Peter liked Sarah.

A lot.

But, Sarah didn't like him.

Sue suggested that he flirt with her, and dive head first into the battle that was love.

Rose dismissed him as soon as he asked for advice, threatening to tell the Headmaster that he had been neglecting his work to fantasise about Sarah instead.

Simon had been no help. Peter was sure that he was blushing, regardless of Simon's skin tone, and Peter left before the other boy could even utter a single syllable.

Jeff had told him to feel her up, and if he was feeling up to it, to fuck her.

All of the conflicting advice weighed down on him, and upon hearing Sarah's angelic voice ordering pupils to move along the corridor, Peter felt himself grow hard.

He later smacked himself in the face with his textbook, as he had been landed a detention, for growing hard in front of the Headmaster.