Chapter 20

The day had finally come. No more dreaming and sitting idly about Minis Tirith.

What was happening? Well the time had finally come for the rest of the Fellowship to depart back to the places they were from, hoping to mend the time for how long they had left. Gimli and Legolas would only follow us for a while, before breaking off to seeks their adventures. The rest which was Gandalf, Frodo, Sam, Merry, Pippin and I would continue our trek and eventually stop for a bit in Rivendell where we would see Bilbo once more. Eventually we would make our way to the Shire where I would stay for a time until Legolas and Gimli finished their travels.

'Almost packed up?' Legolas asks walking into the bedroom

'Yes. Not much coming with me so it makes packing easy.' I reply glancing up at him

'Are you excited to explore more of Middle Earth?' Legolas states taking a seat on the bed

'Yes, it will be strange not have you there but I am glad to have the Hobbits as a distraction.' I reply with a smile

'Yes, I intend to talk to them before we split ways to talk about taking care of you.' Legolas states lost in thought

'Now don't go threatening them!' I state giving him a stern look

'I will not be threatening; I will delicately tell them- that they must make sure to keep you safe and in one piece while I'm away.' Legolas states with humor in his eyes

'Uh huh.'

A knock came to the door and a messenger arrived, 'Lord Aragorn has requested to speak with Lady Samantha.'

'Looks like I'm needed, catch up with you later?' I stated to Legolas who nods in response.

I follow the messenger through the house and out into the street and we wind our way back to the King's residency. I was brought to his study, which we found him head deep in paperwork.

'Ah, Samantha!' Aragorn states rising from his seat to greet me, 'It's good to see you.'

'Yes, same here. I do not get to see you so often now that you have duties to attend to.' I reply taking a seat next to him on a couch

'I was hoping we could speak once more before you go off on a new adventure.' Aragorn teases slightly. In honesty though I could tell he wished he could also join us and not be locked away.

'Sure, what is on your mind?' I reply glancing at him

'Well I want to make sure you are careful on your travels with the Hobbits. The Ring may be destroyed as well as Sauron but that does not mean that the people and creatures who worked for him are gone.' Aragorn began taking my hands into his

'If possible when you travel to Lorien or to Rivendell begin your practice again in archery. It would be wise for you to continue your training.' Aragorn states

'I will, I do miss practicing, it used to always help break up the day but-'

'But, it is not as accepted here.' Aragorn interrupts to finish my sentence


'On another note I hope to receive a notice of the wedding.' Aragorn began and we spent the rest of the afternoon busy talking and catching up.

The next morning Legolas and I were up bright and early and we were both garbed in our Fellowship gear. I was in heaven! I missed wearing pants and the flexibility that it allowed. We met the others by the stables.

'I see we are all thinking the same thing this morning.' I remark glancing between us and the Hobbits. We were all wearing our Fellowship attire

'Aye, it seems so lassie.' Gimli states, 'All though I'm not looking forward to getting onto a horse once again.'

'Yes, that should be just as interesting for me as you.' I remark with a grimace.

Legolas made sure I had more practice horseback riding with all the leisure time we had in Minis Tirith. I was much better than before but, I was still not a pro nor used to riding a horse for long distances.

Hugging Arwen and Aragorn goodbye, we all settled on our horses and followed the procession with the Elves of Lorien and Rivendell. Crossing over the wall and onto the fields outside of Minis Tirith I contemplated how much has changed.

Once not so long ago I was departing from Rivendell; a nervous young woman who was walking a path into the unknown. Yet this time, I may be departing but no longer was my path unknown to me.

A new adventure was ahead of me; I would travel across Middle Earth once more. One for adventure, another for friends and lastly for love.

Glancing at Legolas I smiled, yes love. Who would have thought that after getting stopped at floor Middle Earth instead of a parking garage would turn out like it has. Did I have any regrets? No. Did I miss my family and life back on Earth? Perhaps but most importantly I had a new family here and a love that would last a lifetime and that to me was the best gift I could ever receive.