Her room looked the same as it did back home. I sat on the edge of Sulana`s bed and tucked her in.

"Grand-father I really am sorry. I didn't mean to break the Tardis." Sulana said as she snuggled up with her doll.

"why would do something so dangerous? just to try to prove a point? I don't understand, Sue"

"…. I was curious what was in there." she replied with a guilty tone to her voice. "I wondered: What made the Tardis work? How did it work? Was it a fancy monster, a magic spell, a potion? It was driving me crazy! I couldn't stand it I had to know it!"

"but I told you not to! I told you- you could have been hurt!"

"I'm sorry." She uttered. "you must hate me now. I broke your new favorite toy and now we won't be friends anymore."

I sighed, then kissed her forehead.

"You and I will always be friends, Sue. Just because I get mad at you doesn't mean I'm not going to care for you. you're my granddaughter and no matter what happens I will always protect you."

She smiled wide then stood up and hugged me.

I chuckled.

"your so much like your mother."

"I am?" Sulana questioned.

"yes, she always let her curious mind get the best of her. She had to know everything and if she didn't know something she had to learn about that subject as soon as possible. One time I had been talking about this new planet I was going to vest. She was only three years old and yet she managed to sneak on to the Tardis. I was half way to Jupiter when I heard her crying. I went into the back room and there she was crying and staring out the window. I took her in my arms and calmed her down. Then sat her on my lap as I drove home. I didn't trust her to not touch anything, so I kept her where I could see her. I had to make my way all the way back to Galifrey and of course I got an ear full from Rydella when I arrived home."

"I miss mommy." She replied sadly.

"I miss her too." he replied with a sigh.

"do you think she is happy where she is?"

"I am sure she is. I bet she`s the gods most beloved singer. I bet she is smiling down on us and so proud of who you are. "

I was sitting outside on the house`s front steps, waving my sonic in the air. It was late and I was tried. but I was desperate. Rydella came out in her PJ`s, with a blanket in her hands.

"darling, what are you doing out here?" she asked. "it's almost three AM."

"I'm trying to locate the trilmins." I replied, my teeth chattering and my hands tremoring.

Rydella sat next to me, then wrapped the blanket over my shoulders.

"Do you really think you're going to find them with that thing?" she asked. "They could be anywhere on earth. "

"I have to try, Ry. I must protect my family. it my fault we are here, it's my fault were in this mess. I keep putting you all in danger. I must keep you guys safe. I don't want anyone else is getting hurt on my watch."

Rydella held my hands.

"Doctor, you need to relax. It's not your job to fight these things, and Its no one's fault that this has happened. Darling, please just come inside and get some sleep."

"no I have to do this!"

"well what are your plaining to do if you find them? fight them off on your own?" Rydella asked.

"I'll create an army if I have to." I told Rydella. "…. but I must try. We can't just let them win. This is our planet too now, this is our home. We need to protect it anyway we can. It's my job to protect you guys, and that's what I'm gana do."

She hugged me.

"I love you. but you're so stupid! the answer is staring you in the face! You don't need an army…not now at least. you got to find the assassin, Feliculta was talking about, convince him to fight on our side against the Trilmen or contain him somehow, then you`ll have the leverage."

"what makes you think we will be able to do that?" I asked. "Are you forgetting this man can kill thousands."

"the mind wiper has a feature where you can control someone's mind…in way take over."

"that is cruel and unethically!"

"would you rather have the human's dead? "

"but how am I going to find the assassin? He could be anyone."

"not really. That day we rescued jimmy, the trimming women said Kimmy was protecting the assassin… so it must be someone she is close to. Maybe a family member or a close friend."

I smile the biggest smile.

"Your brilliant!"

She smirked.

"I know. I`ll bet it's her father or mother, I mean who else would she protect to an extant like that. "Rydella replied. "Not giving the person up even when faced with deadly aliens."

