"Mummy, mummy," Alex sighed as she turned around, forcing herself to open her eyes and glance at the clock on her bedside table. The green glow from the digital clock was staring back at her reading 06.18am. She rubbed her eyes, before sitting up in her bed, just as the bedroom door burst open and Isaac came running into the room. "Hi mummy." Isaac beamed as he jumped up onto the bed and crawled under the covers.

"Hey little man," Alex smiled as she wrapped her arms around him in a hug and placed a kiss on the top of his head, Isaac cuddling into his mother. "You're up early again." Alex said, fighting back a yawn.

"Yes," Isaac nodded in agreement. "Well ehm…." Isaac stopped talking as he rubbed the side of his head. "My eyes opened and won't shut again," Isaac looked up at Alex, his big brown eyes all wide as he spoke. Alex gave a little laugh before she lovingly rubbed his cheek before she moved her hand up and ruffled his dark chocolatey locks. "Can we see Mumma today?" Isaac's face lit up at the thought.

"Mummy has to work," Alex said, her lips pursing as she rolled her wedding band around her finger. "And you are going to spend the day with Uncle Mike."

Isaac pouted. "I don't wanna."

"Aww c'mon you always have fun with Uncle Mike." Alex assured him he would have a good day and Isaac always loved being around Mike. When Isaac was first born, it was agreed that he did need a male role model in his life and Mike was more than happy to be there for Isaac if he ever needed anything.

"I just want to see Mumma," Isaac pouted as he punched the air angrily. "You don't let me." Isaac's bottom lip started to tremble.

"Sweetheart it's very hard for Mummy to go…." Alex bit her lip. "How about I get Uncle Mike to take you?" Alex waited for Isaac to reply but he was sitting with in arms folded, looking down to the bed covers. "Hmm, you can go with Mike?"

"Okay," Isaac looked back up at Alex. "Why don't you don't come ever?" Isaac spoke quietly as he continued to look on the brink of tears.

Alex could feel the sting of tears forming in her eyes. "Its…." Alex trailed off taking a deep breath as she flung the covers from herself and got out of the bed. "C'mon, none of us are going back to sleep so let's get some breakfast." Alex held her hands out and Isaac jumped up, running across the bed and leaped into Alex's arms. Alex held tightly onto her son, as she kissed his temple, making her way out of her bedroom and down the stairs towards the kitchen.

Kara was sitting on the edge of the bathtub, her foot tapping off the floor. She glanced at her watch, feeling like she'd been sitting there for hours but in reality, it hadn't even been 2 minutes. "Kara," Mike rubbed the back of his head as he walked into the room and leaned up against the door frame. "Listen, we can -"

"Don't," Kara shot him a steely look. "I don't want to…." Kara shook her head. "Let's just not do this talking thing till it's ready." Kara was still tapping her foot against the floor.

"I just don't get why you are so against this," Mike exhaled. "It's naturally the next step. We've been together over 5 years. We are happily married, we are -" Mike paused mid-sentence. "We are happily married, right?" Mike wasn't sure if he actually wanted to know the answer. He was madly in love with Kara but lately, he wasn't so sure if Kara felt the same as she used to.

"Of course I love you," Kara spoke quietly. "I just….I don't…..this isn't…." Kara sighed as she rubbed her forehead. "I'm Supergirl," Kara's voice got louder. "I can't be Supergirl if I…." Kara stopped talking, once again glancing at her watch.

"There's more to life than being Supergirl, Kara," Mike argued. "Don't you want what Alex has?" Mike sighed. "Isaac is the best little kid and the way he looks at her, the way he -"

"Just because you want to be like any other boring regular human male out there doesn't mean I have to be," Kara shouted. "You gave up being Mon-El all those years ago and that's great if you are happy with that but I will never give up on being Supergirl. The people of National City need me," Kara said. "Me being Supergirl and keeping them safe. Not me being pregnant and unable to go help them because I can't leave the screaming baby alone."

Mike exhaled heavily as he walked over to the sink and looked down to the test that was balancing on the side. "Well it's a good job it's negative then." Mike mumbled before he turned and walked out of the bathroom, slamming the door shut in anger, causing Kara to jump in fight as she buried her head in her hands.

Alex poured some more apple juice into the cup. "Thank you mummy," Isaac picked up the cup and took a drink as she walked back over to the fridge. She paused for a moment as she looked at the scan picture that was still attached to the fridge. She pulled it from the magnet that was keeping it there and continued to stare down at it. "Mummy….mummy…..mummy." Isaac shouted, startling Alex.

"What baby?" Alex looked up at her son.

"What you doing with peanut?" Isaac wondered.

"Uhm," Alex shook her head as she put it back on the fridge. "Nothing," Alex opened the fridge and put the apple juice back. "You Mr Sawyer-Danvers need to finish your breakfast," Alex walked back over to the table and sat down next to her son. "For getting up crazy early I'm still going to be late for work at this rate." Isaac gave a little giggle before he took another spoonful of his cereal. Alex watched her son eating. He had the same dimples as his Mumma, the same big brown eyes and the same dark hair and complexion.

"Peanut is with Mumma, right?" Isaac questioned. Alex found Isaac asking the same questions over and over again lately. Of course everything was still a little confusing for him, at only 4 years old, she didn't blame him but it wasn't something she liked talking about.

"Yes," Alex nodded as she took a drink of her coffee. "Peanut is with Mumma."

"So Uncle Mike will take me to see both them?" Isaac questioned.

"He will," Alex answered as she rubbed the back of his head. "But I'm serious buddy," Alex hit her index finger on the table. "Finish up." Alex said as she glanced up at the clock.