Chapter 34: First Mission Home

We headed toward the office a bit before 8. I didn't even have to drag Kakashi out of bed. Instead he was waiting for us at the door of his house where he gave Rinka and Tsukiko a kiss. When we made it to the office we were escorted in. Tsunade and Shizune seemed couldn't decided weather we should get a big mission or a simple on to start me back to work. Before they made a decision a cipher corp member barged in.

"Lady Tsunade!" he yelled not even caring that other ninja were in the room "The Kazakage has been taken!"

"WHAT!" both her and I yelled but she continued "Does it say who took him?"

"Description was black cloak with red cloud pattern," he said.

"Akatsuki," I mumbled out.

"Only one man was seen," the member continued. "Lord Kankuro went after them but apparently he was alone,"

"Tsunade," I said.

"I know," she said biting her lip. They never traveled alone and if Gaara was no match then neither was Kankuro. "Team Kakashi you mission is to get to the Sand and once things are better evaluated peruse the subjects and retrieve the Kazakage,"

"Yes ma'am," well all said. Each one met at the gate in under 10 minutes after. We were running at full speed. It took all I could not to flash there without them or use my bloodline but I had to think rationally.

We only stopped to rest for about an hour during the night. Early the second morning I sensed a troubling chakra. Not because what it was doing but who. Temari was traveling back unaware of the danger her brothers were in. I jumped down as soon as I could I saw her.

"Temari!" I yelled before landing.

"Naru," she said a bit confused until she saw Shikamaru and Kakashi. "What happened?

"Its Gaara," that was all I had to say before she joined up. I explained everything as we went to save time.

"You think it is them?"

"Black clock and with red clouds. I it has to be them," I said "and Kankuro went after them alone from the info we have."

"Damn it," she said. She was worried and wouldn't be thinking clearly until we could get better news.

"Calm down," Kurama said "I can still feel he is alive. I can't pinpoint him though,"

"Please keep trying,"

"Of course kit,"

We should have made it in less then the average three days but got stuck in a sandstorm. When we arrived we were taken to the hospital. Kankuro had been found but he had some kind of poison in his system. Looking at Kakashi he nodded giving me permission to flash back.

"Naru!" Tsunade yelled as I landed in her office.

"Where is Sakura Shizune?" I asked

"Shizune is on a mission and Sakura is at the hospital take her if you need her," she said and that was my next stop. I landed at the front desk confusing the duty nurse. She pointed me to the lounge where Sakura was chatting with Ino about her wedding. She was about to say something but I grabbed her before she said anything and was off.

"Help him," I said when she finally got her bearings. She didn't question it further for the time being. I sat down pulling out two of my bars.

"That took a lot out of you," Shikamaru said

"With all the running the last 2 days it did more then normal," I said placing my head on his shoulder eating my first bar. That was until I scream came from some one.

"YOU WILL PAY FOR WHAT YOU DID WHITE FANG!" an old women screamed. I drew my sword without a second thought guarding a puzzled Kakashi. My blade was pointed at her throat and I could hear a slight growl form me. A man, close to her age, held her back before I drew blood.

"Sister that is not him," he said "The White Fang of the Leaf died almost 25 years ago,"

"Oh," she said relaxing but I didn't put my weapon away but drawing it away from her throat.

"My name is Kakashi Hatake," he said "your thinking of my father,"

"Father..," she said before laughing "I knew that,"

"Really," I said

"Tell your dog to put her sword away," she said

"Put your poison blade away or I will end you where you stand," I said with the same growl. Instinct was kicking in but this time I wasn't in danger from that.

"Naru!" Kakashi said but he was ignored as I stared her down.

"Your an Uzumaki," she said giving her blade to her brother. I then sealed my sword at which she laughed. "Didn't think one of your damned clan existed,"

"A few," I said before stumbling backwards where Shikamaru caught me. He gave me the bar I dropped in his lap. "So who are you?"

