Adventure Into The Unknown Part 1 Where Am I

Summary: Naruto has just beaten Pein (Not In the Village though they fought in Wave Country) After beating Pein Naruto is knocked unconscious by Madara knowing Naruto will ruin all his plans he opens up a Portal and tosses Naruto's unconscious body inside. When Naruto wakes up not realizing this isn't his time. Will he be able to return home to Sakura or will he be stuck in a parallel universe?

Kyuubi Talking/Jutsu's

'Naruto Talking to Kyuubi'

'Inner Thoughts'

Inner Sakura

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Naruto's panting as he's standing over the body of Pein the hardest fight he's ever had in his life and he's fought many people before Sasuke being one of them. He stands up straight "You were the hardest person I've ever fought against but your plans are over just Obito and Madara are left."

He turns away from him "I did it Ero-Sennin I got my revenge...

Before he can finish he's knocked unconscious by Madara. Madara looks at Naruto then Pein then back at Naruto. "I have no idea how strong you are but I'm not letting you ruin my plans so I will just send you away."

He laughs "This new Jutsu should work." He does some hand signs "Nexus Dimension No Jutsu."

A Massive rip in time opens and a dark portal opens. Madara looks down at Naruto "With you out of the way I hardly need all the tailed beasts." He picks up Naruto and tosses him into the portal and it closes. He smirks "Now you are gone I can slow down but soon The Leaf will fall maybe I'll save them till last shame really I'll tell your girlfriend what I did to you before I kill her."

Other Dimension Wave Country

Another rip in time opens and Naruto lands on the ground and it seems to wake him up. He slowly gets up he senses something behind him and sees the rip closing he's too stunned to do anything. He watches it close and he's confused then he remembers his fight with Pein and looks around but there is no sign of battle at all a whole village was wiped out by Pein but the village is still there he looks around again for Pein and sees nothing.

He scratches his head "OK seriously what the hell is going on and why do I feel like I was hit over the head well enough about that might as well return to Sakura-Chan she's probably worried sick about me."

He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a black box and opens it and smiles "I hope she likes it, it's nothing compared to the wedding ring I'll get her but it has a jade diamond matching her eyes she'll love it."

He pockets the box and starts his trip back to Konoha "I wonder what Sakura-Chan's up to probably at the hospital."

It takes a day to get back when he gets to the gates and sees Kotetsu and Izumo are they the only guards or something he thinks to himself. He smiles "Hey guys I'm back."

They completely ignore him which confuses him they usually have a good laugh but not today obviously maybe the stress of being at the gate every day is wearing them down. He just shrugs and makes his way into the village many villagers are glaring at him which is confusing the villagers have accepted him now something's not right.

As he's walking he sees Sakura and smiles "As beautiful as ever" He approaches her "Sakura-Chan I'm back."

She turns around and groans "Oh great you're back what do you want."

Naruto looks at her 'OK either everyone's in a bad mood or something is seriously not right I wonder if it had anything to do with that rip in space I saw yesterday.' "So now I'm back you want to go out to celebrate my return."

She looks like him and starts laughing "Naruto you're a loser I'd never go out with you when I'm with Sasuke-Kun and even if I wasn't I'd still never go out with you."

Naruto's in shock 'She's with Sasuke what the hell Sasuke's dead something's not right here.' As he's in deep thought he doesn't realize that Sakura's already walked off. 'What just happened did I just get dumped by Sakura-Chan I need to speak to Baa-Chan.'

He walks off and heads to the Hokage Tower he sees Shizune but she just rolls her eyes and walks away 'OK something's not right here am I dreaming or something that must have been some hit to my head.' He gets to Tsunade's door and knocks he hears a "Come In" So he enters the room.

Tsunade looks up and groans "Oh it's you not dead yet what do you want Gaki"

Naruto looks at her "What the hell's going on I get back from fighting Pein and now I'm a public enemy again I think Sakura-Chan just dumped me also."

Tsunade scoffs "What are you talking about you pathetic brat Sakura's with Sasuke they have been together for four years."

Naruto looks at her in shock "Yea right I killed Sasuke when he attacked it's not funny anymore what's going on."

Tsunade laughs "You killed Sasuke oh that's a good one not only is Sasuke a hero of this village he's also Jiraiya's apprentice and will eventually succeed me."

Naruto can't believe this "Is this some kind of messed up joke "I'm well I was Jiraiya's apprentice until he died a few months ago."

Tsunade laughs "You, why would Jiraiya waste his time with you, your a joke."

Naruto looks at her "What the hell why are you talking to me like this I brought you back here remember."

