Author's Note: I seriously did not realize it had been nearly 3 years since I last updated this story, wow. My bad. I will try to wrap this one up soon. I hope it all flows well.

She could sense the sunlight that filled the room even though her eyes were still closed. She sighed as a smile crossed her lips. She had just had the most vivid and pleasurable dream about Damon and a part of her mind wondered if their encounter the night before had been a part of that same dream. When she slowly opened her eyes and found a single beautifully bloomed pink rose on the pillow beside her, she knew then that it had all been real. She lifted the rose to her nose, took in a deep whiff of it, and the smile already on her face widened. She giggled as she felt a little giddy at the realization that even though Damon had advised her to lock her door to keep him from coming in to ravage her, he had come in still and gifted her with a sweet gesture instead. But she knew she wouldn't have minded the ravaging either.

Bonnie hopped from the bed, grabbed a quick shower, and made her way down to the kitchen. It was still quite early and she discovered that she was starving. She was pleasantly surprised to find Stefan and Lexi seated at the table while Damon stood at the stove cooking. Although she couldn't see exactly what it was, he was cooking the aromas told her it was his usual.

"Good morning, Bonnie," Lexi greeted and pulled Bonnie from where she stood in the doorway ogling Damon's back. "How did you sleep?"

"Great," Bonnie replied around a cleansing sigh and actually gave it thought as she moved closer to the countertop. "I haven't slept that good in years. Sleeping in a twenty-something-year-old body is way better than sleeping in an eighty something-year-old body," She added.

"Amen, sista!" Damon proclaimed as he turned with two plates in his hand which was piled with pancakes and bacon. He moved to the other side of the island where Bonnie stood and he settled one of the plates down in front of her. "For you me lady," He said with a dramatic bow that made Bonnie giggle at his antics. He then moved to the fridge.

"Thank you," She said as she seated herself. For years she had complained about him only making this same breakfast for her, but this morning it was a very welcomed sight. Damon returned with a pitcher of orange juice and poured some into the two glasses he already placed on the countertop. He then settled onto the stool across from where Bonnie sat.

"Wait, where's our pancakes?" Stefan teased from his spot at the table where he sat sipping on a cup of coffee.

"Sorry brother, I only ever cook pancakes for, my Bon-Bon," Damon offered as he tossed Bonnie a wink and then focused down on his plate of food that his body didn't actually need for nourishment any longer since he was once again a vampire, but he still enjoyed the taste of food.

"Really, you're not gonna share?" Lexi continued the teasing.

"Really," Damon affirmed. "I have only ever cooked my world-famous pancakes for Ms. Bennett, here," He declared and Bonnie stared over at him curiously as she wondered if he were being truthful. In all the years he had been married to Elena he had never cooked her pancakes, and as if he were reading her mind he leaned across the island and said. "Not even Elena had the honor."

"And why is that?" Bonnie asked intrigued and he shrugged as he replied.

"She never asked," He stated truthfully also truthfully, he had never wanted to cook them for anyone except Bonnie. "And I know she wouldn't have appreciated them as much as you do, Bon," He added with a crooked smirk as he thought how his gift used to irk her even when she begrudgingly ate it. Then a thought occurred to him, which had never come to mind before. "Why didn't you ever make something different for breakfast?" He asked as he cocked his head to the side a little as he regarded her and waited for her reply.

"Because it was the first time you ever did something for me without an ulterior motive, without trying to earn brownie points from Elena. I knew that first morning in Kai's prison world, when you made those pancakes for me, that you did it because you wanted to make me feel better about what had happened and where we were. I know I put on a great pretense like I didn't like it but I really did appreciate the gesture. I still do. And you pretended like you continued to do it just to irritate me, but I knew that you knew that truly I appreciated it," She said as she placed a chunk of the stack she had cut up into her mouth.

"You always could read me like a book, and that is why you have been my best friend for over 60 years BB," Damon stated as he raised his glass of juice to her. She did the same and they touched their glasses with a clink, while the onlookers sat smiling at them.