"Lady Chiyo," Temari said as the women went quiet "and her brother Lord Ebizo. Lady Chiyo is one of our most renowned puppet masters and is the most versed in the village on seals,"

"Oh," I said taking a bit of my bar "she is the one responsible for Gaara's horrible seal,"

"Naru!" Shikamaru yelled. At this point Kakashi was just rubbing his forehead.

"What did you say child!"

"I think your ears are fine you old bat," I said "You created a seal that didn't even have any kind of barrier to his mind. You did a half ass job of a seal to start with and then that was like the cherry on top of a sundae waiting to destroy your village,"

"Naru!" Kakashi finally said and I could tell he wasn't impressed.

"Sorry sensei,"

That night I didn't sleep well. I was forced to share a room with Sakura who after making the antidote kept asking me to bring her back home. After about the 100th time I yelled about it she shut up. Not only that but when I did sleep I was plagued with nightmares of being to late to save Gaara.

The next morning Pakkun and the pack had found his scent. We left Sakura with Kankuro just in case but grabbed the extra antidotes she made. Lady Chiyo tagged along which to me was rather annoying as she keep studying me.

"Just ask your damn question," I said when we decided to stop.

"Why do you care?" she asked

"Need a little more then that for an answer," I said eating a calorie bar.

"Why do you care about Gaara?" she asked "You are not from the Sand but you are rushing to help him. Even being protective of him when you realized I did his seal. Are you the girl he has been seeing with from Leaf?"

"No," I said with a slight chuckle. "I do care for him but as if he was my brother. In some ways he is my brother as we had the same burden forced on us,"

I then focused my chakra. When I did this my seal appeared on my stomach. When she saw it she immediately understood.

"Eight trigram," she said studying it. "This was place in a way I am unaware of."

"That's because it is far above your level and this form is an Uzumaki seal," I said "It was applied using the Shiki Fujin, another Uzumaki design. The jutsu is probably the strongest seal ever created but it comes at a heavy cost."

"Death," she said

"Not just that," I said releasing the chakra. "The soul of the user and if used to take another soul are locked in battle with the Shinigani."

"And that is what the Fourth did,"

"And the Third against Orochimaru to seal the souls of the First and Second when he brought their souls back to this world."

"You don't seem to hate the Fourth for doing this to you," she said "Gaara hatted his father and everyone else before the battle in the Leaf. Did they treat you that well?"

"Absolutely not," I said "I was beaten more then once and torched by those who now I protect. I was kicked out of the orphanage I was in and nearly killed by a boy that swore to protect me."

"Then why not hate your kage,"

"I can't hate my father for doing what was best for the village," I said which caused her to go wide eyed."I thought everyone knew now. It has been public knowledge almost three years now. My father did what he thought was best and as the only person that was known to be able to hold the beast I had to be used. The Third did a shitty job but he tried to protect me. I had Anbu that protected me and eventually made friends,"

"and your mother?"

"Died the same night I was born,"

"Just like Gaara's,"

"No," I said "mine was not childbirth. She died from a man who tore the Kyubi from her."

"I am so sorry,"

"Don't apologize to me," I said getting up "You did nothing to me. You should be begging Gaara for his forgiveness,"


The fight with the fake Itachi had delayed us. Gai's team as well was delayed by a man who looked like Kisame as well. When we made it we then had to deal with a barrier jutsu before we could enter.

"When I jump you hit it with a rasengan," Kakashi said.

"Naru," Kurama said sadly but I ignored him as I hit the bolder. I already knew what he was going to say but I couldn't believe we failed. When the dust cleared there was two men present. The blond was sitting on Gaara.

"Get off him," I growled out.

"That must be the Jinchiruki," the blond said "Itachi said it would be the first to speak,"

"GET OFF HIM!" I yelled again but he only laughed before summoning some kind of bird. He took Gaara's body with him and I wasn't far behind. Kakashi took off after me leaving Shikamaru and Lady Chiyo to deal with the second man.