"tomorrow I'll spend the day with her father and befriend him. I'll get him to trust me, so maybe he will confide in me. but the whole time I'd be looking out for anything that may be suspicious. Meanwhile Dantus has already become friends with the girl, which is perfect. We can tell Dantus your theory and tell her to report information on the girl and the girl`s friends."

"Dantus is going to Kimmy`s house tomorrow to go to some Con. You can call the father up in the morning and ask if he wants hang out and you go over with Dantus."

Me and Dantus walked up the steps of the Williams home. The home was a big brick house. The front door was black and on the front of the building was four windows on each side of the door. Attached to the house was a huge two door garage doors. The front yard, unlike the neighbors was perfectly green. But I also noticed on the curb was a lot of broken items in and out of bags. Broken tv, chairs, ripped books and other destroyed furniture. I knocked on the door.

"dad, I don't want to spy on her." Dantus said. "she`s the first friend I've made in years and I really like hanging out with her. I don't want to give her a reason to hate me. "

"she could be harboring an assassin." I told him. "this person can be very dangerous. Which reminds me." I took out the sonic that Dantus had stolen from me. "it's yours now. take this. If anything goes wrong, you know what to do."

David answered the door. Then Kimberly ran over and hugged Dantus.

"you are going to love comic con!" Kimmy told Dantus. "It's the happiest place on earth! Its paradise for the nerdy and geeky. Plus, are you ready to meet the wonderful and incredible Stan Lee!?

"of course, This is gana be so cool!" dantus said excitedly. "I already read the Amazing Spiderman, the iron man series, a few Captain America ones, some Fantastic four ones and two x men comics and I managed to marathon all the marvel movies! I am so pumped!"

"maybe we`ll met Joss Wheeldon there and he will ask us to be extra`s in one of the new marvel movies!"

"if we are lucky!"

"we better get going, we can't miss the train!"

Kimberly grabbed dantus`s arm and the two run out the door.

"bye dad! Bye Mr. smith" kimmy shouted.

"hello." I said. "it's good to see you again."

"hey good to see you as well. come in." David replied.

I walked in. the house was a wreck. Men clothes were all over the floor. The walls were dented and again there was destroyed furniture. I had to watch my step because there was glass all over the floor. I made my way to the leather couch and sat down.

"you know I'm really glad our daughters are getting along so well." David commented. "Kimmy isn't usually so good at making friends."

"yeah same with Dent- I mean Daniel.

"I thought his name was Dantus?"

Ugh! First rule of intervallic travel, never use your real name! it's a dead give a way that you don't belong.

"ughh yeah." I replied. "Daniel is his nickname though, you know Dantus is a bit of an odd name. well anyways my son was always seen as odd at his old school, that didn't like him because he was different than them."

"same with Kimmy! But I personally don't think that there is anything wrong with being different. I think it's the best thing a child can be. but teens want to feel included, they want to fit in. "

"yes, they want to feel accepted by their peers." I agreed. "Even those he mocks them, they want their approval. So being different as a teen, seems is recipe for misery in most cases. "

"its awful but true. But now that they have a friend, it might not be so bad."

I smiled.

"I hope so." I replied.

I looked around at the big house. It seemed to have three floors.

"do you and Kimberly live here alone?" I asked him.

"yeah, it's just the two of us, now. My wife pasted away last year." David replied.

"oh, I'm sorry to hear that. …how did it happen? Was it sudden?"

David sighed.

"look let's stop pretending here." David said. "I know why you're really here. I know the neighbors talk about me, they don't trust me and maybe that's why jimmy doesn't have friends. they're afraid of me, afraid of what I can do. But when it happens…I can't control it. it's not me anymore. It's like I've been taken over and I don't even remember what happened."

"what are you talking about?"

"don't play games! You've been here for over two weeks now I'm sure the neighbors told you everything!"

"no, they didn't tell me anything. I was just curious to meet you since our children have become such good friends."

"look I don't need this! I`m not a freak show, it's not my fault I become the way I am! I know I may not be a good man. But I`m trying to be, I'm trying to learn from my mistakes and change. I don't need you judging me by what they say!"

