"I take it you never saw her again?" Jyn asked beside him.

"Not personally, no," Cassian replied, "but she fulfilled her end of the bargain. She destroyed that detonator, and we were able to remove the bombs from the ships and clean out the anarchists' camp before anyone could get hurt. No one died that day, because of her. Well, except for Anders, and one or two of his guards."

"Saw Gerrera would have liked these anarchists," Jyn said thoughtfully.

"Undoubtedly," Cassian muttered. "Men frustrated with slow change, who just want to fix what they see as wrong in the universe around them."

"Heroes. Monsters. Spies. Jedi."

"Reprogrammed droids." Cassian nodded in the direction of the cockpit. "He took her last order seriously. He's never left my side."

Jyn took a breath. "You sound as if you still admire her. Was it her cleverness as a spy and assassin, or her mysterious Jedi powers?"

Cassian frowned down at her. "Neither. The galaxy doesn't need more spies, or more Jedi. Just more people who do the right thing."