Title : Le Souhait

Author Name : Sophie Black

Translator : Gutterbunny (ID on ff.net : 157294)

Author's email : slashy_black@yahoo.ca

Summary : Harry goes in 1944 and there, he'll meet Tom (and eventually…)

Rating : G (It'll be R at the end)

Disclaimer : Harry Potter's characters are not mine, I'm playing with them. They belong to JK Rowling.

Warning : Slash, will contain rape, bit of AU (I wrote it before OotP)

Pairing : Tom/Harry

Category : Romance/Angst

Main Characters : Tom and Harry

Lenght : 2/20

So, reminder : I'm French-Canadian, so this is a translation done by a friend of mine. So, the notes at the beginning and at the end probably contain mistakes, but the fic is well-written ^^ I finally finished this fic in French, and Gutterbunny (ID on ff.net : 157294) finally finished translating the 2nd chapter. So a big thanks to her 'cause I really thought she would never finish it ^^ But I think she'll be a bit faster now on...

Ah yes, I forgot, the chapter title 'Le souhait' is on French (obviously) and it means 'The wish'...

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Le Souhait

Chapter 2

"Mr Riddle!"

Tom turned around and saw Madam Sylvia making her rapid way toward him, flanked by the Headmaster and Remielle. Seeing them, Harry stood up and tried to place them. One of them was Headmaster Dippet, whom he'd seen before in Tom's diary; he didn't know the others. A woman, the nurse, and a girl, the same as him, probably a friend of Tom's – well, perhaps not, as Tom was so isolated, but a classmate of his. 

He began to think. He had to do whatever it would take to stay at Hogwarts, and that meant telling somebody he trusted what was going on. Before anyone could speak to him, Harry said to the Headmaster, in an authoritative tone, "I have to speak to professor Dumbledore. He teaches Transfiguration, doesn't he?"

Dippet gave him a very long look; then his gaze slid to Tom. "Mr Riddle, I would like an explanation," he said coldly.

"He doesn't know anything," Harry cut in.

"His name is Harry," said Tom, who wasn't used to have his intelligence insulted like that, "he knows who we are, apparently, but I've never seen him before."

Harry rolled his eyes to the heavens. "I believe I asked to see professor Dumbledore."

Nobody moved.

"Could I please be taken to his office?" he added, with just a little sarcasm.

"Riddle, you know the way to Dumbledore's office, don't you?" Tom nodded. "Then take this… Harry… to him – but when he's done, take him to the infirmary."

Tom motioned to Harry that the latter should follow him, but just before they moved out of earshot, Harry shot toward the Headmaster : "I don't like being talked about like I'm not present!" Next to him, Tom snorted back a laugh. So he's capable of laughter? Harry thought.

"You're the first person I've heard speak to him like that. He's very respected – "

"I don't know him, I can speak to him as I like."

Tom frowned. "You do know his name, though."

"And that's all I know about him."

"This way," said Tom, and rounded a corner. "Who are you really?"

"I'm really Harry."

"Last name?"

I suppose I can tell him, it's not like Potter's an unusual name. "Harry Potter."

"Related to Isidore Potter?"

"I dunno, maybe… I don't know my family."

"Oh?" said Tom, hoping to learn more about this.

"They were killed. By a Dark wizard."

"The one who left you that scar?"

"Yes," said Harry, in a tone which obviously indicated that he wanted to end the conversation there.

Obviously, Tom didn't share that opinion. "Who was it?"

"None of your business. Are we there yet?"

"Yes, it's here." Tom nodded his head toward a knight's armour propped up against a wall.

"If you don't know the password, simply ask for permission to enter, stating which professor sent you," Harry recited quietly, remembering how Dumbledore had taught him that trick in fifth year, so that he could enter anywhere in case of an attack, because Tom – no, not Tom, Tom's the one next to me – because Voldemort had come back to life.

The armour moved to the side. Behind it was a downward staircase.

"I'm going alone," said Harry, and he jumped down and closed off the entrance as fast as he could, so that Tom couldn't come after him.

It was a very short staircase – oddly short, when one considered the hundred-fifty-step affairs usually found at Hogwarts. When he reached the last step, Harry found himself in a triangular room, the three walls of which were covered in red and gold and decorated with Gryffindor emblems. Of course – he remembered now, the Transfigurations professor was always Head of Gryffindor House.

But the Head was not there. Harry walked to the center of the room. In a corner, Fawkes was asleep on his perch; but he woke and flew to Harry's shoulder, as though they were old friends.

"Fawkes?" he offered, knowing that it was a bit dangerous getting a phoenix's name wrong. The bird nibbled his approval on Harry's fingers, and Harry began to pet him; then he jumped, because Dumbledore had just entered through a second door on his right.