"I want to help you, David." I told him calmly. "I`m a doctor, I`m not here to judge you- "

David shakily, but quickly, stood up. then he began to back away from me.

"your one of those asylum doctors!" David yelled. "I`m not crazy! I`M NOT!"

I walked closer to him.

"GET AWAY FROM ME!" she yelled.

"I'm not from an asylum. "I told him. "I`m just a man who wants to help. Just tell me what is going on with you and I promise I will help you."

"get away from me!" David yelled pushing me onto the floor, and my sonic fell out of my pocket. David eyes immediately turned to the sonic, utter shock and fear thinking he might be going crazy.

"you…you…you can't be real." David uttered. "oh, my god…its finally happen…I have actually gone mental. …. I must be seeing things that the only explaination."

"what are you talking about?"

"The sonic! It's like the ones in the-the stories...and….and it has Galifrey writing on it…like River used to write." He took a deep breath and sat down. "I'm insane, it's a children's story…my mom was a fiction writer, her name was Amelia Williams. she used to tell my brother and I stories of an alien traveling through time and space in a police box. His weapon was a sonic screwdriver…." he looked up at the sonic again. Then shook his head in disbelief. "She called him the raggedy doctor, but he called himself the doctor. It was all very silly and elaborate stories. she would tell us that her and my father, Rory, would travel with this man to distant times and planets. we always assumed it was just make believe. My older sister, River, would play along with it too. she would tell stories of how she went with them on adventures that she married the doctor. He even taught her to write in galifreyian. They said he was something called a time lord and that he called his space ship a Tardis.

"this is very weird. How is it that your parents would know me? But I don't know them. Humans don't usually know anything about time lords. "I commented.

"wait so your him?" he replied in shock. "you actually know what I'm talking about? And you're the guy?"

"I'm the only time lord who calls himself the doctor. Plus, I'm the only one who calls his time machine a Tardis, sulana came up with the name."

"you can't be real." Then he paused. "but Kimberly saw you and spoke to you, you saved her. So, you must be."

He took a deep breath.

"I need a beer." David spoke. "maybe a couple."

David rushed into the kitchen. The doctor quickly followed after him.

"what else did they tell you? what else did they say about my traveling with them?" the doctor asked.

"my parents said you were on your 11th generation when you meet them in…ughh….2008, the year they got married. You guys travel together from 2008 to 2012, when they died."

"I have never traveled to those times on earth yet, they must be people I will met." I concluded spoke. "…. But if they lived during that time shouldn't you be much younger?"

"it's complicated. They said when they were in there early 20s they were sent back in time to about 1940 and they became stuck there ever since. they started a life in 1940. Mom became a writer and dad worked as a nurse. Mom gave birth to my older brother, Anthony in 1946. Then I came into their lives much later in their lives."

I shrugged.

"alright. Makes sense. Now does that mean you trust me?"

"of course, you're the doctor!" David replied. "damn Anthony is not going to believe this!"

"so, tell me, what is going with you?" I asked.

"it just happens…at random points in time. There is no correlation, nothing that triggers it. it began five years ago, it was Kimmy`s 10th birthday. My wife, Anna was throwing kimmy a huge party. But of course, like always I had to work. The both were upset with me, they wanted me to be there. I was working as a chemist, at the time. I had worked a 12 hour the day before and was going on 9 hours that day. I was tired and I was rushing through my experiment. I ended up mixing the wrong chemicals together and there was an explosion. The week after I went to the store to get some new book for kimmy`s schooling…then I blacked out. the next thing I remembered was me surrounded by dead bodies and blood all over the floor. I heard the sirens and I ran. people have told me when I became like that I no longer even look like myself my skin turns dark red and my hair is long and white. I become stronger and faster. The neighbors they have seen me transform. I've hurt some of them. they have tried to get me arrested or have kimmy taken away. but I always destroy any evidence they find. kimmy, she knows to stay away when I get like that."

