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" Kono yarou! Keep your hands to yourself hentai!"

" Ow! So feisty Blue Eyes, after I take care of the Pharaoh I'll have to punish you."

" You aren't punishing a damn thing! And don't you call me Blue Eyes! I'm Yami's Blue Eyes not yours! And for the last time, don't you touch me!!"

Seto was getting really tired of this. Malik was worse than Yami when it came to his body. Yami he could handle, because, well, Yami actually loved him and would never force him to do anything. The Pharaoh always had his interest first before his own.

Malik was nothing like that.

He would force himself on him right now if it didn't interfere with his plans of ultimate revenge against Yami. He was sure that his simple pushing Malik away and cursing at him wasn't going to keep him sated for long. He was surprised that Malik didn't try anything on her if he had such an itch. Certainly it would hurt Yami to know one of his friends was being hurt, that and his own discomfort.


Seto sadly fingered the ring around his middle finger. He missed his neurotic, yet considerate lover. He was fairly sure that Yami was going insane and probably hurting as many people as he thought he had to to get to him. Yami was quite insane at some time, but he was insane for a reason. He loved him very much and he was quite afraid of someone coming and taking him away since he had so many enemies and plenty would try to take him. And he seemed to make it his life duty to protect Seto. And well, someone taking him away to gods-know-where to do gods-know-what to him would mean that Yami failed

And Yami did not fail. Cause that would just be…no.

But just in case he was held up, Seto would have to think of his own way out too. Although for him to know how to get out, he would have to know how he got in. And tat was something he did not know. Malik had said he brought them here. But he was just one person and no minions were following him around to do his bidding.

Yet he brought himself and Shizu…Shiza…Shiz something or other to the same place and apparently at the same time because he remember Shiz…that girl coming up to his room for some reason or another and then everything was blacked out.

It shouldn't have mattered, but it did. Seto learned a long time ago to follow his instincts and said instincts were telling him something was wrong with this whole situation. And he learned long ago that he should trust those instincts no matter what something else was telling him. Something inside was saying that the deal with his and that girl's disappearance was not what it appeared to be.

" Kawaii…Seto-chan you look so cute when you concentrate."

The CEO jerked at the invasion of his thoughts and looked to the disturbance. Malik was grinning up at him wolfishly like he was the blue-eyed plate special. He narrowed his eyes and pulled the sheets closer to him; effectively yanking Malik from his place on the bed.

" Shut your damn mouth Malik! I'm sick and tired of hearing my name come from your mouth! And furthermore, don't you dare call me Seto-chan again! I've said it once and for your hardheadedness I'll said it again! Keep your manipulative, malevolent, sanity-challenged, mind controlling, Pharaoh-hating, Guardian of the Pharaoh's Tomb, god card using, turncoat, schizophrenic hands to your damn self and off of me or I'll cut your damn dick off and shove it up your own ass!!!"

Malik sat in silence while he calmly watched Seto rant and threaten him. When he was pretty sure he was finished, he sat upright and looked at the dragon tamer levelly.

" Ne, Seto-chan did anyone ever tell you you're beautiful when you're angry?"


" Why me?"

" Because you have a hott, tight ass?"

" SHUT UP!!!"


" Oh where, o where has my Seto-chan gone? Oh where, oh where can he be?"

" You have any idea how pathetic you look and sound?"

" You have any idea how hard I'm trying not to just let my hand fly and beat the unholy hell out of you? And this is before I send you to the Shadow Realm?"

" I'll come back."

" Not if you go in pieces!"

" Is that a threat?"

" Oh yes sir…"

Yugi-tachi trailed along a little behind Yami and Bakura. The two were ahead of them and talking occasionally. Now they were having another heated argument. They were in no hurry to diffuse it. Both spirits could easily hurt them badly and they dare not risk death over a stupid question. They all feared for Bakura and hoped that he wasn't bluffing about coming back, because at the rate he was going and going soon.

However much fun it was though to tease the Pharaoh and make him make a decent try at killing him, there was a reason Bakura was doing such a thing. He was gauging Yami's anger. The Pharaoh was not quite completely insane, but he wasn't that far off either.

