WARNING- mentions of abortion and miscarriage are in this chapter, just wanted ya'll to have a heads up!


After everyone is done with dinner we all gather outside around the fire pit, Elena is sitting in my lap she keeps giggling at my suggestions of where to have sex. "Jenna are you not drinking tonight?" My beautiful girlfriend asks her aunt who is lounging on her husband. Jenna sighs and looks at Ric with a smile. "I guess its time to tell everyone." She straightens up and takes a deep breath. "Ric and I are going to have a baby!" Elena and Caroline squeal then make a bee line to the expecting mom. "What are you serious?" Elena asks with excitement written all over her face. "Yes, we found out last week, I am ten weeks and three days." The girls hug her and Ric. "Congrats man." I say to Damon's best friend. Tyler is clueless to everything, his eyes are zeroed in on Lexi who is smirking at him. Hmm, good for them, Lexi needs a decent guy in her life and Tyler needs to see what its like to have a rough around the edges girl.

Ric laughs, "Thanks, we weren't trying, but damn it feels good to finally have a mini Jenna." Everyone does an 'awe' over that. "So when are you due?" Caroline asks while bouncing in her seat damn near spilling her Mango Margarita. "Dr. Fell said we're looking at January 7th. I feel like a complete idiot for not even realizing that I was this far along and didn't know it." Lexi shrugs, "It happens, my mom didn't find out that I was in her until it was too late for an abortion." I cringe hearing that, her parents were real shitty people. "I think she was like 16 weeks along and had no clue until she felt me move, so naturally she went to the doctor and boom there I was. When she told my dad he told her to get rid of me, but she was too far along, so instead those two idiots 'raised' me." I remember her telling me that she was the product of not only a fling, but two fifteen year old dumb asses from the Bronx of New York. "Anyway, what I was originally saying is yes, it happens."

Jenna looks at my friend warmly and offers her a smile, Lexi's tried to make peace with her parents being who they are, but its taking more time than she likes. "Are you wanting a girl or a boy?" Bonnie asks while leaning on Damon's chest, she's ready for kids.. Damon, not so much. "I want a boy and Ric wants a girl." Ric sighs, "Yeah I want a girl because of the name you have picked out for a boy." Elena snickers, "I can only imagine what you have come up with." Jenna grins, "For a girl I like Makayla Bethany Saltzman and for a boy I Alabaster Wayne Saltzman." We all make a face at the name she likes for a boy, God I hope this kid is a girl. "Wait isn't your middle name Wayne, Ric?" Damon asks his buddy while smirking. Ric drinks his beer and nods, "Yeah it is and while I'm cool with Wayne, I despise Alabaster."

"Can't he at least have veto power?" I ask her hoping she doesn't bite my head off. Jenna ponders it then smiles lovingly at her husband. "Stefan's right, veto away." Ric looks at me and mouths 'thank you', I wink in return. "Thanks honey, I veto the hell out of that name." Elena bites her bottom lip, "What about Joshua Wayne Saltzman?" Caroline and Jeremy gasps and I choke on my beer. "What? Did she say something wrong?" Lexi asks me as I wipe beer off my pants. Elena shakes her head, "No, nothing's wrong." Lexi raises her eyebrow at her, "Then why are those three freaking out?" My girl sighs and gets up coming to sit on my lap. I pull her close and run my hand up and down her thigh.

"When I was sixteen Stefan and I found out that we were going to become parents. We were freaked out and so damn scared to tell Jenna and Damon, but Stefan held my hand and we told them. After the yelling and crying was over Jenna made me an appointment to go get checked out, everything was fine and we had a healthy baby growing in me." I clear my throat and look to Lexi and Bonnie, "The baby was due in March, Elena was only five weeks along when we found out. She had her future kid's names picked out before she and I ever met." Elena nods and sighs, "If we had a girl her name was going to be Serena Lane Salvatore and if we had a boy his name was going to be Joshua Lane Salvatore. Both of my parents middle names were Lane, so I thought it was destiny that they had met, so I wanted my kid to have that name as well."

