"Where the hell are we?"Lori asked.

"Wait is that who I think it is?"Grace asked.

"God's wounds Mother."Ichabod exclaimed.

"That's your mom Ichabod?"Abbie asked.

"Yes, the last time I saw her was after the fight with father."Ichabod replied.

"Grace that's Grandma Crane."Lori said.

"So we're in England."Grace replied.

"Yes,it would seem so."Lori said.

"We can't, let anyone outside of the family see us they won't believe we are from another time."Grace replied.

"Of course not,we have to be very careful here."Lori said.

As the approach the garden they see flashes of light.

"Looks like we got here just in time."Grace said.

"Hey get away from her!"Lori shouted as she started hitting the demons as she moved forward.

"My word,that was most unexpected."Lady Crane exclaimed.

"Who are you, how did you come to be here?"Lady Miller asked.

"Mother have you forgotten the prophecy."Lady Crane replied.

"Oh,yes it completely slipped my mind."Lady Miller said.

"Now, would you two be so kind and tell us your names."Lady Crane replied.

"My name is Lori Crane this is my cousin Grace Corbin."Lori introduced.

"Are we related?"Lady Crane asked.

"Yes,your future youngest son Ichabod is my father I'm from his second marriage to his soul mate."Lori replied.

"Come, let us go some place more private."Lady Crane said.

Lady's Miller and Crane walked down a long corridor that seemed to be protected by magic.

"Alright please do continue."Lady Crane said.

"Dad joined, General George Washington, in the war and was mortally wounded and died however his wife who was a witch cast a modified spell on him that he would wake up 250 years later in the year 2013.

"It's then he met my mother Grace Abigail is the second witness."Lori replied.

"Alright, I know what the prophecy said but it was vague to say the least."Lady Crane said.

"We came, because our bloodlines were in danger of are student's at the university of our Professor opened a portal allowing hoards of demons to attack the school.

"We heard a demon say they were going to kill our ancestors to stop the witnesses from being born."Lori replied.

"My word,really?"Lady Miller asked.

"Yes,which was why you were just attacked."Lori replied.

"You took, a big risk traveling through time where it can be dangerous for you."Lady Crane said.

"Yes,but we weren't about to sit back and let this happen."Lori replied.

"Well since you are here now we are going to give you magic training as a thank you for giving us aide."Lady Crane said.

"I believe we should write letters for their parents as well."Lady Miller replied.

"We should also give you dresses so people won't be suspicious of you."Lady Crane said.

"Thanks we know we must stick out like a sore thumb."Lori replied.

Meanwhile back to the present.

"Babe,you alright?"Abbie asked.

"I haven't seen, my mother in so long and to see our little turtledove meeting her is overwhelming."Ichabod replied.

"We get it Ichabod, seeing our Mama in spirit form was overwhelming for us."Jenny said.

"Their holding their own that's something to be proud of."Ezra replied.

"Since Mother, and Grandmother, know who they are they will keep them safe."Ichabod said.

"That's good, to know we can be certain they won't fall into wrong hands as long as they stay on your families land."Abbie replied.

"You're right love."Ichabod said.

"Babe it's not about right or wrong it's about trusting the kids to know that they have to be careful."Abbie replied.

They found dresses that fit and hurried to change into them putting their modern clothes in their bags.

"Man, how do they breathe in these things?"Lori asked.

"Carefully."Grace replied.

"Clearly otherwise we could break a rib."Lori said.

"If your grandmother and great grandmother can do it so can we."Grace replied.

"Mama, didn't change her clothes when she was in 1781."Lori said.

"She was more concerned about not being taken to a plantation and saving Uncle Ichabod's life."Grace replied.

"You two look beautiful."Lady Crane said.

"Thank you."Lori and Grace replied.

"So please tell us more."Lady Miller said.

"Well I'm sure you'll want to see pictures.

Lori takes out a family to her grandmother and great grandmother.

"By the looks of it Ichabod has done well for himself your mother is quite beautiful."Lady Crane said.

"As is your mother dear Grace."Lady Miller replied.

"Thank you I'm sure they wished to have been able to meet you."Lori said.

"And we them but our letters will have to Lori, we wish for you to have this it is the family spell book we have one printed for each family member."Lady Crane replied.

"Thank you it means a lot."Lori replied.

"Your welcome dear,"Lady Crane replied.

"Won't Grandfather notice two new people in his house?"Lori asked.

"No dear he gets called away alot so comes and goes."Lady Crane.

"But should he notice near you mind we know how to focus on other matters."Lady Miller replied.

"But tell us more about yourselves.

"Well where to Mama's family were born and raised in Sleepy Hollow New York.

"They all played, a part in the supernatural Grandma for whom Mama named me was murdered by an evil woman though it was believed she cracked under the pressure of her insanity that resulted in her taking her own life."Lori said.

"Oh, that's absolutely does not descriminate,It just thrives on doing unthinkable acts to good people."Lady Crane replied.