"what about your wife? …. Did you kill Anna?"

"It was an accident. She was trying to get me to calm down and she got to close and then…. but if I could I'd take it back! I loved her!" he was crying. "I'm hopeless. I`m a monster."

I didn't want to follow my wife plan…this man didn't seem cruel, he seemed confused and broken down. He needed a friend, he needed me to come to come to his rescue.

"I`m going to give you hope again. You're going to gain control of this. I`m not going to let you hurt anyone and especially not that little girl."

I stood up.

"come along." I said.

As I got up I noticed a picture on the mantle of the fire place. the picture was of a bride and groom. The bride was stunningly beautiful, as every bride should be on their wedding. Her auburn hair was curled and she had a long veil that went past her waist. In the front of the veil was purple flowers. Her skin was flawless and pale and she had small brown eyes. she wore a straight long white dress, with no sleeves. On the top and button was embroidered flowers. The groom had a goofy but sweet smile. He had brown eyes and pale skin as well. His hair was blonde and messy. He wore a white colored shirt with a white tie. Over that he wore a grey suit jacket with a red rose on the chest of the jacket. He wore black pants and held a grey top hat in his hand. The bride held on to his right arm, smiling.

"who are these two in the picture? Friends or yours?" I had asked.

David got up and looked at the picture.

"Oh, those are my parents on their wedding day."

"there your parents?" I asked confused. "But don't humans tend to look like their parents?"

David chuckled.

"well I was adopted. When I knew, them they didn't look like that though, they were both in their 60s when they got me. they saw me one day getting beat up by one of the horrible caretakers they had at the orphanage and they saved me. you it's crazy, people passed by but no one else tried to help me. I was only eight years old, and yet the caregiver had felt it was a good punishment to beat me! My eye was purple and I was drenched in blood. I remember feeling helpless and scared! I was this shrimp, little under feed child. I couldn't fight back even if I tried! then there was think big strong heavy set women, just tormenting me!"

David began to get red patches on his arms. my eyes widen.

I put my hand on his shoulder.

"calm down. It's in the past, it's all over with she can't hurt you anymore." I told him.

"they abused all of us!" he shouted. "No one cared about us not even the ones who were supposed to! NO ONE CARED! NO CARED! We were innocent! We did nothing wrong!"

David's arms turn completely red.

"your parents cared. Amy and Rory cared enough to take you away from that place."

I noticed that David's red arms revert to looking like red patches again.

"tell me about them, David. Tell me what they did for you." I prompted.

"leave me alone!"

"please, trust me. I need you to tell about them."

"they saw the caregiver, miss Doberman, screaming at me and beating me. I was on the floor, crying…"

"don't focus on that."

"mom and dad rushed over from across the street to help me." I told him. "mom took me in her arms and she asked me if I was okay. No one ever asked me that before. she told me that they would help me. then dad tended to my wounds, he had just gotten back from work so he had his supplies with him in his backpack. mom handed me over to dad, then mom began yelling at miss Doberman. Then I passed out. I woke up in the hospital mom and dad where holding my hands. I was scared, but I felt a bit safer knowing they were there. they told me I would be okay. they made sure I was taken care of, that I got the right medicine. Then once I was better they adopted me. they promised that no would ever hurt me again. At the orphanage, I was timid and afraid of everyone and everything. they changed me, they helped me become a happy person, and to not fear the unknown. They taught me to have fun and be curious. "

The doctor smiled, as David had turned back to normal. David sighed relief. Doctor smiled.

"how did you do that?" he asked in surprise.

"positive thinking, it works wonders. You can't let the emotions of your past take hold you. let me ask you do you remember what you were thinking now of the explosion?"

David thought for a moment.

"I was thinking how every year Anna throws kimmy a huge party." David replied. "Even when she was a year old and won't remember it. I thought that it was silly, my first birthday party that I had was when I was nine, that was my first birthday party. Kimmy was ten at the time and she had ten birthday parties, one for each year. but then I thought how happy each party made her. I never had that till I was much older."

