coffee, get dressed and put this behind me. I suggest you do the same." Shaina said as she turned her attention back to her phone.

"You don't think I want to do the same?" his question came out like a statement more than anything else. "Here is the certificate and pictures. I'm guessing the DVD that is in this booklet is our wedding video."

Shaina looked up from her phone once more and gave him a stern look. She sighed in defeat and placed her phone on the table. She took the paper from the table as well as the stack of pictures. Her eyes couldn't believe what she was seeing. There in black ink was her signature along with his and two witnesses. The pictures didn't help much either. They were smiling at each other like two dumb idiot teenagers; kissing like them too. They were three sheets to the wind drunk and it was as plain as the eye can see. She placed the pictures back on the table and looked at her so called husband.

"It's quite obvious that we were both very drunk." she stated while looking at him. Shaina sat up on the chair and looked at him with the same stern look that she'd use with many of the clients she dealt with. "We'll just have to tear up that marriage certificate and get on with our lives, Mr. Mahajan. In this case, what happened in Vegas is definitely going to stay in Vegas."

Shaina tossed the pictures on the table and grabbed her phone. She needed to get out of that room and get changed, so she could go back to her own room and shower. Shaina stood up from her chair and looked at him as that finalizing their conversation. Shaka Mahajan looked at her with his deep blue eyes in a sort of patient, holier-than-thou manner that really irritated the hell out of her. He went back to drinking the last of his tea, which irritated her even more.

"Tearing up the paper doesn't change the fact that we are husband and wife, Shaina," Shaka said as he placed his cup back on the saucer.

"Listen up, Shaka, I don't care what that paper says; I am not your wife. I'm going back to my hotel room and I suggest you do the same." Shaina crossed her arms with a raised eyebrow. Shaina turned on her heel and began to head back to the bedroom. Her sheet slipped, but instead of readjusting it she let it fall on the living room floor. She didn't care whether he saw her naked or not. It was obvious that it wouldn't be the first time he had seen her bare.

Shaka remained sitting in his chair and just looked at the woman disappear into the bedroom. He poured himself a full glass of water and drank. Once he was done with that he refilled it from the metal pitcher the hotel had brought with breakfast. Darn, he was thirsty. He wasn't used to alcohol. He might as well just eat some of his breakfast and enjoy the quiet moment he had by himself, because nothing he said right now was going to make Shaina stop.

'Of all the women in Vegas, how did I end up married to her?' He thought to himself as he took a bite of fruit. 'How did I end up getting married?'

Shaka took the last bite of his fruit and decided to get up and head into the bedroom. He too needed to get dressed and head down to his own room. He picked up the bed sheet that Shaina had left in the living room floor and set it on the sofa. He noticed a dress lying on the armrest of the sofa. Shaka picked it up and looked at the garment in his hands. Several images of the night before flooded his mind. The moment that he had taken off her dress in such a hurry. The way he had kissed her, hungry, passionately, wanting more and more of her. There was no denying that at that moment he wanted her. Shaka shook his head, what more could he make from those images. He didn't feel the same way now. He made his way into the bedroom and found Shaina half dressed, bent over, moving the comforter off the floor. It seemed like she was looking for something.

"Are you looking for this?" Shaka asked, getting her attention.

Shaina turned to look at Shaka and at the piece of clothing he was holding in his hand. She sat the rest of the comforter on the bed and approached him.

"Yes, thank you." She said, now sounding calmer than how she had spoken to him a few minutes ago. Shaina took the dress from his hand and went back to the spot where she was standing before. "I placed your clothes in that chair over there."

Shaka walked towards the chair and began to change. He noticed Shaina slipping into the bathroom and closing the door behind her. There was no doubt about, the situation they were in felt awkward. They were hardly speaking to one another and there was plenty to discuss.

Shaina walked into the bathroom and locked the door behind her. She leaned back against the door and took a deep breath. Just standing in front of him and taking her dress from his hand had been enough for her mind to be filled with images of them, together. She felt like she'd been hit by a freight train, waking up next to him this morning. Now with all the images in her head it all made her feel worse. She steadied herself on the door and let the shock wave run through her.

The sounds of their moans invaded her senses. The way his hands caressed her body, as he kissed her passionately. The way he had made her come over and over. The images were too vivid in her head enough to make her want to walk back into the room and kiss him senseless. There was no question about it, she had to leave that room right away. Shaina walked up to the sink and ran the cold water. Without thinking twice she splashed her blushed, warm face with the cold liquid. She didn't quite understand why she was feeling like this over a man she never found herself attracted to. A man that by her reasoning was the type she would never fall for. Shaina looked at herself in the mirror and curse under her breath.

