Betrayal of the worst kind

A flash of lightning ripped through the sky, followed by a loud crack of thunder. The rain seemed to pour endlessly from the sky, as a small child sits huddled under a tree. Her stick like arms shaking with cold and fear. Fat droplets of water begin to patter onto her small head and she begins to whimper.

"Mummy ? Please come back, please mummy. I'm so scared."

The little girl begins to sob and she hugs her knees close to her body. With her loud wailing and the continuous racket of the rainstorm, she is oblivious to the fact that there is someone behind her.

"Your mother is never coming back, you belong to me now." whispered a forceful voice.

The girl looked up, startled and afraid. Her eyes pierced through the cover of the darkness, but still she could see nothing. Her heartbeat increased and her breathing became erratic.

"My mum's a powerful witch and she'll come after you if you hurt me!!" screamed the frightened little girl.

A rumble of thunderous laughter surrounded her.

"Your mother is dead and now your soul belongs to me !" And with that a large claw reached out from the darkness and tore into the girl's back. The scream was heard across the countryside.

Twelve years later.

The hallways of the great castle were deserted, not even a ghost in sight. It seemed everyone had sought out shelter and warmth on the stormy, winter night. Everyone, except Cho Chang. As she walked down the long and gloomy hallways that led to the castles forest, Cho seemed to be entranced with the violent storm raging outside. A cold breeze swept in and her black cloak billowed behind her. Her waist length hair whipped around her face, but still she kept going towards the forest. As her pace quickened, thoughts began to swirl in her mind.

'I have to get to the forest, I'll be safe in the forest'

She reached her delicate hand up to the doorknob and a flash of pain ripped through her back.

"Young Cho? What ya doing out here, at a time like this? A jolly voice boomed.

Cho spun around and blinked several times, as if she had just awakened from a deep slumber. She came to face the Hogswarts Grounds keeper, Hagrid.

"Oh, Hagrid. I was just going to look for Harry. We said we'd meet up after he finished quidditch practice. He needs the extra training if he thinks he's going to beat the Ravenclaw team next Thursday. The teams fired up and ready to go, plus our seeker has bigger eyes than Harry does." laughed Cho.

"Well, then it's just your luck that I just saw Harry down at the library with Hermione and Ron. Hermione was saying something about lots of home work to do, but between you and me those boys had something other that homework on their minds." Laughter bounced off the hallways walls. Hagrid winked at Cho and continued chuckling quietly as he guided Cho down to the library. As the pair made their way down the hallways the dark thoughts that had previously overcome Cho began to melt away.

"Safe? Of course I'll be safe. Like Hagrid says 'There ain't no safer place than Hogwarts.'"

With that, Cho began to look forward to spending the night in front of a cosy fire with her wonderful boyfriend, Harry...

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