A rose by any other name.

By Kes.

Disclaimer: SS and HG et al belong to the ever-so-holy-and-ever-so-rich JK Rowling.

Hermione's eyes glowered. "What do you mean 'far too easy'?!" She growled and pushed Severus over onto his back and climbed on top of him.

I like this Hermione…Severus was grinning from ear to ear. "Now I can see why you were sorted into Gryffindor…all that bravery and impulsiveness…"

Hermione smiled wickedly, her eyes glinting in the moonlight seeping in through the window. She bent her head down to kiss his throat, then moved downward, trailing to his nipples which she bit and rubbed to make hard, smiling with glee at the sound of his sharp, throaty, intake of breath. She then kissed and licked his chest and abdomen, tickling the light dusting of black hairs, trailing her fingers lightly, teasingly, over his muscles, feeling him shiver in anticipation. He had not said a word since she had started. Boy, did she love power.

Looking at his erect cock, she smiled in false shyness, winked at him, but then bypassed that area entirely, going to his feet. She lightly licked the soles of his feet, and tickled them lightly, causing him to squirm and sit upright on the dark green covered bed.

He looked at her in what seemed like panic. "Are you trying to make me go insane?" His voice was rough and so deep she thought she was going to drown. Severus pushed her backward slightly, so they were both kneeling on the bed, and kissed her so roughly, she knew she would faint soon.

"No, I just wanted to see what you would do." She giggled and blew lightly in his ear, whilst pushing his hair behind his ear, him doing the same to hers. "And I like what I see…"

He ignored her, and slowly, she felt Severus' hand trail upwards from her ear to her forehead, gently wiping away the sweat that had settled there, making her hair slightly damp and flattening it to her head. She laughed lightly. "I bet I look a right mess. I do, don't I?" She asked, not really caring what she looked like, but curious nonetheless. "You look beautiful. As always. A bit rough around the edges…" He grinned and dodged her hand, grasping it in a grip superior to hers and kissed her palm, gently pushing her back down on his bed.

She took the hint and laid down, lifting her head to capture his lips in a searing kiss. She felt him by her leg and smiled, neither feeling self-conscious any more. She motioned for him to come closer to her, and he did so. She whispered sensuously in his ear "I want you, now. And I know that you want me…"

Severus looked at her. "More than anything." She smiled and they kissed again, this time their hands roaming the other's body, claiming ownership, she over his obsidian locks, and he over her honey dipped curls. Their hands trailed down in unison, setting parts alight with desirous flame, until they came upon the previously 'forbidden' territory. Daringly, Severus once again pushed his finger in, watching in amazement as Hermione's eyes closed and she unquestioningly gave in to his ministrations. Just as he saw her bite her bottom lip, he stopped and kissed her to silence her protests. Hermione glared at him, but stayed silent. Keeping eye contact, she gently placed her hand on Severus' throbbing member, experimentally squeezing and releasing the pressure. After a few pleasant-sounding moans from her lover, she assumed she was doing it right. She then felt Severus instinctively thrusting into her hand. She stopped.

"Two can play at that game." She said, grinning mercilessly.

"How about a new game?" His eyebrow raised suggestively, his voice deepening to an even lower tone, one he himself had never heard before.

Hermione shivered. "What is it?"

"You'll see…" There was a slightly demented glint in his eye, but she didn't care. She felt it too.

Licking her lips in anticipation, she kissed him one last time, and lowered herself once again onto the velvet-feeling bed. Her breath coming in quick rasps now, she closed her eyes as he kissed her again. "Are you sure, Hermione?"

Opening her eyes to keep contact, she whispered "More than anything." echoing his own words. He smiled gently and a little shyly, and slowly entered her. Both gasped at this new sensation that neither had felt for a long time. She gently lifted herself up to kiss him, and inadvertently increased the delicious friction between them, causing him to harden a little more inside her. She was in heaven.

Severus began to quicken his pace, thrusting harder and faster into her, clutching onto her shoulders, and she his, as if for dear life. The pressure suddenly became too much to bear and once again, the feeling of total abandonment, of release, of joy, of love, of searing pain and pleasure encapsulated into one moment seemed to beckon them, and they both shouted the others name into the night.

He slowly moved off of Hermione onto the wider expanse of his ridiculously sized bed, so as not to hurt her. But he held onto her possessively, as if he feared she would run off in the darkness, never to be seen again. But she didn't. She hugged him closer, and they kissed a slow sensual kiss, not noticing that they were not in the sheets.

"I love you Hermione." His voice a deep rumble with tiredness.

"As I do you, Severus." She yawned, and pulled a blanket over them.

"That's nice, yawning during a declaration of love…"

Quietly, Severus placed a wandless locking charm on the door and floo-locked fireplace, so as to keep out any unwanted visitors.

She smiled sleepily and tightened her grip on him, and they both fell asleep as the clock struck midnight. A new year had begun.

A/N: I've just realised that this entire chapter is basically smut. Cool. ;-)