'I'm married… to Junet's brother.' She whispered to herself.

Shaina dried her face with the closest towel she could reach. She fixed her hair as best as she could and looked herself over once more in the large mirror. The image reflected back was one she really didn't want to see. Her complexion was pale, more than usual, and her eyes looked like she hadn't slept much. There was nothing she could do at that moment other than leave that suite and head down to hers. Shaina turned on her heel and headed to the door. She opened the door slowly and hoped that Shaka had left already to his own suite. Luck, didn't seem to be on her side as he was sitting on the edge of the bed as if waiting for her to finish. Shaina walked up to the nightstand and grabbed her phone and walked out of the room. In the living room she proceeded to gather the rest of her things. She heard the door to the bathroom close which gave her the perfect timing to get out of the room. A flash of the evening before tumbled out of her short-term memory. Shaka and her in the shower. Shaina had to steady herself on the armrest of the sofa.

'I need to get out of here.' She thought to herself.

Shaina made her way to the corridor only to stop mid-way. There in front of her were two pieces of luggage, which were next to two carry-on bags. She recognized hers and the other she guessed was Shaka's. Letting out a frustrated sigh she went up to the items and took them back into the living room and then into the bedroom. Shaina picked up the room phone and dialed the front desk. It didn't take long for them to answer.

"Good morning, this is the front desk." A male voice came through.

"Hello, my name is Shaina Rinaldi, I'm currently staying in the honeymoon suite and I was calling in regards to the room I rented," Shaina said hoping that her suite was still under her name. The person on the other line asked her a few more questions.

"It looks like you checked out of that room last night. I have the time stamp of ten-ten." The man on the line said. "Is there anything else I may help you with?"

"Yes, could you check if Shaka Mahajan also checked out of his previous room?" Shaina asked hoping that Shaka's previous room was available. She heard the man typing away on his keyboard.

"Yes... Mr. Mahajan checked out of his previous suite." The man said over the line. "Is there anything else I can assist you with?"

"No, that will be all. Thank you." Shaina answered with resignation in her tone. They were both stuck in that suite until tomorrow.

"You are welcome Mrs. Mahajan and congratulations on your nuptials." The man on the other side of the line said with a sincere tone in his voice.

"Thank you." Shaina said in a monotone voice.

Shaina stared at her suitcase for a couple of seconds before grabbing it and placing it on the bed. She opened her suitcase and began to gather some of her clothing. The only thing left to do was to wait for Shaka to come out of the bathroom and take a quick shower.

When Shaka came out of the bathroom he quickly noticed that his suitcase along with his carry-on was sitting on the bed. He saw Shaina was busy taking items out of her suitcase. He was a little confused about the situation. His plan was to leave the room right after he was done but it seemed like something else had happened. Shaka cleared his throat which gained the attention of the woman across the room.

"How did…"

"Apparently, you and I checked out of our previous rooms last night and checked into this suite." Shaina said, interrupting him mid-sentence. "I was so drunk last night I can't even remember getting my things."

"Are you missing anything?" Shaka asked a little concerned. He opened up his suitcase and began to check his things.

"No, I'm not missing anything. How about you?" She asked finally looking up at him.

Shaka checked his entire suitcase and his carry-on. Nothing was missing. He looked up at her and saw that she was waiting for his answer.

"Everything is in here."

Shaina sighed, whether it was of relief or not she sighed. They had both managed to get all of their belongings in a full state of intoxication. Shaina collected her things and began heading to the bathroom.

"S'cuse me, I have to do some things in the bathroom," she said, then disappeared inside the bathroom.

Shaka took his phone from the nightstand and turned it on. Apparently he had turned it off the night before. As soon as the home screen went on his phone kept chiming with several text messages coming in. There were three text messages from work, one related to work and another from Mu. He read all the ones from work, even the one related to work and left Mu's text message for the end. Mu's text was from late last night, asking him if he had made it to his room alright.

Shaka decided to send him a quick text message telling him he had made it to his room and if he knew anything about the rest of their party. He didn't wait for the reply and proceeded with getting his things ready. He heard the water being turned off. Shaka walked back into the living room and gathered the wedding pictures, marriage certificate and placed them all inside the blue booklet. He went back into the bedroom and placed them over his carry-on. They both needed to sit down and have a serious discussion. Shaka had always considered marriage a sacred thing. He knew that was a very old-fashioned concept in this disposable society, but he was firm in his belief. He had to think clearly before making the right decision.

Shaina reappeared with a small cosmetic bag, a fully done-up face, her hair pulled back into a loose ponytail, dressed in a white sleeveless romper with pink and black flowers that clung to her every, lovely curve. There was something about the way she looked that made her look just like a wife would on a honeymoon. She had rendered him speechless.

