I don't know what this is but after that finale, I needed something happy.

She woke up with a sharp intake of breath that hurt so bad that it was like breathing in vervain. She struggled to find a steady breath and with each one, she felt more and more like she was about to have a panic attack. She hadn't had felt like this since the night of the carnival—

No. She wasn't going to think about the night of the carnival because the night of the carnival would lead to thoughts of—


She reached her hand out to his side of the bed much like she did every morning. She knew it would be cold, not warmed from his body in years but it didn't stop the hope that flashed through her blood that just maybe her husband had just left for an early run.

But then she noticed her wedding band wasn't on her finger.

She began to panic. She had no intention of ever taking her band off and for it not to be on her fourth finger meant it had fallen off at some point during the night. She felt a rush of anxiety that vampires shouldn't have to deal with.

No, no, no, no.

She took her engagement ring off every night because it caught on the sheets, but she didn't take her wedding ring off. It was the last thing he gave to her only for him to die hours later. She didn't even get a full day as Caroline Salvatore before she lost him.

But she had the ring and for the past a hundred years, she had never removed it. It was more important to her than her daylight ring. She was sure she couldn't even remove her wedding band if she wanted to-it felt like it was melded to her skin as a reminder of the love she lost.

But now it was gone.

She felt tears began to accumulate quickly and she jumped out of her bed, fulling intending to pull her sheets back, but then she noticed something else.

Her sheets weren't the sheets she picked out a few years prior when it was time for new sheets and she wanted the same ones as the one they bought when she told him that she would not be sleeping on the same sheets he had sex with her best friend as well as the girl who killed her so many years prior in.

No, the sheets were the frilly pink ones she had back when—

She must be dreaming. There is no other reason as she whipped around and she was stranded back in her childhood room and the fact she wasn't in the boarding house she had resided in long after Damon moved out. She couldn't bare to leave the house that her husband lived in. There was so much of him everywhere and the thought of losing those pieces terrified her. So she lived there, though she hid out most days since it had been a hundred years and she had not aged.

Her rings no wear to be found including her daylight ring.

What the actual fuck?

Why of all things would she dream about her stupid human self?

"Wake up, Caroline. Wake up." She muttered as she paced. This was some kind of sick twisted joke and she wasn't back in high school.

"Caroline! I am leaving! have a good first day!" The door slammed before she even had a chance to rush down to see her mother.

Even in a dream, her mom's voice slammed into her full force and she couldn't breathe. She dreamed about her mom a lot over the years, watching over her as she raised her children.

She knew she wouldn't get to her in time, so she opened her window quickly just to see her mom drive off.

What kind of dream was this?

Because it was a dream, right?

She couldn't think straight and just wanted to wake up. But no matter what she tried, she still stood in her bedroom with her pajamas on.

And not adult I am a mom pajamas, but teenage pajamas.

She counted her fingers and then snatched a book flipping over a to a random page of history.

She could read it perfectly—though at a normal human speed.

Was it all a dream? What was happening? Was her whole life a lie? Some sick dream that felt like lasted a century, but was only a few hours?

But if it was a dream—how did she even dream up Stefan?

No, he was real. He was her husband, her best friend and he was gone. He had been gone for so long, but it still felt so fresh. Elena used to tell her that she wasn't allowing herself to move on in fear of losing what she and Stefan had. She told her Stefan would want her to be happy. But he was what made her happy and the handful of dates she tried to go on, she left with a churning pit in her stomach and her wedding ring burning her skin.

She missed him every day. He was dead and she was never going to have him again.

But the supernatural world might just be trying to straighten out all of the shit that they had gone through.

Or maybe this was just her heaven and she was dead.

Either way, she needed to be at school. Especially today. Because today was the day they met.

—- —-

She put on her best outfit though she was thankful that her fashion sense improved over the next hundred years. She rushed to school and sat in her car wondering if she was the only one that was experiencing the de ja vu or if it was her own mind making up for the loss of her husband.

The people around her didn't think anything weird and she saw Bonnie across the way though she looked younger with her long curly hair. She sat in her car as she watched Bonnie looked greatly confused at her surrounding and she took it as a good sign.

Because if she sees Stefan and he is more concerned with Elena and she has to rehear him say that they were never going to happen, then she might just go stake herself in the heart.

But this version of her was a human so a stake would just be useless. Well, not useless but definitely wouldn't get the job done and just kill her slowly.

But she needed to know even if she would wake up right after she saw him, she needed to see this through. She needed to see him even if it was a dream—even if this was all real and he didn't know she was his wife.


She didn't even get to be a wife before she became a widow.

She rested her head on her steering wheel as she thought about the last moments with him—or the phone call of her telling him she'd love him forever.

She could still remember in detail every moment leading up to losing him, like a movie on repeat that refused to let her forget any piece of him.

Maybe that love can transcend time and nature.

She tried to steady her breathing, not used to having to actually breathe and the necessity of it. She could do this. She could see him just once and then she would wake up and that would be it.

So she stepped out of the car, kept her head down and started towards the door. She felt like a panic attack was setting in by the time she made it to her locker. She just didn't know what she was expecting and she was terrified she was about to see him and he not know who she was. She stared into her locker when she heard it—his voice.

She hadn't heard that voice in so long. Over a hundred years since she heard his raspy voice. She felt like she could die on the spot because she forgot just how beautiful that voice was. How could she forget his voice?

But she could hear it.


"Elena—where is she?" She jerked up.

He knew who Elena was, so that must mean—

She turned around and caught his eyes and she felt the whole world had stopped on a dime. Her breathing completely stopped and her eyes grew as he looked over Elena's shoulder at her.

Her heart slowed to a crawl and every nerve in her body had been awoken by his stare.

His eyes flickered with recognition at her. She couldn't move, she didn't even know what to feel or to think.

He knew who she was.

He was here.

And he was so real.

He pushed passed Elena, she no longer important, not stopping as people meandered around him as though not realizing just how important this moment was.

And then he was in front of her and she could smell him and feel him.

"Caroline," he breathed as though he was breathing for the first time.

"Stefan," she whispered feeling tears began to cloud her vision as he pulled her in, and she wrapped herself around him. Her hands were everywhere because she just needed to feel every piece of him. His hair, his face, his arms.

Their lips crushed together and her heart seized at the feeling. She didn't care if people were most likely watching on at why the new guy was making out with Caroline Forbes in the middle of the hallway.

Because he wasn't the new guy but her husband and her husband was kissing her. "I missed you." She cried when they finally pulled away, but their foreheads still touching. Neither wanting to break contact in fear of losing them once again.

"I won't leave again. I am so sorry."

She nodded frantically, tears falling. "Is this even real?"

He nodded back at her. "I am here."

She smiled through the tears he hugged her tightly. "I'm here." He repeated in her hair.

"I lost you." She cried.

He pulled back, holding her face in his hands. "You can never lose me. I am going to love you forever, Caroline Salvatore."

She laughed because she never got a chance to hear him say before he died and she didn't know how badly she needed to hear his voice call her a Salvatore. Because she was, she would be in this life and for every life they got together.

They just got there a little faster this time.

"I love you, too."