"I know our families, history is filled with tragedy and it made our Mama's insecure in a lot of ways."Lori said

"Life teaches man, many lessons all are important choices effect every living thing in exsistance.

"Your mother's, family could have very well walked away from their call to arms. in that war but that never would have been the end of it because they would be forced into it by the evil's action's just as the two of you made the choice to stop evil from eliminating your bloodlines to further their cause."Lady Crane replied.

"We are doing just as Mama did to save Dad."Lori said.

"Safe him from what?"Lady Miller said.

"I'm not dad's only had a son with his first wife he didn't know never told him and she got in trouble with her coven for putting the spell on him that allowed him to wake in 2013.

"After his birth, she was captured by her coven members and put in purgatory as punishment.

"Before they captured her she placed my brother in our mothers ancestors custody.

"Later he was recruited by the ruler of Purgatory to take up the mantal of the Horsemen of war.

"Later his mother switched sides after an encounter with the warlock who murdered her grandmother in the salem witch trials.

"My mother, and father, were forced to kill my brother to stop it enraged his mother enough for her to want to go back to 1781 when she cast the spell on him but she intended for the Horsemen of Death to kill him."Lori explained.

"I'm pleased your mother was able to cease the attempt on his life."Lady Crane replied.

"Our mom's lost a lot of people that meant a lot to them and it traumatized them and made them insecure about getting close to people."Grace said.

"Ah ha,I believe I is unfortunately a part of life.

"And unfortunately your mothers have been beaten into crippling submission by it.

"But it has also made them stronger.I know them not but I can see it as clear as the glass in this very room."Lady Crane replied.

"Yes,that's true they are our hero's."Grace replied.

Back to the present.

"Your mom seems really nice."Abbie said.

"Yes,Mother, could be the sweetest woman in the world but quite scary if you angered her which father found out often."Ichabod replied.

"Ha ha ha.I can imagine."Abbie said.

"Oh,my dear Abbie you and Jennifer remind me of her especially when your angry."Ichabod laughed.

"Really man?"Joe asked.

"Oh, absolutely, Mother was a force to be reckoned with she came by it honestly of course Grandmother could be just as firey."Ichabod replied.

Back in the past.

"Find them tear this place apart if you have to."The demon ordered.

"Looks like we have more uninvited guests to this party."Lori said.

"Yes, lets give them a proper welcome."Lady Crane replied.

Side by side the walked dresses flowing in a breeze as they made their way to the action.

"Hey! I'm here to punch your ticket back to hell."Lori taunted.

"You believe yourselves a match for us how amusing."The demon replied.

"Lori,Grace,if we our overwhelmed I want you to leave us and get to safety."Lady Crane said.

"We, can't do came here to make sure you survive and that's what we are going to do."Lori replied.

"She's right, Anna dear."Lady Miller replied.

"Alright then proceed."Lady Crane said.

"Watch out!"Grace shouted.

"Oooh, son of a bitch must pay."Lori replied.

"Hit em' hard!"Grace said.

"I bet you regret coming here don't you ugly."Lori taunted.

"We will beat you we guarantee it."The demon said.

Suddenly lori and Grace felt power shoot through them and a gust of wind sent them levitating in the air raising their hands toward the demons the speak in voices that were not their own.

"You don't know, what you are fooling with will most certainly mean your death sentence."Lori and Grace said in unison.

"Your tricks, mean nothing."The demon spat.

"Oh,we can make it mean something."Grace replied.

"Oh,we sure can cousin."Lori said.

"Mother are you well?"Lady Crane asked.

"Yes,dear not even a scratch."Lady Miller replied.

The fight raged on it looked as if a fireworks display was going off in the middle of a windstorm.

The Crane estate stood on land that was miles away from any neighbours.

"It's a good thing we don't have to explain this."Lori said.

"We're not going to explain this to anyone."Grace replied.

"Shit!Grace move now!"Lori shouted.

"Thanks for the heads up."Grace replied.

They killed the last demon heading back to the magically protected rooms of the Crane estate.

"That was quite, an impressive display."Lady Crane said.

"We practiced a lot our parents wanted us to be able to use every weapon available to protect ourselves."Lori replied.

"It is part, of the duty of a parent to prepare them for what the world is like."Lady Miller said.

"Come on you still have much training to do."Lady Crane replied.

"Okay."Lori said.

Lady's Crane and Miller proceeded to teach generations of family magic to Lori and Grace.

"Now,Grace I know you are only related by marriage to the Crane's but Lori has conveyed my son thinks of your parents as a brother and sister."Lady Crane said.

"Yes, he cares about them a great deal and they do for him as well."Grace replied.

"That means, he has a big heart."Lady Miller said.

They had been given comfortable rooms to sleep in after the long day they had.

"You know, I was a little concerned about telling the truth thinking like back to the future we would mess up the past."Lori said

"I think I will be just like Aunt Abbie once we return to our might not remember us."Grace replied

"We'll remember and they won't."Lori said.

Lori and Grace had discovered something very interesting while on a walk of the grounds.