"Yep, I am now officially shipping you two, so hard," Lexi cut in and garnered a chuckle from Stefan, a wink from Damon, and blush from Bonnie.

"Me too," Damon mumbled around a smirk as he took a sip from his glass. Bonnie shot her eyes up to his and held his intense gaze for a moment until he snapped his eyes up to the entrance and frowned a bit. "What, people here in this new world don't know how to knock, they just let themselves in?" He questioned just as Dru crossed the threshold into the kitchen.

"I'm sorry my teleporting skills aren't that great, so I aim for a specific spot on the inside for fear of ending up in the walls, literally," Drucilla explained. "And I don't have time for courtesies, I've seen your Katherine."

"Where?" Stefan asked as he stood from the table and moved to stand before the younger witch.

"In my home, down in 'my' Katherine's room, in fact," She replied. "No, she wasn't actually there," She added cutting off the next question. "She apparently has gotten a witch to help her. She looked bad, just as badly as my Katherine. So, she probably went to a witch to try to find out why, and that witch is better at the location spell than I am."

"What exactly are you good at?" Damon asked begrudgingly and Bonnie shot him a disapproving glare.

"Well, bringing you back from the dead for one," Dru answered and Damon quirked his brow at her as he thought, 'touché'. "Look I came to tell you that I was able to track her back through the location spell she used, I know where she is, or at least where she was.

"Where is she?" Damon growled out his face contorted in anger as all eyes locked onto Dru.

"I'll take you to her, I just pray she's still there and hopefully we can save my Katherine."

"Oh, don't you worry," Damon spoke again as he moved around the kitchen island and stood next to Bonnie. "I'm going to rip her heart out and eat it," He promised as both Dru and Bonnie frowned and glanced up at him.

"How can I help?" Lexi offered.

"No, Lex, you need to stay here," Stefan spoke softly to Lexi. "I don't want you involved, I won't risk putting you in any danger," He added and reached up to lovingly stroke her face when he saw she was about to protest. "Please, I don't want to lose you again. This is our mess," He then cast his eyes over to Bonnie and Damon. "And we'll fix it," He nodded at them and they concurred with a nod as well.

"All right, but I don't want to lose you either," Lexi countered as she swooped in and placed a quick kiss upon Stefan's lips. "So, please bring him back to me in one piece."

"Don't worry I won't let anything happen to my little brother," Damon announced.

"I was talking to Bonnie, sorry Damon but I just don't trust you to not be selfish and self-serving," Lexi said in all honestly and Bonnie sent her a kind smile and a nod.

"Fine, but just so you know, he purposely murdered Bonnie's boyfriend … in front of her," Damon said with a shrug as he stepped closer to where Dru stood near the exit watching them perplexed.

"All water under the bridge and something I forgave decades ago," Bonnie replied as she rolled her eyes from Damon to Lexi. "I won't let anything happen to the younger Salvatore," She declared and garnered the glance and grin from Damon she had expected. When Bonnie stepped closer to Damon, she pinched his arm and made him jump from the pain. "You know, I had gotten so used to the much kinder Damon Salvatore," She added with a glare sent his way, and he actually felt slight shame but didn't let it show. "I don't think I have the patience to deal with asshole Damon anymore," She stated as she stalked to the exit, purposely not looking at him. "Let's do this," Bonnie commanded as she led the way out. Dru gave a curt nod as she followed Bonnie out. Stefan was the next to step across the threshold only pausing briefly to speak to his brother.

"You know, Damon, the thing about getting a second chance to do it all over is to try to not make the same mistakes as you did before," Stefan then gently smacked Damon's back and then walked out.

"What Stefan is trying to say is," Lexi chimed in and Damon scowled but still looked over at her and listened. "If you're trying to truly pursue something romantic with Bonnie, behaving like the old Damon she used to despise is not the way to go about it. You've both already been there and done that, remember?" Damon dropped his eyes to the floor as he really let what she said sink in, he nodded and then walked out.

