Summary: When Isabel left Roswell years ago to get away from her troubles, she thought she'd never see any of her old friends again. When their paths crossed years later, Isabel is a married woman, but is she as happy as she seems?

Rating: PG-13

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She sat huddled in the corner of her room, dirty tear streaks down her cheeks. Her once bright, twinkling brown eyes were now dull and lifeless. A pool of sadness and loss. She let her blond hair fall limply around her face, so that he wouldn't see her cry. He hated it when she cried. She didn't want to make him anymore angrier than he already was, especially when he was drunk.

*God, what did I see in him anyway? * She wondered for the hundredth time that day. He had seemed so wonderful and caring when they were dating. She was so smitten by his good looks and rich life and the normal life he offered, that she accepted his marriage proposal. But once they got married, his demeanour changed. She let out a bitter laugh. *Who would have thought that Isabel Evans.Isabel Moore would be so helpless? * She hated her life, hated it with a passion. But she didn't have the guts to do anything about it. Richard held such a power over her, not of love but of fear. Fear of being seen as a failure.

As she sat there, crying she wondered for the millionth time what everyone was doing. Max, Michael. * God, they must be so worried! And Alex! * She felt so bad for breaking his heart the way she did. She had trampled on it, broken it into a million pieces. She would never forget the hurt in his eyes, but which was only laced with love. Love for her, always for her. *I'm paying now Alex. * She told him silently. *I'm paying for what I did to you! *

She never thought that life would take such a turn for her. After graduation, she had packed up and left to get away from all the destiny crap. She thought that if she just went away from Michael, from Alex then maybe life would seem to make sense. But she had just fallen deeper and this time she had no one to pull her back up.

The door clicked open and she stared wide-eyed towards it. *Please Richard, stay away! Not tonight! * She silently pleaded. Her husband stood leering over her.

"What a waste!" he sneered as she cowered away. "To think I married garbage like you!" Isabel closed her eyes as he kicked her swiftly in the ribs. Tears trickled down her face but there was no sympathy from Richard. "You should have stayed in that crappy small town where you belonged!" he slurred, his voice dripping with hatred and superiority.

Isabel sat cringing slightly waiting for the beatings, but was relieved when he just threw the whisky bottle at the wall above her and left. She glanced around at the wet plush carpet scattered with glass. She shook the fragments out of her hair and winced when she saw the cut on her arm. It was bleeding but she could do nothing to heal it.

She felt too weak to use her powers. She wondered whether she had any at all. She felt too weak to do anything. Richard left her drained. She silently thanked god that he didn't know about her 'special ness'. It wasn't much use anymore. She couldn't even dream walk now.

Suddenly a fire went through her. She had enough. She had to get out of here. She wiped away her tears and grabbed a duffel bag with shaking hands. She packed it with whatever she could lay her hands on. Then without a backward glance she left her plush New York apartment.


*Oh my god! What am I doing? * Isabel wondered as she walked down the New York streets. *What good is this? * She pulled her light sweater closer to her freezing body. In her hurry to leave, she had forgotten to take her jacket and it was cold. She glanced around and weighed her options. There was nowhere she could go.

*He's going to find me and he'll be even angrier! * Isabel thought, scared. She had to go back home. She had nowhere else to go. She didn't have enough money to go back to Roswell; hell, she didn't have enough for a cab. She briefly wondered about Max but she didn't know where he was or any of the others for that matter. She had never kept in touch. She had just left it all behind her.

*I have nowhere to go! * Isabel realised how lonely her life had become. Where were all those friends she was once surrounded by? She had to go back. She had no choice. She looked up to see where she was and found herself outside Central Park. She walked further in, trying to get away form the chill wind. She thought about what she would say to Richard when she got back, when he would ask her where she was. She thought about going home to Roswell.

*I'm so tired. * She thought wearily as she slumped on the bench. *I'll just rest here for a few minutes and leave. * But even as she said this, her eyes fluttered close. She felt herself being pulled into her dreams. *Funny, it used to feel this way when I dream walked Alex. * She briefly thought, but then she fell asleep.

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