Khu Lon worked quietly in the kitchen as she fixed breakfast. She thought over the other night. Such power in one so young. To so effortlessly throw all those dreamers out into the blind was something even the higher gods of the Dreaming would have had trouble doing. Shampoo had been ecstatic when Khu Lon had told her of her plans to go to Japan to find the boy as a potential suitor for the young Amazon. The last of her preparations would be done today and they could leave.

Akane came running into the yard from her morning jog. She quickly went upstairs to her room to change into her gi and hurried out to the dojo for her morning workout. As she opened the sliding door she caught sight of something she'd never tire of.

The young man inside was doing a kata of the Anything Goes School, She could see where it was still a little rough in places but Ranma had already improved in just the two days he'd been awake.

When Ranma had come downstairs into the living room two days ago, Akane had assumed she had fallen asleep at first. Both her and Nodoka had rushed over to hug the poor boy and Akane realized at once that this wasn't dream. Ranma was much thinner than his dreamself.

Still, Ranma had spent the whole day just learning to walk, eat, talk, and a million other things people take for granted in their waking lives. The potty training had been embarrassing but had gone quickly.

Ranma had been worried when he had gone upstairs the last night to sleep. Akane had worried that he wouldn't wake up again. Their worries had been unfounded however when he was given a hero's welcome to the Dreaming. After much celebrating, during which Ranma had been voted into the council amongst great cheers, Ranma and Akane spent some time talking with his mother Hathor. Ranma told her about the things he'd seen and done in the Blind. The three of them finally went to Nodoka's dreamscape and they all sat and talked at great length. Hathor relented and gave Ranma the freedom to come and go as he pleased. That earned her a hug from her adopted son.

Akane smiled as Ranma went through a particularly difficult part of the kata. Enough reminiscing, it was time to live.

"Can I join you?" she asked her boyfriend.

Ranma looked up from where he was going over the kata in his head and smiled at Akane. "Sure, maybe you can help me figure out why I'm having problems with this part."

The two practiced until Nodoka called everyone in for breakfast.

As everyone ate Nabiki teased her sister about finally finding the man of her dreams to which Akane just stuck out her tongue and said her sister was just jealous. Kasumi smiled at her sisters' antics as she went over various college brochures and testing schedules. While they wouldn't be Kuno wealthy, the money they were due to inherit when Kasumi turned twenty would keep them comfortable for a long time if managed properly. Nabiki had told her older sister that she would go to college, no argument allowed. When Kasumi had asked who would take care of the house and meals, Nodoka had stepped in and said she and her son would be more than happy to move in and help.

Akane sighed happily, this was family. She missed this feeling, ever since her mother died there had been a hole in her heart.

"You two should get going if you're going to make to school on time," Nabiki said as she gathered her things and left with a piece of toast still in her mouth.

A few minutes later the two were walking hand in hand towards Furinkan High School.

"Are you sure you want to do this so soon? You remember how Kuno was in my dreams right?" Akane asked worriedly.

Ranma smiled at her and held up his right hand. A ball of fire formed in the palm of it that disappeared in a flash as he waved the arm quickly.

"Martial arts wasn't the only thing I learned in the Dreaming."


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