Sometime Later

They arrived at an old abandoned plantation on the outskirts of town. Damon and Stefan both recalled it from their past lives. It used to be the Jefferson plantation in their past. They had both spent a lot of time there as children and young adults as the two Jefferson boys were close to their age and were good friends. Though Damon mostly went because of the only Jefferson daughter Charlotte, who was his very first love.

"Man, this place was burnt down by the slaves back when we were younger," Stefan stated as they exited Dru's car a ways down the road. They had figured they would try to sneak up on Katherine, not an easy task to do with a master vampire, but they hoped that her current weakened state would help them.

"Yeah, but it looks exactly the same and the one in our world which gives us the advantage since we spent so much time here as kids," Damon said as they stealthily made their way up to the large mansion which looked to be in great disrepair and as if the slightest winds would topple it over.

"A lot of good, fun times," Stefan agreed as a smile graced his face in remembrance. "Isn't this where you met your first girlfriend and got your first kiss, Damon? You spent a lot of time here as I recall," He teased and his words brought a knowing smile to Damon's lips and caused Bonnie's curious eyes to lock onto Damon who was walking just in front of her with a firm grip on her hand as he led her through the thick woods surrounding the house. "Charlotte was her name, right?"

"Little brother my coming here so much had very little to do with coming to see sweet Charlotte and more to do with staying away from Giuseppe," Damon said and both Stefan and Bonnie saddened. They both knew how the Salvatore patriarch treated his family poorly but seemed to get particular pleasure in abusing Damon, who purposely took the brunt of it to protect his little brother and mother.

"I think we should split up, divide and conquer," Dru whispered out as they were closer to the house.

"Agreed," Stefan said with a nod. "If this is like it was in our time then that cellar will take us up through a hidden passage I know of. Goes right up into the library."

"I remember that," Damon concurred. "All right, why don't you and Dru go that route, and Bonnie and I will head in the back way."

"I was thinking I would go with Bonnie and you brothers go together," Dru cut in. "This would divide our forces better."

"How?" Damon questioned as he side-eyed her. "You're a second-rate witch, your words, not mine," He quickly added when he noticed the identical frowns from both Dru and Bonnie. "It makes the most sense to go with a big bad vampire to protect you, and I volunteer Stefan," He stated as his little brother rolled his eyes and shook his head a bit. He watched for a few seconds as Dru glared at him, before Bonnie's voice cut in.

"You can't set him on fire or hurt him in any way, my spell won't allow it, remember?" Bonnie said and the disappointment was written on Dru's face as she huffed a bit and folded her arms across her chest. Damon smiled a little and then grimaced as he gripped at his head as white-hot pain hit him but just as quickly dispersed. "But I can so knock it off, Damon," She tossed as she frowned at him. His disbelieving eyes quickly hardened in anger as he clenched his jaws and said nothing in reply. "Dru's plan does make more sense, in that, although she is not as skilled in the craft as I am, us together make the other more powerful. So, if I do a spell it can be strengthened by her being with me and vice versa."

"Fine, go with her then," Damon spat out so coldly that Bonnie flinched a little as she watched him walk away and move to the cellar. Stefan tossed them a sympathetic smirk before he followed Damon.

"I really wish you hadn't brought back asshole Damon Salvatore. I have spent decades teaching him to be a more decent human being, and I don't want to spend my years in this world doing that again," Bonnie grumbled as she and Dru headed around the back on the house.

"Sorry," Dru said around a giggle. "I did my best because as Damon so eloquently put it, I am a second-rate witch."

"No, you just need more practice and I will help you."

"Thank you, it's a good thing you're immortal. So, you'll have plenty of time to help me and also reteach Damon not to be an asshole," Dru tossed out and Bonnie stopped dead in her tracks.

"Wait, what?" She stammered out as she looked at Dru. "I'm immortal, as in I can never die?"

