I don't own Xena: Warrior Princess or Hercules Legendary Journeys, it'd be cool if I did though, I am borrowing the characters for a while though I'll put them back when I'm done. There will be depictions of corporal punishment as well as occasional depictions of the darker things of life that happened in Ancient Greece like rape, kidnapping, slavery, murder, warlording, etc.

I couldn't believe well so many things, really. I could believe I died. I was a NYPD Police Officer in Manhattan, and I did spend six years in the army, as a Solider. I joined in 2003 when I was 18, and I was trained as a mechanic and worked in the Motor pool, not that I was never in mortal danger in the Army and stayed safe in the garage, because it happened. I had several deployments, and though I knew how to use every weapon, carried by the US Army, and use them well. I had only been in one firefight on my career in the army, and once as enough, later I discharged my service weapon twice in the line on duty as a police Officer, both hit their target, neither resulted in a fatality, or serious injury, both resulted in arrested and conviction. What I can't believe is that after I died I find myself younger, shorter, alive again, in clothes very similar to what her sister would club in, except the color. She was wearing soft brown leather, almost knee high red leather boots, and a reddish brown soft leather top. It actually wasn't all that comfortable in this heat. But she wouldn't suppose Wool would be much better. The fates were there. Xena and Gabrielle had been packing up their camp and getting ready to leave for the next adventure.

"Clotho, Lachesis, and Athropos what can I do for you?" Xena said suspiciously but not unkindly.

"This is Ginevra, well that is not the name given to her by her parents, that is Jennifer, but is the closest approximation of her name in a language you will recognize. She is 12 years old, and has the knowledge, and skills of her adult self. Who served in her country's army for six years, before Serving for 8 years in her city's Police department which is a larger version of a Sheriff or Lawman, their Police Department had 36,000 officer?" Athropos, the old one said.

"And why is she here now." Gabrielle said also suspiciously.

"I died." I said. "There was a gun battle, I did my job protecting a six year old, I took a bullet a small metal projectile it hit my neck the Jugular vein I would have bled out quickly. Then the next thing I knew I was here."

Xena didn't know what Jugular meant but she knew that where the girl hit her neck, she would have bled out quickly. "Why is she here Athropos?"

"She is your responsibility now. She may have the skills, and knowledge of an adult, even of a solider, and a lawman, but she has the now often pathetic ability to keep her attention, and judgment, the both waxing and waning energy and attitude, She liked many children need a loving but firm hand whether or not she has the knowledge and skills of an adult inside her there are times she will against her knowledge and experience do something childish or reckless and it is you are, and Gabrielle as those responsible for her, to guide her at these times, even if guiding her means using that firm hand on her backside." Clotho said.

"Our lives are not a safe place for a child." Gabrielle said.

"She can handle herself better than you could when you first met Xena, and why are you arguing you have no choice it's been decreed She will make your lives better than they were, help stop things before they start. Stop the wolves at the door." And with that they disappeared.

I turned to my new guardians. "Are they always like that?"

"I've only met the fates once before, but the Gods in General? Something like that sometimes they're worse."

"I'm Sorry for all this, I'm glad not to be dead yet, but I had hoped I'd be not dead in my time and my world, with my family and friends, but I suppose I should just be grateful. Of course a somewhat famous Bard from my world, from Brittana named Rowling, once wrote, To an Organized Mind Death is but the next Great Adventure. I think that is somewhat true. Maybe I really am dead and this is my adventure….I don't know…..I mean in world, you and Gabrielle were a weekly television show when I was this age the first time, and a few years on either side."

"Television show?"

"It's like a Weekly hour or Half Hour Play you can watch through a little box, that sits either across the room, or in a smaller box in your lap. The boxes have a large window in them, and you view it on that."

"And we have our own show?" Gabrielle said.

"Well, it was called Xena: Warrior Princess but you were as important to the show as she was maybe more important because you kept Xena's dark nature, tempered, and gave her a reason to kept going when the memories overwhelmed her, besides just giving her friendship and company." I didn't mention romance not only was it none of my business I didn't know when I, or if anything happened yet. "So, when in the show am I. I mean what just happened?"

"Well, we just faced the Persian Army a few weeks ago."

"That means if we're going by Canon, and there's no telling if we are or not, usually when someone like me is introduced into a show in fan fiction is goes either way, sometimes they stick as close to canon as possible, and sometimes is slips way the fuck off…." I suddenly felt a burning in my backside and really, Gabrielle had given me a mighty swat to my backside.

