Takes place before the movie.

He has nightmares. In the darkness, when she lies alone in bed – she hears them coming from the timed recorder she placed in his room in case he had any plans of escape. (Ironic, as it only picks up sounds that hint at something he can't escape from.)

They are mostly incoherent; just the usual cries for help, and those of sorrow... but there are some times when she can hear a name (sometimes several) plead out in desperation amidst all the chaos. On those nights she would rise from her bed and pad over to his room – stopping herself just before entering.

She would stand there for what seemed like hours, wondering what was holding her back from entering a room in her own house and growing furious at herself...

But never enough to open the door.

Her hand would rest on the doorknob, feeling the coolness of the metal beneath her hands as Harry's screams faded to whimpers and eventually to silence, waiting there for what seemed like ages until an invisible force pulled her away.

She would crawl back into bed and lie there staring at the ceiling, unable to sleep – wondering why she couldn't open the door this time when she had promised she would (as she always does). Because she knows for certain now that Harry has PTSD – though from what she doesn't know...

(And she isn't sure she wants to – because whatever could scar such a beautiful young man so bad that he screams worse than her Puddin's most unlucky victims in their last moments?)

The only clues are names of, what she thinks (fears), the dead.


She remembers them all - all two hundred and fifty– and it scares her.

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