There are heroes around us every day. Doctors, cops, dispatchers, firefighters, and they all do the exact same thing just in a different way, they help save lives. I admired these people and looked up to them all my life, but 2 years ago, new heroes arrived, the Power Rangers. They fought for us against the alien threats, but I now know that they were not the only heroes 2 years ago.

"Doctor, are you ready to begin the procedure?" A nurse asks me from down the hall.

"Yes, I'll be right there." I reply meekly not ready for what I'm about to have to do. "Nurse, can you run down his symptoms again for me again? Something doesn't seem right about his condition."

"Conner you've ran through his symptoms four times now!"

"Please." I plead sincerely.

"Fine. The patient, Peter Mercer, came in to the hospital two days ago, and was assigned to you as his doctor. He had a fever of 101.2 and had no signs of a cold, or small pox, yet golden little specs started appearing around his body a couple of days ago. It rose his fever to 105.5 and he started deteriorating. One night he started having a stroke like symptom and the result left the patient paralyzed from the waist down. You, Doctor Conner Drew, have been assigned to perform surgery on the boy and try to figure out if anything inside could be the cause." The Nurse explains to me again as I sit thinking about it.

"What if surgery isn't the best way?" I ask her worryingly.

"Then we'll find another way, but right now that kid could die because of your indecisiveness. Let's go." The Nurse convinces me and leads me into the operating room after washing our hands.

"Beginning incision." I remark grabbing the scalpel and lowering my hand to the base of his spine. Suddenly, the gold specs begin to enlarge and grow on the back on the kid. "Somethings wrong."

"GET BACK!" A voice suddenly shouts from the hall. A woman bursts into the room throwing me and the nurses aside.

"What are you doing? This is a delicate surgery!" I shout at the woman, but she ignores me and continues examining the kid.

"It's about to separate, you all need to leave immediately. Doctor get everyone out of here." She commands me as I look around confused. Suddenly, the gold specs turn into welts and begin taking up the kid's whole body. "Crap, it's too late."

Suddenly, the gold welts separate from the kid and form into a monstrosity of gold balls. The monster then breaks through the wall and starts going on a rampage outside. The woman grabs a phone from her pocket and lifts it to her ear.

"Director, we were too late to evacuate everyone. The Bugster has separated and is going on a rampage!" The woman shouts into the phone as I look at the patient who begins to fizzle like he's about to disappear.

"What is going on?!" I ask shocked.

"No time. I need your help if you want to keep this kid alive. We need to stabilize him in CR headquarters." The woman remarks calmly as she grabs me and helps me up. We both start pushing the hospital bed out into the hallway with her leading me to the elevator. "To answer your earlier question. My name is Asuna, nice to meet you."

"Conner, not so likewise. Can you tell me what that thing was?" I ask starting to calm down as she flashes a security badge to the elevator.

"What you saw was a Bugster. A virus that started appearing two years ago, that nearly crippled the world. Thankfully, the Power Rangers were able to mass produce a cure and put an end to it, but the virus has since then evolved. CR was formed to stop the virus." Asuna explains to me reminding me of the event that had hospitals flooded for nearly a week. The elevator recognizes Asuna's security pass and the elevator suddenly starts going downwards.

"How are you supposed to stop a monster? That thing broke through solid concrete!"

"With yours and hopefully others help. Doctor, welcome to CR." Asuna remarks hopeful as the elevator stops and opens to reveal a massive underground medical base. A man then runs up to us helping us push the hospital bed over to one of the complicated looking machines. "Hello Director."

"Asuna, I assume the mission was a success?" The Director asks presumptuously.

"Yes sir, the mission went without a hitch."

"But that monster or Bugster whatever is rampaging on hospital grounds! How is that a mission complete?" I ask dumbfounded.

"Quite right, which is why we need Mitch to get here soon." The Director states as we finally hook up the child to the bed.

"Mitch? Sir with all due respect, we can't wait! There are patients up there!" I shout rudely with the Director kind of stepping back shocked that I would shout so suddenly.

"Mitch is the only doctor who can use the Gamer Driver! So yes, we will wait." The Director explains calmly pointing to a weird green and pink belt device on the table with a pink cartridge like device sitting next to it.

"Gamer Driver? A transformation device like the Power Rangers have?" I ask marveling at the piece of techonology.

"Yes, it can be used to separate Bugsters from patients and can be used to transform in order to defeat them." Asuna explains as the patient begins to fade back into reality.

"One last question. If the Bugster is destroyed will Peter go back to being okay?" I ask curious to hear the answer.

"Yes, you have my word that he'll be fine once Mitch destroys him." Asuna promises me.

"I wasn't talking about Mitch." I remark before grabbing both devices sitting on the counter and sprinting towards the elevator. I hear both the Director and Asuna yelling at me as the doors close on the elevator, but I ignore them and head to the first floor. The doors from the elevator and I sprint right through them heading to the sounds of crashing and screams.


"Isn't it so exciting? All of this will soon be ours, Graphite."

"Don't you think we should get involved before the human transforms?"

"No, he will be a fun competitor in our little game."

"Soon nobody, not even the humans will be able to stand between us and our goals."

"Agreed Graphite. Let's watch how this human performs."


I get closer to the monster who breaks through another wall out into the courtyard where people start running in all directions. I grab the green and pink belt device and strap it on. The monster then turns it's attention towards me obviously distracted by the belt. I grab the pink cartridge and press the button.


"What? Uh-h… I think I slip it into here." I say to myself sliding the cartridge into the first slot.


I look at my now transformed body and realize I'm in a shell-like costume. Asuna suddenly runs up behind me with an amazed look.

"You did it. You became Kamen Rider Ex-aid." Asuna remarks in disbelief.

Next time on Kamen Rider Ex-aid! Ex-aid faces the Bugster head on! Mitch arrives with the intention of becoming a Kamen Rider no matter the cost. A Dark Ex-aid!?