Many of you know of my adventures through time and space. My trumpet against darleks, cybermen and more. But the lot of you don't know how it all began. I`m the Doctor, I have been around for more than any man should be. I'm down to my last regeneration and when my time comes I will willingly die without a fight or tricks. But since I'm coming to the end of my life, I would tell you all how my story began. to tell you the truth, I never intended to be a hero. I just wanted to do what I felt was right, to help those who were in need.

It all began many years ago, my wife and I had been ordered to attend a meeting with the time lord high council, which included the leader of Galifrey. I had no idea what the meeting was to be about. But I was sure it wasn't something good. People of my social class didn't get invited to the council unless they did something terrible.

My wife, Rydella clutched tightly onto my hands as we walked up the steps of the council building. The building was red and cylinder shaped from the outside. The building was no taller when 6 feet, but It was rumored to be able to fit over a million people inside. Some even said the building had over 1,000 floors.

Rydella stopped in front of the big metal door, and before knocking, she turned to me.

"Doctor please, if there something you need to tell me. …Something you may have done wrong, please just tell me now. I could fix this, I grew up with people like this I know how to talk to them. I know how they think. But I can't help you if I don't know what happened." Her blues eyes looked at me pleadingly. As her long wavy dark black hair swayed back in forth in the wind. and her dark skin began to sweat from nervousness.

"I promise you, Ry. I don't know what this is about. I didn't do anything wrong." I replied caressing her cheek. "…. Well at least not today."

"Doctor!" she shouted. Her eyes practically popping out of there sockets. "How could you- "

"I'm joking! Gosh, relax." I replied with a chuckle.

"This is serious! Don't you understand!? We are in trouble with the head council! And not only the council but the leader himself! We could lose our jobs, be banned from the planet, they could even have us excited…. Or worse they could have the kids taken away from us. Solana already lost her mother, she can't lose us too!"

"Everything is going to be fine, I promise. "I took her hands in mine. Her eyes met my dark brown eyes. Suddenly she hugged me tightly and she was sobbing. I hated when she did that. I couldn't stand to see her cry. "I swear we will sort this whole thing out. You don't have to worry. I`m a good man, you know that."

She sighed.

"Please doctor, no tricks."

she turned to the door and knocked. An old man answered the door instantly.

"were- "I started to say.

"I know who you are. the leader is waiting." He replied simply. "follow me."

The man moved aside and we walked into the building. It wasn't like anything I had ever seen before. it felt like we had walked into a town. The inside of the building had paved streets and sidewalks. On each side of the street stood huge mansions with children playing in the front yards. All the homes had perfectly green front yards and beautiful flower beds. Then above was a large sky roof.

Rydella nudged me, she didn't seem to be as impressed.

"did you hear anything I said?" the old man asked.

"ughh…yes I did." I lied.

The old man rolled his eyes.

"I hope you did because I shall not repeat myself, peasant." The man replied. Then he laughed. "now stop gawking and get a move on! the leader and his council are very busy."

The man started to head down the street.

"what did he say?" I whispered to Rydella.

She rolled her eyes.

"the proper way to address the leader," she whispered back. "you must bow as soon as you enter his presence and you can only speak when spoken to."

I chuckled.

"why should we show him respect, when all he has done is treat us like dirt." I whispered back.

"I know, but please just put it all aside for today. Just try to be respectful and swallow your pride."

I knew the leader well, he was a cruel, selfish ruler like his father was before him. During his reign, he had passed cruel rules that allowed the upper class to treat the lower class like scum. The upper class can force a lower classman to do anything they wish, without even paying them for their service. The upper class was given the right to do or say anything or do anything they like. With that kind of power Galifrey has become a mess. The upper class treat their lesser men like slaves. They beat them, call them names, make us do their work for them.

"What is this place?" I asked the man.

"this building is not only used for council meetings. The leader is kind enough to allow his people to use this place to provided homes for the wealthiest time lords, who wish to be cut off completely from the lower class. The leader calls it Paradise Valley. Here we have the perfect combination of luxury and safety. The people need it now that the poor are starting to rebel."

I rolled my eyes.

"I wonder why." I replied sarcastically. I knew of the revolution, my friend the Master was leading it. he had wanted me to help him lead. but I didn't want to fight, I knew it was a war they couldn't possibly win. I had tried to convince them to just leave and start a new life somewhere else. But they wanted their war.