"I apologize if I took too long." she said.

"No problem at all."

"I'll be heading out soon. Junet texted me while I was getting ready."

"Is everything alright?" he asked as he picked up his things from the bed.

"Yes, everything is fine; birthday girl just wants to get her day started up early." Shaina said with an all knowing smile.

"Mu and I will meet up with you girls later." Shaka smiled back at her.

Both stood there looking at one another as if not knowing what to do. Shaina moved out of the way so Shaka could enter the bathroom and headed towards where her luggage was. She heard the door to the bathroom close, as she looked into her luggage. She placed her dirty clothes in a small laundry bag she had brought from home. Shaina soon heard the water running and that was her cue to go. She grabbed one of the key cards that were on top of the entertainment unit and the rest of her things. It was time to have some fun and put this situation on hold.


Geist and Junet laid face down each in their own massage table. The masseuse finished removing the hot stone off of Junet's back while the other masseuse had just finished removing the stones from Marin's back. As both masseuses finished giving the girls their massage, they left the private room; Junet rose from the massage table. She wrapped the towel tightly around herself and got off the table. Marin handed her the robe that Junet had been wearing earlier and waited for her to get ready. Both women walked out of the room and headed straight for the table that contained glasses filled with cool water and a slice of lemon. Each one took their glass and headed to the lounging area where to their surprise Geist was already waiting for them.

"Well you both looked relaxed." Geist said before she took a sip of her own water.

"That was the best hot stone massage I've had in weeks. It's too bad that it always comes to end." Junet said as sat in one of the chairs next to Geist.

"So did anyone get a hold of Shaina?" Marin asked as she took a seat on one of the other lounge chairs.

"Let me see if I could get a hold of her." Junet placed her glass on the small table and pulled out her cell phone from the robe's side pocket. She quickly began to text her and only hoped that her friend would answer back soon.

"She knew we were coming to the spa in the morning." Geist said

"Yeah... I think it had been her idea to begin with." Marin added.

"I wouldn't blame her if she were still asleep. She sure drank a little too much champagne last night." Geist said with a known smile before taking another sip of her water. "I wouldn't be surprised if she ended up taking someone to her room last night."

"We would have noticed if she went to her room with someone, wouldn't we?" Junet second guessed herself. The whole group had drank a little too much. She had been a bit surprised when her brother had taken a drink or two. Junet's phone soon chimed and she quickly checked her phone. "She overslept. At least that is what she just texted me."

"So typical." Geist said with a smirk on her lips. "Tell her we will meet her at the hotel lobby, from there we can head to the Grand Canal Shoppes."

"Alright..." Junet said as she sent the text message. It took less than a minute to hear that she had received a new text message. Junet checked the message before reading it out loud. "Shaina says that she will meet is in the lobby in fifteen minutes."

"I guess we should head to the changing room." Marin said as she sat her empty glass on the small table.

"Let's go then, my credit card is in much need of a work out." Geist added with smile adorning her lips as she got up from her chair.

With that said all three women headed to the changing room. There was much to do that day and much to celebrate.


Junet had taken the girls to several of the stores she liked at the Grand Canal Shoppe. Marin, Geist and Shaina tried to catch up with her but once Junet was on a shopping spree there was no one to stop her. They visited several stores like Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, BCBGMAXAZRIA, bebe and their current stop, Victoria Secrete. Junet and Geist looked through their bra collection while Shaina looked into their lingerie and Marin looked at their PINK collection. One of the store associates had already given the girls each their own shopping bag. Junet looked into getting three unlined lace demi bras and matching lace & mesh cheekini panties. Geist had moved from the bras and panties and ended up looking at the fragrances that the store carried. She had decided to take two of the perfumes that they carry and a travel bag. Marin finished looking into their PINK collection and went to look at their yoga pants. She loved yoga pants, aside from using them for the gym-she would sometimes use them as regular pants. She placed a pair of yoga pants, two pair of capri and one crop. Marin noticed the shorts that they had and decided to take a pair. She convinced herself that you can never have too many clothes to lounge around. Shaina on the other hand had grabbed an angel slip so she could wear at night. She looked at the babydolls they had. They had a decent variety in color and style. Shaina pick out the Lacy high-neck slip. She looked at it and compared it to the other one that she had picked out. Shaina looked from one to the other. She liked both but didn't know whether to take them both or just choose one.

"I would take both." Junet said from behind.

"You think so, huh?" Shaina turned to see her friend and smiled at her.

"Oh yes." Marin chimed in.

"Definitely both." Geist said looking at the garment.

