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The media was all abuzz. Something big had just taken place over the weekend in terms of Duel Monsters. Something big enough to have all the new stations flooding KaibaCorp., Turtle Novelty Shop, Domino High School and Kaiba Manor. Reporters were falling all over themselves and a few fights had broken out between rival stations that had to be separated by the police. Several more were arrested for assaulting each other with cameras and one for trying to use their news van for plowing through all the other reporters.

Now one might wonder what it is exactly that has Domino's finest reporters in a mad scramble to kill each other and get the story first. Well, it was big enough news to kill themselves over. Some careers would be made and broken over all this fuss; along with a few ribs, backs, wrists, jaws and a few sprains.

For Yami Mouto, Yami no Geemu, The King of Games had been defeated-

-3 times in a row.

By Seto Kaiba.

Now the news of Yami's defeat in itself was amazing, but his 3-0 loss to the Dragon Tamer had been more than a shock to the Duel Monsters nation. No one knew where the loss had taken place. It was just entered in the Duelist Records that Yami Mouto had lost to Seto Kaiba three times. Not too soon after that all the news crews were rushed out of their offices to get the 411 on this new development.

Now it was no secret that Kaiba had never been able to beat the ex-Pharaoh. People would pay to see them duel. An as many times as they dueled, it was never boring or one-sided. Both put up a great fight, but Yami pulled a surprise move from the usual place and won.

But not this time!!

When the two duelists finally emerged from their high school, the remaining press swamped them. And those that had been staking out other places were alerted of the duelist's presence at their school. Questions and microphones were thrust in their faces and flashbulbs went off every 3 seconds.

" Kaiba-san! How does it feel to be the No.1 Duelist again?!"

" Kaiba-san! When did you defeat Yugi Mouto?!"

" Kaiba-san! Kaiba-san! What was your finishing move?!"

" Hai Kaiba-san! How did you defeat Yugi Mouto?!"

" They're fast, ne?" Kaiba shielded his eyes with his arms in an effort to keep his eyesight.

Yami nodded in agreement. " Hai. Let's get out of here."

They made a break for Kaiba's waiting limo. Once they were safely inside, Kaiba told the driver to drive and drive fast. He obeyed and the car tires of the black limo burned rubber as the stretch plowed through the crowd of reporters. Microphones and cameras went flying as they took off.


Both duelists sighed as they watched the crowd get smaller and smaller behind them. That was a relief. They were so happy to be away from them they couldn't believe it. It was a hard life in front of the camera and they didn't need any more exposure to it than necessary. It was sucky when they jumped on everything you did and staked out your place of business or home.

" That was close."

" I'll say. Glad there were never reporters in Egypt."

" I wouldn't mind sending them back to Egypt. Serve them right to melt under the hot sun like chocolate on a tanning bed."

Yami grinned and pulled the brunette closer to him." Melt. Chocolate. Hot. Ne, koi, don't put such images in my head." 

" That's how you lost those matches in the first place. Thinking with your pants and not with your hands." Kaiba acted uninterested in the Pharaoh's actions.

" No, I lost those matches because you were wearing those oh-so-tight leather pants I like. And the fishnet wife beater was just unfair. Not to mention when you stretched, you moaned and roll your body to keep it from stiffening; distracting me like that. That's how you won. You cheated."

An innocent look came over Kaiba's face. " Who? Me? Cheating? I don't know what you're talking about Pharaoh. I was just wearing something comfortable and stretching every so often."

" Hah!" Yami snorted," That's why we were locked in your bedroom after those three matches this weekend. I will be getting my title back though. After I make sure you're not wearing those 'suggestive' clothes."

" I didn't hear any complaints when we were dueling."

" I couldn't form coherent sentences when we were dueling."

" This is my fault?"

" ALL your fault! You have no business looking that sexy while I'm trying to concentrate! You know all the blood rushes out of my head to…other places."

" Really?" Kaiba rested his head on Yami's shoulder while the Pharaoh continued to rant about his loss," And what places would those be?"

Yami stopped mid-rant and grinned like a thief. " What places you ask? Oh, let me show you koi."

He tipped his face up and captured his lips perfectly. It sent an electric charge through him when Kaiba moaned into their kiss and submissively parted his lips for him. Yami took full advantage, quickly winning the battle of dominance and groaning when he ravished Seto's mouth. His spicy yet sweet taste was for him to enjoy and him alone.

Feeling possessive and greedy, Yami pulled him up and sat him on his lap; straddling his waist. Seto looked down at him in confusion. But the Pharaoh grinned up at him with arrogance and mischief.

" Mine." He wrapped his arms around his waist and brought his koi's head down so he could taste him again; all the while grinding their hips together for some 'friction'.

Kaiba broke away to breathe, but Yami didn't like the lack of contact and nipped and sucked at his neck." Yours, am I? I don't remember there being any CEO's under the Pharaoh's possession way back when."

" They weren't called CEO's back then. They were Priests. And you were mine then and you're mine now."

" Is that so? Mighty possessive aren't you?" His voice was heavy and his eyes were clouded with lust. He was starting to pant a little.

" I am not possessive. I'm just intent on claiming what's mine. And you, my precious Blue Eyes, are mine and I don't wanna share you." Yami bit particularly hard on his neck and smirked at the groan it aroused from his koi.

