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Chapter 1: My Secret

Life isn't fair but no one ever said it was. The day I was born the Nine-tiled fox attacked and I became the piranha of the village. The person everyone blamed for their loss. When I was four I was kicked out of the orphanage that I had been placed in 2 years prior. I had a bag packed at the time knowing it wasn't going to be long. I lived on the streets with only an extra pair of clothes, the baby blanket I was found in, and some food that only lasted a few days.

Due to that shortage I took to stealing what I need. I found an entrance in the back of an old utility shack in the red light district. Eventually I was caught and brought in front of the Hokage. I had been on the streets for almost 3 years at this point and trust was not something I gave away, but I had known him before so he was one I could trust. He set me up in an apartment, on the border of the red light district because the working girls always were understanding.

I had lived pretty low key for the following year. I kept to myself which made it easier but just before the academy started I lost all that I had gained in the last year. My apartment was set ablaze by a bunch of drunks. I was only able to save the baby blanket so I once again was left with nothing. All of this lead to now, with me sitting in my hospital room with the Hokage.

"We can get you another place and…," he said

"I don't think so jiji," I said cutting him off

"You will not be going back on the streets again,"

"But you know damn well they will come again. This time the fire was contained mostly to my apartment but next time it could be the whole place. I won't put others at risk jiji just so I can live in the main part of the village," I could tell he was proud but also sad. He didn't know it but I knew why I was treated the way I was. I was a Jinchuriki of the Nine-tails, and though I was still human as everyone else they saw me as the demon reborn. Jiji had outlawed anyone from talking about it so the younger kids wouldn't hate me but the plan back fired. The kids saw the hate their parents held for me and acted the same.

"Then where will you go?"

"Well I play above the Hokage monument sometimes and a few months back I found an old cabin," he tensed as he spoke but I ignored it. "It needs some work but it will be a roof over my head,"

"Naru..," but I didn't let

"It will be fine jiji. No one goes up there anymore so they won't find me. There is plenty of room to grow food and plenty of small game to catch. Even a small lake close to catch fish. With all of that I can avoid the village for the most part and save my money,"

"You have always been a smart child," he said smiling. "But what of building supplies? I may not have been up to the home in a few years but I know a tree came through the roof only 2 years ago,"

"Could you help me with that jiji?"

"That I can if you promise to let some of my trusted Anbu help you. I know a few in particularly that would love to help you,"

"Even I can help you get a garden set," we turned to see my long time doctor Kiko. She was very old, much older than the Hokage. She was a rare one not to fear me. "Having girl around may help as well since she will not be taking the Kunonchi classes,"

Yea you heard her right I am not a boy as most everyone has been lead to believe. To the village I am Naruto Uzumaki, the dumb happy go lucky boy that is totally oblivious to why I am hated. In reality I am my name is Naru Uzumaki. I have above average intelligence that could possible rival some Nara's. I know very well why I am hated and even know who my parents are. Though the Hokage doesn't know that I figured that part out.

Due to my status the Hokage informed the council I was a boy when I was brought before them as an infant. He knew that as a girl I would be under more constant threat from those in the village that wanted to use me. The only reason the orphanage didn't realize was because I was potty trained by the time I was placed there. Now I had a seal to hide since soon it would become much more obvious that I wasn't a boy. The seal made my changing features more masculine and even made my long blond hair look short and spikey.

My intelligence was also hidden. This was my idea as more people would fear me if I was smart more than the idiot everyone loved to hate. Having everyone underestimate me would also play well in the academy as I would play the dead last and be paired with the two top students. That pairing had never failed and as we had an Uchiha coming up in the class he was bound to be the top student as he was the second son of the Clan head. The Uchiha clan was to prideful to let their second in line heir not be the best and they would never not let him not make Genin first time.

With all that settled it was time for me to get into my new place then for my long undercover mission.

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