"The majority has spoken." Shaina said as she placed both garments in her shopping bag. "So... are we ready to pay?"

"I am." Marin said as she looked inside her bag. "How about you Junet…? Geist?"

"I am." Geist said already heading to pay.

"Oh… uh-huh." Junet answered while she texted on her cell phone.

Once the girls had paid for their garments they all walked out of the store. Junet continued to text on her phone while Shaina, Geist and Marin just looked at each other then at Junet. Junet soon looked up from her phone and noticed the looks she was getting from her friends.

"Sorry, sorry….. Shaka kept texting me. He and Mu should be here any minute now." Junet said as she placed her phone back inside her purse. "You see here they come."

Geist, Marin and Shaina turned to see the two men coming their way. Junet waved at them both, signaling them where they were. Junet quickly ran to her brother and hugged him like if she hadn't seen him in a long time.

"You look pretty good today big bro." Junet said with a smile on her lips. "Seems like someone got a good night's sleep."

"As best as one could sleep." Shaka tried to sound as sincere as possible. He saw the look that Mu gave him and how he looked at his so-called wife. Shaina had turned her head as if looking at the stores around. "Are you done shopping or are you going to shop some more?"

"I think we are done for the time being. It seems that you and Mu went shopping as well." Junet said as she looked inside the bag Shaka was carrying. "Ooh…. nice! Anyways, how about we take these bags back to the hotel and we can continue with my birthday?"

"Sounds like a plan." Mu said.

As they walked back to the hotel, the girls couldn't help but take several pictures as they went along. Shaina, Geist, Marin and Junet had taken several pictures of them making funny faces or in funny poses. There was a picture of Marin and Mu posing as if they were trying to stop Junet from getting into the fountain. While Geist looked like she was encouraging Junet to do so. Several people around had stopped and thought that Junet was really going to jump in. Upon seeing the group's silliness Shaka had even joined in the fun by taking thing a bit far. He carried Junet as close to the fountain as possible making it seem like he was going to actually throw her in. Shaina took several pictures hoping that they would come out alright. There was a point that she couldn't stop laughing as Junet actually looked terrified of being thrown in.

The group continued walking down the mall. They passed several stores and several flower arrangements the mall was adorned with. Midway down their destination Junet noticed a couple with a small child. The little girl couldn't have been more than five or six years. She noticed how the man had picked up the little girl and placed her on up on one of the benches. The little girl smiled as she placed her arms around her father's neck and soon was riding piggy back. It was at that moment that Junet had the brilliant idea of asking her brother for a piggyback ride.

"Shaka, dear brother of mine." Junet said with a huge smile on her lips. "This birthday girl has a special request for her special day today."

"And what special request does the birthday girl have?" Shaka asked as he glanced at his sister.

"I would like a piggy back ride for my birthday." Junet said as she held her brother's arm. Sure, she was too old but it was her birthday and it wasn't on a regular basis that she could be as silly and as spoiled as on her birthday.

"No." was Shaka's simple answer.

"Aww… come on. Pretty please. You are my favorite brother in the whole world" Junet batted her eyelashes while she held him closer.

"Junet you do realize I am your only brother, right?" Shaka looked at his sister with a raised eyebrow.

"I'll love you more today than I did yesterday." Junet batted her eyelashes.

If there was one thing Shaka couldn't tolerate was his sister acting the way she was at that moment. Shaka looked at his sister and knew that somewhere down the line he had given in.

"Anything for the birthday girl." Shaka said while smiling at her.

The group had witnessed the entire interaction between brother and sister and could not help but smile. Once Junet had got what she wanted the group continued to walk down the mall. Marin had made sure to take several pictures. There were moments in life that needed to be captured and that had been one of them.

As the group continued their walk down the mall; Junet had another one of her brilliant ideas. Junet asked her brother to stop and directed herself to the two people she had in mind.

"Mu, would you be so kind as to give Marin a piggy back ride" Junet smiled at Mu, then looked at Marin. "You are up for it, right Marin?"

"Uh….." was all that Mu and Marin said.

"Come on guys. Take it as one of my birthday wishes." Junet said while batting her eye.

Mu and Marin looked at each other and then at the birthday girl. The situation was more than just a little awkward but it was per request of the birthday girl so they both made it work. Geist grabbed the camera from Marin and took several pictures of the girls getting a piggy back ride. As soon as the pictures were taken Marin asked Mu to put her down.

"Alright, Geist now it's your turn." Junet said

"No, Junet I'm okay." Geist said looking from Junet to Mu.

"Oh come on. I'm pretty sure Mu doesn't mind." Junet said then directed herself to Mu. "Right Mu?"

"Uhm…" was all Mu could muster.