"Technically, yes, you can still die, but only a few things could actually kill you," Dru offered. "Fire, decapitation, stake through the heart," She mumbled the last bit.

"Oh my God, am I a vampire?"

"No! I can't make you a vampire, only a vampire could do that," Dru defended. "But … I needed to make sure that you were able to remain here for however long it might take to fix things. So, I had to anchor you to an immortal being."

"Please, please don't say, Damon," Bonnie glared a little.

"Okay, then I'll say that it is not Stefan," Dru said sympathetically and Bonnie threw her head back and groaned. "I'm sorry, I did my best. And at the time I wasn't really caring, I just needed to get you here to clean up your mess," Bonnie nodded to this as her guilt over what she had done filled her once more.

"You're right, I'm sorry," Bonnie whispered as they made their way up the huge back porch. "Just the thought of outliving everyone I love has always freaked me out."

"Well, that shouldn't be a problem since the only people here that you love and even really know are all vampires," Dru casually shrugged as she moved past Bonnie and carefully opened the back door. Bonnie frowned a little as she realized this was true and had even been true back home when she was the same age as she was now. She silently followed Dru into the dark, abandoned mansion. Dru lowly chanted some words and then said, "Just a little spell I do know that will help cloak us from Katherine if she is still here," Bonnie sent her an impressed smile and a nod, and Dru blushed appreciatively.

They had wandered around the huge mansion for nearly 20 minutes before they found a doorway in one of the darkened corridors, which had light illuminating from it.

"You can come in, I know you're there," A familiar voice touched Bonnie's ears just as they reached the doorway. Once she looked into the room filled with floor to ceiling shelves wall to wall throughout the room, that Bonnie was sure was bigger than her home in her old life. "Oh, it's the witch bitch, Ms. Bonnie Bennett," Katherine Pierce spoke out from her spot reclined on one of the dusty old sofas. "Or are you someone else here in this world?"

"Yeah, it's me and I'm not from this world, I'm from yours," Bonnie replied and Kathrine arched her brow and smiled a little at her.

"I see, so that is what she must have meant," Katherine sighed out while she let her head fall back against the armrest as she closed her eyes. "The witch I hired to help me figure out what's causing me to decay," She started to explain and with those words, Bonnie finally noticed just how sickly the vampire actually looked. "She figured out what was happening and even found the solution, but then wouldn't help me because she said she felt a witch more powerful than any she had encountered before. She said she didn't want to bump heads with someone so powerful, and she left me high and dry to rot," She ended with a chuckle.

"Oh, don't worry, sweetie, you're not gonna rot," Damon's voice filled the room just as he and Stefan emerged from a darkened corner from behind one of the bookshelves. "Because I'm going to kill you first."

"Damon," Katherine called out gently and her eyes held genuine happiness. "Thank God, because I really don't think I have it in me to off myself, and I know Stefan deems himself so righteously now that he'd never do it either. But you, Damon, you hate me enough that I know you wou-" Her words ended abruptly as she sat up a little and frowned up. "What's happening?" She questioned and looked fright filled eyes up to Damon as she spoke black smoke spewed from her mouth, and then the room filled with Katherine's screams as her entire body became engulfed with flames. Then half a second more she disintegrated into ashes.

"What the hell was that?" Damon barked directly at Bonnie already knowing this had been her doing.

"We came here to get rid of our Katherine to save the Katherine of this world and now it's done," She answered."We should head to your place to check on your Katherine," Bonnie then rested her gaze to Dru who silently nodded. She was in slight awe at how Bonnie handled and wielded her power with such ease. "I will help you do a healing spell I know that should have her back on her feet in no time," She continued speaking to Dru and the two witch exited out the room the same way they had come in and left the Salvatore brothers to stare at the spot where their once beloved Katherine Pierce was no more.

"I can't believe it," Damon said as his face held a look of shock.

