Track 3: Trumpets

I hear symphonies in my head. I wrote this song just looking at you.

The third time Jason Derulo defined them was a positive memory, but mostly just embarrassing for everyone involved.

By junior year at NYU, Camille and Moose had more than settled into their relationship and had recently moved off campus into an apartment that was just the two of them. Their parents initially disagreed with their decision, but ultimately supported them after several conversations and both Camille and Moose sharing how important this was to them and their commitment to their relationship.

They had been moved in several months when Tyler and Nora came to visit their new apartment for the first time. The two were currently touring, and had an extended break they were using to visit family in Baltimore and Camille in New York. Not knowing exactly when they were coming, Camille texted the building entrance code and where she hides her extra key. Hoping to surprise her, the couple arrived in New York early, heading straight to the apartment.

Entering the building without issue, they began to look for the key. Out of the corner of her eye, Nora saw a pair of men's Nikes by the door. Knowing her husband as she did, she didn't want to draw attention to them, instead she planned to distract him elsewhere.

"Ty, why don't we go get lunch first? Camille's in class so let's go eat then come back and surprise her." From the look of conflict on his face she knew he was seriously considering it. Until he heard it. Coming from the other side of the door was music and feminine giggles. She closed her eyes and sighed as she saw the look of recognition in her husband's eyes.

He abruptly returned to finding the key. Locating it, he quickly swung the door open and froze. The front door apparently opened to the small living room, where he could see his sister and Moose dancing around, singing to each other. They hadn't seen him yet, but he watched frozen as Moose sang, "Is it weird that I hear trumpets when you're turning me on?" as his hands skimmed Camille's sides from the sides of her bra down to the bottom of her shorts, pulling her against him.

Tyler cleared his throat loudly and the two dancers jumped apart wide eyed.

"What are you doing here?" Camille squeaked out, bright red, as she reached for one of the discarded shirts near her.

"Me? Why aren't you in class?" Tyler asked looking at the wall over her head to avoid looking at his topless sister and boyfriend.

Before the conversation could go any further, Nora interfered, pulling Tyler to the door. "We're going to lunch. You continue" she paused to clear her throat and hide the chuckle sneaking out "whatever it is you're doing. We'll make dinner plans, BYE!" she rushed out as she closed the door.

On both sides of the door, the couples looked at their partners before throwing their heads back laughing.