"You see Geist, he is totally fine with it." Junet gave her a reassured smile.

Geist gave in to the birthday girl's wish and handed the camera to her sister. Mu and Geist worked it and made it look effortless. As Shaina was about to take the pictures Junet got off from her brother's back.

"Here Shaina give me the camera." Shaina looked at the birthday girl and then at Marin. "I want you to be in the picture as well."

"How…." Shaina wasn't able to finish her sentence as Junet spoke up.

"Shaka, now you give Shaina a piggy back ride." Junet said as she pointed to her brother and then to Shaina. "Marin or I will take the picture."

"No!" to Shaina's surprise Shaka had said it as well.

"Aw come on guys. Please, do it for me." Junet pouted "Remember it's my birthday."

Shaka let out an exasperated breath while Shaina just rolled her eyes as a sign of giving in to the birthday girl's request. It had been one of the most awkward interactions between the two. Shaka held Shaina's legs which made them both uncomfortable. Things might have been different if they didn't know what had happened between them. Might, being the operative word. The way Shaka's hands held her legs, his touch, was something that Shaina couldn't help but enjoy a bit. His scent was so familiar to her she couldn't help but breathe it in. At that moment she stopped herself. There was no way she was going down that road with a man she couldn't stand. Shaka was having a hard time concentrating on what he was doing. Having Shaina that close to him, the feel of her smooth legs in his hands. The way her light scent invaded his nose only made things harder for him. He stopped himself from thinking like that at that very moment. Unbeknown to the group Shaka and Shaina just seemed to look extremely uncomfortable with one another.

"Alright, smile for the camera." Junet said before taking the picture. The four looked at the camera and smiled. Junet made sure to take several pictures of the group as she loved how they looked. "You four came out looking great."

"Can we get off now?" Geist asked as she started to get off.

"Yeah, sure." Junet answered.

As Junet attention was on the pictures Shaina quickly got off. There was no way she would let any more time pass by while being held by her so called husband. Shaina passed by him completely ignoring the fact that Shaka was looking at her. Mu looked at the non-existing interaction between his best friend and Shaina. Out of all the group he was the only one that knew that those two were married. He just wondered how long would it take for the others to figure it out. Junet on the other had looked at the pictures that they had taken and couldn't help but linger on the ones with Mu. She looked at the one with Mu and Marin and the one with him and Geist. She liked how they had come out but for some reason she wished it was her with him on that picture. Junet gave the camera to Marin and walked up to Mu.

"Mu would you mind giving me a piggy back ride?" Junet didn't know why she sounded so shy.

"It being my birthday and all."

"Sure." Mu smiled at his best friend's little sister.

Marin took several pictures of the two as she guessed that was the reason her friend had given her the camera. Junet enjoyed the piggy back ride. It had truly turned out as something she wanted for her birthday. Being close to Mu made it seem right; it felt right. It was at that moment that Junet finally realized that the crush she had on her brother's best friend had never gone away


After walking to the hotel and back to the Shoppe, Shaina and Geist surprised Junet with a birthday lunch. Buddy's Ristorante had been the excellent place to have Junet's birthday lunch followed by a visit to Carlo's Bakery. Junet was a big fan of the show Cake Boss since she saw the first episode. Junet looked at all the pastries on the display case. Junet looked like a kid in a candy store as she saw all the pastries that they had. It was like a dream come true for her. Junet took several pictures of the shop, she had even asked one of the employees if they could take a picture of their group. She needed proof that she had visited the bakery even if it wasn't the original.

As the group walked down the Grand Canal Shoppe it was Mu who took the lead. Mu had picked the next stop for Junet's birthday. He took the group to Madame 'Tussauds interactive wax museum. The girls had spotted their favorite actors and had taken several pictures with the wax figures. Junet took a picture of Shaina and Marin posing with Johnny Depp. Marin pretended to kiss Johnny on the cheek while Shaina was pulling a little at figure's pants with a look of shock in her face while Geist a mischievous smile as she too looked down. Junet soon gave the phone to her brother and asked if he could take a picture of the four of them with the Johnny Depp wax figure.

The group moved on to other wax figures. Shaka and Mu took pictures with several of the marvel superheroes. Mu made an effort to beat the girls on their silly poses. Both men tried to size up to Thor and Captain America. They all came out in several poses with the Hulk and Spiderman. Once in a while one of the girls would stop somebody and ask if they could take a picture of the group.