"I know," Stefan spoke next as he placed his hand on his older brother's back as if to console him. "Katherine was the one person left who has known us the longest, I mean, she was both of our sire. It's probably going to take some time to get used to her really finally being gone."

"What? You sound crazy little brother," Damon spoke as his face became marred with a look of disgust. "I'm glad she's gone," He stated, "What I can't believe is that Bonnie did it. She stole my thunder, took the moment I have dreamt about for years," He groaned out and Stefan rolled his eyes slightly at him as he pushed past him and exited the room. "Goodbye, you evil, sadistic, cold-hearted, conniving, manipulative bitch!" Damon spat out as he glared at the ashes still settled on the sofa. He then left the room and followed the trek of the others.

Later At Dru's

They entered the room Dru had arranged in her basement to find a very lively Katherine Pierce of that world talking to a seemingly overjoyed Enzo.

"It worked," Dru exclaimed as she entered the space first. Her words cause the young lovers in the room to move their attention from each other and over to their visitors. Enzo lifted Katherine's hand which he had been holding, kissed it, and then released her and stood to regard the others. He first stepped to Dru and hugged her.

"Thank you for keeping your promise to heal Katherine," He spoke softly to her as his tears once again spilled from his eyes. He quickly sniffed them back, release Dru who moved to Katherine. Enzo then moved to Bonnie, who stood stiff with doe eyes as he pulled her into his embrace. "Thank you, too and God bless you," He said and also placed a quick peck to her cheek. Bonnie had to blink away tears that wanted out. And she fought her urges that wanted to envelop him and simply breathe him in. Damon didn't like what he was seeing, his jealous nature caused him to speak.

"All right, you're welcome. Now, let go," He commanded and tried to not sound as menacing as he felt. Enzo did as he had been told and let go of Bonnie and then looked over at the Salvatore brothers with a smile. "Don't even think about it," Damon warned and Enzo chuckled a bit as he reached out his hand, grasped Damon's, and quickly shook it before he moved on to shake Stefan's. Once he had expressed his gratitude he hurried back to Katherine's bedside.

"Yes, thank you all," Katherine spoke out from where she sat up in her bed. "Dru has told me all that you've done to get me well. I truly appreciate it."

"You're welcome, Katherine," Bonnie replied with a kind smile. She tried to trick her mind into forgetting that this was some other universes version of Katherine Pierce by pretending she was Elena. It was working for the most part.

"Oh, please just call me Kat," Kat offered with a smile, and then she focused her attention back to Dru who still stood at her bedside. "So, doc, when do you think I can get out of here?"

"Now if you want," Dru answered. "The threat to you has been eliminated and you have miraculously healed. So, I see no reason to keep you here. First, thing call your parents, they are really worried about you. I magically brought you here from your hospital room, and they think you were kidnapped. I really hated doing that to them, but when I approached them offering to help, they thought I was kooky, let's say."

"Sorry, but you did charge in spouting about hell on earth and witches," Enzo chimed in as he took up residence on the other side of the bed and once again grasped Kat's hand. "And you sounded 'kooky'," He added with a charming smile and Bonnie found herself swooning a little as she watched him out the side of her eye.

"Well, you came around to the idea eventually," Dru countered with a kind smile.

"Yeah, well, I was desperate," He said with a nod of his head as he looked more somber. "All their tests and medicines weren't helping at all, and I would have done and would do anything to save my Kitty-Kat," He professed and Kat cooed a bit as she looked up at him adoringly. He then swooped in and captured her mouth in a kiss and Bonnie clamped her eyes shut and then turned to the exit. She walked out without saying another word.

"Yeah, I think we should head out now," Stefan spoke out to cover Bonnie's abrupt exit even though Dru had been the only one to even give a questioning look, Kat and Enzo were too wrapped up in each other.

"Thank you again, and please tell Bonnie I will check in on her tomorrow," Dru said and Stefan and Damon both gave a nod and then walked out. When they finally made their way up and out of the old mansion, they didn't find Bonnie at the car they had come in.