Well following the man dropped some kind of creature bombs. He was targeting them at Kakashi trying to distance him from me. At one point Kakashi used his Mangekyo Sharingan and though wasn't able to get him all but did get his arm. After that I don't remember what I did.

I remember hating this man for what he did. I remember being filled with anger at what he had done. By the time I realized what was happening it was to late. I already was losing control and there was nothing I could do. I starting to panic as I couldn't regain control and didn't want to get to four tails. I became clear again and was able to retake control with the help of Kakashi.

"So the perv thought ahead," I said pealing the seal off my head as I leaned on him "Thank you,"

The other soon arrived. Seeing he was out numbered now the target took matters into his own hands. He ate his own detonating clay which he called his ultimate art. His body started to expand in inhuman ways and I knew it wasn't good news for us.

I could only shield myself and maybe 3 others in my dome and we wouldn't all be able to out run the blast. Pretty much all of us were weak and even with my flashing I could only take two with me. With a total of 8 not including Gaara we were screwed. I could try to expand it a greater distance but some of us would still get hurt. I started just hopping it would work but the blast never came.

"YOU IDIOT!" I yelled as Kakashi collapsed to his knees. He had taken the full blast making it disappeared with his Mangekyo Sharingan. I walked over and slapped him upside the head. "You could have just killed yourself. You have people back home waiting for you so don't fucking play hero,"

"Sorry," he said.

"Just think before you act," I said before going over to Gaara. "Is there anything we can do?"

"One thing," Chiyo said. She kneeled next to him and started what looked like healing. She wasn't using it that way though it was like she was forcing hers in pulses. I took it that she was trying to jump start his own like when you shock someone in cardiac arrest. She didn't seem to have enough chakra to do it.

"I have chakra to spare and can transfer it to you," I said placing my hands on hers. I did the very same thing as I had done with Shikamaru.

Suddenly I didn't feel as though I was in the field. The air was out and dry and the ground was softer. I opened my eyes and realized I was some where in the desert. Looking around I saw only one person, a small redheaded child.

"Gaara," I said confused "Gaara,"

I ran toward to him just trying to get closer. Trying to get him to hear me. He finally turned and looked at me. There was nothingness in his eyes. His teal eyes were showed no sign of knowing who I was. He was more of an empty shell then I had ever seen him.

"Gaara," I said reaching out for him. "Come back Gaara. Think of everyone that needs you. Think about Hinata,"

When my had touched his shoulder his eyes lit up but that wasn't all. I saw his memories that drew him back. I saw them eating chocolate well after he cheered him up. Hinata showing him around the Leaf on a visit. Then you had him showing her a hidden desert oasis. Even a small kiss they shared the last time they were able to see each other.

"Naru," he said but it wasn't were ever we had been. Instead we were back in the field surrounded by what had to be half the ninja in the Sand village. Temari was holding Gaara as he was still getting his bearings. Shikamaru was holding me as I looked around I say Chiyo.

"We..," that's when I realized what she truly did. I should have realized as soon as I transferred my chakra to her. She wasn't jumping his system to produce it she was converting hers to his. Restoring him to life and in the process she ended her own.

We went back to the Sand escorting the body back. Gaara made sure she had a hero's welcome by her returning first. We even stayed for the funeral which was small but nice. After our goodbyes, and a letter for Hinata, we were off to the Leaf. Sakura wouldn't stop complaining the whole way.

"Can't you hurry up," she said.

"No we can't," I said "Nii-san is injured and before you think it Gai is not going to carry him back just so you can get back,"

"I wasn't even suppose to be here," she said "You flashed me here and refused to flash back,"

"Cause that is a waste of chakra," I said "I also got permission to take you since Shizune was not available. Why don't you and Team Gai run ahead,"

"Are you sure Naru?" Neji asked. "You have one man down makes it harder to defend yourselves,"

"Yes," I said "I know why you worried Neji but it is fine. This way you guys can get back and if something happens I will flash us to safety. You guys can get the rundown started with Tsunade. We are just should hit the forest by night fall and maybe with a little rest Kakashi can travel on his own tomorrow,"

"That is a youthful idea Naru-chan!" Gai said

"Call me chan again and you won't leave the desert," I said. I didn't care he was over me. He used that honorific way to often and I hated it. Tenten laughed at my reaction and I could have sworn I saw a smile on Neji. Lee just looked horrified.