The girls had walked up to part of the museum where they had set up scenes from the movie the Hangover. Geist and Junet had pretended to be passed out on the white couch. Shaina made sure to take a picture of the two. Mu had come up to her and had offered to take a picture of all four. The girls did their best to look drunk or passed out on that white couch. Junet even took it further by kneeling in front of the toilet while Shaina held her hair. Marin posed with them by rubbing Junet's back and Geist looked frightened by the stuffed tiger inside the bathroom. As the group passed by that section of the museum Shaina couldn't help but stand in front of the made up Vegas chapel. There was something with the set up that caught her attention. It took a minute or two but that's all it took to make all the memories of the past night come flooding down. The night of heavy drinking followed after they attended the Britney Spears show. The drunken conversation that had lead her and Shaka to make the crazy decision to get married. The wedding that had taken place in that Vegas chapel. The events that took place before heading to the hotel and after. The sex. Everything hit her all at once.

"Shaina? Are you okay?" Geist asked as she noticed that her sister had stayed behind.

"Yeah…." Shaina's voice was barely audible.

Geist looked at her sister and began to worry. Her sister had lost all color in her face and for a moment looked ill. "Shaina? What's wrong?"

"I'm fine." It was the tone in Geist voice that had brought Shaina out of her thoughts. She took her eyes off the chapel and looked at her sister. "Do you know where the restroom is?

"Yeah…. We just passed it a bit ago. Do you want me to go with you?" Geist asked with worry in her voice.

"No. It's okay, I'm fine." Shaina said as she smiled at her sister.

Shaina quickly turned on her heel and walked towards the bathroom. Unbeknown to her someone else had just remembered what had happened the previous night as well.


It had been a day full of excitement and entertainment; it was everything Junet had hoped for. As the night soon was drawing to a close, Junet asked if they could take a gondola ride. An outside gondola ride with the beautiful city lights with the dark night sky was perfect to enjoy the night. The girls sat back and relaxed as the ride began. It didn't take long for Junet to take out her phone and began recording their ride on the gondola. Shaka and Mu ended up staying back while the girls had a moment by themselves. The gondolier began to sing a beautiful melody as he guided the gondola through the canal. Geist finally got tired of Junet and recording every moment of the day and made a grab for Junet's phone.

"Hey give that back." Junet said as she tried to reach over and grab her phone from Geist.

"Nope. No more. I think I speak for all of us when I say that we are done with getting every single moment of this trip recorded. I didn't want to do this but you leave no choice." Geist waved the phone in her hand and then placed it inside her purse.

"I will get my phone back, one way or the other." Junet said as she sat back.

"You'll get it back once the ride ends. We just all need a break." Geist reassured her.

The girls stayed quiet for a while as they enjoyed the ride. It was nice to take a break from taking pictures and running around from one thing to the other. The gondola ride proved to be the perfect break they needed. They had all gone to the Rio hotel and had done the voodoo zip line. Followed by some of the rides on Stratosphere Tower. Later on Shaka had taken his sister, along with the group, to see Cirque du Soleil ONE. It had been an amazing experience for all of them. Now as they rode on the gondola they had time to relax and take it all in.

"Hey! I want to thank you girls for bringing me on this amazing trip. It really means a lot to me." Junet said as she had gotten their attention. "I know it was meant for it to be an all-girls trip but I am happy that you were all okay for my brother and Mu to join in on the celebration."

"It was our pleasure." Marin said.

"I still think Shaka should loosen up a bit. Tell me Junet does he always look like he has a stick up his ass?" Geist said while trying not to laugh.

"What Geist is trying to say is that he really needs to unwind a bit." Marin corrected her friend.

"He's not that bad you guys." Junet tried to defend her brother. "Besides he has a friend like Mu so he can't be that bad. Don't you think so? Shaina?" Junet looked at her friend with hopeful eyes.

"Don't get me in this. Besides I'm with them." Shaina said as she closed her eyes and leaned her head back.

"Oh... Maybe we should take them to that mermaid bar or to a strip club." Geist suggested as she looked at Marin for support.

"No, the last thing I want is to end this night in a strip club." Marin said while she crossed her arms.

"I'm with Marin." Shaina chimed in.

"Fine!" Geist gave in and leaned back.

The gondolier began to sing another song as the girls remained quiet.

"Can you believe we are two years away from turning thirty?" Junet asked to one in particular.

"Argh….. Please, don't remind me." Geist said "I have nightmares thinking that I'm close to the big three-O."

"I'm not, how about you Shaina?" Marin asked.

"I'm not sure but I don't think about it much either."

"It doesn't scare you that we are both heading there in a matter of two years?" Geist asked her twin. "Think about it this way, you'll have Nona riding your butt about how at our age she was already married and with three kids."

"It doesn't bother me." Shaina assured her sister with a smile on her lips. "Besides, Nona bothers you more than she does me."

"Girls a lot could happen in two years." Marin said getting the twins attention.