"Where do you think she went?" Stefan asked as he looked around the dark surrounding.

"We'll see you back at the house," Damon said before he quickly flashed away, and left a baffled Stefan to stare after him.

She had walk for nearly 20 minutes before she arrived at her destination. She breathed a sigh of relief to find that the old abandoned cemetery was also in this world and look nearly identical to the one back in their world. She made her way to a familiar spot which she had not been able to visit for nearly 10 years back in their world, due to her age and inability to get around on her own. Though she never would forget this plot she had picked out so long ago just for Enzo. A place she could visit when she wanted to talk to him but mostly a place to bring flowers and honor him. To let anyone happening by know that this was once someone special and someone loved him very much. The beautiful headstone she had magically created wasn't in this world, and she stood contemplating whether she would create one again.

"Not a good idea, Bon-Bon," Damon's soft voice caressed her ears as he stood right at her back. She hadn't even reacted to him as she knew he had been following her the entire journey, but he moved stealthily in the woods along the road she had walked to get there. "I think the Enzo of this world, or anyone who may know him might freak out if they found a grave for him," He continued already knowing what she was thinking. She didn't reply but he could tell by the way her shoulders fell in defeat she had heard him. He took a step closer which pressed his front intimately to her back, and then wrapped his arms around her. She closed her eyes and welcomed him as she let all of her weight fall back against him. He sighed and then kissed the top of her head before he spoke again. "I'm so sorry Bonnie. I don't think I'll ever understand why you don't hate us," He added and she frowned up a bit at his words. She wanted to turn to face him and ask what he meant, but he tightened his embrace to stop her. He didn't think he could face her as he spoke what he thought was truth. "Stefan and me, I mean. Everything bad that has ever happened to you was somehow caused by us Salvatore brothers."

"I don't blame you."

"Well, you should, although, I am very grateful that you are so forgiving and have been such a wonderful friend to me. The misery you've experienced in your life was our fault. I wish I could tell you that if given the chance I'd go back and change things, and just never step foot into Mystic Falls, but I can't. I'm too selfish. I'd never give up the best thing to ever happen to me, and that's having you in my life," He confessed and she smiled.

"If it makes you feel any better, I feel the exact same way," She replied. "I've suffered great loss. More than any person should ever have to, but what I have gained with my friendship with you for the past 60-something years made up for all of it," This made Damon smile and old onto her a little more snuggly. "And I think you're right."


"About starting with a fresh slate," Bonnie spoke this as she pulled from his embrace and finally turned to face him. "We've been given a redo on life and I shouldn't spend it dwelling on the past or dreaming about some life that will never be. My Enzo is gone, he died a long time ago. It's time I let him rest in peace. I know he would want me to live life to the fullest and be happy, even find love again."

"And I plan on making sure you do all of those things," Damon said as he flicked at the tip of her nose with his finger.

"By making me yours?" She spoke this more softly as she dropped her eyes down to his chest and hooded her eyes under her lashes. "What if that isn't what would make me happy?" Damon swallowed the sudden lump in his throat. "Don't misunderstand me I do want you, Damon. I have been attracted to you for so long, even when I know I shouldn't have had such thoughts and feelings towards you. But what if the reality doesn't live up to the dream?" She asked and before he could speak the lewd words, she already knew was on the tip of his tongue she continued, "And I am not just talking about sex. I mean what if we don't work on a romantic level. You and I have been the best of friends but once upon a time we were just as equally enemies. We truly detested one another. What happens if we try to be more than just friends and we end up…" Her words stalled but he fully understood what she was trying to say, what was scaring her.