"Two weeks after we found out about the baby Elena woke up one morning and there was blood in the bed. We lost him or her." I say sadly, that was one thing I hated remembering when I got my memory back. Its crazy how much you can love someone whom you've never met. "Anyway, I would like for you and Ric to have the name Jenna." Bonnie wipes her eyes and looks at my brother. "You told me that you watched two people who are very dear to you go through a miscarriage, you said that it killed you seeing their pain and suffering. That's why you don't want kids." Damon kisses the top of her head, "It was sad and I hated watching my brother and his girl hurting, I didn't want to even think about possibly going through that."

Elena clears her throat saying that she needs to use the bathroom and walks away quickly. All eyes are on me because like me they know that she needs a moment alone, but I too join her inside the house.


I hear Stefan walking towards me, I'm sitting on the bottom of the stair case with my head down. "I haven't talked about that since it happened, its written down in the first journal that Caroline gave me." I blink away tears and raise my head to see his concerned eyes focus on me. "It was hard losing the baby, but then I lost you too Stefan." He joins me on the steps taking my hand into his. "Do you remember what I said to you when we came home from the hospital?" I smile and lean my head on his shoulder. "I do."


Stefan helps me out of the car and carries me towards my house, but as soon as he makes it to the door I tense up. "I, I can't go in there Stefan." He doesn't say a word, he walks us over to the porch swing and sits down. Tears spring to my eyes once again, will I ever stop crying? "It hurts Stefan." He holds me against him tightly, "I know it does baby." I sob. "Why? Why did this happen to us?" He says nothing because he knows I'm not looking for an answer from him.

"Its not ideal to be a teenage mom, but I wanted our baby Stefan." I'm full blown sobbing and breaking down in his arms. "I.. can't... I.. Can't. Breath" Stefan takes my face in his hands, "Look at me, mimic my breathing Elena." I follow him and soon my breathing is in sync with his. "I'm sorry Elena, I'm so fucking sorry this happened." His thumbs wipe away my tears. "I won't blame you if you want some time away from me, I won't even be upset if you break things off. I know that this was a lot to take in, but now that there's no baby..."

Stefan shakes his head, "I'm not going anywhere unless you want me to Elena and even then it will be hard to get rid of me. I love you no matter what, yes I was scared as hell when we found out that you were pregnant, but I was ready to step up and become a man. Then today I felt like the air was being sucked from my lungs when they told us the baby was gone, I hate this. I hate that we don't have our baby, but I still love you." He kisses my lips and leans his forehead against mine. "I love you so much Elena, we're going to get through this sweetheart. Not today, tomorrow or next week, but we will get through this.. together." I nod and kiss him this time, there is no way in hell that most guys his age would be hear saying this to the girl they knocked up. I am so damn lucky to have Stefan Salvatore in my life.

"One day you and I are going to have a family, I know this because I can't imagine having anyone else, but you. You're my everything and one day we'll get to have a family. One day we'll get our baby." I smile now, he's right. We will have this one day because Stefan has ruined all men for me, its either him or no one. I love him with everything I have, one day I will have a family with him. "I love you too Stefan." My voice cracks and the tears come again. "One day we'll get our baby." Stefan smiles at me, "Just remember that."

"One day we'll get our baby." I whisper as I stop thinking about the day we lost the baby. "I love you Stefan." He kisses me passionately now. "I love you too Elena." I smile and wrap my arms around him, "I'm such a lucky girl." He holds onto me, "No, I'm lucky. I get to have a second chance at a life with you and I intend on seeing it through. One day we're going to have everything we talked about having. Adventures on vacations, a home to ourselves, getting married down by the quarry, then eventually have kids." I pull away from him and my eyes light up, "Speaking of adventures on vacations, I want to go to New York. I was supposed yo go there for college, but I never made it there obviously." Stefan chuckles at pulls me close to him, "Just say when baby and I'll take you there."

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