"Yeah! One or two of us could be married or all four of us. Better yet one of us could be married and with kids." Junet said "Who knows maybe one of us could just have a kid."

"Or maybe we'll all be single and still trying to find Mr. Right." Marin added.

"Mr. Right? I'd prefer Mr. Right Now rather than Mr. Right." Geist smiled at the girls.

"Yeah, yeah... Marin is right, a lot could happen in two years." Junet said as she looked at her friends. "Whether we are married, with kids or without. Let's just be together."

"Where do you think we'll go?" Geist asked.

"We are all stuck with each other to the very end." Marin reassured Junet.

"Yeah..." Shaina agreed in a low voice while she gave her friend a reassuring smile.

The gondola ride had come to a stop. One by one the girls got out of the gondola and made their way to where Mu and Shaka stood waiting for them. The group walked across the bridge and further into the city lights. Junet noticed a place she wanted to visit before they would head back to the hotel and call it a night. She stopped and turned to directed herself to the group.

"I have one last request before the night ends." She told the group.

"Which is?" Marin asked

Junet's gave them mischievous smile and looked at a certain someone in the group.

"Well I think that my brother should loosen a bit more than he did last night." She grabbed her brother's hand and pulled him towards her. "Don't get me wrong. Seeing you drink that much last night would have surprised Buddha himself. I think you should surprise the group and show them how good of a dancer you are."

Shaka looked at his sister like if she had gone mad. Mu tried to hold a laugh while the rest of the girls just looked at the two siblings.

"Junet I'm not going to dance. Why don't you and the girls go without us?" Shaka said as he tried to give his sister a stern look.

"I wouldn't mind going dancing with the girls." Mu laughed as Shaka gave him a look for support.

"Oh come on brother of mine. You know it's still my birthday and it would mean so much to me." Junet stopped pulling on her brother's hand and gave him a sulky pout.

Shaka looked at his sister and sighed. He looked at the group and they were waiting for him to give in.

"Fine, I give in. Let's go dance." Shaka said giving in to his sister. "But I won't dance."

"Yes, you will." Junet said while she still had a hold of his hand. She turned on her heel and began walking towards their destination. "Senor Frog here we come."

The rest of the group looked at each other and then at Junet, who was pulling Shaka along. They soon followed along. It was their last night in Vegas and Junet really wanted to make it count.

April 18th Morning

Shaina woke up to the sound of her phone going off. Shaina tried to ignore it but the alarm she had set continued to go on. Blindly she reached over the nightstand until she was able to get a hold of her phone. It took two tries but she was able to shut off the loud alarm. She placed her phone back on the night stand and proceeded to rub the sleep off her eyes. It was seven in the morning and her flight would be leaving in three hours.

'I have time for a quick shower. I need a shower.' Shaina told herself as her body didn't seem to process what she was telling herself.

Shaina pulled the sheets off her body. Her naked body. She lifted her head up and looked down to confirm that she was naked and not just a thought in her head. Her head flopped back onto the pillow as she covered her eyes. She felt a familiar weight on her hand. Shaina opened her eyes and saw that her wedding ring had reappeared on her wedding finger. She let out a breath and couldn't help but turn her head to the other side of the bed. There on the other side of the bed, in all his naked glory, was her so called husband.

'How in the world did I end back in bed with this man?' she thought to herself. 'Can he actually be the only man in Vegas I could actually sleep with?'

Shaina lifted herself off of bed and made her way into the bathroom. She couldn't remember any event of the previous night and she wasn't going to start trying to. She took one more look towards the bed where her husband was lying, naked. Shaina cursed herself mentally. There was no way she would allow her mind to be filled with those types of thoughts. Shaina grabbed her toiletry bag on her way to the bathroom and closed the door behind her.

Shaka opened his eyes to the sound of a door closing. He felt the bed move and that had been enough to wake him up. There was no point in trying to guess who he had shared a bed with. Shaka remembered he'd sobered up somewhere along the night—particularly the part where they were both in the throes of passion. He wasn't completely sure if she had sobered up during their time together but there was always the possibility. The time was soon coming for them to talk about what would happen after they would leave their separate ways. It was at that moment that Shaka decided to get out of bed and put some clothes on.

There was a light knock on the suite door that caught Shaka's attention. As he entered the small living area he noticed that the same hotel employee from the previous morning had entered the room. The young man had busied himself by setting up the table and he hadn't noticed that the guest were awake. As the employee turned to the cart to grab one of the pitchers he noticed Shaka standing in the middle of the living area.

"Good morning Mr. Mahajan. I'll just finish setting things up for you and your wife and I'll be on my way."

"Did we order this last night?" Shaka asked.