"What if it doesn't work out and we go back to being enemies again?" He finished and she silently nodded her head. "BB, you and I have a long history together, and the fact that we still remember it all is to our advantage. Over the years you and I have had some pretty heavy situations that tested the limits of our friendship. Lord knows there were many times when I know you wanted to just set me on fire and be done with me. And there were plenty of times when I wanted to just snap your neck. But what I told you all those years ago still holds true even in our new afterlife," Bonnie frowned up a bit as she thought on what he had told her, "You're my best friend and if anything ever happened to you, I would lose my mind," She smiled sweetly at him as she finally recalled that conversation from a time when she pondered if he would sacrifice her to awake Elena from Kai's sleeping spell. "I really, truly love you Bonnie, and it's a love that goes far beyond platonic feelings, and if you're willing, I really want to explore that. But," He reached down and captured her chin, tilted her face up until her eyes were locked to his, "But if you don't feel the same or don't want to risk changing the dynamics of our relationship, I can and will try my damnest to respect that. Is that what you're trying to tell me here, that you're just not 'that' into me?"

In reply, Bonnie grasped his shirt and yanked him down to her and greedily devoured his mouth with hers in a toe-curling kiss. They lingered for several moments as they deepened the kiss. The kiss became so intense and Bonnie became so aroused that she was ready to lie right there on the grounds of the abandoned cemetery and allow Damon to do whatever he wanted to her. To her surprise, it was Damon who had held back and pulled from the kiss. She whimpered a little and tried to recapture his lips, but he stilled her as he rested his forehead against hers, and closed his eyes to calm himself.

"Not yet, Bon-Bon."

"Why not? Didn't you just say you loved me and that you wanted me?"

"Yes, and I do, but I know that you're still not sure. And if we were to make love right now, you'd regret it the second we were done. So, we can't."

"When the hell did you become so chivalrous?" She panted out her irritation clear in her tone.

"When you became my best friend and made me grow a conscious, so, technically, it's all your fault," He teased around a smile which she matched with one of her own. "You're not ready yet, not here," He became more serious as he raised his hand and tapped a finger against her chest, over her heart. "Until you're ready here I won't touch you like I want to," She arched a brow and tossed a smirk, not believing his words. "Oh there will still be some serious spit swapping and major manhandling on my part," And to iterate is words he reached his hand down and grabbed a handful of her backside ad gave it a gentle squeeze, "But I won't make love to you until I am sure I'm the one you want in your mind, body, soul, and heart," He could still see slight worry behind Bonnie's eyes. "There's no rush and I won't pressure you, we've got time," She nodded her head to this.

"Yeah, all the time in the world apparently," She proclaimed. "Dru made me immortal," She announced and for a split second this angered Damon then he realized what it meant. It meant that neither would grow old or die and that knowledge brought a huge smile to his face.

"Well how about that, she isn't as second-rate as I thought her to be," He chimed in.

"She used a spell carelessly as a means to ensure I will stay alive until I was able to close hell in this world. I'll have to ask her about the specifics of it tomorrow."

"Wait, is there a danger to you?" Damon asked as he became concerned.

"I don't know, possibly and for you too, maybe," She answered and his brow furrowed in confusion. "She tied my life to yours. So, I'm immortal because you are … but I'm not a vampire," She hurriedly answered what she could see he was readying to ask her. "Once I get the spell from Dru, I can suss it out and determine how intertwined our lives are. I mean, if I die, which by the way can only be done by fire, decapitation, or a stake through the heart, would that kill you too? And vice versa."

"I can tell you that if you were to die, it would surely be the death of me too, whether literally or figuratively. But I definitely don't want to somehow cause your death or bring you harm if I am harmed. So, maybe we should swing back by and get that spell before we head home."

"All right," Bonnie agreed with a nod as she started to walk back the way they had come. They had walked in silence until they were just at the driveway leading up to Dru's home when Bonnie spoke again. "Thanks for being my best friend, Damon Salvatore," She said as her gazed remained straight ahead. The sincerity he could hear in her voice surprised him a little and he turned and looked over at her profile.

"It has been my honor, Bonnie Bennett," He said this as he grasped her hand, hooked it over his arm, and they continued up the driveway in silence.

More to come…