"Apparently," he said, not looking dumbstruck in the least, "you've already met my phoenix."

"Professor Dumbledore!"

"And you seem to know who I am too… might I have your name?"

"Harry Potter," he said, feeling oddly solemn, and stuck his hand out for Dumbledore to shake.

"And now let us talk. Please sit down."

Harry pulled a chair toward himself and sat down as Dumbledore made himself comfortable at his desk. Before the latter could formulate any questions, Harry said, "I know you have a lot to ask me, but I'd be grateful if you'd just let me talk first – and then, if you have any questions left, you can ask them."

Dumbledore gave him a small smile and a nod.

"Well, for starters, I know you, Fawkes, and a few other people, including Tom Riddle, because on my seventeenth birthday – which is today – you gave me magical wish candles without telling me, and I found myself here, fifty-five years back in time if I counted correctly. I'll be born in thirty-eight years. My grandfather must be Isidore Potter – oh, and I can't tell you what my wish was, because that would bring me back as though I'd never made it. I could tell you part of – of what'll come in the future if you like, because you won't remember it once I go back, unless I want you to. But I suppose you know that already.

"If you want to know why I'm telling you all this, it's because you're my mentor and the person I trust the most, in my time frame, and because I don't know anyone else here but you. Of course, if you're going to rush to the Headmaster and tell him what's going on, I'll probably have to Memory-Charm you, but you're not the rush-to-the-Headmaster type. And also – I have to stay at Hogwarts, I'll have to enter in seventh-year here.  Thanks for letting me talk without interrupting me. You can ask me anything now if you wish."

Harry relaxed and leaned back against his chair.

Dumbledore looked at him for a moment. "You're telling the truth," he finally said, and added, "You have to come with me to see Headmaster Dippet, if you want to register. And you'll have to be Sorted. But from then on I have virtually no control over what happens; it's all the Headmaster's decision."

It was something that Harry was worried about: depending on the Headmaster. He didn't trust the man at all… "Let's go see him now, I'd like to get it over with quickly."

Dumbledore sighed but make no remark as he stood up and walked out of his office. Harry followed him. At the top of the staircase, Tom was waiting for them still, back against the wall, arms crossed over his chest in a defensive sort of way.

"You'll have to learn to be a bit more sociable, or at least a bit more polite," he shot at Harry. "You nearly flattened my nose with that armour." He finally spotted Dumbledore behind Harry. The Transfigurations Professor was his favourite despite also being Head of Gryffindors – it didn't make him unfair, although sometimes he could get quite annoying, and he did so like Muggles and Mudbloods…"Hello, Professor Dumbledore," he said cordially.

"Hullo, Tom." So it's 'Tom', is it? thought Harry. "Harry here has just informed me that he would like to attend classes here for his seventh year. He has heard a lot about the school, and since he's heard most of that through Mr Fitzsimmons, he only knows a few people, such as myself."

Harry had not the slightest clue who 'Mr Fitzsimmons' was, but apparently he was a man who knew Dumbledore and Tom well, judging by the latter's expression.

"You could have mentioned that," he muttered to Harry. "If nobody minds, I'm going to go to the library." And he would obviously have gone regardless of anyone minding; there was no space between his announcement and his departure.

"Well, I have to go to the hospital wing, the Headmaster told me – ordered me to go, and I think he's waiting for me there. Going to his office would be useless," Harry remember. "Is the entrance to the hospital wing still in the west wing, next to that painting of books?"

"No. That is not where it is, although apparently that is where it will be. Come, I'll show you the way."

Harry followed him in silence, noting and committing to memory all the changes in the castle, so that he would be able to find his way later. They reached the hospital wing (which was on the first floor, to the left of the main corridor) after a few minutes, and found there the Headmaster and the nurse. The latter asked Harry if he felt pain anywhere, and when he answered in the negative, she frowned and kept on asking questions. Harry thought of Madam Pomfrey, who would have believed him and ceased interrogating him.

"Gregory," said Dumbledore to the Headmaster after clearing his throat – that must be his first name, thought Harry – "Mr Potter here has heard about Hogwarts through Mr Fitzsimmons, and for his birthday received wish candles which allowed him to arrive here, where he would like to spend his last year of school."

"And if wish candles coupled with my power are enough to transport me to Hogwarts," Harry piped up, "you should really work on the security system here, because Grindelwald could probably come the same way." He hoped he hadn't mistaken the date of Grindelwald's defeat at the hands of Dumbledore. Apparently he hadn't, because the Headmaster did not disagree with him.

"And you're a powerful wizard?" he asked.

"I could probably beat all of you in a duel except for Professor Dumbledore… But I'm only really good in Defence Against the Dark Arts. It's the most important subject in my opinion."

