Don't throw up, don't throw up, don't throw up. I keep telling myself this as I make my way down the aisle to Stefan, he's dressed in his suit and looks so damn sexy. I can't wait to call this man my husband. Jeremy keeps me steady as we walks me towards my future, to the man who I used to think was dead. Its funny how life works, I never thought I would see Stefan again, but the night he showed up on my door step proved me wrong. We've been through so much and we keep getting stronger and loving one another harder. After Stefan and I moved into our house and made it a home, he proposed to me on the anniversary of him coming back to Mystic Falls. We were supposed to be having dinner with Jenna, Ric and the new baby while Jer was at his girlfriend's house. When we showed up at my childhood home though I noticed that there were candles and rose petals all over the front porch, Stefan never said a word until we got on the porch. He got down on one knee like a gentlemen and said the most tear jerking words to me. "Elena I've always loved you, I know that I was taken from you for a while and that I had no memory of us during that time, but the moment that it came back... I knew that I had to come back to you. What you went through when you thought I was dead, I'll never want to know that pain. I'm sorry for not coming back to you sooner baby, I'm sorry for the years we spent apart and I'm sorry that we lost our baby all those years ago. I want to put this ring on your finger and marry you, I want to spend the rest of my life with you babe. You've always made me the happiest guy alive, I want to have a huge family with you, i can't ever see anyone else being my children's mother. You're my life, my rock, my everything Elena. What we have is epic, our love is stronger than anything we come up against. When I think about you having my last name my heart skips a beat, when I think about seeing you pregnant a smile comes to my face. Being with you has always been wonderful, please make me the luckiest and happiest man alive. Marry me Elena."

We both had tears in our eyes, I feel to my knees and screamed yes over and over. He put the most beautiful ring on my finger and then we kissed passionately while everyone came from the side of the house yelling, laughing and crying. Damon had filmed the entire thing and now Caroline watches it saying that its better than the Notebook, which is her favorite movie of all time. So yeah, I am now walking down the aisle. We wasted no time on an engagement, its now July and we're getting married in a huge and beautiful log cabin out in a field. My dress is white lace mermaid style with a band of diamond around my stomach with a sweetheart neckline. Its beautiful. My sunflower bouquet smells amazing and all is perfect. I look up seeing Caroline, Bonnie, Lexi and Jenna all standing on my side wearing sunflower yellow dresses that reach their thighs and flare out. I smile at them, I'm happy to be close to Bonnie and Lexi now.


Elena's the most beautiful woman I've ever seen, watching her come down the aisle in that dress has me tearing up. I'll always have this image in my head, I've never seen her happier either. When I proposed to her I knew she was going to say yes, I knew in my heart that she would be mine. Once Jeremy gives her away, she hands her flowers to Caroline and I take her hands into mine. We both have tears welling up in our eyes, she smiles at me and I wink at her. The preacher man goes on with the wedding vowels, we decided that we didn't want to write our on, we know how much we love one another and so does everyone else. No need to profess our love out loud when we feel it in our hearts. "You may now kiss the bride." I take Elena into my arms and kiss her hard, I pour every ounce of my love for her into that kiss. Thunder booms outside and she smiles against my lips, "Looks like it won't be long now." I whisper. We had planned our wedding day on a day that most wouldn't... a rainy day. I promised her a long time ago that we would dance to 'All of Me' in the rain on our wedding day. We run down the aisle while our guests clap and cheer, as soon as I throw the doors open Ric starts up our song. "Are you ready for this?" Elena asks me while laughing. "Beyond ready Mrs. Salvatore." We run outside and dance to our song in the rain, "I love you Stefan, thank you for making me yours." I spin her out then back to me while the rain continues. "I wouldn't have anyone else as my wife baby, thank you for wanting to be mine." I do a dip and she smiles at me with love in her eyes, "I've never wanted to be anyone else's." The song goes on as we hold each other, dancing slow just like we did back on Jenna and Ric's wedding day. I loved her then and I love her now, Elena Salvatore is finally my wife.

37 weeks and 2 days later


"They're so tiny." I coo as I look down at my beautiful little cousins. Elena and Stefan did an amazing job on these two adorable babies. I've never seen babies more precious or cute than them. I'm bending over looking at them in their daddy's arms, I step back and snap a picture of Stefan holding his children. When I look over at Elena who has passed out I smile and snap a picture of her, it doesn't matter what that girl does or goes through, she's still beautiful. Three hours of labor and pushing not one but two babies out of her body and she's looking radiant. She called me at six o'clock this evening saying that her water broke while she was doing her routine walk from her house to the boarding house, she was almost back home when it happened. Stefan was gone with Lexi at the airport picking up Damon and Bonnie. They had just gotten back from Ireland, they had been married for two weeks now and went there for their honey moon. I was the only one available to get her to the hospital and was so happy that she had called me instead of driving herself. Three hours later these two cuties came out, she wasn't due until early April, but with twins the doctor said that she would probably have them early. I'm happy that I was able to be in here when she had them, I can't wait to be a mom. "Ok Stefan, stop looking at your beautiful Salvatore twins and tell me their names." Secrets, ugh I hate them. They didn't tell anyone their babies names, but I made them tell me their genders.