We came to a big gold door with a key pad lock on the door. The old man entered in a number code and the door opened. We followed him into the meeting room. There at a long table sat 12 men and at the head of the table was the leader. He was an old looking man with white skin and a bald head. He had a long black beard and wore the traditional red and gold robe. That signified the royal family. The whole left side of the robe was gold and the other half was red. As soon as Rydella saw the council she put on a fake smile and bowed. Rydella quickly nudged me to bow as well. But I couldn't, not him. It just didn't feel right. Instead I looked around the room evaluating the council member's mannerisms and behaviors, as well as the leader.

Rydella was dressed in a white short sleeved dress with white heels. The color of innocence and new beginnings. Whereas I was dressed in my work clothes, a short-sleeved button down checkered shirt, blue jeans and sneakers. My skin was pale and covered in dirt. My hair was blonde at the time and was incredibly messy. My wife urged me to dress nicer, but I didn't f I was very scrawny and wore black rectangular glasses. My wife looked over to me once again. She tugged on my arm.

"Doctor, you're making a fool of us." She whispered. " bow! We are clearly in enough trouble with them."

I did as I was told and bowed.

The leader rose from his chair and walked over to us. Shaking his head in disapproval.

"Still so disrespectful the young child of Zella and Dantus the first. You come into my home on trial for treason and you don't have the decency to bow or even wear something other these rags."

"Treason? I haven't betrayed anyone!" I shouted in outrage.

The leader kicked me in the gut.

"SILENCE!" the leader yelled.

"Why? You are no better than me." I replied, as I stood up slowly. "You're just a man who got lucky by being born into the royal family."

The whole room gasped and Rydella couldn't even look at me. But the leader laughed and shook his head.

"Oh, dear Rydella. What a fool of love you are. Your children could have been royalty, they could have had everything they would ever need! "he teased. "and you, you could have ruled this land in your own image. But instead you choose an idoit!"

quiet tragically the leader he was Rydella`s brother. Her father disowned her after she married me. I came from a poor family. My mother couldn't always work, she got sick very often. my father and I had to do all we could to support our family. Sometimes even having to steal what we couldn't afford. Rydella`s father felt I wasn't good enough for her, that I was a man who couldn't give her what she deserved or even what she needed. Her father gave her a choice: to dump me or she would be shunned by her family. Well you can guess what she chooses, right? Than her brother got to rule the planet.

"I choose him because I love him! he is a kind and wise man, more the man you will ever be! "she replied.

"there is much you don't know."

"What kind of treason are you accusing me of?" the doctor asked.

"Genocide." The leader replied. "Of your own race."

"You're out of your mind!" the doctor shouted. "I would never hurt another living creature let alone my own race!"

"I'll admit it did sound a bit extreme when it was brought to my attention. But we do have proof."

I looked at him with a look of disbelief on my face. How could he have proof of a crime I didn't commit? I looked over to rydella and she was crying. I walked over to her slowly and hugged her. But she pushed me away.

"GET AWAY FROM ME! GET AWAY!" She screamed.

"Rydella, I didn't-"I tried to tell her. My heart racing.


The leader smirked.

"Enough, Armos! Show us your so called proof!" I shouted with anger.

"you shall address me as your leader!" the leader shouted.

The leader walked over to a long gold box, toward the back of the room. The leader typed in a passcode onto the keypad on the box. as the box opened slowly.

"This machine has stored and foretold all the prophecies of Galifrey for millenniums." The leader started. "when the machine comes out with a new prophecy, the time lord council is ordered to tell the prophecy to as many time lords as they can, claiming it to be merely a legend so people won't get panicked at the more threatening ones. The prophecy is passed on and on through time lords. But in the event a piacular time lord may be involved in a prophecy, that time lord must hear the prophecy for themselves. It's always been a mystery to how it worked, but it's never wrong."

"play prophecy MS 5675." The leader told the machine.

"A hybrid shall be born on Galifrey`s coldest day." The machine spoke. "the Hybrid will be a spun of two great species. The creature will come from a humble upbringing and raised on traditions of both races. This creature will be more dangerous and powerful than any army or one person of either race. When the long war with our greatest foe unfolds. The hybrid shall choose a side. But whichever way the hybrid chooses, it will not make a difference. In the end the hybrid shall stand in the ruins of Galifrey, then shall live with the guilt of murdering his own kind."