" We've arrived at KaibaCorp. Kaiba-san." His driver's voice came over the speaker.

" Domo Arigatou Xander," Kaiba replied a bit breathlessly," Kindly remove your mouth from my neck, Pharaoh, so I may conduct a hostile take over."

Yami pouted but he conceded and released his hold on his koi. He promised to keep his hands to himself when they got out of the car. But no sooner had Kaiba made him promise, did he feel a hand on his backside.

" Yami!" He yelped; nearly jumping 5 feet in the air.

" What? It was an accident."


Once they finally reached Kaiba's office, his secretary, Nichi, informed him that there were some roses and a bottle of wine in his office. Someone had sent them to him while he was at school. It didn't have a return address and she wasn't there when they arrived so she didn't know who brought them.

Seto walked into his office and sure enough, there they were. Lavender and white roses were sitting on his desk with a bottle of wine next to them.

" Yami, did you-"

" No. But I will find out who did."

Yami, feeling extremely jealous at the moment, went over and ripped the card from the flowers. He read it over and his glare turned to a pout. Seto was completely confused and took the card from him so he could see what he made him act so strangely.

" Congratulations on your return to No.1. All hail the King of Games? So this is what's bothering you? I've gotten things like this before." Kaiba trashed the card and moved the flowers to a less obstructive place.

" So now you're the King of Games? What does that make me, Prince of Pinochle?" Yami crossed his arms and sat on the desk.

" Shut up complaining and get me some coffee. Your king demands it."

Yami rolled his eyes as he walked towards the coffee room." Keep it up and you're gonna get crowned."

" Jealousy is an ugly color on you Yami!"

Yami said something in Egyptian and shut the door behind him. Kaiba shook his head in amusement as he got his laptop booted up and got to work. Though before he could get very far, the phone rang. Kaiba hit the intercom button and continued to type without missing a beat.

" Kaiba."

" Hello Kaiba."

" Yami, quit playing on the phone."

" This isn't Yami."

" Then I don't have time for-"

" Do you like the flowers? I sent them because they matched your sweater. And the white wine is for you to enjoy. And me to watch you enjoy."

Kaiba froze at that statement. The flowers were lavender and white. His sweater was lavender at the top and faded to white at the bottom. And the wine was white. He picked up the phone.

" Who are you?"

" Why did you stop typing? I love watching you work. You get so focused and you look so beautiful. Especially with my flowers next to you."

Kaiba's eyes flickered to the flowers to his right. This person knew what he was wearing. This person knew what he was doing and not doing. This person knew where he was and what was on his desk at this very moment. He kept the phone to his ear and looked around his office suspiciously.

" Where are you?"

" You're not going to find me in you're office 'Kaiba-chan'. You can't see me, but I can see you. And you're still as beautiful as the first day I laid eyes on you."

" What do you want from me?"

" Want? Why, I want you of course. I can do more than that baka Pharaoh of yours can. I'll take care of him too. Make sure his nasty little Pharaoh hands don't mar your divine skin anymore."

" What? Leave him out of this!"

" Oops! Gotta go! But I'll be watching you 'Seto-chan'."


After that all Seto heard was a dial tone. He sighed and put the phone down. After that, he slumped in his chair and held his face in his hands. The person was talking through a voice scrambler and when he looked at the tracker on his computer, it showed it was a payphone down the corner from his building. But if that was so, how was this person watching him? And how did they know what he did?

" Kaiba?" A hand came on his shoulder.

" Ah!!" He jumped up from his desk and fell on the floor.

" Kaiba-chan, are you alright? You look like you've seen a ghost." It was Yami. He was standing in front of his desk with his coffee in a dark blue mug looking concerned for his koi.

Seto relaxed a little when he realized it was Yami behind him and not someone else. But he was still shaking. He hadn't been that scared by someone since he was a child. He tried to put the whole incident behind him as he took Yami's hand to stand.

Yami put the mug on the desk and used both hands to help Seto stand up straight. He was even paler than usual. " Koi, you're shaking. What happened? Are you feeling ill?"

" N-No. Kami-sama Yami, give me a heart attack next time."

Yami smirked and pulled him closer. But his smirk faded when he felt his koi's heart beating what had to be painfully against his chest. This was not a natural occurrence with his Blue Eyes. There were only a few things that made his heart beat like that. None of them he could do alone, so it had to be something else that was bothering him. " Seto-chan, you're hearts beating a mile a minute. What happened while I was gone?"

Seto shook his head and tried to calm his breathing." Nothing. I'm fine. Really. You just startled me."

" Kaiba, I have never startled you. Now tell me what's wrong."

" Calm down Yami. It's nothing. Just wait here while I go to my meeting."  Kaiba dislodged himself from his arms and went to the meeting room a few doors down.

Yami hopped up on the desk. He knew his koi was lying. But he tended to like to solve his own problems. He didn't want Yami to coddle him like he did Yugi and he promised not to, but he still liked to protect his precious Blue Eyes. He was everything to him and he wanted to help; but he could only be there for him until he was ready to ask for that help.

" What's this? Tracking system…payphone…Omouno St.? Who would be calling from there?"