Prophecy of the Serpent

Author: Gryphnwng

Rating: PG- PG-13 for now

A Severitus Challenge Fic

Not everything is as it appears. That is what shapes the difference between black and white, good vs. evil, right vs. wrong. Those who are supposed to be "good" might be just as bad as those who prefere to wander the shadows.   After all, how can good exist on its own, while everyone carries the Shadow within to one extent or another?

Prologue: The Prophecy

March 15th, 1981

When Dark the shadows lie 'cross the Land,

Powers balance shifts like sand.

To Child borne of Cats Flower,

The Darkness will wane in its Power.

5 and 10 years then shall wend,

Before the hand of fate shall send

Once again a darkness to stain the land.

Serpents Child with mark of Pain

He will find before him two marked paths,

The one of blind faith leads to blood bath.

If Truth be known to Serpent and Sire

Lights chance to Grow will be higher.

But if these things should by chance be Hidden,

The Dark shall rise as Dark Master has bidden.

Two faces hidden 'neath mask of Light,

A wish for Power may turn the fight.

Unmask the players before plays End,

So for the Light the Serpent may Defend.

Albus Dumbledore, the Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, stared down at the parchment which his younger brother Aberforth had sent him. Throughout his life, Aberforth had an uncanny ability to predict the future. So it often was in obscure rhyme such as this. Dumbledore frowned down at the scrap covered in writing; the prophecy written on it didn't bode well with his plans. Who was this Serpents child? Tapping a finger against his desk, he thought. The Flower could only be Lily Evans-Potter, as not too many witches had flower names at the time. She was a powerful witch, especially for one who was muggle-born. But James…he was not the cat. He couldn't be. Nothing about him was remotely catlike, even his animagus form was a stag. So who could it be?

Fawkes stirred on his perch, a light crooning soothing the forming headache of the headmaster. This was nearly as bad as when he had to turn Lily's heart away from Severus Snape not too long ago. He had needed his spy to keep his attention on Voldemort not worrying about a girl. He had had other plans for Lily her blood combined with Potters would create very gifted children who he could use. 'Children…hmmm..they already had their first', he remembered. 'A boy as I recall. Named him Harry. Let's see…he will be 1 in July.' As Dumbledore thought this through, something clicked. In order for Harry to be turning 1 already… he would have to have been already conceived, before he had erased Lily, James, and Severus' memories! 'That could only mean that, yes…that makes sense now… I shall have to keep a close eye on Harry 'Potter' from now on.' Long fingers stroked his beard as he contemplated the rest of the prophecy, blue eyes twinkling behind crystal lenses.


October 31st, 1981

"Lily, take Harry and run!"

James Potter gripped his wand as Lily ran upstairs with Harry held tight in her arms. He resolutely faced the destroyed doorway, and the robed menace that stood in its remains. Shuddering slightly at the chill the monster exuded, he sought to buy as much time as possible for Lily and her child to escape. In the back of his mind, he smiled wryly at that thought. 'How ironic it is, that just when I remember what had really happened, I'm going to die. I'm only glad I was able to send those letters in time before this happened. How could Dumbledore have done that? I trusted him!' Those thoughts were held in abeyance though as the snake-like monster lifted its own wand. Cold red eyes gazed dispassionately at James as James tried to stop him with hexes and charms. They glanced off his shield, and Voldemort laughed. A high, cold cackle that froze his blood. It was worse when he spoke.

"Foolish boy. Don't think to stop me; I will have what I came for. Avada Kedavra…" Unearthly green light washed out of the wand heading straight for James chest. He watched it come, thinking only as he felt his life torn away, 'I'm sorry, Severus, I couldn't…'


Dumbledore gazed down at the small child in his arms, given to him by Hagrid. There, plain as day on his forehead was a lightning shaped scar, a mark of pain. 'Serpents child with mark of pain…' The words of the prophecy echoed in his head. Though there were perhaps better guardians for this young one, the Dursleys would make sure of it, with their prejudices, that once young Harry came to Hogwarts, he would be easily made into accepting him as mentor, a protector, allowing him to steer his young mind into the careful mold that he wanted. Without further thought, he placed young Harry on the doorstep of Number 4, Privet Drive and gestured Hagrid and Minerva to follow him back to Hogwarts.