"It turns out that a power point from a ley line intersection was in fact under the house proper.

"Grace why didn't we notice this before."Lori wondered.

I don't know, maybe because we were so focused on what we came here to do."Grace replied.

"Mother, what do you thin of Lori and Grace?"Lady Crane asked.

"They are special young woman who are wise and brave and I couldn't be more proud."Lady Miller replied.

"We know, the future of our family is bright inspite of the troubles they shall face."Lady Crane said.

"Yes,and by the tales told there will be plenty troubles."Lady Miller said.

"No life lived is without troubles Mother."Lady Crane said.

"What do you think your husband would think of his granddaughter?"Lady Miller asked.

"I am not willing to put Lori, through know he has an aversion of witches how do you believe he would receive the news that he has a granddaughter who is not only a woman of color but also a witch."Lady Crane said.

"Agreed he can be very disagreeable to much."Lady Miller replied.

The next morning Lori and Grace overhead Lady Crane and Lady Miller talking.

"Dad has a lot of regret not for switching sides but because he missed you and his dad you two are what had inspired him on what type of father he would be to his son.

"When he lost that chance he made every effort with me."Lori said.

"That is something, one builds within ones and your grandfather parted on very tense terms which though your father chose to forge his own path he still longed to have his father proud of him."Lady Miller replied.

"Dad carries, heavy guilt when he feels he's disappointed someone."Lori said.

"Being human, can be difficult it is harder still when you love and care about that person.

"That's because, he doesn't set out to disappoint anyone but it happens just the same because sometimes we see a direction we are certain will lead us where we are meant to be only to discover we took wrong turns understand."Lady Crane replied.

"Yes ma'am."Lori said.

"Come,come,we have much to do today."Lady Miller replied.

"Okay, so what's on the agenda today?"Grace asked.

"We are going to teach you how to magically conceal a room."Lady Crane replied.

"It's the reason why your grandfather can't come here."Lady Miller said.

"We figured as much."Lori said.

"Yes,you see your Amulets are absorbing the magical currents."Lady Crane replied.

Yes,we can feel that."Grace said.

"I can't get over these restrictive dresses."Lori replied.

"Yes,they can be quite uncomfortable but you become accustomed to it after a while."Lady Crane said.

"But I must ask is it fashionable to adorn men's attire in your time?"Lady Miller replied.

"Oh,woman have worn trousers since the 1950's they make them for woman as well as men."Grace said.

"Facinating."Lady Crane replied.

"We have come a long way in our time."Lori said.

Back to the present.

"Your Lori and Grace are doing quite well."Hera replied.

"Yes,which I find amazingly exceptional."Ichabod replied.

"They were trained just as you were they know what to do."Martha said.

"I know, they do but we never wanted this for them."Abbie replied.

"Abbie,look at it this way if they hadn't made the choice to go into that portal none of this would exsist not even us."Hank said.

"I know that's part of what bothers me,why did they go after the girls in the first place."Abbie replied.

"What better way to hurt us than to hurt our children."Ichabod said.

"We trained them to good for them to be easy targets."Jenny replied.

"They are both as stubborn as you and Abbie they'll have a plan."Joe said.

"Hey, don't be a smart 's bad enough I had to grow up with one then Jenny went and married another one."Abbie replied.

"Love you too Abs."Joe said.

"I know,Joey."Abbie replied.

Back in the past.

"It's incredible how Grandfather hasn't seen these demons on the land."Lori said.

"So far he's been fortunate not to come across such sightings."Lady Crane replied.

"That's a good thing."Grace said.

"How so?"Lady Miller asked.

"Because,he believes witches are evil just like a lot of people do in this day and age if he were confronted with the supernatural he wouldn't believe anything good about it I'm assuming."Lori replied.

"And you would be right."Lady Miller said.

"People have a hard time in our day believing in the Abbie and Uncle Ichabod had to be creative about the reports and come up with a believable story."Grace replied.

"There is none so blind as those who will not see."Lori quoted.

"You know your bible."Lady Crane said.

"Yes,Aunt Abbie and Mama where taught bible scriptures by grandma Lori to the point they know them by heart."Grace replied.

"Nothing wrong with knowing your bible you never know when a scripture might be useful."Lady Miller said.

"That's true,strong faith can move the most obtrusive of mountains."Lady Crane replied.

The next morning dawned and they had walked the length of the property checking on the protections remembering to keep their stuffed packed up.

"This has been a crazy experience."Grace said.

"This is Bill and Teds excellent adventure and back to the future rolled into a tight package."Lori replied.

"Yeah,I never once thought we would be Marty McFly."Grace said.

"We can't, really know what are lives will be like until we keep living them."Lori replied

"You're right, you can' ideas change dreams change and chosen paths change."Lady Crane said.

"We are, only truly the masters of our fate when we are lead to the that leads to it."Lady Miller replied.

Lori and Grace saw the portal appear once again.

"Here don't forget these."Lady Crane before Lori and Grace entered the portal and were gone.