"Yes, sir. Here is the order from last night, along with the time stamp. Would you care to take a look at it?" The young man offered the paper to Shaka.

Shaka took the paper went over the order list. It was almost the same thing that they had ordered before. The order had been placed at eleven and it didn't specify who had placed it. Which only made him think that it had been the two of them. Shaka returned the slip to the young man and made his way back into the room. It didn't take long for him to come back into the living room.

"Is there anything else, Mr. Mahajan?" the employee asked before heading out of the room.

"No, that will be all." Shaka said as he handed the employee a couple of bills and thanked him.

As he closed the door of the suite behind him, Shaka preceded to get his tea ready. He heard the bathroom door open and knew that Shaina would notice he was longer in bed. As he finished preparing the tea he decided to head down to the bedroom. He had to let his 'wife' know that breakfast had arrived. Shaka stood by the door and looked at what Shaina was doing. He noticed she was busy gathering her things. She was already dressed up for the day; her hair was loose. There was a certain beauty to the woman in front of him. At that moment his mind decided to bring up the memories of the previous night. The way she had reacted to his kiss. The sound of her moans as he made love to her. Shaka suddenly stopped himself. There was no way they had made love. Had sex, yes, but never had they made love. It was at that moment that he decided to clear his throat. He had to clear his mind of all thoughts from the previous night.

Shaina heard Shaka clear his throat. She looked up at him only to find him looking at her. Without any word she continued getting her things ready. Her mind was set on getting out of that room, taking her flight and putting all this nonsense behind her. She wasn't completely sure how she had ended up sleeping with him again. Her plan had been to crash in her sister's suite; at least that had been her plan. As she would occasionally glance his way she had noticed that he was only wearing his pants. If there was a chance of her slapping herself without looking crazy she would. There was no explanation why at that moment she was finding him attractive, again. She had already had that on her mind when she had seen him asleep earlier. He had been naked, with half an erection on. That had been enough for her to have a go at him. Shaina stopped herself. There was no way she would let her mind go down that road. She finished zipping her suitcase close and set it down on the floor.

"Good morning." Shaina said finally acknowledging his presence.

"Good morning. Join me in the dining table, won't you?" Shaka was polite, but insistent. He soon turned on his heel and made his way towards the small dining table.

Shaina stood there for a few seconds just looking at the spot where Shaka had stood. She needed to get her thoughts in order in the short amount of time it would take her to reach the dining area. Shaina grabbed her suitcase and carryon bag and headed towards the dining area. There was only one solution for their situation and Shaina would make sure things would go her way.

Shaka had already pulled out a chair for her as he now waited sitting in his. He saw her place her belongings in the small living room area. He noticed that she made her way towards him and took the seat he had pulled out for her. Shaina sat. Shaka took that moment to serve her some coffee. Shaina prepared her coffee the way she loved it. Once she was finished she took a long sip of that dark brew, her green eyes never leaving his face.

"Shaina, we've got a great deal to talk about," Shaka said. He placed his fork back on the side of his plate. "We need to decide what to do about the situation we are in. I have to tell you that despite the fact that we acted rashly, I consider marriage a sacred vow."

Shaina had to catch herself from choking on her coffee. She placed the cup back on the saucer and dabbed her lips with the napkin. There was no way she could remain married, not even for the ideals he had. The man in front of her was talking crazy. She tried to remember if Junet shared her brother's ideals or if she had ever mentioned them. Her brain couldn't come up with nothing at that moment.

"Shaka. I…I don't want to be married. I can't be Mrs. Mahajan. I'm pretty sure you don't want me to be either. We both have to catch a plane back home and get back to our lives." Shaina said as she looked at him. "We have to get this marriage thing annulled. In this case, what happened in Vegas is definitely going to stay in Vegas."

Shaka noticed that the woman in front of him had gone into full business mode. Shaina wasn't going to let him take the lead on this conversation. She wasn't going to give in or let him have any say in the matter. He had to admit the woman had made a valid point. He would have never thought of marrying her. Yet, here they were.

"I don't have enough time to take care of that with you. I'm going to trust you to do the right thing." with that said Shaina stood up from her seat and placed the napkin back on the table.

"I'll do what's best for our interest." Shaka said as he noticed the woman turn on her heel.

Shaina walked out of the room closing the main door behind her. She breathed a sigh of relief as she walked down the corridor. Things could have gone much worse, especially with how he felt about marriage. She made a quick mental note to ask her best friend later on her stance on marriage. Shaina headed down to the hotel lobby and Shaka stayed back in the honeymoon suite. The future hung clouded and uncertain before them. All they could hope for was that no one else would find out what had happened in Vegas.