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Danny Wayne and his adventures at

Book one

The Philosopher's Stone

Chapter One

The letter from Hogwarts

Danny was sitting in bed thinking. His adopted father, Bruce Wayne, also known as Batman, was out on patrol. His adopted brother, Dick Grayson, was also on patrol. Dick and his adopted father, battled crime as Batman and Robin. Unlike Dick, who Bruce had adopted after the teenager had witnessed his parent's murder, Danny had no idea if his parent's were actually dead, he had appeared on the doorstep of Wayne Manor, with no memory of who he was.

He appeared a few months after the incident at christmas, which started with the death of Commissioner Loeb, and ended with the emergence of a new supervillain, the madman known only as the Joker, and the conclusion that Blackgate was no longer capable of holding the worst of Gotham's criminals. Bruce had just come back from stopping yet another riot at Blackgate, and was treating himself to a cup of coffee, when the doorbell rang. Alfred answered the door to find a ten year old boy who couldn't remember anything exept a flash of light and then waking up in front of Wayne Manor.

The only clues to the boy's identity was a backpack with the name Danny scribbled on it in permant marker, which also contained a bat like costume, Bruce, who had met all kinds of costumed criminals, just assumed that the boy was the son of a copycat, but after scanning the costume with the Batcomputer, Bruce was shocked to learn that the costume was made by a version of himself from the future. Danny was offically adopted by Bruce and turned eleven two days ago. Alfred had thrown him a party down in the Batcave and baked Danny a chocolate cake. Bruce had given Danny a book on martial arts, Dick had given him a video game, and Alfred, aside from the cake, had given Danny a book on stage acting, knowing Danny's gift for mimicry would lead him to become a great actor.

Suddenly, there was a tapping at the window. Crossing his room, Danny opened the window and stood back as an owl entered, a letter tied to it's leg. Danny untied the letter and the owl hooted and flew off into the night. Shutting the window, Danny sat on the edge of his bed and looked at the letter. On the back it had a shield, which was separated into four quarters, each with a different animal, a lion, an eagle, a badger and a snake. The words on the bottom said, Draco,Dormiens, Nunquam and Titillandus. Danny opened the envelope and read the letter.

"Dear Mr Wayne, in accordance with your father's request, we are pleased to inform you that you are invited to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry."

Just then Alfred entered. "I'm sorry Master Daniel, I didn't realise you were still awake." He noticed the letter. "Might I enquire as to what that is?"

"It's a letter telling me I've been invited to attend a magic school, "at my father's request". What exactly does that mean, Alfred?"

The butler sat down next to Danny. "A few nights ago, Master Bruce recived a letter from the Deputy Headmisstress, asking if he could come to the school to guard a student who would soon be arriving. When told why he would be guarding the student, Master Bruce told them he would be unavailable, but he would send you in his place."

"But I don't have any magic powers." the boy replied.

"No, but your gift for mimicry allows you to copy the powers and abilities of those around you. Being surrounded by so many witches and wizards should enable you to soak up all the magic you will need. I will accompany you to London in the morning so that you will be able to buy everything you will need."

Alfred then left the room and Danny fell asleep dreaming of magic wands and spells.