"Well then," Neji said "Send word if you need us to return,"

"Will do," I said. It was awhile before Kakashi asked his burning question. He likely wanted to make sure no one was near.

"Why did you do that?" he asked.

"He has got a point," Shikamaru said "It is against normal protocol,"

"You two really haven't noticed we have a friend wanting to meet," I said pointing up. Above us was a crow and one that would never be in the desert. It also had been following us. "Also Lee and Gai were getting on my last nerve."

We kept going until it started getting time to darker. We made it out of the desert and in to the Land of Fire. We had started to set up camp when our friend arrived from the shadows.

"I'm so sorry Naru," he said.

"Its fine," I said as I started a meal. "Gaara is fine and is back in the sand. Where is your partner?"

"Took a sleeping pill with his dinner," he said sitting down.

"Very me of you," I said remember a time or two I did that to Jiraiya so he wouldn't run off to the bars.

"The don't seem surprised," Itachi said "Hello again Senpai,"

"I was told when Jiraiya took Naru for training," Kakashi said slowly coming over. "I also have been training your son,"

"That is probably for the best," he said looking at Shikamaru "Your the Nara heir aren't you?"

"Yes," he said grabbing my hand "and though I have been told by Ayame what happened excuse me if I am on edge,"

"Understandable," he said looking at us. "So I have come to tell you that I think my targets are not trusting me,"

"Why come to me and not Jiraiya?"I asked

"And why do you think that?" Kakashi asked falling into his old Anbu Captain habits.

"I couldn't get a hold of Jiraiya as quickly as you," he said "and as for why I wasn't aware we were starting the hunt up again. I also have been reassigned a target, the four-tails,"

"They think you messed up on purpose last time?" I said thinking back to my Tsunade mission but when I saw his face I knew I wasn't right. "They think you still have emotional attachment to the village and me,"

"From what it looks like yes,"

"We could pull you," Kakashi said.

"That leaves a 7 year op now down the drain,"

"And the fact how will the village react," Shikamaru said

"He is write," Itachi said. "This mission became a no return as soon as I ended the coup."

"It was a mission you were forced to take," I said before a thought came up. "Tsunade knows right?"

"About the coup and mission yes," he said

"Then I think its time she knows of Ayame," I said

"Naru," he said "if she knows of Ayame then she knows of Shisui and that means the council gets involved,"

"Itachi you are planning to die during this mission," I said "I know your sight is degenerating faster then you thought it would. Soon as the leader finds out he will find away to get rid of you or Sasuke will manage to find you. In the mean time Ayame has been rasing your son and still loving you as I know your well aware. Thankfully your little visits home has gotten her pregnant again cause that would take some explaining,"

"How did you know of my visits?"

"I am Jiraiya's apprentice," I said shrugging before smiling "Plus she told me as she needed to tell someone. Anyway why don't we make it official for you both. I have made some contacts over the last few years and can manage to throw a decent wedding very quickly."


"She planned mine," Kakashi said "this way Ayame can get the benefits she deserves as well. I know that is probably noted somewhere for them and for ninja marriage isn't always done but if the truth comes out after your death about the mission then the council can't refuse her claim. Even if it doesn't come out in full they won't be able to refuse her."

"What of Shisui?"

"Well Sasuke turns 16 in a few weeks so by your laws it has to come out now," I said "If it doesn't Sasuke gets the title. Even if they don't accept it right off they have to hold off making him clan head until things are figured out. We can also protect him in the case of retaliation."

"You do always seem to have a plan," Itachi said with a smile. "Start on the arrangements when you return. For now I must go Kisame will wake soon and I need to be around when he does,"

"Be safe Itachi," we all said before he left.

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