She laughs "Oh Gaki you really are delusional Sasuke and Sakura brought me back with Jiraiya."

Naruto looks at her she's deadly serious 'What the hell is going on' "Next your going to tell me that I didn't beat Gaara at the Chūnin exams and the bridge in Wave isn't called The Great Naruto Bridge."

Tsunade raises an eyebrow "I don't know where you've been but stop trying to take Sasuke's glory for your own, Sasuke beat Gaara not you if I remember you got your ass kicked and as for the bridge it's the Great Sasuke Bridge."

Naruto's gobsmacked 'That portal where did it send me I'm not in my own time.' Naruto pulls off his headband and tosses it at Tsunade "Screw you and screw this village I'm leaving."

As he's leaving he hears her laughing "About time gaki this village hates your guts, you demon brat get out and don't come back."

Naruto can't believe what he's just heard just where the hell is he, how is he here, wherever this is it's not his time. He walks back to his apartment the doors kicked in yet again he sees paint all over the walls he can smell urine all over his furniture he goes into his bedroom and sees his beds broken he sighs then heads to the corner of his room and lifts up the floorboards and smiles "Well at least something's never change."

He pulls out a bag full of money I guess I'll be starting over this is just fucked up." He sees all his clothes are ripped and the smell of urine is all over them he sighs and leaves them he'll just buy new ones. He takes his bag and leaves the apartment he sees villager's glaring at him he just ignores them and heads to the exit he doesn't even turn back he just keeps on walking he decides to head to Sunagakure.

He arrives at Suna two days later he would have been here earlier if there wasn't a sandstorm. He's also bought some new clothes and supplies. As he gets to the gate a guard stops him "Can I help you."

Naruto nods "Yea I want to visit your library."

The guard looks at him and shrugs "You a ninja."

Naruto decides to act differently "No why would you say that."

The guard shrugs "Whatever in you go."

Naruto passes him and starts walking until he sees Kankurō and Temari he tries to avoid them but Kankurō sees him "Oh look it's the blond shrimp from Konoha."

Naruto tries to walk past him but Kankurō grabs his jacket "Hey I'm talking to you."

Naruto sighs "Let go or you'll be sorry."

Kankurō laughs "Oh what are you going to do."

Naruto creates a Rasengan "How about I shove this Rasengan through your gut."

Temari and Kankurō are confused Naruto's usually all talk. Kankurō smirks but inside he's in shock "Whatever."

Temari watches Naruto but he just walks past her she watches him as he enters the library so she follows him something's weird about Naruto.

Naruto looks through the books picking up books on space and different dimensions and all sorts of books then he sits down and starts looking through he already knows this isn't his time so he needs to find a way of getting out.

Temari looks around and finally finds him she looks at some of the covers and is confused 'Since when does Naruto read such books'.

Naruto senses her "What do you want Temari to come annoy me also I'm not in the mood."

She sits down "You want to talk."

Naruto looks at her "NO."

She bites her lip "Since when do you read these types of books there are no pictures in them."

Naruto just glares as she's smiling but when she sees Naruto's not happy she stops "Is something wrong."

Naruto continues reading "You wouldn't believe me so why bother wasting my time."

Temari sighs "Try me."

Naruto sighs and stops reading "Something happened I was fighting Pein then I fell unconscious and woke up in wave well I was there before but everything's wrong different it makes no sense."

Temari sighs "Who's Pein that's a weird name."

Naruto sighs "A member of Akatsuki you've heard of them right."

She shakes her head and Naruto sighs "This world's messed up how did I get here."

She bites her lip "Is this why you're reading these books."

Naruto sighs "When I woke up there was a rip in time in front of me somehow I'm not in my own time everything's different."

She looks at him "Are you talking about different dimensions."

Naruto nods "Yes I'm not the Naruto you know everything's different in this time Sasuke's not dead I'm not with Sakura-Chan, I'm not Jiraiya's apprentice I didn't bring back Tsunade to become the Hokage, The Bridge in Wave isn't called The Great Naruto Bridge but is called The Great Sasuke Bridge and I didn't beat Gaara during the invasion."

She looks shocked "You're serious aren't you wait for what invasion."

Naruto looks at her "During the Chunin exams Orochimaru killed your dad and pretended to be him and Suna are supposed allies betrayed us Gaara was their secret weapon it's also where Jiji or the Sandaime Hokage died."

She looks at him "There was no invasion and the Sandaime died of old age a few months ago."

Naruto looks at her "Are you serious."

She nods "I wouldn't lie to you about that."