I just want to thank everyone who has given this story a chance and read through my mistakes without freaking out.

A special Thank you to:

Woman of Letters : I appreciate you taking the time to make a positive review on both stories.

Thank you to all who have favorited, liked or is following the stories also. Another thank you to all the anonymous readers who have followed the story.

I still can't believe that I have made it to the last book. When I started writing this I did not think I would ever get this far and while the story isn't without it's errors I'm proud to making myself sit down and write this. I have always played with this idea and growing up watching Lord of the Rings I always dabbled in LOTR stories but I would never finish them.

It is just nice to see my ideas come to life and I hope that everyone also enjoyed another 'girl falls into Middle Earth story'. Where you could fall into the story and relate to the character. Even now I am thinking about what I could add to the story line to give it more depth so, you never know I may just update them to add more. Again, I should finish Book Three first before I jump ahead of myself.

Chapters to follow soon….