"And why do you want to come to Hogwarts?"

"It's the best school I've seen so far, and Mr… er, Fitzsimmons told me a lot of good things about it… And most powerful wizards came here."

"Ambitious, are you?" said Dippet, and twiddled his thumbs.

Harry smiled. Well, yes, but because I want to drastically change Voldemort, not because I want to be powerful…

"Well," said Dippet, "you're not the first one I've seen come here in the middle of his studies. I'll put you in seventh year like you ask, but if you fall behind, I'm putting you back a year."

Harry had been expecting something like this – but everything was going better than he'd originally thought, so he made no comment, only nodded.

"I will give you a list of supplies to purchase sometime next week. In the meantime, we'll have to find you a dormitory…"

"The students who stayed here are in which dorms?"

"Slytherin and Hufflepuff," said the Headmaster; "two in Slytherin, one in Hufflepuff."

"Then I'll go in the Slytherin dorm before I'm Sorted," said Harry innocently. "Professor Dumbledore can show me the way." And with that he left the room, not giving anyone the time to make a reply, and he waited for Dumbledore outside the door.

Once they were out of earshot, Dumbledore asked, "What House were you in?"


The Headmaster didn't make any comment.

"I've changed a lot in six years, I can't be sure the Sorting Hat would put me back in Gryffindor," the boy answered simply. "Is there a way to earn money around here? I don't think I'll be able to withdraw from my future Gringotts account…" He stopped walking when he saw Hagrid not far away. A Hagrid his age… "He was innocent," he said firmly.


 "Rubeus Hagrid. He wasn't the one who opened the Chamber of Secrets… I know who it is, but I can't tell you… you'd expel him and that would be the worst thing you could do."

"I'm not Headmaster, Harry. It appears I will be, but I'm not yet, and I don't have the power to expel students."

Harry hesitated. "It was Tom," he finally said, "Tom Riddle. He's descended from Slytherin through his mother… But don't, please don't treat him different because of that, I'm here partly because of him. Well, I'm here for him, but I can't tell you more than that…" He tore his eyes away from Hagrid's enormous frame. "About the money, Professor?"

"How much would you need?"

"Enough to buy my school supplies and the best racing broom there is. I'd need the best, considering what kind of broom I'm used to." Harry sighed when he thought of the beautiful Firebolt 3000 he'd left behind.

"That would come to about forty Galleons."

"Including the broom? In my time, the best broom costs… oh, three hundred Galleons easy."

"The value of money changes with time," said Dumbledore. "Your school supplies should come to six or seven Galleons and the best broom is about thirty… thirty-three if you don't know how to haggle."

"I think I have some money with me… I always have some," said Harry, and he took out from his pocket a leather wallet, which he emptied over the windowsill, and proceeded to count the coins. "Sixty-four Galleons, nine Sickles and thirteen Knuts," he said. "So I'm rich? How weird… I'd barely have enough to buy all my school supplies with this!"

"So between 1942 and 1997, the value of money multiplied tenfold," said Dumbledore thoughtfully. "It's about the same thing with Muggle money."

"At least I won't have money problems," said Harry. "Could you show me to my dorm, Professor?"

"Yes, of course."

"And do you know if very loyal animals can follow people through time-travels?"

"Usually, they do."

"So my owl will get here soon," muttered Harry.

"Your owl is that loyal to you?" Dumbledore asked, with a slight raise of his eyebrows.

"As loyal as Fawkes is to you."

"You certainly know Fawkes very well."

"He's… he will save my life. Twice."

"From what?… or whom?"

"Once from Tom, once from the Dark wizard who killed my parents," said Harry quietly, and he couldn't stop his voice becoming dark and angry.

"Very ambitious of you…" Dumbledore murmured.


"Tom and this Dark Wizard are the same person – and you're here to change that… I can see it in your eyes. The look in them doesn't change when you talk about either one of them. Your eyes are very expressive, you know. Don't worry, I won't interfere; you will probably go back to the future if I jeopardize your chances of making your wish come true. However, if you want me to help you, or just to speak to me, I'll be here."

Harry smiled. "You've always been here."

Dumbledore stopped beside a statue of a serpent. "It's here," he said.

"How original," Harry said sarcastically. "No one could guess that this is the entrance to the Slytherin dorms!"

"That's just it," said Dumbledore with a smile, and his eyes twinkled in a way that was very familiar to Harry. "Everyone thinks it couldn't be here, because it's too obvious."

That's logical, Harry though.  "If you don't know the password, simply ask for permission to enter, stating which professor sent you," he said for the second time that day. The serpent slithered to the side and revealed a narrow door.

"Next time, use the password, it's 'Gobstones'," said Dumbledore.

"I will," said Harry, and disappeared into the Slytherin common room. 


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