First, I would like to give a shout out to Black Raider and riverajocabed 1 for inspiring me to make this story, Black Raider your Beauty and the Beast Parody Poppy in the great troll was amazing and your Frozen Parody Frozen Trolls is just as amazing. Riveracabed 1 your Tangled parody is just as amazing and your suggestions on who I should cast in this story was very helpful. Both of you helped inspire me to make this Trolls parody to Lion King and if you read this I hope I do you two proud.

Also Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Trolls characters, they belong to Dreamworks animation.

Also the song Circle of life belongs to Disney and Elton John.

(Into to the circle of life, I'm not even going to attempt to try to spell out that African chant.)

The sun was rising in the troll lands, the same as it did every morning at six A.M. However this particular morning was far from normal in the troll lands. For a new troll has been born, a troll princess. Two weeks ago Queen Rosiepuff had given birth to Princess Poppy, a pink troll with pink hair and pink eyes. The news spread rapidly throughout the troll lands about the new princess. And today after spending two weeks cooped up in the royal's pod on the top of Pride tree, Poppy was finally being presented to the rest of the kingdom in a huge presentation.

The Royal staff was hard at work getting everything ready. They had been up all night putting up banners, planting pink flowers all throughout Pride tree, and making sure, everything was as perfect as could be when Princess Poppy was presented.

As soon as the sun rose, every troll big and stepped out of their pods and walked in a single file line toward Pride Tree. Normally the trolls wouldn't be up at the crack of dawn, usually choosing to stay in bed till at least seven or eight. But today was a special day so they made the sacrifice. After all, it wasn't everyday a princess was born. So as they opened their pods, they blinked a few times as the stepped blindly into the sun.

From the day we arrived on the planet. And blinking, stepped into the sun

There's more to see, than can ever be been. More to do than can ever be done.

As the trolls stepped past a puddle some of the troll children tried to stop and play in the puddle, only for their parents to pull them out and scold them for getting their nice clothes dirty. Normally the parents wouldn't mind their kids playing in puddles, after all kids are going to be kids. But today was such a special day that they wanted everyone to look their best when arriving to the presentation.

There's far to much to take in here. More to find then can ever be found.

But the sun rolling high through the sapphire sky, keeps great and small on the endless round.

Making her way through the crowd of Trolls as they arrived to the Pride tree was Suki, A red troll with yellow hair who served as King Peppy's Majordomo. She swung her hair as she made her way through each tree branch before arriving at the top of the tree where Peppy stood over the entire kingdom. She bowed toward Peppy as she arrived in his presence. Peppy just smiled back at Suki, happy to see her in his presence, which was more than he could say about his own brother Creek. Nobody had seen Creek all morning and with it being Poppy's presentation he was furious that Creek wasn't there to celebrate with him. Granted Peppy and Creek had never had that great of a relationship to begin with, they fought throughout their entire childhood and their relationship now was rocky at best. But with this being Poppy's presentation Peppy was hoping that Creek would put aside their differences for one mourning to support the new princess. But as more and more trolls arrived Peppy scolded himself for getting his hopes up.

It's the circle of life and it moves us all. Through despair and hope, through faith and love.

Till we find our place on the path unwinding. It's the circle, the circle of life.

Next up the tree was a glittery silver troll named Guy Diamond. Guy diamond served as shaman of the troll lands and was one of Peppy's oldest friends. The other trolls bowed as Guy diamond made his way through the crowd and up the tree.

Peppy greeted Guy Diamond with a smile and a welcoming hug before leading him inside the pod. Inside the pod sitting on a rocking chair was Queen Rosiepuff, and curled up in her hands was two week old princess Poppy. Rosiepuff kissed Poppy's forehead as Guy Diamond walked up to approach her. Guy Diamond took a rattle out of his hair and tied it to his staff and shook it over Poppy's head playfully. Poppy noticed the rattle and reached out for it but her little arms was just to short to reach the object. Next Guy diamond took a blue berry and ripped it in half, dipped his finger in the juice and smeared some of the purple juice from the berry over Poppy's forehead, signaling the color of royalty. Lastly Guy Diamond took out a can of glitter out of his hair. And took out a handful of glitter, sprinkling it over Poppy's head. Poppy sneezed as some of the glitter landed on her nose causing Peppy and Rosiepuff to chuckle at the cute scene.

Then Guy Diamond took Poppy in his arms and walked out of the pod and onto the top branh of the tree that stretched out toward the crowd. As he reached the end of the branch, he stretched out his arms and hoisted Poppy into the air for all the trolls to see.

It's the circle of life and it moves us all

The trolls cheered as they laid eyes on the new princess and future Queen. Some danced and kicked up their feet while others clapped and whistled with glee. Poppy stared down at the scene in amazement, not wondering what to think, after all she was just a couple of weeks old.

Through despair and hope. Through faith and love.

Then the sky opened and all the kings and queens from the past shined a light on the future queen causing all the trolls in the kingdom to bow before the new princess in respect.

Till we find our place on the path unwinding. In the circle the circle of life.


Yes I put the title in bold capital letters at the end. I did that to honor the movie it's based off of. Plus it made that scene even more cooler. I promise the next chapter will be longer but I thought the opening scene deserved it's on stand alone chapter. Hope you liked it and I hope I did the opening scene of the Lion King justice.