"The next time you use foul language, Young lady you'll get more than one and your mouth will be washed out with soap, if we're anywhere that, that is possible." Gabrielle said. I looked to Xena.

"Don't look at me, you're 12 years old, now even if you used foul language as an adult which you shouldn't have done anyway, you're not an adult anymore, and we have every right to correct your behavior."

"Yes, Ma'am." I laughed.

"What?" Gabrielle asked.

"I was just thinking to the last time I got swatted for foul language, My parents were loving and supportive, not strict but firm about certain things, and I was about 12, My parents didn't swear, at least not anywhere we could hear. But My sister Chloe was 16, and I followed her around so I picked up some bad habits, and I knocked something over I forget what I said fuck, and I got a swat, I didn't tell where I'd picked up the language, because one or two swats, was nothing compared to what I'd get from Chloe if I tattled."

"Of course, the universal law of siblings." Xena said.

"So, you have an older sister?" They sat down on the logs.

"Chloe is a Police officer to, she works with the Canine Unit, and she has a dog partner, Marco. A Search Dog, he's trained to pick up a scent and find it. She's married to a woman named Lara, and they have a little girl named Lily. She's adorable, I also have a brother, we're 18 months apart, he's younger than me, his name is Daniel, he's the only one of not a police officer, he's a teacher, he actually teaches Music to kids a little younger than me, and he performs semi-professionally. He actually got into teaching as a fall back in case music didn't pan out, but he fell in love with teaching, with his school, with the kids, I don't think he'll ever leave."

"He found his calling." Xena said.

"He did, he is such a good teacher. His kids love him. With me, I knew I'd end up a cop eventually, both sides of my family are New York Police Department, My Mother was one of the first female Homicide Detectives in the city, and my father is the best of the best when it comes to Special Weapons and Tactics, which is the unit they call with the Shit hits the fan." Gabrielle swatted her leg. "Sorry. Anyway, I have two Uncles, Aunts, Great Uncles, 3rd, fourth cousins, my family's Involvement in the New York Police Department goes back to Great Grandfather, his father was from Eire, but he was also trained as a Master Carpenter in Eire, so he found Similar work here, even if it barely paid enough to feed his family. That's On My father's father side, On My father's Mother's side, Her father joined after he came home from War, and On My Mother's father's side, My grandfather's family had been Police officer's for 10 Generations, but his father was the first to Join the New York Police Department because they lived in Brittana before that, and My Maternal Grandmother's father owned an Upscale dance hall, are you, familiar with the concept, a tavern with or without sleeping rooms with very attractive female entertainers, and alcoholic beverages?" I asked.

Xena nodded. "We have those here too, they like the kind your great-grandfather ran vary in both the kind of entertainment, alcoholic beverages served, and entertainment provided, as well as the availability of sleeping rooms for guests to use." Xena's tone meant she understood my point.

"My Great-grandfather's dance hall didn't guarantee the use of the sleeping rooms, or the force the entertainers compliance, any arrangements the entertainers made with patrons off stage was their business, or at least that was the argument his lawyers made when he was arrested and charged with running a brothel. He won the argument, but it wasn't the last time it happened, and his entertainers were arrested for prostitution a few times."

"Why would they arrest them for that?" Xena asked. "It's a perfectly legitimate occupation, not exactly safe, but perfectly legitimate."

"It became illegal, a lot of professions, and things you would consider normal will bother me, 2,000 years and cultures have changed and so have laws. For instance Women are at least in my country are supposedly equals or are supposed to be under the law, although in practice it's not always true we're still not paid the same wage, and there are a lot of little things, in civilian life that you notice, but that's nothing compared to what I experienced in the army. While I was never raped, there were things that happened that you would probably thing nothing of, and in my Country's army you had to get used to, but the civilians in my country would be appalled."

"I understand." Xena said. She saw a lot of things, in her army and though she tried to punish when her men they raped someone, she knows most of the time she never found out. Her commanders wouldn't have told her. She only found out when it happened right in front of her. And though she was harsh on those she found out, she knows in their minds they were being punished for their lack of discretion and doing something in front of her that pissed her off, not for the rape itself.

"Like what?" Gabrielle said.

"Well, Corporal Punishment for one, I was spanked as a kid, but I wouldn't tell my friend that not because I was embarrassed but because most people, especially in bigger cities in the Northeastern, and West Coast Parts of My Country, believe that all Corporal Punishment not just beatings are wrong, and are abusive, in fact a lot of things parents do here would be considered abuse, in my time and as a Police officer I would be obligated to take the children away from their families, and arrest them."