Bakura watched with feigned boredness as the others tried to pull Yami off some priest at the wrong place at the wrong time. He was not so stupid on a regular basis; it had to be their bond or something.

Brown eyes widened in realization. Bakura become conscious of the golden ring around one of Yami's fingers. It had the Millennium Eye on it. Mochiron! Seto told him about the Rings Of Lovers a long time ago.

When he and Yami did the ritual for the Rings Of Lovers, Yami disconnected himself from Yugi and created a human body. When Yami disconnected his soul he became completely human. He still had his powers and all, but he was not immortal anymore. Then when Yami and Seto merged their souls together, they became ultimately intimate save for joining bodies completely. They were in perfect sync and knew everything about the other; their feelings, their disposition, the way they feel at the moment, to convey emotions or to speak telepathically.

And of course, the baka Pharaoh hadn't even remembered it because he was on rampage and not thinking at all. And even if he did remember about them, they wouldn't work because he would be too busy being angry and panicky to concentrate on calling his koi.

A plan started to form in Bakura's head. If he could use Yami's ring and use a certain spell, then he might be able to locate the priest by himself. Although to get it away from Yami would be suicide. So he'd just have to locate Seto, then sneak in by himself, rescue the priest so he'd love him and not Yami, then live happily ever after in a condo with a black picket fence and 2.5 demonic/thief children which Seto would bare.

" Oi, baka Pharaoh!! Get over here! I think I figured out how to find your priest!"

That was all it took to remove Yami from the poor priest and appear in front of Bakura just fast enough to slam him into the wall behind him and hold him up by his collar with his other hand poised to strike with Shadow Magic.

" You better not be lying Tomb Robber! I am in no mood for any of your games. I will kill you in a public street if you're playing with me!"

Bakura glared at him from his position against the wall. He didn't like his attitude; he'd killed kings for less than what he'd done! " Hold your horses Cleopatra! I want Seto-chan back safely too, remember? How can I steal him from you when some other idiot has him?"

" Do you have a point?"

" Yes, I have a point. And a plan. Well, actually, YOU have them, I just got the idea when I saw them."

Yami narrowed his eyes in irritation." You're not making sense and I don't have time to waste on your riddles, thief! Spit it out already!"

" Your ring, anata no baka!! You two are bonded and your rings are your mediums are they not?"

A look of realization came over Yami's face. The rings. They could use the rings to find Seto and Yami might actually be able to contact his love if he concentrated hard enough. That is, if Seto was still alive-

No, Yami would not ever let that thought enter his head. He knew his love was still alive and probably just fine. There was nothing wrong with him and Seto was going to come back to him and then he would skin and cover the stalker in honey and leave them on the top of an ant pile, then take Seto away from all of Domino and some place where they could be safe and alone. Just him and his beautiful Blue Eyes…

" Why should I let you take my ring and find him when I'm fully capable?"

" Because you wouldn't be able to concentrate. Face it, you're too emotionally involved to do any magic correctly."

Yami glanced at his ring and then back at Bakura. Well, it wasn't like there was anything Bakura could do to Seto with the ring. But still, he didn't want the thief to use it and try to influence his love. He could just keep an eye on him and make sure that Bakura didn't steal his ring.

" Alright, you find my koi and I'll let you live. For the moment."

" Hand over your ring and I'll take care of it."

Albeit reluctantly, Yami handed over his ring. When Bakura reached for it, Yami's hand gripped his painfully enough to make him grunt.

" You can use it for the moment, but if anything happens to that ring or Seto through any sort of consequence from this, I will kill, NOT send to the Shadow Realm, NOT just torture, NOT just end your existence, I will kill, I repeat, I WILL KILL YOU!"

Bakura was on his knees by the time Yami was finished. He was almost sure he could hear the sound of his hand breaking. Now just anything wouldn't make Bakura relent.



But a broken hand came pretty damn close. In fact, that just about did it.

" Yami! He can't perform a spell with a broken hand!"

" He can use the other one and a foot!"