"so once again you were thinking about your past, more pacifically your past at the orphanage." I concluded. "I think when the explosion happened. It connected your bad thoughts about the orphanage to transforming into this beast."

"that makes sense! Before I blacked out at the book store, I had seen on one of the dad shelfs the new Annie movie. Which of course made me think about my experience being an orphan. This is great! Now I know the trigger, so I can prevent it! and we know happy thoughts can stop it when in the process of turning!"

David hugged the doctor tightly.

"thank you." he said.

"enough talk, let's do something fun." I suggested.

David suggested we go golfing, apparently, it was the hip thing for adult human males to do together.

"okay so all you got to do is hit the golf ball with your golf club and make it get as close to the whole as possible." David explained as he handed me a golf club.

I took the club and smashed the club on top of the ball and continued to do that for about a minute. As David, couldn't help but laugh.

"it's not moving very far!" I shouted.

"okay okay stop." He told me. "okay watch me."

He raised the golf club then swung the club, hitting the ball from the side. The ball went right into the whole.

"well clearly you were professionally trained." I commented.

"nope. Just natural talent."

David walked over to the whole to get his ball. I walked by his side.

"I have something to ask you." I told him.

"what is it?"

"before at the house, you mentioned a girl. You said her name was River and that she was my…my wife. What happens to Rydella?"

"mom never mentioned Rydella…. or your kids. She said you had told her you didn't have kids."

David grabbed the golf ball and we started to walk toward the next whole.

"why would I say that? Why would leave them?" I said to myself. "I don't understand."

"I'm sorry." He told me. "but if it helps at all from what mom used to tell you really seemed to like river."

"…. what is she like?" I asked. I felt a bit guilty asking. Thinking of other women while I was married to Rydella. But I curious.

"River?" David asked.


"she`s really pretty. She`s an Archeologist. She is really smart, sweet, confident and funny."

"ughh she sounds very ordinary." I commented.

David laughed.

"ordinary? River is far from that. Me and my brother were convinced she was border line insane for a while, with all the wacky stories she`d tell about you and her. you guys managed to save the world from the big bang two once."


"yeah she isn't just an archeologist. She fights alongside you and my parents a lot as well. She really loves you, she`d talk nonstop about you and you seemed to like her too."

I was quiet. I couldn't imagine myself loving anyone but Rydella.

The two of us entered the William`s home.

"have you actually ever played golf before?" David asked laughing.

"no but I thought I did pretty good for my first time." I admitted.

He chuckled.

"at one point your golf ball almost hit two old ladies, then you almost ran over a kid!"

"your right…. I'm bloody awful at golf."

The kids were upstairs sitting in Kimmy`s room looking at all the pictures they took at comic con. Next to both was shopping bag filled with collectables and new comics.

"this was the most fun I had in long time! " kimmy admitted.

"me too." Dantus replied. "I still can't believe you chanced down John Green just to get a free autograph."

"it was 60 bucks for an autograph! That's insane! If I caught him in the hall he couldn't charge me."

Dantus chuckled. Then he frowned.

"I have to ask you something. Back when we saved you that alien said something about an assassin. Do know what they were talking about?"

She frowned as well.

"it's just I'm curious as to why she attacked you. maybe if I knew the reason I could protect you." I told her.

She smiled at me.

"you're a sweet guy, Dantus.

I sat across from David sipping tea, as he did the same.

"I have to admit." I said. "I didn't find you, just to help you. you're in danger. An alien race called the Trilmen wants to use you as a weapon to help them destroy the galaxy."

"they want to use me? but why?" he asked.

"I think your more powerful than your aware and they want to use your abilities to get revenge."

"well you`ll protect me, right?"

"of course, but those things are going to attack and we need to create an army to fight them to protect our planet. Would you be willing to fight alongside us?"

" …..I owe the world that much. All the lives I too. I`ll do it."