I gasp slashes through the silent room, "Where are the babies?" My eyes snap over to Elena's wild ones, "Hey baby, they're right here with me." Elena relaxes back onto the bed and sighs. "Sorry, I must've dreamed they were gone." I smile at her and she smiles back, she's going to be an awesome mother. "I was just asking Stefan what the babies names are." I grin and bat my lashes at my best friend, I can't wait anymore! I need to know these darling babies' names! "Go on and tell her Stefan, she'll be the first to know and can hang that over everyone else's head for years to come." She giggles and I nod with a smirk. She knows me so well. I go back over to Stefan and crouch down looking at the babies, they are tiny and look even smaller in their dad's arms. "Baby A is Ellie Jolene Salvatore." I quietly squeal over that precious name, so Southern and it fits her delicate self. "Baby B is Ransom Cole Salvatore." Oh my goodness, how cute! "Those are literally the cutest names ever, only the best for the cutest babies ever!"

5 years later


"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday daddy! Happy birthday to you!" I smile and roll over on my back, when my eyes open I see the most precious faces smiling at me. "Is it my birthday?" Giggles fill the room. "Daddy, you're silly!" I reach over and snatch up my little girl who laughs while I tickle her belly. "Daddy! Daddy , get Ransom! I look over and see Ransom's brown eyes widen and I laugh. I get him and tickle him too, then I hear a whine. "Me dad!" I laugh and pick up Nola and tickle her too, she giggles and wiggles and calls for her mama. Elena leans against the doorway smiling brightly. "Is daddy giving out tickles this morning?" They all scream yes and I lay against the headboard. "Morning wife." She walks over to my side of the bed and I lay my hand on her stomach, "Morning baby girl." Elena groans, "I hope you love me because the kids insisted that we bake you a cake and the smell of chocolate just about killed me." I kiss her lips and smile. "Thank you, I do love you baby." The kids jump off the bed and make their way out of the room. "Nola Kate, you better take your sister or brother's hand before you go down stairs!" Elena yells out to them, Nola was born three years after the twins and thinks she just as big as they are at the age of two. She's tough though, just like her mother. Elena found out she's pregnant with our fourth child and third daughter five months ago. We can officially fill our big house with all these Salvatore babies. "So since you've came close to puking over chocolate cake, I guess I won't be getting the best birthday present." Elena laughs at me, "I never said that. Uncle Damon, aunt Bonnie and little cousins Drake and Bailey are downstairs. I think we're good to go if we head into the shower." I roll off the bed and take her hand running towards the bathroom. I back her up against the wall kissing her neck while I push my hard on into her. "Afraid they'll hear you babe? Need the shower to drown out your cries?"


I push him away from my neck and smirk at him, "No, I thought you might want to drown out yours." Stefan raises an eye brow at me as I walk over to the walk-in shower turning the water on. I begin stripping off my clothes and I see Stefan lick his lips. He has sexual hunger in his eyes as he too gets out of his sleep pants and underwear. I step into the shower with my eyes never leaving his, once he's inside and the door shuts I push him up against the glass. I lick his neck all the way up to his ear, "Happy birthday husband." I drop to my knees and take all of his dick into my mouth. "Fuck!" I suck and bob my head just like he loves it.

"Well we have the house to ourselves now." Stefan tells me as he shuts the front door. "So tell me again where the kids are because I thought I saw them get into different cars." Stefan turns the lights off as we walk upstairs to our bedroom, he had a fun filled birthday party with everyone that he loves. I was able to get Marcel and Rebekah to come down here to celebrate with us. Damon and Stefan cooked steaks, I made my twice baked potatoes casserole, we had salad and sauteed mushrooms. It was delicious and I had to walk away when they were eating the cake, but all in all we had a damn good day. The kids played hard and now that Caroline and Lexi had cleaned the house we are able to relax. "Damon and Bonnie wanted Nola to come over to their house so Bailey and her can play tomorrow. Ransom went with Caroline because Tristan has a new Play Station game and he begged to go play it. Jenna and Ric asked if Ellie could spend the night with Vaida, I couldn't argue with a night alone with the sexiest wife in the world." I get into my black nightie and lay on the bed, Stefan smiles at me before laying next to me. "You're my everything you know that?" I ask him, he kisses me senseless and I moan into him. "I do know that, you're my everything too. I don't know what I would ever do without you in my life. Now can I please make love to you?" I giggle and let him take over. God I'm so happy this man returned home to me, Stefan Salvatore is my life.


Well I decided to end this, not that anyone has been reading, reviewing or asking about. But I couldn't just leave it where it was, so here's the end!