Hi! Before you say 'OMG YOU ALREADY HAVE AN ACTIVE SYOT AND A START FOR ONE!" I completely understand but chillaxuth.

This will just be a... side project.

Whilst this is a SYOT in some extent I don't need many characters.


Same though.

I only need 6 but they can be from any district you want, even if there's double ups.

Basically the plot idea is this:

Over the years an increasing amount of people had been born different. Not just small differences but proper things.

In short, they had superpowers.

Of course the Capitol couldn't have anyone threatening the 'peaceful existence' so they gathered up all the people they could find between 12-18 and threw them into an Arena.

This happened to only be 6.

They did it under the fake idea that it was a quarter quell with only 6 tributes from random districts going in.

No volunteering allowed.

All Districts with a Reaping were notified in advance.

The games came and went with only one survivor and soon people forgot about the threat. (The Capitol made sure of that.)

But one person never forgot.

The victor.

Against all the odds, they won. The Capitol couldn't kill them after that!

This was the story of the 300th Hunger Games.

I hope you get it now! The 6 people chosen won't necessarily be the first. If you Pm them to me please make the subject 'Superpowers.'

Obviously you can't really have more than one tribute get in but submit as many as you like.

I'm not being conceited enough to think I'll even get any submittions but I live in hope.







Strength of Superpower (1-10. Ten being strong)







Reaping Outfit:

Reaping Reaction:

Ideal Chariot Outfit:

Worst Chariot Outfit

Interview Outfit:

Weapon of Choice and emergency

Training score:

Allies: (A 2 person alliance would be like an eight person alliance)

Song that describes them:


Would they want to win:

Have I missed anything:

I have 5 submissions.