Courage was bored. The pink dog sighed as he wandered around the house going from one room to the next. His owners, Muriel and Eustace, were both outside. Muriel was pulling the weeds from the flower garden that she had planted under the kitchen window while Eustace was working on his truck.

Finally, Courage decided to go outside and wander around out there. It was a fairly nice day but summer was nearly over and fall weather was beginning to set in early this year. Courage sniffed around close to where Muriel was digging out a particularly stubborn weed.

"Hi Courage, I see ye decided to come outside after all." Muriel smiled as she noticed Courage sniffing around in the dirt.

Courage smiled and wandered over for a gentle pat on the head.

"I've almost finished with my flower garden. Maybe we can talk Eustace into a nice drive into town."

Courage wagged his tail. At this point, any distraction from this unbearable boredom sounded wonderful to him. Even if it did mean a long drive with Eustace.

"Hey stupid dog! Get over here and make yourself useful for once." Courage cringed as Eustace called for him. He sighed and wandered over to where Eustace's legs were sticking out from under one side of the truck.

Eustace slid out from under the truck. "Get in the truck and see if it will start!" Eustace went to the front of the truck and began to tinker with something under the hood while Courage slid into the driver's seat and turned the key.

"It's about time!" Eustace growled as the truck roared to life. "See Muriel", he said turning toward the house where Muriel had just finished with her flower garden. "I really can fix anything!"

Courage left the truck running as he slipped out of the driver's seat and sat down a few feet away from the truck.

"Good for you, Eustace!" Muriel's cheerful voice rang out over the loud noise of the trucks motor. "Now, can ye take us all into town for a while? I need a few things from the grocery store for our dinner tonight."

Eustace grumbled. "Well, I do want to get some things from the hardware store. But does that stupid dog have to come with us?!"

"Of course he does!" The venom in Eustace's voice could not take away from Muriel's upbeat mood. "Courage doesn't want to be stuck here alone."

Eustace just grumbled something under his breath while everybody climbed into the truck.

The trip to town didn't take long and soon Eustace had found a nice place to park the truck. Everybody got out of the truck and went their seperate ways. Courage found himself headed in the direction of the park. The green grass was wonderfully cool and soothing on his paws which had become way too hot from walking on the sidewalk. He began to sniff around until he found himself staring into the small fountain in the middle of the park. The water was several inched deep and there were several coins scattered around the bottom of the fountain. A few pennies here and there along with some dimes and one or two quarters. He stared into the water for several minutes. As he turned away from the water, something caught his eye. It was a large golded coin half burried in the dirt. As Courage picked up the coin, he noticed that it was much heavier than most of the coins he had seen. It looked very old. The metal was worn down and most of the writing had disapeared but Courage could make out the picture of an owl on one side of it and the picture of a man wearing some sort of helmet on the other. Courage stared at the odd looking coin for some time before putting it in his pocket.

A few minutes later, Courage met Muriel and Eustace back at the truck.

Eustace was talking to Muriel about what he the man in the hardware store had told him. "The robbers took several pieces of gold jewelry and two rare gold coins."

"Oh my! I'll bet that stuff is worth a lot of money!" Muriel exclaimed.

"No kiddin'. I'd love to get me hands on that loot!" Eustace laughed as he climbed into the truck.

On the way back home, Courage couldn't help but wonder about that coin he had just found.