"This is your future, doctor." The leader said. "As well as ours if we keep you here."

"How dare you make such accusations!" Rydella shouted. "why would you think this hell spawn freak of nature is him!?"

"He is the only Hybrid on Galifrey." One of the council men informed her.

"He is not a hybrid!" Rydella she protested. "He is a time lord, like the rest of us!"

"So, little you know, Rydella." The leader commented. "Your mother in law died last spring. Correct? She was stricken with an unknown sickness, which had taken an extreme toll on her. We did an autopsy to find out what had killed her, to possibly find a cure for others who may become stricken with the same illness. But she had been killed by Influenza…a sickness, us Galifreians are immune to. Within further examination we found that she only had one heart instead of two…. she was human, Rydella. She wasn't a time lord at all. His family tricked us, every one of us."

She looked toward me, with a look of disguise and betrayal. Not because of what I was, but because I didn't tell her, because I lied to her. she was the type of person who would except the strangest of creatures as friends. I knew she wouldn't care, about what I was. But I knew our society would, non-time lords weren't allowed on Galifrey. Sure, they could visit, but they couldn't stay for more than a year. I was afraid if the world knew my secret. They would have sent me and my mother away. I was afraid my family would get mocked or punish for a choice that wasn't there mistake.

"Now we clearly know the doctor is part time lord, he has already used 2 of his regenerations." One of the other council man had said. "and due to his human mother, he must also be human. We went down to the public records center, where we keep copies of medical and personal records on our citizens, and it turns out all the records on the doctor where gone. As well as any medical records at the hospitals."

"Clearly there is something The Doctor doesn't want us to know." the leader commented. "In light of this situation I would have to assume he is trying to hide the fact that he is part human. We of the council feel it's in the best interest of the people of Galifrey, to have the time lord called the Doctor…. executed."

"that's not fair, you don't have an actual proof it's me!" I yelled.

"it's enough proof for me." the leader said.

"Please! Just give us a chance, now that we know…. it could happen we can prevent it!" Rydella told them, tears coming from her face like a stream.

"Time cannot be rewritten." A female council women stated. "You have till tomorrow morning to be gone."

"Please, brother! Don't do this to us! He is my husband!" Rydella shouted between sobs. "and no matter how much you deny it, we are your family! the only family you have left!"

"YOU ARE NOT MY FAMILY! …. Not anymore!" Armos replied. "the rules must be obeyed. Doctor, I will send you home for now, so that you can say good bye to your loved ones. My guards will be back at 8 AM to bring you to execution. As you know we perform our executions in such a matter that prevents regenerations to happen."

The guards grabbed me and my wife by our arms and legs. I tried to push and kick them away but they were too strong. One of the guards pulled out a long, silver cylinder shaped device. He pressed a red button on the button of the device and a spiral small looking drill came out of it. although you won't be able to tell from my face…I was terrified for the first time in my life. He jabbed the drill into my shoulder. I shouted in intense pain. It felt like I was being stabbed with 20 knifes in my shoulder…. don't ask how I know how that feels….

"what are you doing to him!?" Rydella screamed. "Stop! Armos please!"

"you will refer to me as your leader!" Armos yelled.

"relax female," the guard stated. "it is merely device so that we can keep track of him, just in case he tries to run."

the device drilled itself into my skin until the device was gone.

Just then a blinding light flashed and suddenly we were back in our bedroom in our home. I was in my PJs: an old white t shirt and sweat pants. I felt my hearts beating faster than normal and I was sweating. I didn't understand what was going on. Could it all have been a dream? Everything I saw? The prophecy? I looked over to my left and saw Rydella lying next to me, sound sleep. I got out of bed and walked into the hall. I could hear my son snoring as loud as ever from his room. Then further down I heard my daughter gabbing on the phone to her friends. I walked to the bathroom and went to the sink. I imminently turned the water on and put some cold water over my face. Please let it have been a dream. Please let it have been a dream. As I looked up into the mirror, I saw something red blinking on my shoulder coming through my shirt. My eyes widened. I pulled my sleeve down to get a better look. This can't be happening…it was all real. I raced back into my room and shook my wife, to wake her.

