After people asked me to write more, which I totally didn't expect. I went back and tweaked a few things. I wasn't originally going to write anything else, but since I decided to write Stefan's POV, I had to think about why is Caroline here? For the first one, I purposely left it open, but now I have decided what I want and so I went back and changed and a few sentences to understand how long it has been. No longer has it been a week, so if you are curious, go back and read that!

Okay, on to Stefan's POV.

When Stefan woke that morning, he knew it was the day. He wasn't sure how he knew, maybe it was the calmness that settled over his body which was the same calmness he got the day Damon showed up. That was thirty years ago, and Damon had told him she had taken the cure.

He knew it wouldn't be much longer before she came home to him.

He had been patiently waiting for over a century and it was an odd feeling. To be at peace, to have no fear of losing that peace, but to still know time was passing with each moment.

He didn't expect it to be like this.

But it was.

And he— Stefan "I am a patient guy" Salvatore— had been waiting for his wife to live her life to the fullest and then to come home to him.

And today was that day.

He remembered the day before watching as she took the cure out of herself. He didn't watch her every day, but more often than he probably should. He saw her happy and sad. He watched as her heart broke as the ones she loved aged around her. She was the only vampire left and one by one—she lost all of her loved ones.

He watched as she told Lizzie her plan. Lizzie was in the last stages of her life and Caroline told her when she was gone it was time for her to go too. The school was in good hands with Lizzie's granddaughters, the next generation ready to help future gifted children.

Caroline's time was done and Stefan knew that immortality was a lot lonelier when everyone you loved was gone.

So morning before, when his stepdaughter took her last breath, Caroline took hers looking not a day over fifty.

It hurt to watch her rapidly age so quickly, but he wanted to be there. He wasn't even sure if she would even remember the events leading up to her death. He wasn't sure if he wanted to remind her.

He just needed to see her.

When he awoke and looked around his room, he saw the picture of Katherine on his desk and he wanted to laugh at the day her peace was.

It was the day they met. They day when he gravitated towards Elena and he had no idea that the love of his life and future wife was just feet away from him. He remembered all of the times he wished he didn't waste so much time on Elena. Caroline was always so close, always in the background and he wished he would have noticed his wife sooner.

He wished he had more time with her.

But then again, he could have if he hadn't killed himself.

But it was the only way for him to forgive himself for the sins he had committed.

And she understood.

But none of that anymore, because not only did he get to see her again, he also got to right the wrongs of overlooking her that first day.

Caroline Salvatore was everything to him and today he finally got to see her for the first time since she became his wife.

They would be reuniting in the same spot they left each other.

In the school hallway.

His wife was so romantic that even her subconscious created a perfect moment.

God, he loved her.

He had a pep in his step as he dressed and all about sprinted down the hallway.

"Stefan, why is it I awoke here this morning instead of in the Gilbert household with my wife?" Damon asked with a grouchy tone.

"Caroline," Stefan smiled.

Damon's face showed recognition. He understood that the peace of Carline would involve all of them and then they would settle back to their normal routine. When Bonnie showed up fifteen years prior, her peace was when Enzo was still around and Damon woke up with a sudden urge to make pancakes.

That was a weird day.

"Blondie's peace is high school?" Damon scoffed at his sister in law.

"Damon, today is the day she and I met. Though, of course, I didn't realize the importance of that at the time." Stefan muttered as he searched for his keys which Damon found on the counter.

"Go get your wife, little brother." Damon tossed him the keys which Stefan caught gracefully before running out the door.

When he showed up the school, he tried his hardest to remember exactly what he did the first time, but it had been so long that all he can remember is running into Elena and later on Caroline trying to talk to him and he shutting her down.

Caroline, you and me, it's not gonna happen.

Weren't you in for a surprise on that front?

She came out of nowhere, crashing into his life and changing everything that he ever thought love meant.

She was so unexpected that it hurt when he lost her the first time. The three years without her was torture and he realized he would never be able to love after her. She ruined that for everyone else.

Lexi teased him for way too long after he first got there about she knew all along they were meant to be together. And then smacked him on the head for leaving Caroline without a proper goodbye.

But all of that was in the past. Because today she was home.

He made it into the school and tried to frantically search for her. She wore blue the first time they met, though he had no idea how he could possibly remember that. And honestly, knowing Caroline she is going to wear her best outfit today.

He sees Elena looking extremely confused and he rushes over to her.

"Elena!" He calls out.

"Stefan, why did I have this urge to come to school instead of eating breakfast with my husband?"

God, Damon and her are way too alike when it come to each other.

Were him and Caroline like that?

"Because Caroline is coming home." His eyes never settle on her too busy trying to find her beloved wife.

"Really?" Elena squealed which in reality is morbid since that means Caroline is dead, but hey Elena Gilbert is weird with death. "Have you seen her yet?"

"Not yet. Elena—Where is she?" He asked hoping she would know. He knew his voice came out tight and strained, but he felt like he was going to explode.

But then he sees her. He completely lost his bearings and felt like he was dying all over again. His chest hurt it was pounding so much with a heart he didn't need. His body was tingling with anticipation and thirty feet separating them was too much to take.

"You found her," Elena whispered.

Stefan felt dizzy at the sight of her looking so confused and scared.

God, he missed her. She was so beautiful.

He pushed Elena out of the way, past the people who weren't even really there, just made as stand-ins to not scare Caroline. Though she made up way too many and he was about to punch them if they got in his way one more time.

And then he was in front of her and he had to control himself from not reaching out and crushing her.

"Caroline," he breathed as though he was breathing for the first time.

"Stefan," she whispered feeling tears began to cloud her vision as he pulled her in, and she wrapped herself around him. She felt so warm, so real. His whole body began to relax because they were finally together and they would be for the rest of their lives. There was no chance to lose each other again—ever.

Their lips crushed together and his heart seized at the feeling. He finally had her again, best friend, his wife.

"I missed you." She cried when they finally pulled away, but their foreheads still touching. Neither wanting to break contact in fear of losing them once again.

"I won't leave again. I am so sorry."

She nodded frantically, tears falling. "Is this even real?"

He nodded back at her. "I am here."

She smiled through the tears he hugged her tightly. "I'm here." He repeated in her hair.

He breathed in her scent, not knowing how he went so long without it.

"I lost you." She cried.

He pulled back, holding her face in his hands. "You can never lose me. I am going to love you forever, Caroline Salvatore."

She laughed and it was the best sound he had heard in such a long time. God, she was everything to him.

"I love you, too."