"Hitting your wife is also considered assault, having more than one spouse is illegal, and raising your own army and trying to conquer things is illegal."

"Well, that I figured." Xena said.

"You're not considered an adult until you're 18. We live in a Democratic Republic, Called the United States of America, it has 50 states that have their own state governments, as well as a federal government, And every Citizen in my country Man, or woman can vote at 21 if they're registered, but they don't vote for our president, our leader, We start with a large pool, and there are primaries, and then each party decides on a candidates and they run, and then there's an electoral college, and representatives from each state there are 50, vote between two candidates. We haven't had a president I was happy about in a long time. In fact this election I just voted for the candidate I thought would do the least amount of damage, The last president I had such high hopes for, and he was even in the party to which I belong and he did a few good things, but He did a lot of damage, then the ones before him made their own marks and did their own damage, our country and the world in general isn't in the best shape right now. And although I'm not happy with the president my country has, I can't honestly say the other candidate would have done a better job….I'm not sure it would have been much worse, just different."

"It sounds a little bit like Athens, and Rome." Xena said.

"A little bit." I said. "I'm sure the founders used past Republics as models, they also put in the ability to change and adapt into our constitution because they knew that what was okay at the time, might not be okay in 100 years. At the time our Constitution was written Slavery was legal, it was abolished, women couldn't vote, or hold office, we can do both now, you had to be a 21 year old land owner to vote, now you just have to be an 18 year old Citizen, and registered to vote."

"That's Amazing." Gabrielle said.

"We really shouldn't be sitting here talking about the origins of my country, we've been talking for a while, don't you places to go?"

Xena nodded. "Yes, we're only about two hours from the next town. We need to get there, check into an Inn, get you everything we need to travel with us seeing as you only have the clothes on your back and get Gabrielle a horse, and everything for it, with three of us, one horse is not enough."

They finished packing up, I helped, and Xena helped me unto Argo, and we started talking. "So, What did you do in the army, I suppose you weren't a fighter?"

"I have been in one battle, and I did patrol a few times, but mostly I worked in the Motor Pool, I took care of the Vehicles, I'm a crack mechanic. We had Humvees, and trucks, They are like Horseless wagons that are armor plated, and built for both security and guilt to survive hazardous terrain and if need be explosions. I also have some Engineering skills, I can look at something, see how it works, see how to improve it, or see how it doesn't work and fix it." I said.

"That's a good skill to have." Xena said.

"I got that from My Dad, My Mom can figure out any puzzle, she's a great detective, but figuring out how to solve things, how to improve them and fix them, that's all my dad." I said. "Chloe's more like My Mom but also a bit like Iolous that loyal best friend, type, and nobody knows where Daniel gets his personality, if I had to give describe his personality, I'd say he was like a cross between Gabrielle when you first met her, and in all honesty, a bit like Aphrodite, My brother has this Sexy Siren thing about him, there's just something about him, that he does this thing with his voice that makes both women and men fall in love with him, he takes advantage of that, not that they don't know what they're getting into he doesn't lead anyone on, and he has pretty amazing match making skills, the strangest part is he seems to do it by accident, the match making I mean."

"Well, if you were from our world, I would suggest He was one of Aphrodite's chosen."

"Well, I don't think I am, the show, was very unrealistic, and there was a lot of historical inaccuracies, for instances do glass, crossbows, and tomatoes currently exist in Greece?"

"Yes." Xena wondered what this has to with anything.

"They wouldn't if it was historically accurate, also the Trojan war was longer ago, than 2,000 years ago, Hercules and Jason wouldn't have gone to school together, they were a generation or two apart, and Cesar definitely shouldn't exist in this time period."

Xena growled. "No Kidding."

"Not to mention the brush with Christianity you guys may or may not have later if this sticks to canon. But as far as I can tell, I'm a game changer, so things may go off course."

"But You'll tell us if you see certain cues that start one of these plays." Xena said.

"Of course."

"Can You tell us what you know that will happen over the next few years?"

"I guess so." And I did. "You have to understand I haven't actually seen the show in about three years, and while I enjoyed the show, and called myself a fan, I wasn't the kind of fan that took in every detail and watched in fascination and riveted attention, so I couldn't tell you everything, especially since when I watched the series three years ago, I was doing two or three other things at the time."

"No, you did fine. But it does make me wonder if you're the Fates way of rewriting history." Xena said.

"Probably." Gabrielle said.