"rye?! Wake up!" I shouted.

She pushed my hand away from her, then rolled on to her side and placed the pillow over her head.

"not now, hon." She mumbled, still half asleep.

I shook her again.

"Ry! It's important! Please you have to wake up!" I shouted. "RY! RY! WAKE UP, RY!"

She angrily threw her pillow at me and sat up. she looked over to the alarm clock and then back at him.

"It is 3 AM! I have work in the morning! I swear! You better go back to sleep and leave me alone!" she shouted. "Whatever fact or story you have to tell me could wait till morning!"

"…. Ry, I'm going to be executed tomorrow morning. "

She titled her head, confused.

"wait…. you had that dream too?" she asked.

"it wasn't a dream. It was real." I told her, showing her the blinking device on my shoulder.

She put her hands over her mouth, in shock.

"I'm so sorry. I-" Her face was filled with fear and tears. I took her hands.

"we are going to get through this, I promise. But I'm going to need you to help me." I told her.

"whatever you need, I'm here to help." She promised.

"you wake up Dantus and Sulana, and get them packed. I`ll wake Nessera. Then her and I are going to steal a Tardis to get us out of here." I told her.

"what about the tracker?" she asked.

"she can probably help with that too. you know she`s got all those odd inventions, she creates down in the basement. I`m sure one of them would be of some kind of use."

She nodded in agreement, then hugged me tightly. she looked up at me.

"be safe." She told me.

"I will, we are going to get through this I promise." I told her.

She hugged me tightly.

"I love you." she told me.

"I love too, Ry." I replied.

She got out of bed and headed to the hall and into Dantus`s room. I went into the closet and got out a dark blue wool pea coat, then headed into the hall and into Nessera`s room. I turned on the light with hopes that would wake her up…nope. Her walls were pink with posters of famous Galifrey pop stars all over the walls. In the room was a large book shelf, a desk, a toy chest and over a hundred toys on the floor. On each side of the room was a bed. On the left side slept my daughter Nessera, who we always called Nessa for short. She had wavy long blonde hair, light skin and her mother`s blue eyes. she was of adult age, she had just graduated from the time lord academy. On the other side of the room slept my granddaughter, Sulana. We nicknamed her Sue. But she would later be more well known as Susan Foreman. When we went on adventures together she was a teenager but now she was just a small child, only 5 years old. She was so helpless and yet so curious of the world around her. her mother, my eldest daughter, Lunella was murdered only a year before Sue`s 4h birthday. Ever since then me and Rydella have been taking care of Sulana. Sulana had straight long black hair and brown eyes, her skin was light and she had freckles on her cheeks.

I ran to my daughter`s bed and gently shook her awake.

Nessa rubbed her eyes as she woke up. then looked at me.

"Dad? What's wrong?" she asked.

"Get up, we`re leaving." I told her quickly.

"Leaving? Where are, we going?" Nessa asked sounding a bit worried.

"were gana steal a Tardis!" I told her, probably sounding a bit more excited then I should have. I always wanted a Tardis of my own. ever since I was a boy I was fascinated by how they worked. I read over books on how they worked and their abilities. But sadly, I never passed the test required to get a license to legally fly one. they claimed I was too "reckless" and "didn't listen". Anyways I got my chance inside a Tardis though, the master and I were planet explorers, stupid name I know. but we had the premiere of researching and exploring planets to better Galifrey knowledge and understanding of other worlds. Very interesting, very fun. But of course, you need a Tardis for this job, that's why I was assigned to a partner. The master was lisenced to drive a Tardis, he was also my childhood friend, which made the job a lot more fun than it should have been. I was familiar with how they worked, the master even let me drive the Tardis every now and then, more often then he probably should have. There were over 82 Tardis types. But the most beautiful Tardis I had ever seen was the type 40. I had first seen it in a museum of old Galifreyian technology. That's the one I wanted steal, if I was going to have a Tardis, it had to be a type 40.

Nessa looked at me confused.

"dad is you feeling okay? why would we steal a Tardis?" she asked.

"I'll explain on the way just get your coat and follow me."

I ran toward the door. Then turned toward her.

"and bring a suit case full of some of your best inventions." I told her.